Wednesday, September 10, 2003

EPISODE FOUR: The return of Devilmatrix.

First off before we continue with the tale of the stalker, I must now DANCE AROUND IN CIRCLES AND CELEBRATE (huzzah) - why may you ask? Because the torture of ExXXams is over! Huzzah! Of course, depression will set back in once I start getting my marks back in....

And also, I actually had enough shit for two photography boards - I found this huge stack of prints in my journal I didn't know I had. I knew I must have done more in two weeks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME FOR LAST FRIDAY. Sonny forgot my birthday, refused to come over on my birthday and stayed home and *gasp* studied instead. But it's all good. Cause now he feels guilty but nobody lieks a stresses Sonny. Chill bro' chill.

Anyway, Devilmatrix Saga, part two.


Right. One day, when talking to said Devilmatrix, I didn't really feel like talking to him. So I said I didn't know who the fuck he was, which really confused him because *gasp* his friend and lecturer and awesome guy etc etc doesn't know who he is! I'm lazy now, read the logs and fill the pieces in yourself. Basically, I got a name which I'll check, and I had a lot of fun fucking with his head. Logs logs logs:

| Session Start: 09 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ...elieve it myself.. [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...tHings iN life tWICE iN oNe dAy ( |
[16:17:59] neO -- WORLD: sup
[16:18:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: hi, do i know you?
[16:18:37] neO -- WORLD: dunno; do u?
[16:18:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: i dont think so.
[16:19:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: any reason why you're on my contact list?
[16:19:27] neO -- WORLD: rr......
[16:19:41] neO -- WORLD: if u don't want to then that's fine
[16:19:45] neO -- WORLD: end of story
[16:20:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: dont want to what?
[16:22:15] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy is now Offline
[16:25:32] neO -- WORLD: something tragic happened............
[16:26:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, who are you?
[16:26:32] neO -- WORLD: unless ur not who i think u are
[16:26:34] neO -- WORLD: .......
[16:27:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't know who you think I am but I sure
don't think I know who you are.
[16:27:37] neO -- WORLD: i think you are henry
[16:28:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, yes I am. And I would know you how?
[16:28:57] neO -- WORLD: hey; i know wat ur trying to do me
[16:29:23] neO -- WORLD: sure; u have not a clue who i am cause i
didn't tell u
[16:29:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, I don't know who the fuck you are, so
either tell me or say hello to the rest of the people on my
block list.
[16:30:50] neO -- WORLD: i'm gian~haha
[16:31:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Gian? Do i know a Gian?
[16:31:10] neO -- WORLD: no
[16:31:18] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[16:31:41] neO -- WORLD: so if u want to tell that to steph. then
that's all right
[16:31:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Steph?
[16:32:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How do you know Steph? Which Steph are you
talking about?
[16:32:26] neO -- WORLD: stephanie
[16:32:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I know lots of Stephanies.
[16:32:35] neO -- WORLD: as in ; in the orchestra
[16:32:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Orchestra? Which one?
[16:32:53] neO -- WORLD: haha.....stephanie kuan
[16:33:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: From school?
[16:33:20] neO -- WORLD: u are really henry?
[16:33:39] neO -- WORLD: as in; the henry from the freakin' orchestra?
[16:33:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes, I'm Henry from the orchestra.
[16:34:06] neO -- WORLD: then who did i chat to over the last week or
[16:36:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't know, I haven't been online for about
two weeks because my computer wasn't working.
[16:38:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: So do I know you, other than you know me, you
go to Macleans, you know Steph and your name is Gian?
[16:38:47] neO -- WORLD: realli; do u have siblings
[16:39:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes, two.
[16:39:26] neO -- WORLD: so ur telling me that u haven't been online
for the past two weeks or so
[16:39:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No.
[16:40:11] neO -- WORLD: well; guess what; i THOUGHT i was talking to
YOU for the last two weeks
[16:40:17] neO -- WORLD: now ain't that interesting
[16:41:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, okay. You can't have been though.
[16:41:38] neO -- WORLD: why not
[16:41:53] neO -- WORLD: hhahahah
[16:42:03] neO -- WORLD: well; you know what i'm gonna do?
[16:42:16] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No.
[16:42:20] neO -- WORLD: i'm just gonna delete myself from your list;
is that ok?
[16:42:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, if you want.
