Sunday, October 31, 2004

Leavers Concert

I am so incredibly's crazy. The leavers concert tonight I think was a success by almost any measure, and it was humungous fun! Everyone (mostly the 7th form leaders) were really stressed earlier before the concert though...I remember yelling at people and being kinda nasty but I sincerely apologize to everybody.

I had a lot of fun in my last-minute costume and everybody looked so was so much fun. I'm gonna miss the leavers concert, I have to see what the sixth formers will get up to next year :P

I did a lot of running around, along with the rest of the leaders - introducing items, blah blah blah...Fist Full of Fives took a hit before we came on because our power wasn't on and ready...but Tomo and I stalled long enough along with the big McD and...hopefully people enjoyed the song. :D

It was so much fun. I just wish it was recorded on video...I'm gonna forget it and I'll be sad about forgetting or something.


The rose I got is perfect but it'll probably rot soon, hopefully that random liquid packet on the end of it will keep it going for ages.

It's sad...only five more days to go! Sad yet exciting yet sad yet exciting yet...etc.

YOU GUYS ROCK! Gonna miss you all...

(my baby photo was kinda embarrasing as well XD)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Holy crap, can you say stress?

I'm sorry to everybody I yelled at earlier this afternoon...leavers concert unplanned is a major not cool. I'm really incredibly worried it'll turn to shit now but I guess.,..meh. STRESS holy shit


sorry if i offended anyone

O_O music folder, yes

lucky i remembered.

-_- ikm back off to school because at home im not doing anything
Had 7th Form Final Assembly today...;_;

(OH YEAH REMINDER TO MYSELF to ask Tomo and John whether us and Bill need to practice on monday for tuesday)

anyway 7th form final assembly. it was funny was kewl. kinda sad too cause its alike awww we're leaving. But im not just sad im excited, its gonna be great, university, hopefully. hopefully people wont think im a twat there though o_O


leaers concert tomorrow! my mummy got me a really cool part for my costume and it looks like im all sorted - tokmorow morning i just need to make alteration to my glasses and draw a scar on my forehead.


okok goodnight! (FFXI ruleS)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Notes for today:

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PRIZEWINNERS! Special congrats to Rayho, Steph, Mish, everybody who i know. :D Well done guys!

I was surprised I got a special award for music too yay yay Throw my rant previously from the co-curricular evening out the window because this recognition is nice :D

Anyway. Khay Shern you're a twat. Take your damn keys off you its not school uniform. ;_;

Sorry. I dont mean to be mean but he's just so arrogant sometimes. Or comes across as.

I dunno.



its sad its sad ;_;-:


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Maths exam...;_;

The highest I can get is probaly around 72% which is a low B.

But thanks to Emma I (hopefully) got around 6 more marks than I normally would have, last minute vector learning rocks.

Anyway its over NO MORE MATHS FOR THIS YEAR YAY (by maths i mean the subject, not like, counting shit...)


This is hearsay but I hear that this morning something really funny happened.

Richard accidentally txted the following message to my dad: "Hello dear, kiss kiss I'm on the bus see you soon. add oil!"

To which my dad then called him back and the first thing he said was "Kiss kiss to you too!"


Okay. This is probably only funny if you realise that Richard supposedly just broke up with someone and stuff

But. You know. Covertly.

Hrm hrm hrm


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

holy crap holy crap! Ultimate in lowering self esteem...he just compared us all to monkeys!?! What sort of parenting is this....;_;

I feel sorry for my mum, actually...

Back to trying to study

Holy crap how racist can one person be...the "conversation" (which involves my dad talking on and on and on and everyone else bar William who's a master debater trying their best not to listen) was about how much he basically hated Japanese people and how they took Sonny's ancestors and raped them or some shit like that o_O Which was very interesting and lighthearted dinner table conversation, yes...and it was pretty blatant how he tried to involve me in the conversation but you know, someone once said if you argue with an idiot you bring yourself down to that level...

And you can't say anything about it either because then he just gets angry and talks even more. Like the other day when I tried to explain to him that I really didn't have time to fuck around with the living room lounge chairs which were old and pretty much bent into submission because I had exam papers to procure...then So in the interest of choosing between the lesser of two evils I just shut up and sit there and try to eat and ignore at the same time.

Now he's being a prick to my mum saying shit like she didnt teach the kids well ;_; He's such a Nazi...Holy crap.


