Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hello. I haven't blogged in a while. You may pick a lame excuse from the list:

1) I have decided Rikky is my hero and I will attempt to only blog at intervals such as monthly.
2) I got attacked by my dog and just came back from the hospital.
3) Malaysian internet service providers are crap.
4) I nearly died in the Tsunami and needed some time to contemplate life.
5) I have no hands.


Anyway, speaking of Tsunami, I'm okay, so is Sonny, thanks for you lovely people emailin us to make sure we are okay. <3 The following things have happened so far:


One of the days I woke up and had breakfast. It was nice! Cereal. Something you don't expect in a country with produces as much fresh milk as the human bladder can contain in a day (2 cups, thank you Cranium) ANYWYA the point I wanna make is that I found it slightly ironic that I fly all the way to Malaysia to eat cereal with milk imported from New Zealand.


Fed my dog. And the other three. I can't help but be biased, I mean, come on, Red's my dog. And plus. He's cool, he has cool ears. And he's the largest. And plus. He's cool. Don't gimme that equality crap ;_;


My dad has disagreed to me trying to ship the Drum Kit over. I still feel the pang of guilt at letting the drum kit sit in the clinic and rot, but at least I asked. I didn't really pay for the drum kit...I did try to tell my dad it would be put to much better use overseas but...if he wants to leave an investment collecting dust in an obscure room in his clinic, that's not my decision/problem.


I have noticed how my parents don't seem to understand why I don't really feel like playing the drums when it's here. I try to explain but somehow the concept is perhaps...too foreign. I play the drums _in a band_. That is, with other people. It's sociable! You get the awesome feeling that together you are doing something, you are creating something that is uniquely yours. It's awesome. And thats why I wanna stay in the band, and I can't really be of any use without a drum kit. El comprende. Performing music as a group just doesn't come close to playing in a dusty room by yourself. And plus, just drums? Doesn't really work well unless you're an expert and I'm no expert.


Sonny says I hit my keyboard too hard when I type. I say that is how I type.


Me and Sonny are going to Singapore! Even more unique is that he's gonna spend his 18th there! I doubt he will visit a pub or anything though, much less get drunk. But still! I have to secretly buy a cake. >.>


My Term Deposit(s) in Malaysia reached maturity a couple of days ago - I had two, one of $1000 and another of $3000...I took all the money out and had all this cash, it was awesome :D Tee hee I love notes. But, the interest is disappointing. It was a term deposit. 3.7%. Now, allow me to point out that as far as I know, that's pretty lousy for a term deposit in New Zealand. Heck, some saving accounts give you like 5, don't they? ;_; oh well. It's Malaysia, what can you do.


I am still worried about University. ;_; Will I really get in ;_; ;_; Sonny tells me not to worry but I can't help it, what if I completely bombed out in my exams and didn't realise it? My dad gave me a present for entering University. A bit premature, I think. I won't open it until I know I've got in...;_;


I'm going to Taiwan!


New Year is coming up soon. I won't live to see another palindromic year though!


Dan Brown is a great author - Angels and Demons was an enthralling read, I really couldn't put it down. One of the reasons why I'm so tired cause I stayed up last couple of nights trying to read more and more of it.


Hello Simon's Travelling Troupe, hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your time in Taupo.


Mkay that's about all I can remember, or at least all the interesting things I remember anyway. This blog would get crap fast if every day I posted stuff like "I woke up, walked 10 steps, turned left, down stairs, etc."

Keep safe everyone.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yesterday went to the Frasians.

Was mildly enjoyable. Dunno, they were nice people but I don't really know them and it's probably mostly my fault cause I don't live here and I didn't really make an attempt to talk to people or anything. (Curse you, Mr. Unsociable!) There was nice cake though, and rice in pitcher plants.


Afterwards, we played a board game called Cranium - best board game I've played in ages. Me and Sonny won...and we would like to thank Rikky for indirectly helping us win the last question and thus the game. Were it not for the knowledge that Video Killed the Radio Star was the first ever video to be played on MTV which he told us when we were gearing up to perform that very same song for a Batten House assembly...we wouldn't have won what my brother deemed as "hahah you'll never get this one!"

Tee hee. Thanks Rikky.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


For Christmas this year I recieved:

+ A Black T-shirt which says "Addicted" on it, and looks like a rip off of Adidas (tee hee)
+ A FFVIII Gunblade Keychain (which is uber cool but I don't think I can carry it with me on the plane...;_; damn customs, it might have to go in cargo lest I get busted like William)
+ A FFVIII pocket watch (yup like the old school people in those days had, you know, you take it out, look at the time, and put it I just need those glasses that go on one eye....)
+ A Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle (tee hee)


tonight I think we are going to see the Frasians (the French Asians). Yup. I hardly know them. But HEY thats the fun but, if I do stupid things it doesn't matter cause I don't even live here anyway.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

What Did I Do Today

Today, I woke up at 9.00. I'm feelin a bit under-the-weather due to sleep deprivation etc.

Points to note:

+ Burnout 3 is very nice. Simon, you were right in recommending a game of such entertainment. Mwahahhahahaha! MWHAHAHAHAH!
+ Sonny tried his first "rambutan" today. It's a really...tropical fruit, which I've never seen sold in New Zealand, ever. It's either red or yellow when ripe and is kinda hairy - the name itself means "hairy fruit" I think. It is kinda like lychee, except it looks way cooler.
+ I am online! Hello everybody.
+ I am very tired.
+ Sonny Richard and my sister went off to one of Richard's friend's house to see a pet crocodile or something. The only thing I vaguely recall about that house is a large winding black steel spiral staircase...and I could be wrong.

Okay! That's about all I did today. Oh yeah I had lunch too. It was food. Yum.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Parents are in Perth celebrating wedding anniversary. Visited a few shows etc.

I feel the laziness of blogging coming on - I only really blog when I'm bored and I'm far from bored, done a lot of stuff...PS2 games bought, movies to be watched, shows to attend...


So unless someone asks a question, expect a lot of posts like this that just confirm that I'm still alive >.>

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hello there. I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I've been in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia - apart from the airport, I had never really been in KL before. It is so much better than my hometown ;_; (it's like the difference between Auckland and Arrowtown...)

I was gonna make a big blog post, but I'm lazy and tired and we're about to all watch dodgeball. So, random points:

1) Shaolin Kung-fu demonstration. Y'know hero? The sword-fighting stuff? It's possible to do most of it in real life. I saw it! I saw it I did, real life! Spear = <3 mmmm at the same stadium where we watched that there was also a TRUE lion dance (which is, i hate to say, on a much much much higher level than anything Macleans could pull off in the forseeable future), and a 24 drum troupe. Hurray for drumming and triplets!

2) KL has trains and monorail. Auckland should too. If MALAYSIA can have rail, Auckland should have no problem.

3) Sonny likes the street food here :D

4) I bought some dvds, a really cool jigsaw puzzle imported from Japan, and some other some arts and crafsts stuff.

Yup. Also visited the tallest Twin Buildings in the world, and stuff.

T'was good.

OH and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is way better than I'd ever imagine...NZSO standard, if not higher...and I bought some traditional Malay formal wear for that concert :D

I've cut my hair now, because my brother and mum keep nagging on how "if you wanna have long hair you gotta take care of it properly etcetc brush comb style brush brush tidy"...and my dad said really unsubtly "cut it, you". so i figure, if i leave it long im being selfish. so i cut it. it's spiked at the moment, i got some styling poo as's...different. Check my brother's blog for some photos, and I might find a photo of my new hair, sometime. :P

Well. thats about it. duinno what else to say, other than hello everybody hope you're all having fun, cause I know I am!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Phew. It's...uh....5:11 am NZ time, and I'm finally in Malaysia. ;_;

That was a very long and exhausting trip, considering it started at 11ish in the morning. During the trip, I scribbled down notes onto an Airline Sick bag nicely provided by Brunei Airlines. As they are just that, scribbled, they aren't really in any particular order so I'm just gonna go through them point by point.

1) Professionally faded pants that look like you shit your pants. -- Okay. I don't understand why this crap is even fashionable, since it really DOES look like you shit your pants. Well it did anyway on this woman walking around in Kota Kinabalu Airport which is a really crappy airport but I'm sure I cover that on another point. This point basically wants to say that professionally faded pants are stupid looking.

2) KK fuckin worst airport ever. Shitty staff (apart from 1 nice lady) -- The one nice lady was the one that actually offered a smile, not an annoying glare because we interrupted your lazy ass sitting there talking, you cunts. After getting off the plane from Brunei in Kota Kinabalu, we were highly annoyed to find that there was basically no staff around...and it was only 7pm. ;_; The transit counter was closed, and when we tried to ask a customs officer what to do, he didn't really know. (Bring the standard up guys, you work in the fucking place, if you don't know who does?!) Anyway. We went and picked up our baggage since we didn't know if the lady in Auckland doing the checking-in stuff managed to get our stuff automatically transferred to Kuching...and found 1 out of 4 pieces. Apparently, the other three were in the process of being transferred, so it was lucky that we went to check otherwise my mum wouldn't have her lovely blue rucksack containing wine or whatever ridiculous thing she wanted to export from NZ ^_^ The airport really annoyed me.

