Sunday, July 31, 2005

Laptop Network Access: GRANTED

Online connectivity re-established on portable computing device.

Happiness state rising.


Also worked out how to reset my iPod and save all the files I backed up onto it. Hurrah!
Laptop Recovery Status: OK

Laptop Network Access: DENIED

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yesterday after watching Moulin Rouge, I watched The Island at the movies. o_O I didn't know Ewan McGregor was in that too. o-o But he's a good actor so I'm not complaining.

The Island is an incredible movie. It's like 2 hours long but it's a good 2hrs, not like Pearl Harbour which was a crap 2 hours. Plot summary : there's like a massive contamination in the world, and there's only one place left in the world free from disease and pollution, which is The Island. The two main characters go to the Island. The plot involves bacon.

It's a great movie.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Moulin Rouge. Total brilliance.

I don't think you can really compare this musical to another musical great, Phantom of the Opera. They're just completely is dramatic and the music is written stunningly, while the other is so human/comedic and the music is an arrangement benchmark.

Yeah. I liked it, only gripe would be that sometimes the bizarro-comedy got a little over the top for my personal taste but I quickly got over it...the music's brilliant, even though they may not have written it...I didn't know Ewan McGregor could sing (so well)...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

;_; Virus.

Laptop = death

Managed to salvage all my work...and stuff.

I installed a virus scanner onto my laptop just before it got ridiculously bad, and within about 2 minutes it scanned itself, discovered it was infected and promptly shut itself down.


Monday, July 25, 2005

1. My laptop has a virus. While it's classified as a low security risk or's annoying as ****. I really feel like re-installing everything. It just loads multiple copies of all the system processes etc and just slows the computer down like crazy. -_-

2. I watched Nausicaa...and Whisper of the Heart, and a little bit of some other stuff. Studio Gibhli is good. I liked Nausicaa...and Whisper of the Heart. Hmm. If only life was an Anime and you could just follow a script and it would be all predetermined etc...but I guess then it would be an anime, not life. o-O

3. -_- The two cats in Malaysia are dead.



Apparently, one ran away and one got poisoned.


Apparently, my dad thinks the neighbours did it.

Apparently, it's bad enough when you cut whiskers...;_; but....

4. I'm sad now.

5. Feeling better.

6. Alright. I'm ok. Bastard neighbours if it was them... They may not like our cats....I don't like their kids when their kids come home from school and start yelling and running around but I don't go over their to gouge their eyes out and/or poison them. -_-

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hello. Internet working has been intermittent.

My laptop is playing up. -_-


Friday, July 22, 2005

Maths 108 Textbook: New: $160.00
Used from: $110

Yes, I went and bought at $50.

And then Rikky comes along and says that he would have sold his to me for any price XD

Sonny Ray-ho + Joyce came over before etc and so did Linda's cousin :P it'z kool he still remembers us etc.



Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Today no less than 10 ex-Macleans students gathered together for no apparent reason. I won't attempt to list them all because, well, I can't.

Um, yeah. Blah blah university blah blah tired blah blah

I have work tomorrow, on my day off >< hopefully they will be nice to me

as I predicted my mum is coming over tomorrow.

Uh, band practice tonight was totally awesome, we actually completed what we planned to do the practice before and then some. Learnt (or at least got a good start at:)

The Final Countdown
White Trash

Except that John wasnt there.... :\ but it went swimmingly otherwise.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Excerpts from an excellent Air New Zealand flight.

"As smoking on an airplane is extremely hazardous, smoking is not permitted on this flight at any time - if you are found smoking you will be asked to step outside."

"For those of you who haven't noticed, we've landed at Auckland International Airport. For your safety, please remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened until the seatbelt sign is switched off. In the event of the aircraft suddenly stopping during taxi, we wouldn't want you to reach the terminal before the aircraft."

"If you think the captain is making these announcements you are completely wrong, the captain is far too busy."

The steward guy also let some random little kids hand out the candy which was really cute. Etc.

I am tired.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

11:33 remaining.

That is how much free time I have left on this internet station.

I am at Changi Airport.