[16:42:49] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Go right ahead.
[16:43:03] neO -- WORLD: just did
[16:43:38] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy has changed his/her name to neO -- WORLD RECORD: me
bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN oNe dAy; sorry tal. and
[16:43:41] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy; sorry tal. and Stephanie. is now Offline

The next day! (The goood part.)

| Session Start: 09 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...≫『"Oi Henry, Sorry i forgot ur b'day』 ( |
| ...stephanie is not angry at me~~~ ( |
[23:44:47] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HELLO?
[23:44:55] neO -- step: yeah
[23:44:56] neO -- step: here
[23:45:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, hi Sonny and random person I dont know.
[23:45:01] neO -- step: trying to see if any one of us makes the
[23:45:07] neO -- step: lol
[23:45:11] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: URGH!
[23:45:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: tricksy
[23:45:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry?
[23:45:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yea?
[23:45:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: geez, long time no chat dude
[23:46:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: So is there a reason why I'm in here?
[23:47:05] neO -- step: to catch up
[23:47:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Catch up on?
[23:47:22] neO -- step: so you didn't actually talked to me for the
last 2 weeks
[23:47:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh no my internet has been busted for the
last 2 weeks.
[23:47:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: My isp fucked up (stupid asian company)
[23:48:03] neO -- step: THEN WHO THE HELL DID
[23:48:10] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How the fuck do I know?
[23:48:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea, i saw u online tho
[23:48:17] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't start yelling at me, fistmonkey.
[23:48:42] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: MSN does that all the time. Ever get people
pop up and then immediately go offline? Yeah. I promise you
I wasn't online for the last 2 weeks.
[23:48:51] neO -- step: well; SOMEONE was using UR address and said
[23:48:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: wow shit
[23:48:59] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i didn't know ttha
[23:49:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I could care less considering I dont know
[23:49:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i waz wondering why u weren't talking to me
[23:49:10] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ㅜ_ㅜ
[23:49:18] neO -- step: well; sonny wanna fill in?
[23:49:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: soz sonny i thought i told chu at school
[23:49:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: omg, i really didn't kno
[23:49:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: r u fucking serious
[23:49:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah.
[23:50:10] neO -- step: well; i thought YOU were chating to me; the
whole time; u even mentioned being stephanie's
[23:50:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OI henry
[23:50:27] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: seriously
[23:50:27] neO -- step: and the whole fucking leturture..
[23:50:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz
[23:50:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is REALLY werid
[23:50:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I'm Stephanie's friend. What about it?
[23:50:43] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ARGH
[23:50:56] neO -- step: well; THIS dude i WAS TALKING TO; said that
[23:51:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i thoguht it was henry
[23:51:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And I'm Helen Clarke.
[23:51:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i mean who else could it be?
[23:51:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Sure. I'll just sign my name on a couple of
[23:51:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ....r u fucking with us
[23:51:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I'm not.
[23:51:41] neO -- step: define, 'US'
[23:51:55] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: stop yelling, mofo.
[23:52:00] neO -- step: assumely; as in ass-u-and-me
[23:52:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz the whole time U (devil matrix)
[23:52:10] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: told me bout convos u had with henry
[23:52:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i just thoguht "hmm ok"
[23:52:17] neO -- step: YES
[23:52:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: (i believe Neo is looking for ----- don't
assume - you make an ass of you and me)
[23:52:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: If you're going to quote dude, get it right.
[23:52:36] neO -- step: i'm all confused now
[23:52:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: how do u think i am feeling right now
[23:53:10] neO -- step: well; the FAKE henry; told me A LOT OF
[23:53:16] neO -- step: ABOUT STEPHANIE
[23:53:23] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: There is no fake me.
[23:53:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm the one and only. Stop fucking with me.
[23:53:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: AND STOP YELLING.
[23:53:38] neO -- step: well; who the fuck was i talking to?
[23:53:47] neO -- step: NOT YELLING HERE
[23:53:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: For the last cunting time I don't fucking
[23:53:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: was it ur bro?
[23:54:01] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: is he playing trick?
[23:54:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No, my brothers can't use my MSN they dont
know my password.