3) Brunei Airlines, Boeing 767 - we took one from Auckland to Brisbane, and Brisbane to Brunei. If you thought Singapore Airlines had a cool inflight entertainment thing, Brunei Airlines had the potential to completely kick their ass in that aspect - the screens were higher resolutions, you can actually CHOOSE what movie you want to watch, WHEN you want to watch it, and there is even chapters and auto-resuming functions so you can continue where you left off and music libraries to browse etc. The controller was compact, easy to use, and had a really cool directional pad thingy, reminiscent of the analog sticks of Playstation controllers. The only problem was my controller didn't work. I managed to somehow watch half of I, Robot, before it crapped out on me and I gave up. (I, Robot is a good movie by the way, I wouldn't have expected something good from Will Smith as of late but hey it's good to be wrong sometimes.)

4) On the flight from Auckland to Brisbane, there was a strange...Polynesian? Lady sitting across the aisle to my left, and she offered me sweets. Totally disregarding all common lore and precautions, I accepted the candy from the stranger. It was nice. Chewy and sweet. I don't think I got raped though, so it's all good!

5) The same Polynesian woman went out of her way to try to return William's "hot towel" (which name becomes quite a misnomer after about 5 or so seconds in the harsh cabin atmospheric conditions). It was quite funny actually because if I recall correctly another passenger also rose to the call of duty and duly informed William that an air hostess was going around on the other side to pick them up too. o_O

6) On the flight from Brisbane to Brunei, there was a guy sitting where the strange Polynesian lady was, and he had a shitload of what I presume was Scotch or some other alcoholic drink with him. He was listening to Bee-Gees REALLY loudly (I could hear it at a respectable volume from where I was sitting, even over the enormous din of aircraft-background-noisage) and kept giving me really weird stalker-type looks. Apart from the fact that he's old, obnoxious and had a darkish red kinda maroony shirt, I don't remember much else....hrm. He was also sitting next to a really really huge fat guy...who complained that the seats were too small. This leads to the question: is the seat too small, or are you too big? (ponder. why should society bend backwards to accomodate this one fat person?)

7) On the flight from Auckland to Brisbane, this Maori teen (I assume he's Maori but I could be wrong) kept poking me and asking me for help with Brisbane arrival forms, as if he had somehow procured that I had a huge wealth of information just waiting to be tapped. Questions he asked were:

- Do I need to fill all this out? (A resounding yes is the answer. If you read the other side of the thingmie it clearly says so.)
- What's this thing here, what do I write here? (ans: put your job (the thing said occupation, obviously a word he wasn't familiar with)) reply: what if you don't have a job ans: then put unemployed or something
- What's the time?
- Do I need to fill all this bit too? (Yes)

A passing Air Hostess also got asked whether he really needed to fill all that bit out. She said yes.

8) Bahahh okay my brother brough back his models and Lord of the Rings Warhammery stuff right...and you won't believe the lengths security will go to! Within that bag of his was a modelling toolkit which he had gotten as one of the free gift things. The Auckland Airport security staff took him away to a corner and told him what was wrong and stuff. XD Apparently, the stanley knife was bad. So they took it off him (fair call) and they also checked the paint to check if it was flammable but it was water based so it got the big O-K. The Auckland guys were nice enough to leave William with a blunt file and pliers with his tool kit.

Fast forward to Brisbane customs. He gets pulled aside AGAIN and gets the file and pliers taken off him XD


Sorry. I'm just imagining a huge warehouse of pliers and other assorted harmless tools confiscated from poor unsuspecting travellers which my brother had just joined the ranks of. Damn you terrorists, taking away our freedoms and shit. I mean, I haven't heard of people killing people with files, to be honest. Who is stupid enough to wait around to get filed to death, anyway? Don't get me started on pliers. What are you gonna do, pluck their eyebrows? And modelling paint bombs? Now it's just bordering on crazy :P Stupid customs. I hope you feel that your collective penises are bigger now that you have the power to deprive people of modelling tools.

9) In Brunei airport William bought two chicken sandwiches. They were actually surprisingly yum, considering they didn't look at all fresh and we were serviced by surly Islamic women who looked like they didn't give a toss if you choked on your can tell it's Asian. Asian white bread just has that texture and softness to it, which New Zealand bread doesn't. It isn't better, or worse. It just is.

10) Airlines too are doing their bit to prevent death from stupid tools! I was highly amused to find in my cultery set, stainless steel spoon/teaspoon/fork BUT a very pretty (yet flimsy) blue knife. If you're gonna trade out stuff for lame plastic imitations, why didn't you do the fork too? A fork is like...FOUR knives. Kinda. Pressure = force x area etc. Stilletos. Thats why people with pussy floors don't like people wearing high heels.

11) My broken controller was actually a source of much amusement, not through the airline inflight entertainment system but through the lovely web of airhostessing. Some time during the flight I mashed the "callforhelp" button tons of times. Nobody came so I assumed that it wasn't working. Air hostess goes by with juice, no mention of me being in airhostessdistressneedofattention. Another juice run. Meal. Juice run. And then all of a sudden they start running in, one after another. They come up to me, ask me "is everything okay sir" and me, being engrossed in my book, nodding and smiling, send them off. Then they press the "Cancel call" button and walk off.

A few minutes later a different air hostess comes up, cycle repeats. About four times. Tee hee. That'll learn you bastards to not fix my controller.

12) In Auckland Airport fearing boredom on the long long long trip ahead of me I bought four books, a Dan Brown box set or something. Mainly because it had the book "Da Vinci Code" in the set which I wanted to read as it gets high acclaim from Ellen (*sigh* okay and Ming :P). It was a very good read, I am serious, although with genres/books like these it's hard to tell whether they really mean what they write or they're trying to blur the lines, whether its fact, fiction, some quasi-truth, or something else entirely. Da Vinci Code shares a lot of similarities with National Treasure, actually. Both involve Disney. The only thing against the book I have though, is that they claim the secret word in The Lion King is sex. It isn't. I've seen the freeze frame. I believe it says SFX.

Apart from that, it's a good book.

I'm really tired.

It's late. It's..quarter to six, NZ time. But only (ahha, only) 12:43 am here in Malaysia.

Hopefully from all those points you can put them in a semi-chronological order and understand what kind of bizzare trip I had to make to get back to Malaysia, or whatever.

Maybe someone can entertain me and try to put the points in chronological order.

(sonny you wanted me to call you when I get there but I can't afford it. read an email or something tomorrow morning instead :P)


That was what I meant to post up yesterday but didn't get around to because I didn't have the internet set up on my laptop.


There are four types of cars in Malaysia. I may have mentioned this before, but oh well.

-Normal Cars (like the Proton Saga/Wira)
-Ugly Rectangular Cars (Kancil)
-Big offroad SUVs not being used offroad (eg Pajero)

There is absoultely no variety apart from this.

Been playing a lot. Can't seem to sleep past about 7.00 am here, which is annoying because I end up being really tired. In "The Sims 2", my energy bar would be low. >.>

Yes, I have been playing that. It is very good. Can't really make a comparison to the first one because I don't remember it.

Then there's "Phantom Brave" sequel to Disgaea. Very good. Training is poo and annoying though. However, Phatom Brave has been pushed aside by a game that could well challenge Guitaroo Man as the most enjoyable strange Japanese game...joining the ranks of Bishi Bashi is the PS2 game called "Katamari Damacy".

The object of the game is to roll up everything you see into a giant ball.

Yes. That sounds boring and bizarre....UNTIL YOU PLAY IT!

It's great.
Oh yeah I also played Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, but once I finished it there wasn't really an incentive to do it again. And Samurai Warriors gave me a very bad first impression. Controls are laggy, people look really weird and stretched out and...basically, not as fun or fluid as the Dynasty Warriors series.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

The skies outside are dark and ominous. I sneezed about ten times upon awakening, each consecutive outburst being progressively worse than the one before it. And when I close my eyes I keep seeing some random figure at a window.


Is this empathic fallacy? ...isn't that the weather thing reflecting the world or some shit?





....I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Mostly I think I'm just tired. *shakes fist at Rikky* dang you all yoru fault
Phew. I could have blogged tomorrow morning but, I figure I'd rather get some extra sleep. 9.00 am tomorrow morning, Sonny's parents are gonna send me to the airport. It's gonna be early! Just came back from Rikky's birthday party - good fun - rediscovered the dang awesomeness of The Lion King. Waaaaay better than the poo sequel they released after that. The musical score is just great NAYWYA

thats not what I wanted to blog about i dont have much time plenty of clothes to pack etc id be back an hour earlier were it not for Rikky's wily charms.

(HAPPY 18th you foo even though it was quite a while ago :P)




Friday, December 10, 2004

Mowed the lawn today.

Off to buy rikky a present some time today.

My time here in NZ this year is almost up. Even though, everybody's been lazy (ie i havent organized much, neither has anyone i know of....or they dont invite me >.>)...its still been nice being here.

I had a weird dream, in which I had to walk down a very dark corridor and people threw things at me and said nasty things.

Interpretations would be very welcome and an interesting read :)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

o_O the Asian guy from linkin park looks like a big loser.

so does the guitarist trying to look like a hobo.

I come to this conclusion after watchin some C4 and seeing some MTV Mash Ups between Linkin Park vs Jay-Z or something. Jay Z seems like a nice rapper. You know, like he isn't about to eat your kids or something.

under five minutes now. ive been waiting for hours.
On a sidenote, is it illegal to break into your own home?

I do it all the time, due to my forgetfullness in bringing my wallet out with me. Maybe I should staple my wallet to my face or something.

Anyway. Broke in again, two seconds ago.


The 7th Form Leavers DVD thing. Haven't taken a look at it but if it's what was played at grad dinner, then I'm annoyed. It's a really one-sided view of Macleans, really. You have to be in the "cool managerian TKish", it seems, to be a major part of it. Either that or you have to be able to make a seagull noise.