Exam tomorrow not helping right now. Or is it vice versa.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Hello. I am using my computer from the living room because this real cool guy Marshall (I dont know if I've blogged about him before...y'know the guy who lives in Clark Beach and whom I dropped the wine for outside his house and my mum shot me this really shrink-inducing glare, because she had told me just seconds before not to drop it...) is scraping the paint off my really disgustingly mouldy and flakey paint on my room's ceiling. Thomas would know what I'm talking would Sonny. You've seen how scunge my room is.


Anyway, yeah.

EXAMS TOMORROW I am so not prepared, totally unpreparedness of level of 11/10!!!

okok i learnt how to use trapezium rule though yay

i need to brush up on the following:


ok bye
Hello. My dad is angry again.


Today had a "Band Practice" at Tomo's house. Tried out the new old kit. IT's really rusty and we spent a good amount of time trying to make it sound better and not fall apart but...the skins are really old and way too resonant. Still, better than nothing! (Well, apart from maybe the kick pedal falling apart and stuf...)

I think I still have to try and cart my kit over from Malaysia.

Started writing the final piece for my Compo Portfolio. Hard work, tis. But it's enjoyable.


Gyar. FFXI is great. Time sink. But great.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

My daddy is angry.

Dunno why.

I don't really like him at the moment.
It's late/early. I'm kinda tired's the long weekend.

I hate people who don't say things up front. Dunno where that came from. Probably from my dad opening the door to my room...and then closing it again then whispering to my mum stuff.

Gar for secrecy.

I hate secrecy. It sucks.


(okay thats enough angst, mr henry) (ok) (thats good glad you agree)

Trapezium rule. Can anyone teach me how to use it properly?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by
Leaders meeting. Pretty good, free food (yay)...told Steve and the team that we (me and Sonny) couldn't make it for the December holidays ;_;


Then went to countdown, bought Mrs. Johnston a gift. She deserves it for putting up with my crap for three years :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My dad creepily looking over my shoulder at random intervals sucks.

I hate it.


Example: "Nitrogen is not found in Ireland because it is not found in a free state."



Anyway, event/occasion for today was the co-curricular evening. Lukewarmly enjoyable, just like semi melted unflavoured ice-cream, or a sunny day with biting wind. Didn't really help that my parents came off as pretty rude (to me, anyway)...yaknow, not clapping, random voyeurist filming of people they didn't even know (okay this was mostly my dad)...


I'm really gutted. I put in so much work into the Music Department and I didn't even get shortlisted for the cultural cup ;_; But good on my mates who did, well done to yer. I've got my money on Ray-Ho. I'm gutted like fish at a fish factory...cause y'know I did all that time and stuff...and they couldn't even be bothered to shortlist me. ;_; ;_;

I'll get over it soon.

Hrm. But I did randomly get shortlisted for instrumentalist for the year though. I mean, what, the fuck? I'm not exactly a stellar cellist or I don't know who the hell decided to do that. I appreciate the gesture although I don't get anything for it...not a certificate...etc. But WELL DONE TO THOMAS WHO WON IT!!! Hurrah! And also John for winning vocalist of the year! That makes 50% of our band top representatives of the school of the year or something.

So basically it was pretty much a waste of my time cause, y'know, all I got was presented with the KBB music festival silver thing...which has happened twice already.

The Jazz Combo were playing...they're very good...with the exception of random chick singer butchering "Girl From Ipenima"...and Gareth seemed really nervous. Relax Gareth you rock my world.


I still gtted. Not even shortlistning. ;_; ;_;

Anyway. Final note of hilarity regarding Lara Markstein defining the word Achievement. Shit she's got a lot of crap under her belt. Well done to y'all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Just came back from Band Practice. I'm kinda tired really it was a full-on (albeit slightly pointless) practice...I'm really tired.....hgrm. John wasn't there today so me, Tomo and Dave just mucked around, really...

Okay. I just came back from watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


This is the way to take movies from game concepts. Tomb Raider take note. Apocalypse kicked major booty for me - all action, storyline wasn't too bad. Purists of Resident Evil may bitch and moan that it has little to do with the details of the game but with so much zombie death, who could really complain?

Alice kicks so much butt. SO MUCH BUTT.

I really hope there's a third one coming. (Yeah, I don't say that very often at all...)


