Sunday, September 30, 2007

A silly woman at work said: " is it casual day at borders today??"

Why is that silly? Because we don't have a uniform. And yet, just because we dont have uniform doesnt mean I can't wear a shirt that says Borders Sylvia Park and then a hoodie over it.


Sold a copy of The Host today. I was so jealous :( The lady i was serving was really surprised cause when I realised it was The Host the host, I was like "OMG THIS IS AWESOME"


but yeah.

oh yeah! I also sold stuff to my old Farm Cove Intermediate teacher, Fay Bellamy! She looks the same. She didn't really remember me though, apart from the fact that perhaps I was in her Maths group. Which I totally don't remember, anyway. I just remember we did Korean (for a bit, and then I sort of wagged it and didn't do anything, cause the Korean teacher didn't take attendance, so I just showed up somewhere else instead of Korean lectures, but I went to enough classes to know khamsahamnida and domanayo!!!

And speaking of FCI, it also reminded me that I got told off there one time for calling someone else a dildo lol. And guess where I heard the word from? Yes, South Park

TV is the devil ;)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh man. Flowers for Algernon is good. I'm about.... halfway through, and man.........MAN it's good. It's not really *that* sci-fi, its just a really good story.

read it!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So today I rode my motorcycle to the library yay practicing and keeping that machine running (only died from stop clutch even in-ness once (okay that only makes sense if you know what im talking about))

borrowed new book, "For one more Day" by mitch albom. It's very nice.

and then i finished reading it in 1 1/2 hours today so lol

nothing to read

so i've taken out my first bookloan from borders; flowers for algernon by Daniel Keyes

check out the blurb:

"According to Charlie Gordon, who tells his own story through his journal, he is a mentally retarded adult. He works in a bakery as a janitor, but he is ambitious and hard working. He yearns to have friends and to be smart, like his fellow workers. As such, he is a perfect candidate for an experimental brain operation that promises to increase radically human intelligence. Already tested on Algernon, a mouse, the procedure promises wonderful success. Both mouse and man become brilliant. But Charlie the man now must question his new self and what it is to be a person and to be happy. He confronts the cruelty that marred his childhood. Soon, Algernon’s intelligence diminishes, and Charlie has to face the inevitable reversal."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New guy at work! his name is Terry, he is Azn, likes pop music and plays violin/bass guitar.


ummmmmm yeah i can't think of anything else to say.
Watched Ratatouille last night.

WHO COULD HAVE THUNK RATS ARE CUTE omg so cuteeee cute cutey cute

very good

I think it was slightly better than The Incredibles. Just something about it.......yeahhhh it was very good. And man. wet fur!? so hard to do with cgi ;_;zz

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I never noticed. But here's a (not exhaustive) list of songs with girl names.

Kim by Eminem
Roxanne by Sting
Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs
Mary by Scissor Sisters
Sophie by Goodshirt
Virginia Moon by Foo Fighters
Victoria by John Mayer
Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel
Lily by The Smashing Pumpkins
Amy's Song by Switchfoot
Katie Q by Thirsty Merc
Stephanie Says by The Velvet Underground
Glorifilia by Zed
Gloria by Vendetta Red
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles
Adrienne by The Calling
Delilah by The Plain White Tees
Amie by Damien Rice
Jamie by Weezer
Fishing For Lisa by The Feelers
Nakita by Elton John
Stacy's Mom by Fountain of Wayne
Lydia by Fur Patrol
Latin Simone by Gorillaz
Emily by Joanna Newsom
Believe me Natalie by The Killers
Jackie Big Tits by The Kooks
Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson
Grace Kelly by MIKA
Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Natasha by Rufus Wainwright
Ana's Song (Open Fire) by Silverchair


Academy trip was JUST what i needed. Unstressed now. Now I can get some work done. And if I don't get it done, well, oh well, whatever lol


Snells Beach is beautiful. The motel was very good!! And um....yeah. WEather sucked today

I dunno if i should join academy next year....i probably should....but i dont want to be leader and go to all rehearsals and Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i'll mull on it some more

Friday, September 21, 2007


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Man, the Subway on Symonds St. By the bus stop is really the worst one I've ever been to.