What about the Amphitheatre, with all the random Asian Mafia people? Why didn't yer put that in to the DVD? Why were most of the interviews done outside TK? Surely there's a lot more to the school than just TK. >.>

Maybe I'm seeing this from clouded eyes. Maybe.
Holy Crap.

Rahxephon = <3

End of story.

Shares a lot of similarities with Eva though:

1. Big giant biologicalish robots.
2. Lots of technological shit
3. Teen kid pilot
4. Random pet animal.
5. Psychological ending.

o_O the list continues.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have recently recieved my testimonial in the mail. Just because I have nothing better to do before work today, I will type it out.

Henry Chong


It is a genuine pleasure to write about Henry Chong, a top academic student (bahah yeah right) who has achieved commendable marks in his multi-level approach to his studies. He gained an A and B for School Certificate in Year 10 (Year 10 mwahha) and has been awarded numerous prizes and awards for his academic ability during his five years at Macleans College. He clearly has the potential to do well at tertiary level.

Henry is a talented and conscientious student. He is intelligent and his thoughts and interpretations of literature are often diverse and lateral. He has an expansive vocabulary and excellent oral skills. Henry is a confident public speaker. He is capable of deep thought. He is well organised, motivated and serious about doing well. Henry is also committed to helping his peers. He has set up websites for the class. (Wow, they say one good deed deserves another but this one has been mentioned to death :P Did it help anyone, really? I'm sincerely glad if it did.) He shows tremendous initiative.

Henry has a high level of involvement in a wide range of activities and has managed to balace his academic requirements with other demands. Henry is heavily involved in music and has been a member of the Senior Orchestra for four years. He is also in the Chamber Orchestra, String Quartet and Rockquest. In all of these, he has been reliable and punctual. Henry has an excellent rapport with both his peers and adults. He has good organisational skills and leadership potential. He shows good initiative and takes a lead in a positive way.

We thank Henry for his considerable contributions to the school over the years. Henry is a fine young person. He has a warm and open nature and has a ready sense of humour. He is a selfless student and is encouraging and sensitive. Henry is always well mannered and well grommed. He is thoroughly honest, loyal and with much to contribute. He leaves with our highest recommendation and best wishes for the future.

B.J. Bently


There. That's my testimonial, if anybody cared. It also came with a really scungy 7th Form DVD which I will complain about some other time. Leaving for work sometime around now.

Also, I have begun watching Rahxephon, an anime that has been sitting around for ages which I haven't started watching even though I bought it last year and I must say it's excellent from what I have seen.

Running now.

Dear readers, don't die. Yet. :)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Me and the groupies. ^_^

(hearty approval! I guess no more Taco for you then...)
Okay that last post was a lie. I played it again, some time after it, to help out an online friend who had just gotten the game.

Played it down to the wire, down to the 12:00 deactivation time.

It was great.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Played FFXI for the last time this year today.

Oh it's so fun. Such a nice feeling to work together in a party/team and kick some major ass. And meet nice people who help you out for the sake of helping. And giving away money because you feel generous.

If only real life worked that way. No wonder I want to play it.
Points of note:


2. Went with William to drop off my mum at the Airport. Left the exam early for this, the music exam was actually surprisingly hard so I didn't mind leaving. I was stuck anyway.

3. On the way home, went into Botany to get a double ended stereo plug thingy. Turns out that Bigbyte sells them too. And Thomas was working. HAHA no commission for you, serves you right for not telling me >.>

But then somehow I ended up buying a Palm pilot holder, and I don't even own a palm. It does, however, hold my iPod very nicely. The price sticker said 74.95. I bought it for $10 :P supposedly the markup on that thing is about 1294091204912904% because the cost price is like, 1c.

4. Hello Andrew.

5. I need a job for next year I think. I want money to spend.

6. Hello Rikky.

7. Hello David.

I have precious few days left here in NZ for a while. If you are going somewhere, please invite me too. Thank you.

Monday, November 29, 2004

I heartily endorse this site.

okay after the exam I have to destress. I may play FFXI for the last time in ages, cause I cancelled my content ID for 3 months to save money cause i wont be playing it overseas anyway :)

but for now:

perfect - V - I
imperfect anything - V
plagal - IV - I
interrupted - V - VI
Points of note for today:

1) I just switched rooms with Richard. Well, technically I moved from one room to half a room and Richard moved from half a room to a room...but that's besides the point. Moving all my stuff over is a pain in the arse but at least I get it over and done with now and my mum will be quiet about it.

There is actually a lot of amusing things you find while moving stuff...stuff like, oh, I don't know, stickers that proudly proclaim "Porn Star" (ah them were the days)...

2) I have an exam tomorrow.

That is all.

still thinking. okay thats a lie i havent just been sitting here thinking but it's been intermittent.

Also, I've been searching around for the meaning of the word "godbrother" and apparently, it's different in Whitepeopleland and Asianland. I'll probably ask my mum tomorrow morning.

It's late. I have an exam...tomorrow.

Dear readers, take care of yourselves. Love, or something.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Points of note:

1. Went to Botany today with mummy because she redeemed a really cool Milkshake Maker with her FlyBuys. Spent a bit of time looking around for a Noel Leeming, a Bond and Bond lady directed us to the Hub where we soon found it. The Milkshake Maker is very cool.

2. There are still random people who have me on their msn, and i dont have them....and then they talk to me...and it's like....what......

3. *Shakes fist at simon* damn you, you have no freaking idea how confused and semi depressed I am now. No idea! ^^" But thank you, still.

4. Exam on Tuesday. I really can't be bothered...but I have to. I have to, I need as high grades as possible.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I forgot to mention the ridiculously cold weather we are having recently. It's late spring dammit, not a time for hailstorms like yesterday :) but I must admit I really do like hail. It's like those Callipo shot things...for free! Ahem. Yes. And plus, it's a novelty you hardly see, coming from a tropical country. Second best thing to snow, maybe? I mean, it's kinda halfway there, or something.

It's really cold still, here. Cold. I am hiding in bed, while typing this.
Okay, I have a lot to blog about. I have to type it all out before I fall asleep and forget the absolutely fantastical last 40 or so hours I have been awake.

1) Art Exam. Finished. I'm done. No more art. Only one more exam to go, music, three hours, then I'm seriously done. Forever.

2) Graduation Dinner

This was held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre, it was great. Kind of like a "mini-ball", only without dancing...and with actual food. It was good, the food, actually. I only took one plate of it because I was too stupid to realise that you could go for seconds but I wasn't terribly hungry anyway. The evening was enjoyable, food was good...shaking hands with the teachers at the end was of the final times I'll ever see some of those fantastic people, like Dr. H and Miss Rowbotham. Had the potential to be disasterously teary, but luckily there were a lot of filler teachers who I have never ever seen before and we shake hands just because we "have to" and they say "Thank you good luck for the future" blah blah blah without knowing anything about you. Sonny managed to fool a lot of teachers into thinking for a second by saying things like "I really liked your class" to teachers who never taught him. I would have done it too but he was before me, and it's like the boy who cried wolf.

Anyway. Graduation Dinner over, officially my association with Macleans is over. (There is however, still my exam, and I kind of still need my uniform, but there is a huge rip in my right shoulder leading down. Hrm.)

Before grad dinner, me Chris Simon Janko David group headed off, got some food...sat at the back of the church near Mobil Corner, and I ate a deep-fried moro bar (ooooooh) and one of the better burgers I've had in my life. Delectable.

Okay, I'm not doing things in order...okay....okay, after graduation dinner we ordered a mini-van taxi to take about 9 people back to their homes. By people I mean Sarah Jayne had to go back to her place, and Raymond wanted to go to Main Street cause he's 18 and it's the cool thing to do or whatever. The rest of us (me David Simon Janko Charlotte Julia Sonny) went back to David's house to crash for the night. First time I've been in his house, it's nice and tidy (which is something I can't say about my house)...and he has a piano. Instant cool points, a piano.

We stayed up for the entire night, played random board games (Cluedo) and a game called "Taboo" which is incredibly fun. I wasn't very good at it but it didn't matter. ALSO we watched The Wedding Singer which I hadn't seen before and it was quite funny, really. I had a great time, and in the morning when his parents and sister were awake and weren't going to get annoyed like crazy, we played Singstar until we got bored of it. Well, we doesn't include Charlotte who didn't want to sing, and Julia, who was sleeping. I can't wait to get the second Singstar CD, which has a lot of songs that I actually DO know.

Somewhere around 3am as well, Bernard had arrived at Davids house and he took some of us to Dennys (the rest of the people took a taxi) and we ate a really really really early breakfast there. I ordered a mushroom cheese burger. Tasted great, not too enthused about the price though, but I'm sure I will get over it. Yes. We also picked up Raymond on the way, and brought him to Dennys and back to David's after.

So okay, morning, David's house. Singstar, and some people left Janko, Bern, Sonny had an exam (gutted), the end it was just me David Simon and Julia, and we had toast. Buttered toast, with clover honey, if you care. Mmmm. Honey. (bread reminds me of the fact that I didn't work this week though -_-) Then since Simon had to go to Botany to buy some art supplies and David had to get a present for somebody, I tagged along too because I have nothing better to do. We walked past Julia's house and dropped all her stuff off, and then ran to the bus stop to make the connector to Botany JUST in time to make it.