My dad is now here in Malaysia. Horray for Sonny! Our house is like, way tidier as well due to my mum not wanting to, uh, "lose face" or something along those lines. I also had a Physics A2 practical this morning. I tried to study yesterday for it but I just ended up sitting down and hearing Dr. Holborow say in my head "define the variables" over and over again. Then I went to sleep. It was such a great practical, much fun to do. Not sure how experimentally accurate I was but it doesn't matter I had fun doing it. I'm fooling myself for the moment that's the most important thing, even over results. >.>

Yeah. Today's been a great day. Thingy is also coming up, um, the thingy. You know, that one. I mean band practice. Been listenin to the three songs in an attempt to at least become familiar with the general groove of the drums.


(shit resident evil kicked major ass)

Monday, October 18, 2004








Ok praacticals gotar remember significunt figures and also safety safety for design question

gar i hate eams

espedhg when you didt prepare

also, i have like to do like my music like homework like like you you yo

also also like likea also um also my photographie

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The sound of rain upon your window is a soothing one.

My mum is back home from some "pray for world piece" stuff.

I found some stuff on Dadaism. It's that Anti-art crap that appears in Franz Ferdinand's videos.

Marcel Duchamp is probably gonna be my other artist model for my prepatory study for my exam. Interesting fellow. His mona lisa parody is quite funny.
Just went for a lovely stroll in the Eastern Beach area.

When William dropped me off at Philip Chiu's house, there were these wanky boys who you'd imagine all wanked together playing a great big game of wankball. I describe them in that fashion in contempt. Anyway, upon seeing me they all said "hey look its the buzzy bee boy"

And then later on when I discovered this place with a great view of Eastern Beach and a picnic table (which I noted down the location of for future reference for dates or whatever) I overheard people from a house saying "hey isn't that the guy who sings with Butter Chicken"...

I wonder if I'm really that much of a celebrity in Macleans. Nobody ever seems to mention it in school though. There was this one time where the brother of the current head boy shook my hand though, and when I asked him why he said it was because I was Fried Rice.


Anyway. I then proceeded to wave through the roughly sinusodial wavefronts on the beach...and I came across this fucking dead ass life size awesome looking stingray. I was fully gonna pick it up and carry it home but then I realised I couldn't be bothered.

Then walking through school I sat down on a bench and watch this awesome model plane do stalls and loop the loops and corkscrews and the like. Then on the way home, I was attacked by a parachute. The guy controlling it just laughed, ignorant of my utter pain (okay maybe it didn't hurt)

And then I'm here. And then FFXI hasn't finished updating GAR

And then im eating yummy crackers mmm
I am blogging.



It's great. I'm sitting outside in the sunshine and I'm still online. YES BABY YES!!!!

This is great.

Our wireless network is finally working! (we didnt bother about encryption though cause you know, nobody's gonna wanna steal our 56k connection ;_;)

It was actually so easy to set up. ;_; Yesterday Richard tried to do it manually and all by hand and hardcore and stuff but then me and him got totally confused and it fully didn't work.

This morning, William turned on his computer and it worked ;_;

and then we set everything to automatically detect settings within windows xp and it workSS!!! Im loving it its great

now i can blog from anywhere in my house!

even my toilet

oh its great


ok bye

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Gaarrr! We can't figure out a way to get the wireless network thingy to've reverted back to old old wires for now. Hopefully the guy who sold it to us can come in sometime and help us out.
Today has been quite hectic.

Order of events:

1. Waking up.
2. Sonny comes over. Discuss (at length) his trip to Malaysia.
3. Me William and Mummy go to Pamure to buy a Wireless Access Point.
4. We drop off my CPU from DSE back to DSE to get them to check it out again.
5. I go do Art Photography.

1 - Even though I didn't want to I somehow ended up waking up. I wish I had more control over being rested...damn you sleep!
2 - He's probably gonna spend around a month in Malaysia. Talking to my dad right now, he suggests Sonny emails him too, that might help him out a bit.
3 - The wireless access point is GOING TO ROCK!
4 - I was served by a nice lady/chick by the name of Gemma. I explained to her that took the ram out and its still shitty. My mum's computer friend who supplied this fantastic laptop (im still loving it...did i mention the touchpad looks cool?) said that when he inspected it he saw that the motherboard was wasted. Totally wasted. Let's hope the DSE service monkeys get their ass into gear and fix my computer. Cause it'd be good to have it and not to have wasted all that money on warranty. And plus, where else is my humungous mp3 collection going to go?
5 - Even though I booked from 12 - 3 pm, I ended up reaching there around 1.30ish. Did a proof sheet and a print.

I love my new laptop so so so much. ASUS YOU ROCK (as long as you don't shit out like my pc from dse)
You know what is amazingly tasty? Jam and cheese toast. Oh yum.
Today has been a great day for me.