Just is.

omg LOL

Monday, September 17, 2007

All is fair
I'm trying to make you notice me but you don't care
You play me like a broken game of Snakes and Ladders
Or cards or piano or a record that's been thrown in the trash

I like you
I've liked you since I saw you walking down my street
I like your little vibe and your clothes and feet
And your hair and your eyes and your
nose and your face and your life

I know your name
And I've got your number
I don't wanna save the world
I just wanna waste some time with you
We're both so young
We might as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna waste some time with you

Three blind mice
I may as well be asking them for stable advice
Instead I'm on a seesaw all day and night
And all week and all month and all year all my life
I'm only human
If only you could see
You do some pretty crazy little things to me
And I don't wanna change the course of history
I just want you to be, next to someone like me
And be free

'Cos I know your name
And I've got your number
I don't wanna save the world
I just wanna waste some time with you
We're both so young
We might as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna waste some time with you

Wasting time
Wasting time with you
Wasting time
Wasting time with you

Now you know
My thoughts about where I would like the story to go
I feel that if you really like to play it cool
We should do it, do it, do it, yeah

I know your name
And I've got your number
I don't wanna save the world
I just wanna waste some time with you
We're both so young
We might as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna waste some time with you

I know your name
I got your number
I don't wanna save the world
I just wanna waste some time with you
We're both so young
We might as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing at all
I just wanna waste some time with you

9pm @ home test tomorrow man suckxxx

Brillig is going well, thx 2 Warren + Ajitaz

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm about 1/3 into it. It's very funny, causer well ok the main story is sweet, but it's all the random advice and comments that the otaku/geeks make that crack me up! They talk about Subservient Chicken (the BK thing). lolz


Also, I think all shopping malls should have "Job Vacancy" boards where they collate it all...

and the borders toilets really need to have something on the wall like a poster or something cause its boring as hell in there

Cutie Honey LOL SO FUNNY :D:D:D:

and Night Listener is really tense. A good tense thrilling movie (not scary, thrilling)

urgh so tired and assignments and bleh i just want holidays

Saturday, September 15, 2007

4. If you run a website or blog yourself, no matter how small, post about the album release with a link to the album site (
Today has been a busy day. The theme is sort of "hey let's remind Henry he knows a lot of people".

+ Sonny nicely gave me a ride into Tamaki. I forgot that tutorials on Fridays are before instead of after the lecture, so I spent the tutorial reading The color of magic, and then went to class, and then read the color of magic when I realised I'd missed the tutorial.

Side effect? I have finished The Color of Magic. Great book; not really a gripe but an observation is that, well, it really does seem like the first book in a line of many. Terry Pratchett introduces heaps of alluring characters, but you never really go very far with most of them (of course, you're left wanting more but that's besides the point). About the only constant pair are Rincewald and Twoflower for most of the book.

So yeah. Finished that, and then recorded some rubbish noises in the Electronic Studios, then my piece was played at workshop by Jessica and Alice. The two pianos one.

It went alright. I mean, okay, the players made quite a few more mistakes than there were in the quick practice beforehand, but a lot of that can be attributed to nerves, I reckon. It's kind of weird standing down there addressing the workshop. It's like...yeah. Hmm. I dunno in a way it's like you're in a position of power, really. I was just being a smartarse to some guy who thought my piece was confusing (as if, just stop trying to typeify and understand everything)

28th, I busy on the 28th? Isn't that Thomas' 21st? The other two piano piece I know of is being performed then, Joseph's. He is a cool guy.