The connector bus is actually really my opinion anyway, not that I have a broad sample base of knowledge to draw upon but it seems like it. To get to botany by taxi would cost a lot more than 80c. I must remember to use buses more often. We pay taxes, don't we?

In Botany, we walked around, did stuff...first to get some food for Simon cause he was hungry (he ordered some McDonalds but really couldn't handle the poison that it is, so we ate a few fries for him and left the rest for some random hobo to come across, or something) and then to Whitcoulls to get his Art Supplies, then to a 2 dollar shop to look for David's present, and then to New World to buy a drink for me cause I was thirsty. Then Simon tripped to the Warehouse to buy the new U2 album at a price that isn't ridiculous (ie Sounds), and by that time Michael had caught up with us. David then got a ride home from his dad and me Simon and Michael were sitting in Starbucks. Yes. Starbucks. I've personally never eaten anything in Starbucks and I don't intend on starting but Michael had a pie of some description. Anyway, we were sitting there and Michael's dad was gonna give me a lift home but then Thomas and Tineke walked past the window and I banged on the window and they looked in and entered and we talked and it turns out that they were on their way home so they gave me a lift home.

Upon reaching home, I went to sleep. This lasted an hour. And then, I woke up, somehow managed to eat dinner (which was nice, thanks mum, kinda fried ricey stuff with diced chicken) and take a shower...and it was good. And thus ends my great Graduation Dinner Adventure.


I have had such a great 40 or so hours, guys. Honestly. It's been so much fun. Thank you all. Especially you. Yes, you. You know who you are, you.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


i signed out. it's official ITS OFFICIAL


also i finished my art im not going in tomorrow.

i have one exam left, music then its TRUE FREEDOM

but this will do

planning another whole night thingy tonight...our copy of Singstar will not go to waste, oh no.


Graduation dinner tonight. IT'll be good. The dress is smart casual but fuck that im wearing a tux.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Art Exam. That was incredibly pointless, went in, and finished everything pretty much within 2 hours.

We are given 15 hours.

I hope we don't have to stay there for the whole thing if we're finished cause that would suck.

Also, tomorrow night, Grad Dinner. I'm worried. -_- dunno how im getting home from it, and Ellen and Emma really wanna take me to go drinking but I'm not 18 and I don't have an ID and William won't lend me his because:

1. I don't really look like him anywya
2. $200 fine.
3. If you screw up, they cut up your ID.

Dunno. Maybe they'll come up with a different plan. -_-


and i still have an exam after this crappy art one -_-

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mkay, I signed up for some random stuff...only cause both David and Julia both sent me an invite....

And on the site it says it takes 60 seconds to set up.

I timed it, it took me roughtly 500 seconds. I don't know if that means they were lying, or I really suck. Maybe it's a sign, one that says "hurry up and buy broadband internet you loser". I also realised that it was poo, and signed up but I'll never use it.




dammn dman mdandmadnandnmad

cant wait for it all to be over

so soon

soooo soooon

(wish me luck, in what is arguably the subject that requires it the most)

*damn you art photography*

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Holy crap. Style XP is THE SHIZZLE

no more boring lame as Windows looks for me.


(for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go and google StyleXP)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

"actually democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49 percent"
-thomas jefferson
CivIII is such a great game.

In the current game I'm playin with my brother, I'm German, and I destroyed the French before...and now I'm at war with Russians who have tons of horsemen and stuff and the Spanish have amassed their Swordsmen at my border and are about to declare war as well.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Went to the library today with Sonny because he didn't wanna go by himself.

Passed DSE (the shop which spawned evil and dead babies), but went in anyway. Bought Civ III:Conquest, so I could finally multiplayer with my brother (hurrah). Walked past EB. The next Singstar is gonna be AWESOME with way more songs that I actually know~! HURAY and then also I went in and saw Civ III Conquest for $10 more in EB than in DSE. Hah, take that!

Then I went home. Then for the first time in a loooong time I mowed the lawn. Apparently my mum said that I had to be able to do this if I was to stay here in NZ for 12 days on my own, she even threatened to go to the city and get my flight changed or something. Meh. I mowed it.

Discovered that 1) lawnmowers that fall apart are really annoying, especially wheels that fall off and handles that don't stay...and 2) that the boots that we own have detachable soles. why the hell would you want to detach a sole? I mean, sure you could hide a message under each but i can't think of anything else i'd want to tell someone wearing the boots other than the lawnmower likes to fall apart


NO MORE EXAMS yayayayay okay technically thats a lie but festivity! FESTIVITY!
Q. What did Ryu say when Ken asked if he could borrow a hammer?

A. Shor-yu-ken

woot woot woot woot

hurah. no more shitty physics for me

the exam was okay, way not enough time though, before i knew it BANG time up and i didnt manage to finish everything

but i dont care any more

cause i dont really have to and theres no more point in caring

and its like



the festive mood can only get bigger noww!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

okay ive made a whole heap of small fragmented posts but did you know:

In the Islamic, if you're gay, you have to be thrown off a building or have a wall collapse on you, and if you survive, you're innocent? And to be convicted of being gay you have to have three witnesses...and you can just deny it and if you deny it three times they assume you're not lying.

Imagine it XD

Moral of the story: If you can't survive a wall falling onto you, it would be quite sad to be gay.
HOLY CRAP IM LISTENING TO Franz Ferdinand over Kelis - Milkshake....holy crap

how trippy is this


its aewwosmsemsme!!

Okay. Party at John's. Discussing music. Sam Knight's car. Nice Bjork and Radiohead stuff, but then Stephen goes "you knwo what's good music? DREAM THEATRE"

So I had copied one of their cds from a friend of mine...for personal use of course. It was kinda like a best of I think. So i said, oh really? I liked them but I didn't think too greatly of them

Then he said "ill copy you their best cd. you HAVE to listen to cd all in one go"

and i was like ok

then the next day he came over and dropped it off...


Truly. It's like a musical epic, it's just great....ahhhhh

Holy crap, interesting information I just garnered.

Ever wondered why chewing gum contains 7 in a pack? Or throaties have 23 in each stick or whatever? That's because they're prime numbers - the people do this so that you'll buy more so that you can share with your friends evenly!

Or so I hear. Okay, I was astounded at the time...
Sonny said I haven't blogged lately.

So to him I say, HERE YOU GO

Technically I could stop there but I know that at least one and a half people care about what I'm doing right now, so:

I'm trying to study.
I was innocent. I didn't know. So I said yes.

Then FIVE HOURS LATER I'm finally done. Holy crap it's time consuming and confusing. And then now, I'm procrastinating again, not studying.

Medical physics? 1/f = 1/u + 1/v is the only equation I know. Oh and also that attenuation one. ;_;

Maybe I should make swot notes now...maybe./...../....
My Medical Physics option booklet is yellowed with age.

Ah, that's about a correct description of my knowledge of it too!



Monday, November 15, 2004

Can you say "thunderstorm"? Hey, David, remember when you were waiting for the bus at my place and it was raining and then you said "yeah, I've been waiting for a thunderstorm!" but then mentioned something about Thunderstorm season being in September?

There was one today, just in case you missed it in some bizzare abstract reasoned way! Somebody up there likes you!

Ahem. Richard is now in Malaysia.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Woke up. Played random shitty computer games. Went to KFC for food. Bout to go to John's house...donno why, Cass called me and said it was drinks or something. o_O

Anyway. The main point of this blog is:

==My Horrible Habit of Keeping Things Until Their Function Is No Longer Purposeful==

If you look into my room, on the very top of my desk is a whole pile of food, which I got from Taiwan about three years ago. It's all expired by now, probably. The thing is, I have this habit of collecting things that have sentimental value or whatever (Especially food), then realise about two years later you can't actually eat it - but leave it there still anyway because it's sentimental.

How crazy is that.

This morning my brother presented me with this Cookie that Katherine supposedly dropped off at 11pm last night...or something...and I was amazed at the intricate writing on the little card thingy attached to it. So much writing! Maybe it's a female thing. But anyway its a cool cookie - shaped in a letter "H", and I quote, "H is for Hello!"

I have a suspicion H stands for something else though, but I can't quite place my finger on it...>.>



Friday, November 12, 2004

Today was a grand adventure!

Woke up, was late, Sonny and me managed to time me getting my shit together for University so perfectly that we walked out to the bus stop and within a minute a bus was there to take us to the city. Then I went to the Student Centre for Auckland Uni, had them copy my stuff. And it was all good. Then we went to eat, and stuff. It was great. And for some reason the moment we found the bus-stop for the way home, the bus home arrived too. Somebody up there liked me today :D


Found a game at the arcade that rocks socks - gonna try to see if it's on PS2, its Ikagura..not entirely sure on the spelling but its like those awesome retro shooter games, except with awesome as graphics and great gameplay...

Ate the following: those taco octopus ball things from japan (yum), pearl milk tea (yum), saika - katsu don (chicken). yum.

Was approached by a random missionary chick, Sonny think's she's a cultist and so dares not even look at the random booklet she gave me

It was a fun day, indeed. Now I know how to ride the bus!

(hurray - and also i got my university shit done)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Physics exam was poo. Way way not enough time, one hour to examine a year's worth of work? There's roughly...365 x 24 more hours in a year than in an exam. How can they accurately determine if you know what you're talking about?

(Pretty well, actually, otherwise exams wouldn't still be around)

anyway it was poo. not enough time and I wasn't really too good on in but it's still a relief to have it out of the way and over with.

after the exams, ming and david came over, watched about 2/3 of Monty Python's "Life of Brian" (which I absolutely adore) then we went to the movies to watch Jet Li's Hero. Charlotte and Simon and Paul joined us there.