I don't know what to say o_O me and William bought Sims 2 and expansion pack (legally, of course) here in singapore o-o


ok i dont have much else to say. maybe i will see you all soon, maybe

Friday, July 15, 2005

It is thunderstorming. That is totally hardcore/and/or/cool.

;_; now that it's time to go i dont want to leave

do i like the place or do i like the lifestyle or dammit -_- i didnt want to leave NZ either. Maybe I have a secret inner subconscious fear of large metallic airborne objects...maybe...

Going to the um French-Asian people tonight. Yeah. o_O My sister brought some friends to see their pet goats but...

it's thunderstorming XD

I watched recently:

Equilibrium. Smelt like Matrix. It was alright I guess, the gun kata thing is cool but probably bullshit against things like grenades and very very large machinegun batteries.

Lost In Translation. Funny. ^^ Japanese. >.>

The Pianist. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. ;_; poor helpful German :(

ya ok thats all for now. i will see you soon maybe sometime perhaps.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hi. My sister is Third Form.

She is doing thermodynamics in Physics, which I did in 7th Form as part of A Level Physics.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh yeah I forgot to add that I was accepted as a marker for Compsci 101 o_O

Have to go see Paul Denny on Monday ^^
Hello. I have not been posting much. I blame a certain piece of hardware that can be denoted by three alpha-numeric characters, originally designed in Japan, etc.

Front Mission 4: thumbs super up. ;_; I spent a lot of time on it. The game-play clock says 40 hours. o-o

Yeah. So thats where I've been >.>

Oh yeah also the Rainforest World Music Festival at the Cultural Village in Malaysia. It was pretty cool.

Cons (bad stuff first)

1. Smelly Indian couple who dared to complain when me and my brother (due to a packed auditorium) shared a single seat and though it was totally none of her business she gave a disapproving look and said "dat iz not ryte" as if she was the shizzle of all chairs and everybody utilizing chairs must respect the revered chair-queen. *ahem* We moved. We stayed very long after we got good seats after the first workshop in the auditorium.

2. Listening to Hillbilly music for about an hour on end. The novelty starts wearing after four songs that sound exactly the same, about how cletus died in the monsoon or whatever...and by the fourth song it's...bah.

3. Smokers. Oh, I deplore smokers. I don't mind if I dont have to see/smell/hear the smoke. But ;_; public places smoke = :(


1. Totally awesome African drumming from the Ivory Coast where they speak le Francais.

2. The Old Spice Boys from australia. Snare drummer (with a splash attached to his snare which is really cool), a tea-chest bassist (the "tea-chest bass" is basically a box, a pole and a string arranged so that it makes sound...) and a ukelele. They were very kool. I bought a CD. ;_; $60. But that's in Malaysian money so after currency exchanges it works out to be roughly okay. The ukelele/frontman-ish Azo Bell also plays the kazoo and the matchboxes, and the bassist plays the spoons.

Yes, the spoons.

3. The Finale, when they got all the different groups on stage and they performed together. Nothing awesomer than bagpipes + drum kit + african drumming + Colombian traditional singers and Italian gypsy percussion all at once. :D at the end it did get a bit messy and those mongolian people were singing way too loud though. But it was cool.


So that was that.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

1. Apparently, shark-deterrent has been successfully produced using essence of dead sharks. One of the beneficial claims is that it can be used to stop sharks from coming near fishing trawlers and dying, etc.

...I had a contradiction in my mind but I've kind of lost it.

2. Rugby 2005 is crap in comparison to Fifa 2005. The announcer is poo (apparently NZ has a player called Oomungar.) and it looks crap (relatively)

3. Internet here is not very good ;_; will randomly stop working for periods of time. :( :(

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Okay got all my marks back (only two cause the rest of them are whole-year paper thingmiez)

10335 COMPSCI 101 0001 A+ Graded 2.00
Principles of Programming Lecture Regular Academic Session

Which I'm incredibly pleased about, but this is just confusing:

10277 PHYSICS 150 0001 A- Graded 2.00
Physics of Technology Lecture Regular Academic Session


I can hear Sonny crying now.

o_O how does that happen, when one fails an open-book multichoice exam and doesnt really understand about 1/3 of the questions in the final exam?


oh yeah apparently the video for Only the Hopeful is totally cool/and or awesome and is a FINALIST in the KODAK MUSIC VIDEO AWARDZ among videos from D4 and Steriogram and Dei Hamo...etc.

so congrats to Dennis. it'z totally awesomez.

z for power.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello. what I dont understand is why there is a need for like, two clinics on one road.

its not just this road

its like half the roads in kuching

so many doctore?! and theres like shortage in like afghanistan or whatever o_O


Sunday, July 03, 2005


We have cool katz now, right...right?