Okay. So yeah, then that happened, and then I walked down to Britomart to meet Arron who had finished school and headed into town and then we bummed around for a while, had dinner at Wendy's with the Steakhouse Double Melt (oh my god, a more impossibly meaty burger you won't find. I swear. It was like, bread, cow, bread)

And then I read a txt from Helen asking about a book that I'd mentioned earlier in my blog. And she was at Borders in town, and me and Arron had finished eating, so we went over to gather for a bit. Then we left.

And then I saw Jessica outside Borders! Random eh. But yeah, I had just been texting her about the next practices for the two piano piece (it was decided none for next week)

Then we watched The Pillowman, at the Maidment Theatre. Man. I sure can't analyze it like you know, weird English students can, but I sure did appreciate it just as much. Very dark, very absurd, and very funny. It kind of makes you feel bad in a way, that you're laughing at such horrible deeds, but I guess that's the whole point of absurdist plays, isn't it? Nothing is worth very much. Something like that. Anyway, the steal of the cast I felt was the detective man. Perfect character, absolutely spot on.

So the three hour play finishes, we make it to Britomart in time for the last bus home. And guess who I see on the last bus home? Jocellin. Yes. Omg. Haven't seen her in AGGGGESS she came back from Korea and she's on break at the moment. Was doing Law, but feels like dropping it for Anthropology. Wants to work for UNESCO (the dudes who do the world heritage sites). Was going to go to America for a student exchange, but now doesn't want to. So yeah, spent most of the bus towards the Pakuranga transfer talking to her.

And then Simon gets on the bus. Simon from Borders Sylvia Park (from work) who used to work at Borders Queen St. Yeah. What the, eh. And he's carrying a borders bag also. Yeah. Um.

And then well, I transfer onto the 52, and then I see Ada Chu and Arunim.

And now I'm here at my computer.

That was far too long and detailed, but I just felt that this was a good day, and now there's a record of it. Awesome, or something.

People count: 11

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Pillowman tomorrow night.

I want to watch Shortbus. Don't ask me why. I just do.

Ummmm how was work um well work was alright I guess? I mean, what did I really do? Not much. Email slipping.

Customer Service Pet Hates

+ people who just stand there with their credit cards out...

hmm hang on a minute i have a feeling i have talked about this before, so i shall stop.

tell me if i haven't.

but here's someting that happened todayz yes

I totally stunned this canadian lady, she came up to the counter and I started talking and she just had the weirdest look on her face, then it went something like this:

"You have a beautiful voice!"
"haha, thank you"
"Yeah, it's just that, I wasn't expecting a voice like that from a face like that"
I have started Discworld.

And I must say. Pratchett is a genius. He lulls you into a false sense of security, thinking "oh ok this is just same lame archetypal fantasy book, how overhyped was that" and then BAM here comes the hilarity and subtle trickery. Turtle sex hasn't been funnier.

Maybe the feel of the thing can be summed up by this extract. "It was all very well going on about prue logic and how the universe was ruled by logic and the harmony of numbers, but the plain fact of the matter was that the disc was manifestly traversing space on the back of a giant turtle and the gods had a habit of going round to atheists' houses and smashing their windows."

Even when he doesnt write certain things, it's funny. GAHGAHGHAEHGAHEGHAEGH go read

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I really wanna whip out that Eyetoy Kinetic again. It was cool and actually very exercisey. I should get back into it. Finish a programme. OMG MOTIVATION (at totally the wrong time this semester is busy AS)

Cool thing to buy from Borders today:

TRANSFORMERS RISK. Woot! It's a bit dear at $78.00 though.

Weird thing to find in Borders today:

Chicken soup for the Ocean Lover's soul. Yeah. Wth.

That, or the Manga Tarot cards :P

I should read some Mitch Albom

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wahoo! Pankration has been added to FFXI.

It's like Pokemon but with monsters that don't say their own names.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The latest Rolling Stone magazine is now in Borders :D :D

Um. Concert today. I swear I have RSI in my left pinky,

But cause im a man i'll just get over it, play the concert, and then the music trip...and then...oh god.....douglas lilburn...urgh

dunno if i'll do academy next year. i probably should

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I think this is pretty self explanatory. Do I need to point out how funny it is?