[23:54:19] neO -- step: well; ain't that fucking special
[23:54:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok, see that's just FREAKY
[23:54:36] neO -- step: cause someone was calling me a fucking
obsessive and a stalker
[23:54:37] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz i SAW ur name popping up
[23:54:43] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "black omen signed in"
[23:54:44] neO -- step: EXACTLY
[23:54:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Nobody says things without reason.
[23:54:51] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And STOP FUCKING YELLING
[23:54:52] neO -- step: maybe; A GHOST
[23:55:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: if someone called you a fucking obsessive and
a stalker you probably did something to deserve it.
[23:55:03] neO -- step: sonny;
[23:55:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh
[23:55:23] neO -- step: sonny; am i a stalker?
[23:55:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u've explained
[23:55:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: that ur not
[23:55:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and i believe that ur not
[23:55:48] neO -- step: THANK YOU FOR THE 100TH TIMES
[23:55:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: sarcasm?
[23:56:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU STILL HAVEN'T FUCKING
[23:56:10] neO -- step: well; APPARANTLY someone was shitting all
three of us
[23:56:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: .......
[23:56:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: that's 100th time and Apparently.
[23:56:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is REALLY scary
[23:56:34] neO -- step: he fucking called me a BASTARD
[23:56:41] neO -- step: i'm so fucking gonna kill him
[23:56:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh no, a BASTARD
[23:56:44] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:45] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: oh no oh no
[23:56:47] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:48] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:50] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok..
[23:56:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is getting REALLY freaky
[23:57:00] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am jst stiitn gherer going
[23:57:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "fuck what the fuck?"
[23:57:05] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: :'( I was called a bastard! Oh no!
[23:57:07] neO -- step: hey; guys; i'm not making this shit up man
[23:57:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What shit up? I don't even fucking know you.
I don't even know why I'm listening to you.
[23:57:34] neO -- step: oh yeah; let me think;
[23:58:13] neO -- step: well; someone told me that wat friends are
for and all those lecturing shit
[23:58:19] neO -- step: and i believed in him
[23:58:25] neO -- step: *(*
[23:58:40] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Sure, whatever floats your boat but I still
don't care because you're a complete stranger.
[23:59:06] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: could n e one hack?
[23:59:15] neO -- step: no
[23:59:18] neO -- step: like duh
[23:59:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tons of people hack but I don't see why
anyone would hack my account.
[23:59:26] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I have like nothing of value.
[23:59:36] neO -- step: well; must be chris
[23:59:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i don't onw
[23:59:38] neO -- step: or raymond
[23:59:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Who the fuck is Chris?
[23:59:45] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but sumone must have done sumehit
[23:59:52] neO -- step: chris neil
[23:59:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: There are loads of Chrises.
[23:59:57] neO -- step: he added me in
[00:00:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...Chris Neels? As in the drama guy?
[00:00:05] neO -- step: yep
[00:00:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How the fuck do you know him?
[00:00:29] neO -- step: cause he added me in for no apparent reasons
[00:00:33] neO -- step: want his email?
[00:00:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No, I have it.
[00:00:45] neO -- step: ........
[00:00:55] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I wuldn't take anything from you right now
anyway. I dont even know who you are.
[00:01:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: sonny, why am I still here
[00:01:14] neO -- step: sonny!!!
[00:01:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: uh
[00:01:18] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i have NO idea
[00:01:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well
[00:01:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: what were u doig if U WEREN"T olnline
[00:01:36] neO -- step: this is fucking weird
[00:01:40] neO -- step: it's spooky
[00:01:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:01:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: now that i realise
[00:01:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm on my computer almost every day if it
counts. But I wasn't online.
[00:02:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u never talked to me
[00:02:02] neO -- step: then who?
[00:02:03] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: did u?
[00:02:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i dont' remember
[00:02:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I can't have. I haven't been online for the
last two weeks.
[00:02:18] neO -- step: ur bro?
[00:02:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea is william fucking withu s?
[00:02:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And Neo, I already fucking told you I haven't
been online for 2 weeks so I DONT know who I DONT know
anything I dont even know who you are.
[00:02:43] neO -- step: then who the hell was faking pretending to be
stephanie's friend?
[00:02:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I doubt it. I told you none of my brothers
know my password.
[00:03:00] neO -- step: well; that was news
[00:03:03] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u sure?
[00:03:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Positive. I change it every month.
[00:03:16] neO -- step: great; we have orchestra tomorrow
[00:03:20] neO -- step: don't turn up
[00:03:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No we don't.