Okay, sure, school wasn't very interesting. (I'm going in tomorrow in a lame attempt to do some Art Photography work ...which hopefully will help me out with my grades this year)

But after school was great. I've kinda worked out what I'm going to the leavers concert as...and my mum wants like eight tickets to the concert which makes me feel really stink but I'll probably get them on Monday.

And then at around 5ish there was the Intercultural Club "Night of Memories" (basically a glorified name for a prizegiving) and even though I did a horrible job this year (many apologies to Dala, I did warn you beforehand :P) I still managed to get a certificate. And an official school one too...which means that I can probably plonk it on my CV or something. And then there was this extremely extremely flamboyantly gay person in charge of the Spanish club or whatever - he was so funny to watch I was falling over laughing. Literally. I apologize, I don't mean to offend but I found it very funny. He told me and Sonny to blow up balloons. I didn't really want to cause I don't know how to tie them up after you blow them up. So I didn't. Just the way he spoke and walked was just oozing of gayness. I pity him actually, he must get ragged on quite often...not that wearing tight white shirts showing off your man-boobies is really helping your agenda, sir. And starting speeches with dodgy lines like "I like to make an opening", uh, well....yeah. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against gay people it's just that it's quite funny to watch. Like an episode of Queer eye for the Straight Guy. Which is such a strange show cause the "straight guys" are pretty dubious in themselves.


The food before the prizegiving was good, too.

And when I got home...i found it. My baby. LAPTOP!!! IT's incredible. Everything about it is better than my current desktop computer (which my mum also brought to a computerstoreowningfriend of hers. He restored it to original DSE condition and it still doesn't work. His hypothesis is not some bullshit reason like DSE gave me, but he suggested the motherboard was probably almost burnt out. I'll send it in to DSE again to tell them.) Anyway back to the laptop. ITS SO AWESOME but I must take good care of it. I want it to last me all the way through university. Because I think it can. IT's such a wicked laptop...the LCD screen for it is larger than my desktop's monitor o_O and it's also really unique and cool because it's in "widescreen" format which means I get to watch DVDs properly. Comes with DVDrom drive (better than my desktop) video card with double the memory (128), not sure how much ram but I think it's a decent amount, double the number of USB ports and also they're all USB 2.0 I think (which is SO much faster. My iPod copies files over so much faster...)'s got a carbon fibre shell which looks MEAN and the touchpad is pretty cool looking too and there's pretty blue lights that come up sometimes and there's a TV out and the screen resolution is better than my other computer's. The only place it loses out is in hard disk space which means I'm being very stringent and not installing many things onto it.

Oh i love it so. The keyboard is okay, typical for a laptop but it's like slightly translucent so you can see all the cool inner workings of the keyboard. There's also a whole lot of other shit on the side which I probably won't get to use like ever cause its so high tech, wireless lan, wireless whatever, card slots, some crazy "audio jukebox" function...oh laptop i love you so.

I'm currently moving all my shit from ipod to laptop. tomorrow morning ill probably plonk sibelius back on there which means that finally i can work on my music composition portfolio at home. I've got to get that done pretty soon, but I'll try to get Mr. Hamilton's approval on my latest two works. After that I think then there's one more...

12.00 midnight. William just came home. Being an arse about me playing pinball o_O I guess my blog ends here, then!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hurrah. Tomorrow I may be receiving a laptop! Hurrah! Hurrah! No more shitty workingcomputerlessness for me. It's not a bad one, either. There aren't many more days of school left. It's great but it's sad at the same time...yeah...

Tomorrow will be a very very busy day for me. First up there's Assembly where I'm getting my GOLD music badge (woot) and then I have to print photos of a toilet (yes...more on that later) and then at interval there's string quartet and then at lunchtime there's chamber and then after school there's the leavers concert meeting and then theres the intercultural club prizegiving thing which im really depressed about cause i dont think i deserve anything after fatal loss of all work, and then tuition and then hopefully beautiful, beautiful sleep.

Then my dad comes here.

Then exam mode kicks in hopefully.

Yeah I have to print photos of toilets cause thats what I chose to do for my Art Photography exam. CRAZY EH well yes. And no. And yes.


Social experiment...mute.

I shall try that next monday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Haven't blogged in ages - my unstable computerness makes it quite a challenge...yes. My mum forgot to pick me up from work today which was kinda annoying but ultimately, I got over it. I just ended up walking and being late to orchestra, that's all...

