Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Played FFXI for the last time this year today.

Oh it's so fun. Such a nice feeling to work together in a party/team and kick some major ass. And meet nice people who help you out for the sake of helping. And giving away money because you feel generous.

If only real life worked that way. No wonder I want to play it.
Points of note:


2. Went with William to drop off my mum at the Airport. Left the exam early for this, the music exam was actually surprisingly hard so I didn't mind leaving. I was stuck anyway.

3. On the way home, went into Botany to get a double ended stereo plug thingy. Turns out that Bigbyte sells them too. And Thomas was working. HAHA no commission for you, serves you right for not telling me >.>

But then somehow I ended up buying a Palm pilot holder, and I don't even own a palm. It does, however, hold my iPod very nicely. The price sticker said 74.95. I bought it for $10 :P supposedly the markup on that thing is about 1294091204912904% because the cost price is like, 1c.

4. Hello Andrew.

5. I need a job for next year I think. I want money to spend.

6. Hello Rikky.

7. Hello David.

I have precious few days left here in NZ for a while. If you are going somewhere, please invite me too. Thank you.

Monday, November 29, 2004

I heartily endorse this site.


okay after the exam I have to destress. I may play FFXI for the last time in ages, cause I cancelled my content ID for 3 months to save money cause i wont be playing it overseas anyway :)

but for now:

perfect - V - I
imperfect anything - V
plagal - IV - I
interrupted - V - VI
Points of note for today:

1) I just switched rooms with Richard. Well, technically I moved from one room to half a room and Richard moved from half a room to a room...but that's besides the point. Moving all my stuff over is a pain in the arse but at least I get it over and done with now and my mum will be quiet about it.

There is actually a lot of amusing things you find while moving stuff...stuff like, oh, I don't know, stickers that proudly proclaim "Porn Star" (ah them were the days)...

2) I have an exam tomorrow.

That is all.

still thinking. okay thats a lie i havent just been sitting here thinking but it's been intermittent.

Also, I've been searching around for the meaning of the word "godbrother" and apparently, it's different in Whitepeopleland and Asianland. I'll probably ask my mum tomorrow morning.

It's late. I have an exam...tomorrow.

Dear readers, take care of yourselves. Love, or something.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Points of note:

1. Went to Botany today with mummy because she redeemed a really cool Milkshake Maker with her FlyBuys. Spent a bit of time looking around for a Noel Leeming, a Bond and Bond lady directed us to the Hub where we soon found it. The Milkshake Maker is very cool.

2. There are still random people who have me on their msn, and i dont have them....and then they talk to me...and it's like....what......

3. *Shakes fist at simon* damn you, you have no freaking idea how confused and semi depressed I am now. No idea! ^^" But thank you, still.

4. Exam on Tuesday. I really can't be bothered...but I have to. I have to, I need as high grades as possible.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I forgot to mention the ridiculously cold weather we are having recently. It's late spring dammit, not a time for hailstorms like yesterday :) but I must admit I really do like hail. It's like those Callipo shot things...for free! Ahem. Yes. And plus, it's a novelty you hardly see, coming from a tropical country. Second best thing to snow, maybe? I mean, it's kinda halfway there, or something.

It's really cold still, here. Cold. I am hiding in bed, while typing this.
Okay, I have a lot to blog about. I have to type it all out before I fall asleep and forget the absolutely fantastical last 40 or so hours I have been awake.

1) Art Exam. Finished. I'm done. No more art. Only one more exam to go, music, three hours, then I'm seriously done. Forever.

2) Graduation Dinner

This was held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre, it was great. Kind of like a "mini-ball", only without dancing...and with actual food. It was good, the food, actually. I only took one plate of it because I was too stupid to realise that you could go for seconds but I wasn't terribly hungry anyway. The evening was enjoyable, food was good...shaking hands with the teachers at the end was interesting...one of the final times I'll ever see some of those fantastic people, like Dr. H and Miss Rowbotham. Had the potential to be disasterously teary, but luckily there were a lot of filler teachers who I have never ever seen before and we shake hands just because we "have to" and they say "Thank you good luck for the future" blah blah blah without knowing anything about you. Sonny managed to fool a lot of teachers into thinking for a second by saying things like "I really liked your class" to teachers who never taught him. I would have done it too but he was before me, and it's like the boy who cried wolf.