[00:03:27] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:03:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HANG ON
[00:03:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: let me get tihs right
[00:03:40] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u
[00:03:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry hve'nt been online
[00:03:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I haven't.
[00:03:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: THAT"S WHY U HAVEN'T GIVEN ME NEW REMIXES!!
[00:04:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: >.>
[00:04:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah...
[00:04:12] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i waz wonderig why
[00:04:16] neO -- step: hey; u guys gonna tell steph?
[00:04:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tell steph what?
[00:04:22] neO -- step: cause she's gonna be freaked
[00:04:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: obviously
[00:04:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That some random guy I dont know is talking
to me?
[00:04:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry u have no idea what happened in the
last 2 weeks
[00:04:47] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I don't.
[00:05:01] neO -- step: hey; maybe we can call this a movie
[00:05:02] neO -- step: like;
[00:05:07] neO -- step: 'THE TWO WEEKS'
[00:05:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Or not.
[00:05:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How corny does that sound.
[00:05:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nah, two close to Two weeks notice
[00:05:24] neO -- step: it'll make a blockbuster movie
[00:05:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: LOL nice pun there Sonny. NOICE
[00:05:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I know what'd make a blockbuster movie - Neo
stops asking the same question again and again!
[00:06:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is scary beyond scary
[00:06:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: there might be a real stalker
[00:06:16] neO -- step: how about 'The Two Henry'
[00:06:18] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: to get U OFF STEPH
[00:06:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How about no? I'd be disgraced to have my
name in a shit moive.
[00:06:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ARGH
[00:06:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: all a plan
[00:06:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ALL A PLAN
[00:06:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: *movie
[00:06:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, Devilmatrix is on Steph?
[00:07:01] neO -- step: so suddenly i became the victim
[00:07:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm missing a whole shitheap here.
[00:07:11] neO -- step: NOT
[00:07:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well, if whta u say is true
[00:07:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: then yes u missed a LOT
[00:07:32] neO -- step: sonny; i think i'm gonna pass out soon
[00:07:34] neO -- step: yeah
[00:07:37] neO -- step: i'll do that
[00:07:40] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:07:46] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: devil matrix
[00:07:55] neO -- step: yeah; i'm hanging on my ass
[00:08:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: do u think this is crap? is there actually a
[00:08:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: stalking steph
[00:08:15] neO -- step: r u actually refering to me?
[00:08:17] neO -- step: sonny?
[00:08:26] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You're hanging...on your ass?
[00:08:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What the fuck?
[00:08:30] neO -- step: lol
[00:08:33] neO -- step: pun
[00:08:44] neO -- step: look; henry
[00:08:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is gettig out of hand
[00:08:54] neO -- step: haven't u been hanging out with stephanie?
[00:09:10] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't "hang out" with Stephanie...she's in
[00:09:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And stop yelling.
[00:09:23] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's annoying to say the least.
[00:09:26] neO -- step: sonny....a little help here
[00:09:43] neO -- step: btw. don't turn up in orchestra.
[00:10:01] neO -- step: THE STALKER will be LAUGHING HIS/HER ASS OFF
[00:10:08] neO -- step: to avoid the shame
[00:10:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'll go to orchestra whether I want to or
not. And I'm not going cause it's marking day, what sort of
dipshit goes on marking day...
[00:10:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Stop fucking yelling already.
[00:10:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ........hmm
[00:10:23] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u sure?
[00:10:24] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's not on?
[00:10:31] neO -- step: IT IS ON
[00:10:46] neO -- step: fine; be online at 4:00
[00:10:49] neO -- step: pm
[00:10:51] neO -- step: i'll tell u guys
[00:10:58] neO -- step: tomorrow
[00:11:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What the fuck?
[00:11:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tell me what?
[00:11:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh?
[00:11:15] neO -- step: that the orchestra IS ON
[00:11:17] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That I now have a counterpart I dont know who
can hack my MSN?
[00:11:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What else?
[00:11:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rabid monkeys are now coming to Cambodia to
transfer livers to old unborn patients?