Hero was stunning, it truly was. The first "plot twist" I forsaw, the ones after that I didn't - the action sequences are stunning, and there's actually a story and a moral behind it. I never knew of the actual legend of the uniting of china or whatever but that put a nice twist on things.

It was good.

Then David came back to my place to wait for a bus, finished watching of "Life of Brian", he went home, it started raining, Cas cancelled on me bringin her to the volunteer/assistant meeting, so I had to call Sonny and he came over and picked me up and then after it Sonny came over and we played PS2.

That was my day.

IT was good apart from the morning hour of physics. Hero was stunning, absolutely stunning.

Tomorrow could be interesting...but we'll see it as it comes :)
PHYSICSSSS panic panic stress press stress

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Studied today, it was highly highly highly beneficial. We even went into school and annoyed Dr. Holborow by not having made an appointment and stuff. -_- But still. It helped.

EVerything helped.

Plan for tomorrow is:

1. Physics Exam
2. Hero, that random movie.
3. Come home in time for Cazzo to pick me up back to the movies.
4. leaders meeting thingy.

534 5153

Called the HRC just then to tell Steve that I wasn't coming in to work. I feel really stink for organising this at the last minute...;_; cause he said I could have called earlier. ;_;

stinky -_- -_- at least i have sonny to cover for me

okay that means i must go next week cause i feel really bad now for missing it this week.

anyway. time to study I say.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You know, your entire life is created by really really small blobby things which spontaneously pulse and jerk around.

Okay. I was talking about brain cells, but it could be something else.

How's study going, Henry?
Oh it's going okay. Sonny came over cause he was too silly to fill out a University Application form himself (tee hee) so Henry helped him through it, and also that means Sonny owed Henry a favour so Sonny's covering for Henry at work tomorrow since Henry needs the time to study like a crazy mofo.

Thus, the wise man David was contacted to see if he would venture with Henry into a realm of studyness. But the future is uncertain it seems...

I'm tired. I'm needing to the study.

That was bad grammar, yes.

So, The DEFINITION of magentic flux density is F = BIL, therefore B = F/IL, or the force produced by a wire of length l with a current I running through it parallel to the magnetic field.

A word on random people on my MSN List.

Once every so often, online I will notice someone who I don't really know the identity of. I'll double click to almost talk to them and read the email address that spawned them. More than likely, I will have never seen the email before, or forgotten that I have. Then, I start off a conversation which goes like this:

Me: Hi. Do I know you?
Me: Oh.
Them: I told you already.
Them: Don't you remember?
Me: No, sorry. And sorry again for the likely reoccurence of this talk.


How am I supposed to remember somebody on my contact list who hides amongst the 100+ offline people at any given time, only to reappear on blue moons in the online list...and never really talk to me? I mean, if you don't talk to me, why add me to your MSN list? Why ARE you on my MSN list? That prompts me, the inquisitive mind, to delve further. Delve. That's a nice word.

Anyway, the moral is, if you don't know me and never talk to me and you are on my MSN list, expect to be asked who you are many times.


(good luck to everybody for exams I love you all, especially the one in blue)

okay okay wait, its the day after


Monday, November 08, 2004

Just watched the most ridiculous TV show ever. Some shit about some High School Reunion or something...which involves people in their late 20s still being immature twats. Mostly.

Features such difficult tasks and "games" such as the "Rumour Mill" where you write down a question for someone else. ooooh

It sucks. -_-

Damn Americanising of High School and the stereotypes.
My mummy bought me back a watch from Australia as a sort of 7th Form Congrats You Dont Need To Go To School Any More Cause School Is Shitty present which was really nice of her. Who cares if it's branded Speedo. No, really. It's the thought that counts. And plus it tells the time.

And also hopefully it won't break like the myriad of watches I've wasted over the years. I have a habit of breaking watches, both actively (the one I threw on the ground on the upstairs commons which I feel really stupid about now) and inactively (the many which just fall apart when I sit there)


My mummy went to Australia and now shes in deep poo poo with my dad cause he didnt let her go

or something

creap im sneezing like crazy




...I must spread the word.

It is a fantastittytastic movie...honestly.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Today was fun as well! Went to watch a movie "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" (funny, not up there with Dodgeball but still pretty hilarious!) and it was good. Had BK afterwards, and wanted White Castle instead. My BBQ double cheeseburger sucked...all mangled and squished.

Sonny was supposed to come over afterwards but something happened and he didn't seem too happy so I didn't want to press the matter. ;_;

So instead Simon, David and Janko did! After watching them waste dollar after dollar at the arcade machine at Timeout at the movies on Guitar Freaks I figured I should at least invite them to play Guitar Freaks at my place. I had a lot of fun...I think they did too but you'd have to ask them. I also introduced them to the magic that is Gitaroo Man.


Tomorrow is...Sunday. Exam is Thursday.


it was great, guy fawkes - what a perfect way to end the last day of school. Me and lots of other people went down to Bucklands Beach and set off a $100 box of fireworks, it was awesome. So fucking awesome.

Then we went to Janko's house and crashed there for the night and me David and Julia pissed off Simon with Black Magic, and a whole lot of other stuff...I'm really tired but it was such an awesome end to the school year.


spoon is an awesome game. mao is strange and highly entertaining with new people. (like me). cheat was fun.

I suck at basketball but it was all good.


(good time)

It's the end of an era, the start of another. The end, beginning, whatever. WHATEVER


Friday, November 05, 2004



oh yeah did I mention


(some say its the end some say its the beginning but I say fuck it we're all still living)


anyway got my leavers jersey, finished my photography, AWESOME lovely lovely AWSEOMS.


I think it be fitting for y'all to listen to "SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER"

Thursday, November 04, 2004

phew fnished my photography

ok not really but i have tmorrow morning to do it yay

im tired

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

ARR I have until TOMOOROW AFTORECHSOL to finish my Art Photography exam prepatory work...;_; arr arr ARRRRRR

GYAR Yaggra...


on the last day I really wanna give all my teachers over the years presents but I can't afford it. a list however of all the cool teachers would be appropriate, in no particular order:

Mrs. McDougall
Miss Hall
Ms. Warner
Mr. Beard
Dr. Holborow

How much chocolate is that...o_O (edit: i cut out a lot of teacher's names. then i realised that if i kept going i would end up with nobody. so these are the elite five or some such...)

Hrm. Maybe I could buy it after school tomorrow or something...


;_; ;_; i just want to sleep for a long long time (no im not suicidal dont worry)

In other words, America is currently being silly by voting Bush. Who would vote Bush?! WHO WOULD VOTE BUSH?! ...actually, I dont know anything about John

In fact I don't care who runs America as long as America doesn't run the world. Get the fuck off. I am annoyed that Susan Wood calls it the most important/powerful job in the world. No, sorry. Susan Wood you're just a lousy replacement for the highly annoying Paul Holmes. Except that you blink a lot more which is even more irritable.

At least the show isn't PAUL HOLMES (with Susan Wood) anymore.

Today at lunchtime me and Ellen were EXTREMELY NAUGHTY and walked right out of school (Ellen was actually already on Study leave but I was wagging MATHS oooh OOOOH) to Mobil Corner where I paid for chippies and drink. Then we sat at the stairway outside the artroom, the main walkway to the crossing outside the Art Block and ate our chips. Also we hid a whole lot of lollies in preparation for our Art exam. Hurray for lollies! I also *gasp* walked on a lot of grass and my hair *gasp* touched my collar.

Rikky's right. You have more fun when you break more rules. But then the fun catches up to you as things like "jail" and "life sentence"....

I never said that.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today was 7th form final assembly. Some random presentation thing at the start was thee demise of Batten's one since it ate up so much damn time...FFOF played. Played well, too. It's goods.

I got EXCELLENCE!!! fir me composition portifolia in NCEA. Woohoo



Sunday, October 31, 2004

Leavers Concert

I am so incredibly's crazy. The leavers concert tonight I think was a success by almost any measure, and it was humungous fun! Everyone (mostly the 7th form leaders) were really stressed earlier before the concert though...I remember yelling at people and being kinda nasty but I sincerely apologize to everybody.

I had a lot of fun in my last-minute costume and everybody looked so was so much fun. I'm gonna miss the leavers concert, I have to see what the sixth formers will get up to next year :P

I did a lot of running around, along with the rest of the leaders - introducing items, blah blah blah...Fist Full of Fives took a hit before we came on because our power wasn't on and ready...but Tomo and I stalled long enough along with the big McD and...hopefully people enjoyed the song. :D

It was so much fun. I just wish it was recorded on video...I'm gonna forget it and I'll be sad about forgetting or something.


The rose I got is perfect but it'll probably rot soon, hopefully that random liquid packet on the end of it will keep it going for ages.

It's sad...only five more days to go! Sad yet exciting yet sad yet exciting yet...etc.

YOU GUYS ROCK! Gonna miss you all...

(my baby photo was kinda embarrasing as well XD)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Holy crap, can you say stress?

I'm sorry to everybody I yelled at earlier this afternoon...leavers concert unplanned is a major not cool. I'm really incredibly worried it'll turn to shit now but I guess.,..meh. STRESS holy shit


sorry if i offended anyone

O_O music folder, yes

lucky i remembered.