Anyway. Graduation Dinner over, officially my association with Macleans is over. (There is however, still my exam, and I kind of still need my uniform, but there is a huge rip in my right shoulder leading down. Hrm.)

Before grad dinner, me Chris Simon Janko David group headed off, got some food...sat at the back of the church near Mobil Corner, and I ate a deep-fried moro bar (ooooooh) and one of the better burgers I've had in my life. Delectable.

Okay, I'm not doing things in order...okay....okay, after graduation dinner we ordered a mini-van taxi to take about 9 people back to their homes. By people I mean Sarah Jayne had to go back to her place, and Raymond wanted to go to Main Street cause he's 18 and it's the cool thing to do or whatever. The rest of us (me David Simon Janko Charlotte Julia Sonny) went back to David's house to crash for the night. First time I've been in his house, it's nice and tidy (which is something I can't say about my house)...and he has a piano. Instant cool points, a piano.

We stayed up for the entire night, played random board games (Cluedo) and a game called "Taboo" which is incredibly fun. I wasn't very good at it but it didn't matter. ALSO we watched The Wedding Singer which I hadn't seen before and it was quite funny, really. I had a great time, and in the morning when his parents and sister were awake and weren't going to get annoyed like crazy, we played Singstar until we got bored of it. Well, we doesn't include Charlotte who didn't want to sing, and Julia, who was sleeping. I can't wait to get the second Singstar CD, which has a lot of songs that I actually DO know.

Somewhere around 3am as well, Bernard had arrived at Davids house and he took some of us to Dennys (the rest of the people took a taxi) and we ate a really really really early breakfast there. I ordered a mushroom cheese burger. Tasted great, not too enthused about the price though, but I'm sure I will get over it. Yes. We also picked up Raymond on the way, and brought him to Dennys and back to David's after.

So okay, morning, David's house. Singstar, and some people left slowly...like Janko, Bern, Sonny had an exam (gutted), etc...in the end it was just me David Simon and Julia, and we had toast. Buttered toast, with clover honey, if you care. Mmmm. Honey. (bread reminds me of the fact that I didn't work this week though -_-) Then since Simon had to go to Botany to buy some art supplies and David had to get a present for somebody, I tagged along too because I have nothing better to do. We walked past Julia's house and dropped all her stuff off, and then ran to the bus stop to make the connector to Botany JUST in time to make it.

The connector bus is actually really cheap...in my opinion anyway, not that I have a broad sample base of knowledge to draw upon but it seems like it. To get to botany by taxi would cost a lot more than 80c. I must remember to use buses more often. We pay taxes, don't we?

In Botany, we walked around, did stuff...first to get some food for Simon cause he was hungry (he ordered some McDonalds but really couldn't handle the poison that it is, so we ate a few fries for him and left the rest for some random hobo to come across, or something) and then to Whitcoulls to get his Art Supplies, then to a 2 dollar shop to look for David's present, and then to New World to buy a drink for me cause I was thirsty. Then Simon tripped to the Warehouse to buy the new U2 album at a price that isn't ridiculous (ie Sounds), and by that time Michael had caught up with us. David then got a ride home from his dad and me Simon and Michael were sitting in Starbucks. Yes. Starbucks. I've personally never eaten anything in Starbucks and I don't intend on starting but Michael had a pie of some description. Anyway, we were sitting there and Michael's dad was gonna give me a lift home but then Thomas and Tineke walked past the window and I banged on the window and they looked in and entered and we talked and it turns out that they were on their way home so they gave me a lift home.