You should then actually go find him, and find Arron's drawing of a train. Which I did. So technically, Arron is my nom-de-plume. Mwahaha.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

yay thanks everyone who has wished me happy birthday!!! i would list you all out but I'm bound to miss someone out and even if they personally don't care, I DO, so I won't but every text that came in throughout the day was like a pleasant surprise!


and thanks for the fluffy AS towels from bed bath and beyond omg beter thabn from bed bath and table :P :P and they're nice feeling woo

and thanks for the t-shirts and man you must have spent ages wrapping them they're so well done :O if only i had that sort of talent and skill lol

and thanks for the 3 awesome cute candies and the photo in the frame and the dvd which i mentioned that would be cool to watch and the OMG totally mint shoes which are very comfortable and OMG CUTEST SOFT TOY!!!! i have picture

here is puictreu

his name is nibbles (yes, HIS. i dont care wut you think, nothing that cute can be girly)

no relation to nibbler

AND THANKS for GREAT dinner with exquisitely paired foods and wines, i am a fan of the pinot gris and the champagne at the start, the sav was pretty good, and the pinot noir looked cool!! omg such yum food and limo service yay THX!!! :D:D:D:D:D

thanks guyz u guys are koolz

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My car is all serviced and wof'd and good to go. (although I've been driving it around with the fuel on E for quite a while, and the tank light lit up for about 3 seconds yesterday and then went away, so...hmmm....)

The nice people at mitsubishi motors gave me a ride home and picked me up again also. Their car greets them in japanese when you turn it on lol. It's such a crackup.


Borders is having a 7 day CD/DVD sale! I think it lasts until Sunday and there's heaps of really cheap cds and dvds; just a couple mentions:

(if you missed out on the fathers day 12.99 ones, they are now:)

The Prestige - $14.99
The Departed - $14.99
Children of Men - $14.99
Batman Begins - $14.99
Se7en - $14.99
V for Vendetta - $14.99
Apocalypse Now Redux - $9.99
The Bourne Supremacy - $9.99
2001: A Space Odyssey - $9.99

Theres a couple of good cds as well, liek Kaiser chiefs for just 14.99 and other thangs

come buy something and keep me in a job :P

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Man, I am exhausted...

early mornings are not good if they are in a row and if you are on holiday and want to sleep in, dammit.

Well, only one more early start tomorrow until I can sleep needs to go in on Monday, and then Tuesday WOOO i can sleep in

I rode my bike today, finally got sick of my own lame excuses (oh it might rain oh you might stall oh it might be dark when you get back)

well guess what

It rained, I DID stall (three times, once right outside Sylvia park's exit onto Carbine Rd with about 5 cars behind me...and then once at home and once on the pakuranga highway), and it was dark when I got home.

And it was fun. Oh man. David you think driving a car is fun, try a motorbike. just turning feels cool, and you feel every little bit of the road through you; not that it's a crazy uncomfortable bumping spree, but you know every inch of the surface like you don't get through a car.

But yeah. I don't care about the people who were inconvenienced behind me. (embarrassingly) I've gotten really good at wheeling my bike out of the way after stalling (clutch in, roll!) And also, really good at restarting in first gear. And anyway, I didn't block up the roads for that wrong. I did realise that I had stalled lol and I got out of people's way asap. And plus I have the big L PLATE immunity. Beep all you want, but you're beeping at someone who already knows they deserved to be beeped at so you get no satisfaction as your beeping won't be conducive to any sort of improved behaviour!

There is something wrong with my bike though, I think. It likes stalling even when I stop properly (slow down, pop clutch in, change gear down to 1, hold clutch in). Hopefully it's not really a problem. I mean, it's fine when I'm on the South Eastern (and god that is scary if you sit back and think about it, the wind is heaps strong, etc) but if I have to stop, it likes to die on me. It's only at 50ks and the first service is at 1000km.

Maybe I just need to break it in more.