-_- ikm back off to school because at home im not doing anything
Had 7th Form Final Assembly today...;_;

(OH YEAH REMINDER TO MYSELF to ask Tomo and John whether us and Bill need to practice on monday for tuesday)

anyway 7th form final assembly. it was funny was kewl. kinda sad too cause its alike awww we're leaving. But im not just sad im excited, its gonna be great, university, hopefully. hopefully people wont think im a twat there though o_O


leaers concert tomorrow! my mummy got me a really cool part for my costume and it looks like im all sorted - tokmorow morning i just need to make alteration to my glasses and draw a scar on my forehead.


okok goodnight! (FFXI ruleS)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Notes for today:

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PRIZEWINNERS! Special congrats to Rayho, Steph, Mish, everybody who i know. :D Well done guys!

I was surprised I got a special award for music too yay yay Throw my rant previously from the co-curricular evening out the window because this recognition is nice :D

Anyway. Khay Shern you're a twat. Take your damn keys off you its not school uniform. ;_;

Sorry. I dont mean to be mean but he's just so arrogant sometimes. Or comes across as.

I dunno.



its sad its sad ;_;-:


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Maths exam...;_;

The highest I can get is probaly around 72% which is a low B.

But thanks to Emma I (hopefully) got around 6 more marks than I normally would have, last minute vector learning rocks.

Anyway its over NO MORE MATHS FOR THIS YEAR YAY (by maths i mean the subject, not like, counting shit...)


This is hearsay but I hear that this morning something really funny happened.

Richard accidentally txted the following message to my dad: "Hello dear, kiss kiss I'm on the bus see you soon. add oil!"

To which my dad then called him back and the first thing he said was "Kiss kiss to you too!"


Okay. This is probably only funny if you realise that Richard supposedly just broke up with someone and stuff

But. You know. Covertly.

Hrm hrm hrm


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

holy crap holy crap! Ultimate in lowering self esteem...he just compared us all to monkeys!?! What sort of parenting is this....;_;

I feel sorry for my mum, actually...

Back to trying to study

Holy crap how racist can one person be...the "conversation" (which involves my dad talking on and on and on and everyone else bar William who's a master debater trying their best not to listen) was about how much he basically hated Japanese people and how they took Sonny's ancestors and raped them or some shit like that o_O Which was very interesting and lighthearted dinner table conversation, yes...and it was pretty blatant how he tried to involve me in the conversation but you know, someone once said if you argue with an idiot you bring yourself down to that level...

And you can't say anything about it either because then he just gets angry and talks even more. Like the other day when I tried to explain to him that I really didn't have time to fuck around with the living room lounge chairs which were old and pretty much bent into submission because I had exam papers to procure...then So in the interest of choosing between the lesser of two evils I just shut up and sit there and try to eat and ignore at the same time.

Now he's being a prick to my mum saying shit like she didnt teach the kids well ;_; He's such a Nazi...Holy crap.


Exam tomorrow not helping right now. Or is it vice versa.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Hello. I am using my computer from the living room because this real cool guy Marshall (I dont know if I've blogged about him before...y'know the guy who lives in Clark Beach and whom I dropped the wine for outside his house and my mum shot me this really shrink-inducing glare, because she had told me just seconds before not to drop it...) is scraping the paint off my really disgustingly mouldy and flakey paint on my room's ceiling. Thomas would know what I'm talking would Sonny. You've seen how scunge my room is.


Anyway, yeah.

EXAMS TOMORROW I am so not prepared, totally unpreparedness of level of 11/10!!!

okok i learnt how to use trapezium rule though yay

i need to brush up on the following:


ok bye
Hello. My dad is angry again.


Today had a "Band Practice" at Tomo's house. Tried out the new old kit. IT's really rusty and we spent a good amount of time trying to make it sound better and not fall apart but...the skins are really old and way too resonant. Still, better than nothing! (Well, apart from maybe the kick pedal falling apart and stuf...)

I think I still have to try and cart my kit over from Malaysia.

Started writing the final piece for my Compo Portfolio. Hard work, tis. But it's enjoyable.


Gyar. FFXI is great. Time sink. But great.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

My daddy is angry.

Dunno why.

I don't really like him at the moment.
It's late/early. I'm kinda tired's the long weekend.

I hate people who don't say things up front. Dunno where that came from. Probably from my dad opening the door to my room...and then closing it again then whispering to my mum stuff.

Gar for secrecy.

I hate secrecy. It sucks.


(okay thats enough angst, mr henry) (ok) (thats good glad you agree)

Trapezium rule. Can anyone teach me how to use it properly?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by
Leaders meeting. Pretty good, free food (yay)...told Steve and the team that we (me and Sonny) couldn't make it for the December holidays ;_;


Then went to countdown, bought Mrs. Johnston a gift. She deserves it for putting up with my crap for three years :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My dad creepily looking over my shoulder at random intervals sucks.

I hate it.


Example: "Nitrogen is not found in Ireland because it is not found in a free state."



Anyway, event/occasion for today was the co-curricular evening. Lukewarmly enjoyable, just like semi melted unflavoured ice-cream, or a sunny day with biting wind. Didn't really help that my parents came off as pretty rude (to me, anyway)...yaknow, not clapping, random voyeurist filming of people they didn't even know (okay this was mostly my dad)...


I'm really gutted. I put in so much work into the Music Department and I didn't even get shortlisted for the cultural cup ;_; But good on my mates who did, well done to yer. I've got my money on Ray-Ho. I'm gutted like fish at a fish factory...cause y'know I did all that time and stuff...and they couldn't even be bothered to shortlist me. ;_; ;_;

I'll get over it soon.

Hrm. But I did randomly get shortlisted for instrumentalist for the year though. I mean, what, the fuck? I'm not exactly a stellar cellist or I don't know who the hell decided to do that. I appreciate the gesture although I don't get anything for it...not a certificate...etc. But WELL DONE TO THOMAS WHO WON IT!!! Hurrah! And also John for winning vocalist of the year! That makes 50% of our band top representatives of the school of the year or something.

So basically it was pretty much a waste of my time cause, y'know, all I got was presented with the KBB music festival silver thing...which has happened twice already.

The Jazz Combo were playing...they're very good...with the exception of random chick singer butchering "Girl From Ipenima"...and Gareth seemed really nervous. Relax Gareth you rock my world.


I still gtted. Not even shortlistning. ;_; ;_;

Anyway. Final note of hilarity regarding Lara Markstein defining the word Achievement. Shit she's got a lot of crap under her belt. Well done to y'all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Just came back from Band Practice. I'm kinda tired really it was a full-on (albeit slightly pointless) practice...I'm really tired.....hgrm. John wasn't there today so me, Tomo and Dave just mucked around, really...

Okay. I just came back from watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


This is the way to take movies from game concepts. Tomb Raider take note. Apocalypse kicked major booty for me - all action, storyline wasn't too bad. Purists of Resident Evil may bitch and moan that it has little to do with the details of the game but with so much zombie death, who could really complain?

Alice kicks so much butt. SO MUCH BUTT.

I really hope there's a third one coming. (Yeah, I don't say that very often at all...)


My dad is now here in Malaysia. Horray for Sonny! Our house is like, way tidier as well due to my mum not wanting to, uh, "lose face" or something along those lines. I also had a Physics A2 practical this morning. I tried to study yesterday for it but I just ended up sitting down and hearing Dr. Holborow say in my head "define the variables" over and over again. Then I went to sleep. It was such a great practical, much fun to do. Not sure how experimentally accurate I was but it doesn't matter I had fun doing it. I'm fooling myself for the moment that's the most important thing, even over results. >.>

Yeah. Today's been a great day. Thingy is also coming up, um, the thingy. You know, that one. I mean band practice. Been listenin to the three songs in an attempt to at least become familiar with the general groove of the drums.


(shit resident evil kicked major ass)

Monday, October 18, 2004








Ok praacticals gotar remember significunt figures and also safety safety for design question

gar i hate eams

espedhg when you didt prepare

also, i have like to do like my music like homework like like you you yo

also also like likea also um also my photographie

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The sound of rain upon your window is a soothing one.

My mum is back home from some "pray for world piece" stuff.

I found some stuff on Dadaism. It's that Anti-art crap that appears in Franz Ferdinand's videos.

Marcel Duchamp is probably gonna be my other artist model for my prepatory study for my exam. Interesting fellow. His mona lisa parody is quite funny.
Just went for a lovely stroll in the Eastern Beach area.

When William dropped me off at Philip Chiu's house, there were these wanky boys who you'd imagine all wanked together playing a great big game of wankball. I describe them in that fashion in contempt. Anyway, upon seeing me they all said "hey look its the buzzy bee boy"

And then later on when I discovered this place with a great view of Eastern Beach and a picnic table (which I noted down the location of for future reference for dates or whatever) I overheard people from a house saying "hey isn't that the guy who sings with Butter Chicken"...

I wonder if I'm really that much of a celebrity in Macleans. Nobody ever seems to mention it in school though. There was this one time where the brother of the current head boy shook my hand though, and when I asked him why he said it was because I was Fried Rice.


Anyway. I then proceeded to wave through the roughly sinusodial wavefronts on the beach...and I came across this fucking dead ass life size awesome looking stingray. I was fully gonna pick it up and carry it home but then I realised I couldn't be bothered.

Then walking through school I sat down on a bench and watch this awesome model plane do stalls and loop the loops and corkscrews and the like. Then on the way home, I was attacked by a parachute. The guy controlling it just laughed, ignorant of my utter pain (okay maybe it didn't hurt)

And then I'm here. And then FFXI hasn't finished updating GAR

And then im eating yummy crackers mmm
I am blogging.