[00:11:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: since WHEN were u able to come online
[00:11:49] neO -- step: let me see....................sonny; kindly
fill the whole lot IN
[00:11:52] neO -- step: about me
[00:11:57] neO -- step: about steph
[00:12:03] neO -- step: about anything
[00:12:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's TOO long
[00:12:13] neO -- step: exactly
[00:12:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i'ts like a FUCKING long story
[00:12:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and U appaerntly miossed out
[00:12:36] neO -- step: ok; how about
[00:12:45] neO -- step: the weird henry
[00:12:52] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "weird"
[00:13:04] neO -- step: btw. the weird henry changed ur msn nickname
[00:13:11] neO -- step: want me to say it
[00:13:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What?
[00:13:22] neO -- step: ok. here's one.
[00:13:45] neO -- step: 'i smell your fear; oh wait that's ur piss;
oh wait that's fear. forgive me'
[00:13:54] neO -- step: that's one of ur msn nickname
[00:14:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, no.
[00:14:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: My last MSN nickname according to my logs is
"I can't believe it's not butter!"
[00:14:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And all the other shit like Buraku Oman and
the bats and Yoshikawa
[00:14:36] neO -- step: well; sonny?
[00:14:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i don't erally remmeeer his
[00:14:50] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: old names
[00:14:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but
[00:14:53] neO -- step: u saw that nickname
[00:14:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's scarily enuf
[00:14:56] neO -- step: didn't u?
[00:15:00] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yes i guess
[00:15:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i DON"T REMMBER
[00:15:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ii dont' keep track of nick names
[00:15:10] neO -- step: who's FUCKING WITH uS?
[00:15:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: STOP FUCKING YELLING YOU PRICK.
[00:15:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How many times does it take to get through?
Not polite.
[00:15:28] neO -- step: i'm not fucking yelling
[00:15:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well IF u were IN OUR SITUATION U"D AGREE
[00:15:35] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: to YELL
[00:15:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz it's FREAKY
[00:15:42] neO -- step: I"M FUCKING ANGRY
[00:15:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...CAPITAL LETTERS IS YELLING. Learn the
ethics of the internet.
[00:15:46] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: BEYOND FREAKY
[00:15:50] neO -- step: ;ljkfdsaljkd;safjdkls;fjdskla;jkfdwa
[00:15:54] neO -- step: get it?
[00:16:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Whoo hoo you're angry. Like I said I could
care less because I don't care for strangers.
[00:16:06] neO -- step: it's called; uncontrollable anger
[00:16:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Get anger management.
[00:16:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Shit.
[00:16:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: geez
[00:16:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: don't be like taht henry
[00:16:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he's not usualy like this
[00:16:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Better not be. Seems pretty obnoxious at the
[00:16:53] neO -- step: ><
[00:17:07] neO -- step: sorry henry
[00:17:16] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nah
[00:17:16] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, okay.
[00:17:18] neO -- step: we're like; blaming on u
[00:17:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he's cool
[00:17:26] neO -- step: for no reasons
[00:17:30] neO -- step: well; yeah;
[00:17:33] neO -- step: one reason
[00:17:42] neO -- step: who's the stalker?
[00:17:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Who's stalking who?
[00:18:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea how's thw stalker
[00:18:12] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: would he be in orchetra
[00:18:13] neO -- step: see; this is a very bad stalker
[00:18:16] neO -- step: yes
[00:18:23] neO -- step: he told me he's in the orchestra
[00:18:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: A very bad stalker? Is there any other kind?
[00:18:27] neO -- step: like U; henry
[00:18:40] neO -- step: i can tell u that he's very sarcastic
[00:18:42] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I'm in the orchestra. So what?
[00:18:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and sick right?
[00:18:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't give a toss about this imaginary
other stalker guy.
[00:19:19] neO -- step: and he knew wat pieces we're gonna play at
orchestra festiva!!!!1
[00:19:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: so he's in orchetra for sure
[00:19:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[00:19:34] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: who is he
[00:19:40] neO -- step: excuse me but did anyone say; 'imaginary'?
[00:19:49] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry did
[00:19:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes. Seeing is believing.
[00:20:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't give me your bullshit tales I'll
believe it when I see it.
[00:20:21] neO -- step: o.k
[00:20:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:20:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i have few susppicians
[00:20:32] neO -- step: this is BULLSHIT?????
[00:20:34] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: the fake henry might be
[00:20:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: thta' steven guy
[00:20:57] neO -- step: steven?
[00:21:01] neO -- step: wat the fuck
[00:21:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u know
[00:21:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Wh is Steven.