Picked up production orchestra photo of Oliver today. I love it. I love it so much, it's such a wicked photo. Embodies everybody's character so perfectly...or so I say. Yeah, cost quite a bit but it was worth every sub-cent. My mum gave me a photo-frame to protect it in which she bought from some Korean store or something. Wooden frame. Kinda sturdy I guess, better than nothing.

I'm currently siphoning listening to my mp3s from my brother's computer. Listening to the FFX-2 Piano Collections. Such fantastic music. I hate school, I've got so much study/work to do and not enough time to do it in for me to be relaxed about it and I hate it and I wish I could be paid to do...what I do now I suppose...listen to music, enjoy it, enjoy the odd computer game, dunno.

I'm just a lazy cunt on the inside.

Also I might be going to go buy a laptop tomorrow! Hurrah! That would end my computer woes quick. It would also enabling me to y'know, compose at home etc without annoying William.

It will be good.

My dad, he's coming soon.

I've got to get an extra ticket for the co-curricular evening.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

In other news, Dick Hubbard is now Auckland Mayor. No more racist John Wanks.

Let's hope Dick makes Auckland as good as his cereals.
Rapping vs. Raping.

The following was posted on a message board:

"Yeah, we do battle raping at my school, everyone forms a circle in the toilets while two people rape. The teachers claim it is very voilent and have tried to stop it. I've been raping for about two years now. At first I was really tight, but my style is different these days. First time I ever raped, I got all choked up, but after a while you just learn to spit."


Friday, October 08, 2004




oh man im gonna have to ask my dad for a new computer now. ;_; i dont want to spend money!!

I finished my Art Photography! I am inhuman! I am impossible! I have done three terms worth of work in a week!

...yes. I am also crazy.

I hope Sonny managed to finish. He seemed really stressed out.

I got presented with Talent Quest certificates today, for winning singing-group and bands. It was exciting. I got immunisations today. My left arm is totally dead.

And okay I got a call from DSE (Dick Smith Electronics) and some Indian guy left a message on my mobile saying "your computer is fixed come pick it up". Obviously that got me all excited and all...but then when I got there the guy who handed it back to me gave me this sheet that basically said "we didnt' fix your computer". That made me angry. Why did some fucker call me and get my hopes up then? The "Technician's Report" states that there's a faulty ram chip and that it's non DSE. I don't see how that makes my computer unable to turn on at random intervals. It also says I have Windows 98 installed, and that I don't have a Windows folder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...if I had Windows 98 installed wouldn't I have a Windows folder? Anyway - I don't even own Windows 98. What, the fuck? It goes on to say that it isn't covered under warranty because only XP is covered under warranty etc, so in other words, the Technicians Report said: "Fuck you we didn't fix your computer." At least they didn't charge me. I wouldn't have paid for them to ship it back to me saying that it was broken anyway. Their suggestion on the report was to "reinstall Windows 98". I DONT OWN IT YOU STUPID FUCKERS

Dick Smith Electronics shall now henceforth be known as "Dick Shit Elephant Cock". I shall never buy a computer from there again, the $200 extra my mum spent on a warranty was basically useless. Here's a hint, general public. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM DICK SHIT ELEPHANT COCK. THEY SUCK. I HATE THE SERVICE CHANNEL. It doesn't help that they wouldn't give me the administrator password initially so that I could reformat my entire computer, or that they didn't pick up the phone when I called them...or that they called me and told me they fixed it. Fuck you, arsehole technician.

Luckily Richard reformatted it somehow (by messing around with the Cmos or some other technical crap) and it seems to be in a workable state at the moment. I'm still gonna see if I can get my dad to bring round a laptop for me.

For winning Talent Quest I picked up Stylus and William Hung's CDs. William Hung sucks so bad that he should go teach Dyson how to make vacuum cleaners. I was quite disappointed that I didn't get Yellowcard but Sarah Jayne said she'd make a copy of it for me so yeah, I'm all good.

OneUpStudios sent me a contract. Hurrah.

Hopefully I can reinstall-update FFXI today. Maybe it'll work. Maybe not.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Okay, I am so incredibly tired. Like, I went to school and pretty much for the entire day did NOTHING BUT PHOTOGRAPHY just so that I could get it finished! And I think I've done it! From one board to a week...that's....unprecendented. It's crazy. It's insane. And most of all, it's possible.

I still need to do some artist model research stuff but hey it's doable.

This Indian guy left a message on my mobile (apparently he was quite bemused by my "leave a message" message...) - which said that I could go and pick up my computer from DSE Pakuranga! HURRAH! Hopefully it's in good working shape.

