Saturday, November 21, 2009

Got one of those Inland Revenue student loan summary things in the mail, which I'm sure all of you are familiar with;

Currently I have $5,349.98 left on my student loan. Every month, I pay about 190 dollars off that. So at this rate it will take me about 28 months, or 2 years and 4 months, or until February 2012. (i think my maths is right)

Coincidence, or the end of the world?!?!?

You decide.

This is awesome, my fish went into a panic when they saw food coming down into their fishtank...

wtf stupd fish lol

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Borderlands

its fun, but there a ton of UI problems,which is quite depressing considering there are like at least 6 people listed in the credits for UI...

its been fun but this quote says it all abut borderlands

"I’m a merc sent to find pieces of a key on an alien planet that opens some giant vault that’s supposed to make me rich and famous. Along the way there are crazy bandits from Mad Max and evil soldiers from Fallout 3 to make things more difficult for me. I open the vault and instead of getting rich, a giant monster comes out, and I kill it and it never drops any good items. The end." (from

having said tat though - i still had a great time, abnd will definite ly get the dlc

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gym Explorer

Okay, so me and Arron have decided to join a gym recently - I mainly wanted to counteract the lethargic blah-ness of sitting down 8 hours a day so we joined Les Mills last Tuesday as part of their current promo (gym membership free until January 2010, but we did sign up for a super long 3 year term, yay for contracts...)

But yeah, it's been quite exciting! I have never really properly set foot in a gym before but Les Mills has made the introduction quite easy. 

Did the cardio explorer on Thursday (where they show you how to use the bike, the rower, the cross trainer, the treadmill, and a couple of stretches using the beam), then weights explorer on Friday (lat pull down is the only machine i remember the name of but there were heaps), and then yesterday we took a group fitness class, which was like sort of a Dance Aerobics sort of thing with latin and hip hop moves or whatever, pretty hard to actually follow and do the moves so we looked like douches but it was a good workout...

As a result though I am pretttty sore today! Was pencilled in to do some more today but dont know if that is agood idea.

ANYWAY yeah     to summarize

for some bizarre reason i am exercising and going to a gym now

i wonder how long this will lassst????