[00:21:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: that guy
[00:21:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: second violin?
[00:21:25] neO -- step: doesn't ring a bell
[00:21:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: glasses
[00:21:37] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hangs round iwth denise
[00:21:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: DENISE? is he denise?
[00:21:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i avhent' seen him online
[00:22:03] neO -- step: look; i'm going to go to sleep now; when are
u guys gonna be online?
[00:22:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am online most of the time
[00:22:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: so hang on
[00:22:16] neO -- step: my poor brain is suffering
[00:22:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HENRY is rELLY HENR right?
[00:22:23] neO -- step: trauma
[00:22:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: YES IM ME
[00:22:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry
[00:22:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: is henry
[00:22:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: good
[00:22:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I have black long hair
[00:22:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: glasses
[00:22:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Malaysian/Taiwanese
[00:22:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What else would you liek to know?
[00:23:00] * neO -- stephanie is not angry at me~~~ has changed
his/her name to neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon
[00:23:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The size of my pants? How much hair gel i
[00:23:27] neO -- i"m g: ok; so ur henry for sure
[00:23:47] neO -- i"m g: but u guys are gonna turn up tomorrow for the
rehearsal rite?
[00:23:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: I AM NOT
[00:23:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i hate orchetra
[00:24:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't know. It's boring, Wallace doesn't give
a shit about the cellos.
[00:24:19] neO -- i"m g: any of u are going to spoil the news to
[00:24:32] neO -- i"m g: cause i did complain to her about ur
[00:25:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The fuck?
[00:25:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: lets not tell fornow
[00:25:16] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i think she has enuf troubles alreayd
[00:25:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: dont' tell her
[00:25:23] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: she 's having pms heeh
[00:25:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Mmm, red wings.
[00:25:33] neO -- i"m g: mm............
[00:25:48] neO -- i"m g: it's definetly strange
[00:25:58] neO -- i"m g: and i have to make a conclusion
[00:26:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea me too
[00:26:05] neO -- i"m g: i am not making this whole thing up
[00:26:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i feel like a dumbass
[00:26:17] neO -- i"m g: i felt; betrayed
[00:26:26] neO -- i"m g: so sonny;
[00:26:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh okay. Sure. Right.
[00:26:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG sonny is it 26th Jan?
[00:26:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: no
[00:26:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: sorry
[00:26:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[00:26:49] neO -- i"m g: did u actually talk to henry for the last two
[00:26:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: 20 something. I swear.
[00:27:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nope
[00:27:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: as far as i am concerned i thoght
[00:27:23] neO -- i"m g: i do know one thing though
[00:27:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i DIDn'T cuz recently i ghouth the real henry
wasn't talking to me
[00:27:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz i thougth hed got pissedoff, sincei
forgot his b'dya
[00:28:07] neO -- i"m g: he doesn't like using ; 'u' and 'realli' ; he
prefers 'you' and really
[00:28:14] neO -- i"m g: and he uses ; 'mkay'
[00:28:17] neO -- i"m g: realli often
[00:29:03] neO -- i"m g: any ideas?
[00:29:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I hate people who use "u" and "realli" and
all the other lazy ass internet things. Unless used for
[00:29:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: whatever
[00:29:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I mean, "realli" and "really" are the same
number of letters and i and y are only a letter apart. Lazy
[00:29:47] neO -- i"m g: ..'he' said that too
[00:29:59] neO -- i"m g: WAT A COINCIDENCE
[00:30:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HENRY R U FUCKING ROND?
[00:30:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rond?
[00:30:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rond isn't a word.
[00:30:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And both of you stop yelling.
[00:30:35] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: round
[00:30:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's annoying.
[00:30:46] neO -- i"m g: ok; henry; YOU SWEAR UR NOT FUCKING WITH US?
[00:30:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I'm not fucking round, told you, I ain't
been online for last two weeks, now get off my case!
[00:31:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Bloody hell.
[00:31:10] neO -- i"m g: well; prove it then
[00:31:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: YES
[00:31:20] neO -- i"m g: sonny; i need a little support here
[00:31:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: PROV IT
[00:31:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Prove what?
[00:31:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i want to knowwhether this is all a joke
[00:31:38] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: THAT U R REALLY HENRY HNERY
[00:31:38] neO -- i"m g: sick joke
[00:31:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That I'm really me?