That way I can play FFXI after the exams. After.


I really need to like, get a calender, and work out where all my exams are etc.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Things I have not done:

Permission slip for tomorrow.
I owe Emma (the lifesaver) $4 for the two pieces of big photography paper I bought today.
I need money for photography tomorrow.
My photography coursework is due this Friday.
Not having a computer sucks. IT FUCKING SUCKS I HATE IT. I want my own one back. I want to be able to go online to research whenever I want, not at 11pm at night when I'm incredibly tired.
I'm so gonna fail and worst of all nobody seems to care.


Anyway. Watched Carmen yesterday, an Opera by a Frenchman (?) Georges Bizet, who married his cousin. It was actually really cool, there was an actual orchestra pit (like, you couldn't see them because they were physically in a pit. Way cool) and the opera really wasn't what I was expecting it to be like. I imagined some drag fat lady singing her face off to some bladiblah orchestral music but there was ACTUALLY an engaging storyline! And there were sets and costumes and funny French accents and singing in a Spanish reminded me of the school production except more professional and, in French.

So it was really good. I also had three donuts pre-show, and they were good too.

I'm poor.

I went to work today. It was good. I'm tired. The stupid blogger window won't load up. I CANT POST THIS.


when I get my computer back

I am so setting up woosh

and im gonna be an eclectic selfish fuck and use it all for myself

why not

id pay for it

i hate this current situation

no computer
no sleep

assignment/coursework due

borrowed computer shitty internet


Also, I submitted one of my pieces from my Composition Portfolio I'm working on this year into the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra's Young Composer's Compeition. It would be wicked if I won. $500 is well worth winning...but even just being one of the six finalists will be worth it because I'll get to hear my composition actually played by a REAL orchestra. Hurray!

Tomorrow is meningitis jabs.


I'm really sleepy. I haven't brushed my teeth. I really can't be bothered but I know I have to.
So when I wake tomorrow I'll have to remember to get some money and also get a permission slip set up for a trip that's already been.

Much love to, uh, lovetown. (Damn, work heard about my Saturday exploits. Damn you Nicole :P)

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bah. Okay, due to the law of balance, since yesterday was a great night, today was a very bad day.

It's sad, it's very sad. There goes my Final Fantasy XI (but I suppose that's a blessing in disguise, that's a horrible horribly addictive piece of software)...and I got punched a couple of times. But how dare he hurt my mum.

Fuck. Fuck you.

I hope you understand now why the hate is justified.


I don't want to go back to school....
Went to Ellen's birthday party last night. It was great fun. Let's just say there was a cooler full of free stuff. Some of the stuff was liquid. I drank the liquid. I had a good time.

Here is my formal apology to everybody I may have inadvertently offended last night.

But it was great! Even though I didn't know anyone to begin with, that magical drink does...well, wonders. Why has nobody ever told me before...


I also, IN SOME STRANGE AND BIZZARE TWIST OF COINCIDENTAL FATE, saw Nicola from work (yes Sonny, Nicola) and Gavin Stewart who used to be in my class in primary school like AGES go and I still remember his face kinda and his name. I would have clicked better if I wasn't off my face. Nicola says she's gonna tell everybody at work. ^^"

I don't want to go to school.

Friday, October 01, 2004

While sitting in tuition being hammered by RLC phasor diagrams and the like, I was thinking. I've been affected by my Asian origin recently, once at the Auckland Uni Open day by some freaky old man promoting Theology as a Bachelor degree (baha sorry, I can't help laughing at that) and another time at the dairy while I tried to buy a bottle of Orange and Mandarin G Force while on my lunch break from work. Even though I made it really obvious that I would rather prefer to speak English they (old man and indian dairy owner) continued to try and converse in broken Chinese (ni hao, xie xie)...which kind of irritates me. Just because I look Asian doesn't mean you have to do that for me when I express that I'd rather it not happen. It's nice for people fresh off the boat/airplane but kind of annoys me.

I don't really know why to be honest.

Maybe I should have been born white. It's that age old "I don't belong anywhere" conundrum.
Hurrah! Work is over. I'm always really glad to finish work, but then I kinda don't want it to end too cause it is a lot of fun and it means back to school. Watched Shark Tale today, really good I thought as I went in with absolutely no preconcieved notions about it.

Hurray for the kids.

Ellen I still haven't gotten you a pressie o_O

Work is good cause its a feel good job - it's a good feeling to know that you've made a couple of kids happier for the day (rather than just yourself)

School is coming up. I hate.