Upon reaching home, I went to sleep. This lasted an hour. And then, I woke up, somehow managed to eat dinner (which was nice, thanks mum, kinda fried ricey stuff with diced chicken) and take a shower...and it was good. And thus ends my great Graduation Dinner Adventure.


I have had such a great 40 or so hours, guys. Honestly. It's been so much fun. Thank you all. Especially you. Yes, you. You know who you are, you.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


i signed out. it's official ITS OFFICIAL


also i finished my art exam...so im not going in tomorrow.

i have one exam left, music then its TRUE FREEDOM

but this will do

planning another whole night thingy tonight...our copy of Singstar will not go to waste, oh no.


Graduation dinner tonight. IT'll be good. The dress is smart casual but fuck that im wearing a tux.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Art Exam. That was incredibly pointless, went in, and finished everything pretty much within 2 hours.

We are given 15 hours.

I hope we don't have to stay there for the whole thing if we're finished cause that would suck.

Also, tomorrow night, Grad Dinner. I'm worried. -_- dunno how im getting home from it, and Ellen and Emma really wanna take me to go drinking but I'm not 18 and I don't have an ID and William won't lend me his because:

1. I don't really look like him anywya
2. $200 fine.
3. If you screw up, they cut up your ID.

Dunno. Maybe they'll come up with a different plan. -_-


and i still have an exam after this crappy art one -_-

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mkay, I signed up for some random SMS.ac stuff...only cause both David and Julia both sent me an invite....

And on the site it says it takes 60 seconds to set up.

I timed it, it took me roughtly 500 seconds. I don't know if that means they were lying, or I really suck. Maybe it's a sign, one that says "hurry up and buy broadband internet you loser". I also realised that it was poo, and signed up but I'll never use it.




dammn dman mdandmadnandnmad

cant wait for it all to be over

so soon

soooo soooon

(wish me luck, in what is arguably the subject that requires it the most)

*damn you art photography*

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Holy crap. Style XP is THE SHIZZLE

no more boring lame as Windows looks for me.


(for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go and google StyleXP)

Saturday, November 20, 2004


"actually democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49 percent"
-thomas jefferson
CivIII is such a great game.

In the current game I'm playin with my brother, I'm German, and I destroyed the French before...and now I'm at war with Russians who have tons of horsemen and stuff and the Spanish have amassed their Swordsmen at my border and are about to declare war as well.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Went to the library today with Sonny because he didn't wanna go by himself.

Passed DSE (the shop which spawned evil and dead babies), but went in anyway. Bought Civ III:Conquest, so I could finally multiplayer with my brother (hurrah). Walked past EB. The next Singstar is gonna be AWESOME with way more songs that I actually know~! HURAY and then also I went in and saw Civ III Conquest for $10 more in EB than in DSE. Hah, take that!

Then I went home. Then for the first time in a loooong time I mowed the lawn. Apparently my mum said that I had to be able to do this if I was to stay here in NZ for 12 days on my own, she even threatened to go to the city and get my flight changed or something. Meh. I mowed it.

Discovered that 1) lawnmowers that fall apart are really annoying, especially wheels that fall off and handles that don't stay...and 2) that the boots that we own have detachable soles. why the hell would you want to detach a sole? I mean, sure you could hide a message under each but i can't think of anything else i'd want to tell someone wearing the boots other than the lawnmower likes to fall apart


NO MORE EXAMS yayayayay okay technically thats a lie but festivity! FESTIVITY!
Q. What did Ryu say when Ken asked if he could borrow a hammer?

A. Shor-yu-ken

woot woot woot woot

hurah. no more shitty physics for me

the exam was okay, way not enough time though, before i knew it BANG time up and i didnt manage to finish everything

but i dont care any more

cause i dont really have to and theres no more point in caring

and its like



the festive mood can only get bigger noww!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

okay ive made a whole heap of small fragmented posts but did you know:

In the Islamic, if you're gay, you have to be thrown off a building or have a wall collapse on you, and if you survive, you're innocent? And to be convicted of being gay you have to have three witnesses...and you can just deny it and if you deny it three times they assume you're not lying.