(photo sometime)

but,..... ;_; the bastard neighbours cut their whiskers?! The hell ;_;

There's no SPCA or anything here in Malaysia so...;_; but still. That's the height of rudeness, to cut its whiskers :( argh. bastard neighbours ;_; ;_;

i mean okay fair enough they may be annoying and stuff if they aren't yours and traipse onto your property but in NZ we dont go hunt down that cat that rips our rubbish bags apart -_-

maybe it's their kids

maybe i should cut their legs off.

Bastards. :(

Saturday, July 02, 2005

...In the 2004 Summer Olympics, the American synchronized swimming duo consisting of Alison Bartosik and Anna Kozlova were awarded the bronze medal for their performance to music from Final Fantasy VIII...

...anyone have a video of this >.>

they are so cuteeee

and useless (i still think cats are useless) BUT SO CUTe

one male one female they're mainly black with white paws and underside~ i dunno what you call tat >.> they are mountain cats, just like Red is a mountain dog.

tentative names are Gollum and Legolas but that might get old really quick
Gah. Who wakes up at 7am in a holiday? ;_; Me, apparently. ;_;

My eyes are itchy.


...okay where was I, um///

oh yeah! KK (kota kinabalu) tour in Sabah, Malaysia...there is a mountain called Mt. Kinabalu, yes...and it's the highest point in South East Asia, yes... >.> and me and William climbed to the summit ;_; it's higher than Mt. Cook. But not as cold. Cause we're at the equator. And such. But yeah. >.> Height of um ~4100m. Imagine a whole lot of sky towers stacked together...yeah.

My legs are still sore from day before >.>

Things learnt while climbing:

Climbing is very tiring.
Going down is just as hard as going up.
Don't bring so much stuff next time o_O

We had acool guide. We stayed and had dinner, like, 3500m above sea level. Hardkore. All the stuff there was lugged up by people! People I tell you, the beds we slept on, the water heater, the cooking stuff for the peopel who made us the dinner BLARRr every little bit was carried up there >< imagine carrying a mattress up. ;_; well, you probably don't realise how high and high and um high the mountain is. 4100 is a very...unobtrusive number, on the screen.

I was surprised too at how high we went...>.> realised on the way coming down (like, 99% downhill. steps. steps.)

It was way fun though. I mean, who else can say they've been to the highest point of South East Asia? >.> The other people who were climbing it ;_;

On the day of the summit ascent we woke up at 1.45am to start going again o_O so that we could hopefully catch the sunrise. We made it to the top by 5:10am but it was a cloudy day so there wasn't much of a brilliant sunrise. And geez it's cold at that level. >.>

4100 is high some of the planes go >.>


ok and then what

Oh yeah, Kim's school is being stupid and collecting newspapers to sell. I mean, it's actually kind of scary. Newspaper everywhere...>.> i thought a school was for learning and that stuff, not collection of newspaper =)


Watching peopel pick fruit is hilarious. It's like an art. They have to like, fondle the fruit just to make sure that somehow they can accurately figure out the sugar levels of say, a persimmon or wahtever >.>




My legs are still sore ;_;


I got offered the awesomest parttime jobby thing, marking CS101 assignments >.> The pay seems a lot higher than what I get at Rec centre >.>



can you imagne having school at Maccas on a saturday? that would blow so hard we'd be drowning off the beach.


I love ingredient listings. Especially where they do things like this:

(eg ingredients for a sauce)

Sauce Flavouring


They might as well do this:




Dennis's twix ad is really hilarious :) the voice recording could be a lot better but hey, its hilarious who gives a crap. its way better than that stupid "does my ass look big in this" ad.


ok i think thats alli have to say for now hope everyone is enjoying their holiday and not hobbling up and down stairs like a cripple :P