It's great. I'm sitting outside in the sunshine and I'm still online. YES BABY YES!!!!

This is great.

Our wireless network is finally working! (we didnt bother about encryption though cause you know, nobody's gonna wanna steal our 56k connection ;_;)

It was actually so easy to set up. ;_; Yesterday Richard tried to do it manually and all by hand and hardcore and stuff but then me and him got totally confused and it fully didn't work.

This morning, William turned on his computer and it worked ;_;

and then we set everything to automatically detect settings within windows xp and it workSS!!! Im loving it its great

now i can blog from anywhere in my house!

even my toilet

oh its great


ok bye

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Gaarrr! We can't figure out a way to get the wireless network thingy to've reverted back to old old wires for now. Hopefully the guy who sold it to us can come in sometime and help us out.
Today has been quite hectic.

Order of events:

1. Waking up.
2. Sonny comes over. Discuss (at length) his trip to Malaysia.
3. Me William and Mummy go to Pamure to buy a Wireless Access Point.
4. We drop off my CPU from DSE back to DSE to get them to check it out again.
5. I go do Art Photography.

1 - Even though I didn't want to I somehow ended up waking up. I wish I had more control over being rested...damn you sleep!
2 - He's probably gonna spend around a month in Malaysia. Talking to my dad right now, he suggests Sonny emails him too, that might help him out a bit.
3 - The wireless access point is GOING TO ROCK!
4 - I was served by a nice lady/chick by the name of Gemma. I explained to her that took the ram out and its still shitty. My mum's computer friend who supplied this fantastic laptop (im still loving it...did i mention the touchpad looks cool?) said that when he inspected it he saw that the motherboard was wasted. Totally wasted. Let's hope the DSE service monkeys get their ass into gear and fix my computer. Cause it'd be good to have it and not to have wasted all that money on warranty. And plus, where else is my humungous mp3 collection going to go?
5 - Even though I booked from 12 - 3 pm, I ended up reaching there around 1.30ish. Did a proof sheet and a print.

I love my new laptop so so so much. ASUS YOU ROCK (as long as you don't shit out like my pc from dse)
You know what is amazingly tasty? Jam and cheese toast. Oh yum.
Today has been a great day for me.

Okay, sure, school wasn't very interesting. (I'm going in tomorrow in a lame attempt to do some Art Photography work ...which hopefully will help me out with my grades this year)

But after school was great. I've kinda worked out what I'm going to the leavers concert as...and my mum wants like eight tickets to the concert which makes me feel really stink but I'll probably get them on Monday.

And then at around 5ish there was the Intercultural Club "Night of Memories" (basically a glorified name for a prizegiving) and even though I did a horrible job this year (many apologies to Dala, I did warn you beforehand :P) I still managed to get a certificate. And an official school one too...which means that I can probably plonk it on my CV or something. And then there was this extremely extremely flamboyantly gay person in charge of the Spanish club or whatever - he was so funny to watch I was falling over laughing. Literally. I apologize, I don't mean to offend but I found it very funny. He told me and Sonny to blow up balloons. I didn't really want to cause I don't know how to tie them up after you blow them up. So I didn't. Just the way he spoke and walked was just oozing of gayness. I pity him actually, he must get ragged on quite often...not that wearing tight white shirts showing off your man-boobies is really helping your agenda, sir. And starting speeches with dodgy lines like "I like to make an opening", uh, well....yeah. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against gay people it's just that it's quite funny to watch. Like an episode of Queer eye for the Straight Guy. Which is such a strange show cause the "straight guys" are pretty dubious in themselves.


The food before the prizegiving was good, too.

And when I got home...i found it. My baby. LAPTOP!!! IT's incredible. Everything about it is better than my current desktop computer (which my mum also brought to a computerstoreowningfriend of hers. He restored it to original DSE condition and it still doesn't work. His hypothesis is not some bullshit reason like DSE gave me, but he suggested the motherboard was probably almost burnt out. I'll send it in to DSE again to tell them.) Anyway back to the laptop. ITS SO AWESOME but I must take good care of it. I want it to last me all the way through university. Because I think it can. IT's such a wicked laptop...the LCD screen for it is larger than my desktop's monitor o_O and it's also really unique and cool because it's in "widescreen" format which means I get to watch DVDs properly. Comes with DVDrom drive (better than my desktop) video card with double the memory (128), not sure how much ram but I think it's a decent amount, double the number of USB ports and also they're all USB 2.0 I think (which is SO much faster. My iPod copies files over so much faster...)'s got a carbon fibre shell which looks MEAN and the touchpad is pretty cool looking too and there's pretty blue lights that come up sometimes and there's a TV out and the screen resolution is better than my other computer's. The only place it loses out is in hard disk space which means I'm being very stringent and not installing many things onto it.

Oh i love it so. The keyboard is okay, typical for a laptop but it's like slightly translucent so you can see all the cool inner workings of the keyboard. There's also a whole lot of other shit on the side which I probably won't get to use like ever cause its so high tech, wireless lan, wireless whatever, card slots, some crazy "audio jukebox" function...oh laptop i love you so.

I'm currently moving all my shit from ipod to laptop. tomorrow morning ill probably plonk sibelius back on there which means that finally i can work on my music composition portfolio at home. I've got to get that done pretty soon, but I'll try to get Mr. Hamilton's approval on my latest two works. After that I think then there's one more...

12.00 midnight. William just came home. Being an arse about me playing pinball o_O I guess my blog ends here, then!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hurrah. Tomorrow I may be receiving a laptop! Hurrah! Hurrah! No more shitty workingcomputerlessness for me. It's not a bad one, either. There aren't many more days of school left. It's great but it's sad at the same time...yeah...

Tomorrow will be a very very busy day for me. First up there's Assembly where I'm getting my GOLD music badge (woot) and then I have to print photos of a toilet (yes...more on that later) and then at interval there's string quartet and then at lunchtime there's chamber and then after school there's the leavers concert meeting and then theres the intercultural club prizegiving thing which im really depressed about cause i dont think i deserve anything after fatal loss of all work, and then tuition and then hopefully beautiful, beautiful sleep.

Then my dad comes here.

Then exam mode kicks in hopefully.

Yeah I have to print photos of toilets cause thats what I chose to do for my Art Photography exam. CRAZY EH well yes. And no. And yes.


Social experiment...mute.

I shall try that next monday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Haven't blogged in ages - my unstable computerness makes it quite a challenge...yes. My mum forgot to pick me up from work today which was kinda annoying but ultimately, I got over it. I just ended up walking and being late to orchestra, that's all...

Picked up production orchestra photo of Oliver today. I love it. I love it so much, it's such a wicked photo. Embodies everybody's character so perfectly...or so I say. Yeah, cost quite a bit but it was worth every sub-cent. My mum gave me a photo-frame to protect it in which she bought from some Korean store or something. Wooden frame. Kinda sturdy I guess, better than nothing.

I'm currently siphoning listening to my mp3s from my brother's computer. Listening to the FFX-2 Piano Collections. Such fantastic music. I hate school, I've got so much study/work to do and not enough time to do it in for me to be relaxed about it and I hate it and I wish I could be paid to do...what I do now I suppose...listen to music, enjoy it, enjoy the odd computer game, dunno.

I'm just a lazy cunt on the inside.

Also I might be going to go buy a laptop tomorrow! Hurrah! That would end my computer woes quick. It would also enabling me to y'know, compose at home etc without annoying William.

It will be good.

My dad, he's coming soon.

I've got to get an extra ticket for the co-curricular evening.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

In other news, Dick Hubbard is now Auckland Mayor. No more racist John Wanks.

Let's hope Dick makes Auckland as good as his cereals.
Rapping vs. Raping.

The following was posted on a message board:

"Yeah, we do battle raping at my school, everyone forms a circle in the toilets while two people rape. The teachers claim it is very voilent and have tried to stop it. I've been raping for about two years now. At first I was really tight, but my style is different these days. First time I ever raped, I got all choked up, but after a while you just learn to spit."


Friday, October 08, 2004




oh man im gonna have to ask my dad for a new computer now. ;_; i dont want to spend money!!

I finished my Art Photography! I am inhuman! I am impossible! I have done three terms worth of work in a week!

...yes. I am also crazy.

I hope Sonny managed to finish. He seemed really stressed out.

I got presented with Talent Quest certificates today, for winning singing-group and bands. It was exciting. I got immunisations today. My left arm is totally dead.

And okay I got a call from DSE (Dick Smith Electronics) and some Indian guy left a message on my mobile saying "your computer is fixed come pick it up". Obviously that got me all excited and all...but then when I got there the guy who handed it back to me gave me this sheet that basically said "we didnt' fix your computer". That made me angry. Why did some fucker call me and get my hopes up then? The "Technician's Report" states that there's a faulty ram chip and that it's non DSE. I don't see how that makes my computer unable to turn on at random intervals. It also says I have Windows 98 installed, and that I don't have a Windows folder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...if I had Windows 98 installed wouldn't I have a Windows folder? Anyway - I don't even own Windows 98. What, the fuck? It goes on to say that it isn't covered under warranty because only XP is covered under warranty etc, so in other words, the Technicians Report said: "Fuck you we didn't fix your computer." At least they didn't charge me. I wouldn't have paid for them to ship it back to me saying that it was broken anyway. Their suggestion on the report was to "reinstall Windows 98". I DONT OWN IT YOU STUPID FUCKERS

Dick Smith Electronics shall now henceforth be known as "Dick Shit Elephant Cock". I shall never buy a computer from there again, the $200 extra my mum spent on a warranty was basically useless. Here's a hint, general public. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM DICK SHIT ELEPHANT COCK. THEY SUCK. I HATE THE SERVICE CHANNEL. It doesn't help that they wouldn't give me the administrator password initially so that I could reformat my entire computer, or that they didn't pick up the phone when I called them...or that they called me and told me they fixed it. Fuck you, arsehole technician.