Imagine it XD

Moral of the story: If you can't survive a wall falling onto you, it would be quite sad to be gay.
HOLY CRAP IM LISTENING TO Franz Ferdinand over Kelis - Milkshake....holy crap

how trippy is this


its aewwosmsemsme!!

Okay. Party at John's. Discussing music. Sam Knight's car. Nice Bjork and Radiohead stuff, but then Stephen goes "you knwo what's good music? DREAM THEATRE"

So I had copied one of their cds from a friend of mine...for personal use of course. It was kinda like a best of I think. So i said, oh really? I liked them but I didn't think too greatly of them

Then he said "ill copy you their best cd. you HAVE to listen to cd all in one go"

and i was like ok

then the next day he came over and dropped it off...


Truly. It's like a musical epic, it's just great....ahhhhh

Holy crap, interesting information I just garnered.

Ever wondered why chewing gum contains 7 in a pack? Or throaties have 23 in each stick or whatever? That's because they're prime numbers - the people do this so that you'll buy more so that you can share with your friends evenly!

Or so I hear. Okay, I was astounded at the time...
Sonny said I haven't blogged lately.

So to him I say, HERE YOU GO

Technically I could stop there but I know that at least one and a half people care about what I'm doing right now, so:

I'm trying to study.
I was innocent. I didn't know. So I said yes.

Then FIVE HOURS LATER I'm finally done. Holy crap it's time consuming and confusing. And then now, I'm procrastinating again, not studying.

Medical physics? 1/f = 1/u + 1/v is the only equation I know. Oh and also that attenuation one. ;_;

Maybe I should make swot notes now...maybe./...../....
My Medical Physics option booklet is yellowed with age.

Ah, that's about a correct description of my knowledge of it too!



Monday, November 15, 2004

Can you say "thunderstorm"? Hey, David, remember when you were waiting for the bus at my place and it was raining and then you said "yeah, I've been waiting for a thunderstorm!" but then mentioned something about Thunderstorm season being in September?

There was one today, just in case you missed it in some bizzare abstract reasoned way! Somebody up there likes you!

Ahem. Richard is now in Malaysia.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Woke up. Played random shitty computer games. Went to KFC for food. Bout to go to John's house...donno why, Cass called me and said it was drinks or something. o_O

Anyway. The main point of this blog is:

==My Horrible Habit of Keeping Things Until Their Function Is No Longer Purposeful==

If you look into my room, on the very top of my desk is a whole pile of food, which I got from Taiwan about three years ago. It's all expired by now, probably. The thing is, I have this habit of collecting things that have sentimental value or whatever (Especially food), then realise about two years later you can't actually eat it - but leave it there still anyway because it's sentimental.

How crazy is that.

This morning my brother presented me with this Cookie that Katherine supposedly dropped off at 11pm last night...or something...and I was amazed at the intricate writing on the little card thingy attached to it. So much writing! Maybe it's a female thing. But anyway its a cool cookie - shaped in a letter "H", and I quote, "H is for Hello!"

I have a suspicion H stands for something else though, but I can't quite place my finger on it...>.>



Friday, November 12, 2004

Today was a grand adventure!

Woke up, was late, Sonny and me managed to time me getting my shit together for University so perfectly that we walked out to the bus stop and within a minute a bus was there to take us to the city. Then I went to the Student Centre for Auckland Uni, had them copy my stuff. And it was all good. Then we went to eat, and stuff. It was great. And for some reason the moment we found the bus-stop for the way home, the bus home arrived too. Somebody up there liked me today :D


Found a game at the arcade that rocks socks - gonna try to see if it's on PS2, its Ikagura..not entirely sure on the spelling but its like those awesome retro shooter games, except with awesome as graphics and great gameplay...

Ate the following: those taco octopus ball things from japan (yum), pearl milk tea (yum), saika - katsu don (chicken). yum.