[00:31:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Okay. what would only I know?
[00:32:09] neO -- i"m g: well; for one thing about ur nickname;
[00:32:13] neO -- i"m g: u uses flake
[00:32:17] neO -- i"m g: and guess wat
[00:32:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What?
[00:32:25] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: what's falke?
[00:32:26] neO -- i"m g: 'he ' used it as WELL
[00:32:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Flake is a song.
[00:32:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: By Jack Johnson.
[00:32:50] neO -- i"m g: so the 'other' henry liked that song as
[00:32:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Look man, you're starting to piss me off. I'm
me and no-one fucking else is.
[00:32:57] neO -- i"m g: COINCIDENCE
[00:33:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't bleeding know.
[00:33:06] neO -- i"m g: YOU"VE ENTErED THE DANGER ZONE
[00:33:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The next time you yell I'm leaving.
[00:33:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok
[00:33:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am confused
[00:33:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i'll ask a questoin
[00:33:24] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: only henry would kno
[00:33:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Go ahead.
[00:33:37] neO -- i"m g: sonny; henry; u guys aren't trying to do me
in rite?
[00:33:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh?
[00:33:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Do you in for what? Yelling and generally
being an asshole?
[00:33:52] neO -- i"m g: cause rite now; i'm confused
[00:33:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am not sure bout ne one right now
[00:33:55] neO -- i"m g: big time
[00:34:06] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am beginnnig to suspect u guys
[00:34:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: damn it
[00:34:26] neO -- i"m g: okkkk; sonny; i'm sure that u didn't do it
[00:34:41] neO -- i"m g: cause you were online when 'he' was online
[00:34:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: right
[00:34:50] neO -- i"m g: u ppl can't log in at the same time
[00:34:55] neO -- i"m g: rite/
[00:34:57] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OHOH, u COULD using hack
[00:35:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but no, no-one really would
[00:35:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, you guys are stressing way too much.
What, the fuck.
[00:35:13] neO -- i"m g: some sick fucking bastard
[00:35:17] neO -- i"m g: better not be raymond
[00:35:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You leave Raymond alone.
[00:35:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Or you'll answer to me, asshole.
[00:35:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he hasn't talked that much
[00:35:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but raymond OCULD be suspected cuz
[00:35:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he got blocked
[00:35:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OMG
[00:36:01] neO -- i"m g: well; HE did try to talk trash
[00:36:08] neO -- i"m g: u know wat/
[00:36:11] neO -- i"m g: i'm going now
[00:36:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Guess what Neo!
[00:36:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You just yelled.
[00:36:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!

| Session Start: 10 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...≫『"Oi Henry, Sorry i forgot ur b'day』 ( |
| neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon ( |
[00:36:20] neO -- i"m g: i've had enough
[00:36:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: oh ok
[00:36:24] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!

| Session Start: 10 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon ( |
[00:36:42] neO -- i"m g: watever
[00:36:47] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Fuck off!
[00:37:00] neO -- i"m g: fuck off wat
[00:37:08] neO -- i"m g: not accusing u or anything
[00:37:09] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!
[00:37:10] neO -- i"m g: geez
[00:38:15] neO -- i"m g: uh.........sorry man
[00:38:15] neO -- i"m g: just a little jumpy
[00:38:16] neO -- i"m g: for sonny and me
[00:38:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You yelled. Lost your chance. Stop talking to
[00:38:44] neO -- i"m g: i did not yell; ok;
[00:38:56] neO -- i"m g: well; excuse me for being curious; but sonny
yelled as well!
[00:39:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I know him. I don't know you. Way to be
prejudice, sure, you call that line, but just watch as your
words fall on deaf ears.
[00:40:12] neO -- i"m g: ok
[00:40:14] neO -- i"m g: not you ok?
[00:40:17] neO -- i"m g: satisfied?
[00:40:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Stop talking to me.
[00:40:54] neO -- i"m g: one more thing; sonny and me are worried
because of the stalker; .....and steph.
[00:40:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Bye!
[00:41:41] neO -- i"m g: bye

Yeah. Hope you enjoyed my KRAZY LOG. For the last part, I closed my window about five times. He kept talkin to me. Some people can't take a hint.

Yeah. So that's the end of Devilmatrix RETURNS! I thought I knew who it was but, eh, no. But at least I have a name now...