Luckily Richard reformatted it somehow (by messing around with the Cmos or some other technical crap) and it seems to be in a workable state at the moment. I'm still gonna see if I can get my dad to bring round a laptop for me.

For winning Talent Quest I picked up Stylus and William Hung's CDs. William Hung sucks so bad that he should go teach Dyson how to make vacuum cleaners. I was quite disappointed that I didn't get Yellowcard but Sarah Jayne said she'd make a copy of it for me so yeah, I'm all good.

OneUpStudios sent me a contract. Hurrah.

Hopefully I can reinstall-update FFXI today. Maybe it'll work. Maybe not.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Okay, I am so incredibly tired. Like, I went to school and pretty much for the entire day did NOTHING BUT PHOTOGRAPHY just so that I could get it finished! And I think I've done it! From one board to a week...that's....unprecendented. It's crazy. It's insane. And most of all, it's possible.

I still need to do some artist model research stuff but hey it's doable.

This Indian guy left a message on my mobile (apparently he was quite bemused by my "leave a message" message...) - which said that I could go and pick up my computer from DSE Pakuranga! HURRAH! Hopefully it's in good working shape.

That way I can play FFXI after the exams. After.


I really need to like, get a calender, and work out where all my exams are etc.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Things I have not done:

Permission slip for tomorrow.
I owe Emma (the lifesaver) $4 for the two pieces of big photography paper I bought today.
I need money for photography tomorrow.
My photography coursework is due this Friday.
Not having a computer sucks. IT FUCKING SUCKS I HATE IT. I want my own one back. I want to be able to go online to research whenever I want, not at 11pm at night when I'm incredibly tired.
I'm so gonna fail and worst of all nobody seems to care.


Anyway. Watched Carmen yesterday, an Opera by a Frenchman (?) Georges Bizet, who married his cousin. It was actually really cool, there was an actual orchestra pit (like, you couldn't see them because they were physically in a pit. Way cool) and the opera really wasn't what I was expecting it to be like. I imagined some drag fat lady singing her face off to some bladiblah orchestral music but there was ACTUALLY an engaging storyline! And there were sets and costumes and funny French accents and singing in a Spanish reminded me of the school production except more professional and, in French.

So it was really good. I also had three donuts pre-show, and they were good too.

I'm poor.

I went to work today. It was good. I'm tired. The stupid blogger window won't load up. I CANT POST THIS.


when I get my computer back

I am so setting up woosh

and im gonna be an eclectic selfish fuck and use it all for myself

why not

id pay for it

i hate this current situation

no computer
no sleep

assignment/coursework due

borrowed computer shitty internet


Also, I submitted one of my pieces from my Composition Portfolio I'm working on this year into the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra's Young Composer's Compeition. It would be wicked if I won. $500 is well worth winning...but even just being one of the six finalists will be worth it because I'll get to hear my composition actually played by a REAL orchestra. Hurray!

Tomorrow is meningitis jabs.


I'm really sleepy. I haven't brushed my teeth. I really can't be bothered but I know I have to.
So when I wake tomorrow I'll have to remember to get some money and also get a permission slip set up for a trip that's already been.

Much love to, uh, lovetown. (Damn, work heard about my Saturday exploits. Damn you Nicole :P)

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bah. Okay, due to the law of balance, since yesterday was a great night, today was a very bad day.

It's sad, it's very sad. There goes my Final Fantasy XI (but I suppose that's a blessing in disguise, that's a horrible horribly addictive piece of software)...and I got punched a couple of times. But how dare he hurt my mum.

Fuck. Fuck you.

I hope you understand now why the hate is justified.


I don't want to go back to school....
Went to Ellen's birthday party last night. It was great fun. Let's just say there was a cooler full of free stuff. Some of the stuff was liquid. I drank the liquid. I had a good time.

Here is my formal apology to everybody I may have inadvertently offended last night.

But it was great! Even though I didn't know anyone to begin with, that magical drink does...well, wonders. Why has nobody ever told me before...


I also, IN SOME STRANGE AND BIZZARE TWIST OF COINCIDENTAL FATE, saw Nicola from work (yes Sonny, Nicola) and Gavin Stewart who used to be in my class in primary school like AGES go and I still remember his face kinda and his name. I would have clicked better if I wasn't off my face. Nicola says she's gonna tell everybody at work. ^^"

I don't want to go to school.

Friday, October 01, 2004

While sitting in tuition being hammered by RLC phasor diagrams and the like, I was thinking. I've been affected by my Asian origin recently, once at the Auckland Uni Open day by some freaky old man promoting Theology as a Bachelor degree (baha sorry, I can't help laughing at that) and another time at the dairy while I tried to buy a bottle of Orange and Mandarin G Force while on my lunch break from work. Even though I made it really obvious that I would rather prefer to speak English they (old man and indian dairy owner) continued to try and converse in broken Chinese (ni hao, xie xie)...which kind of irritates me. Just because I look Asian doesn't mean you have to do that for me when I express that I'd rather it not happen. It's nice for people fresh off the boat/airplane but kind of annoys me.

I don't really know why to be honest.

Maybe I should have been born white. It's that age old "I don't belong anywhere" conundrum.
Hurrah! Work is over. I'm always really glad to finish work, but then I kinda don't want it to end too cause it is a lot of fun and it means back to school. Watched Shark Tale today, really good I thought as I went in with absolutely no preconcieved notions about it.

Hurray for the kids.

Ellen I still haven't gotten you a pressie o_O

Work is good cause its a feel good job - it's a good feeling to know that you've made a couple of kids happier for the day (rather than just yourself)

School is coming up. I hate.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Okay. What, the hell. This sucks at the moment. Not only does my dad have Tetanus, which induces muscle spasm and toxins that cause lockjaw...but I came home today and found my mum collapsed on the couch in quite a lot of pain, apparently from her digestive system.


Anyway, I haven't blogged for a bit cause I haven't done much, I've just been working. To balance out the horribly sad news above I met a really cool kid from Australia called Jordan today. I gave him my clay car that we made cause it was his last day. That was his excuse anyway. Speaking of cars, my supervisor at work is...

dammit my mum just moaned again.


My supervisor at work is the New Zealand women's champion in Drift racing or something....she's got a really mean car. Like, crazy mean. The engine just looks incredible...I don't know anything about cars but it looks like something out of Fast and Furious or something. Which just goes to show there's a lot of things you don't know about the people you think you know a lot of things about. (Yeah okay I just made that up)

Tomorrows' the last day of work. Due to my computerlessness I haven't done much of the list I said I was gonna do over the holidays. FFXI is horribly addictive. And Ellen I haven't got your present yet ;_;


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I hate life at the moment.

I get beaten up at work, nobody listens to me, and when I come home the computer's fucked and I realised I've wasted all that time on FFXI just to have to wait FUCKING LONGER



Monday, September 27, 2004

o_O It's still updating.

I was hopin to play this morning but Richard's computer died last night.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Okay. Two things:

1. I brought my computer in to DSE for them to get serviced. It was still under warranty so hopefully they'll do it free.

2. While I was there I bought FFXI.

My thoughts on it? Hrm. Well, I haven't even managed to get into the actual game yet. It does look spiffy though...monthly charges are very steep but...hrm. 56k is definitely the minimum cause any slower and I think I'd be dead before it finishes uploading. Only 6 hours left...-_-

William wasn't very happy that I bought it, even though I reassured him that homework takes priority over FFXI and if he wants to do homework then I won't be able to play FFXI.


Oh, the anticipation. I won't be able to play it today due to the six hours not being left over in the day but I'll be lookin forward to it tomorrow if I can squeeze some in.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Okay, here is an email conversation with my daddy.

----Original Message Follows----
From: "muichun chong" <>
Subject: tell mum and everybody at home ( 47a)

papa's lock jaw reattack...recurrent after 3 days of slight improvement..showing spores( should be alot) of Tetanus is hiding in the body.

Very like, the bacteria soon become resistance to antibiotics( some, hopefully)

If any accident ( such as death) happen to papa, continue your study, work hard, and plan steadily..

From: "Henry Chong" <>
Subject: RE: tell mum and everybody at home ( 47a)
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 14:18:56 +1200

Papa, I think you should take a break from work and get some hospital care for it....I hope you get better soon...


From : muichun chong
Sent : Saturday, 25 September 2004 5:30:59 p.m.
To :
Subject : RE: tell mum and everybody at home ( 47a)

Now about 70% chance to recover completely. By next week, with proper antibiotics and no other complication, it should be 80 % chance to heal.
So far sick with spasm of muscles for 2 weeks, jaw problem for a few days.
4th dose Toxoid injection done.
Hospitalization will be arranged serious spasm causing breathing or eating( jaw locked) difficulty.
Just take care and hope there is no unusual heart arrhythmia ( nerve induce heart beat problem). BP, ok nfor the last 2 weeks. Local muscles sweating and spasm and local muscle temperature raised ( since last week).
By next 2 to 3 weeks then situation will be known. Major factor is my body resistance.

We will build up our body resistance in the future.


From pap

p/s Tell mum and kokos the above action taken