Was approached by a random missionary chick, Sonny think's she's a cultist and so dares not even look at the random booklet she gave me

It was a fun day, indeed. Now I know how to ride the bus!

(hurray - and also i got my university shit done)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Physics exam was poo. Way way not enough time, one hour to examine a year's worth of work? There's roughly...365 x 24 more hours in a year than in an exam. How can they accurately determine if you know what you're talking about?

(Pretty well, actually, otherwise exams wouldn't still be around)

anyway it was poo. not enough time and I wasn't really too good on in but it's still a relief to have it out of the way and over with.

after the exams, ming and david came over, watched about 2/3 of Monty Python's "Life of Brian" (which I absolutely adore) then we went to the movies to watch Jet Li's Hero. Charlotte and Simon and Paul joined us there.

Hero was stunning, it truly was. The first "plot twist" I forsaw, the ones after that I didn't - the action sequences are stunning, and there's actually a story and a moral behind it. I never knew of the actual legend of the uniting of china or whatever but that put a nice twist on things.

It was good.

Then David came back to my place to wait for a bus, finished watching of "Life of Brian", he went home, it started raining, Cas cancelled on me bringin her to the volunteer/assistant meeting, so I had to call Sonny and he came over and picked me up and then after it Sonny came over and we played PS2.

That was my day.

IT was good apart from the morning hour of physics. Hero was stunning, absolutely stunning.

Tomorrow could be interesting...but we'll see it as it comes :)
PHYSICSSSS panic panic stress press stress

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Studied today, it was highly highly highly beneficial. We even went into school and annoyed Dr. Holborow by not having made an appointment and stuff. -_- But still. It helped.

EVerything helped.

Plan for tomorrow is:

1. Physics Exam
2. Hero, that random movie.
3. Come home in time for Cazzo to pick me up back to the movies.
4. leaders meeting thingy.

534 5153

Called the HRC just then to tell Steve that I wasn't coming in to work. I feel really stink for organising this at the last minute...;_; cause he said I could have called earlier. ;_;

stinky -_- -_- at least i have sonny to cover for me

okay that means i must go next week cause i feel really bad now for missing it this week.

anyway. time to study I say.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You know, your entire life is created by really really small blobby things which spontaneously pulse and jerk around.

Okay. I was talking about brain cells, but it could be something else.

How's study going, Henry?
Oh it's going okay. Sonny came over cause he was too silly to fill out a University Application form himself (tee hee) so Henry helped him through it, and also that means Sonny owed Henry a favour so Sonny's covering for Henry at work tomorrow since Henry needs the time to study like a crazy mofo.

Thus, the wise man David was contacted to see if he would venture with Henry into a realm of studyness. But the future is uncertain it seems...

I'm tired. I'm needing to the study.

That was bad grammar, yes.

So, The DEFINITION of magentic flux density is F = BIL, therefore B = F/IL, or the force produced by a wire of length l with a current I running through it parallel to the magnetic field.

A word on random people on my MSN List.

Once every so often, online I will notice someone who I don't really know the identity of. I'll double click to almost talk to them and read the email address that spawned them. More than likely, I will have never seen the email before, or forgotten that I have. Then, I start off a conversation which goes like this:

Me: Hi. Do I know you?
Me: Oh.
Them: I told you already.
Them: Don't you remember?
Me: No, sorry. And sorry again for the likely reoccurence of this talk.


How am I supposed to remember somebody on my contact list who hides amongst the 100+ offline people at any given time, only to reappear on blue moons in the online list...and never really talk to me? I mean, if you don't talk to me, why add me to your MSN list? Why ARE you on my MSN list? That prompts me, the inquisitive mind, to delve further. Delve. That's a nice word.

Anyway, the moral is, if you don't know me and never talk to me and you are on my MSN list, expect to be asked who you are many times.


(good luck to everybody for exams I love you all, especially the one in blue)

okay okay wait, its the day after


Monday, November 08, 2004

Just watched the most ridiculous TV show ever. Some shit about some High School Reunion or something...which involves people in their late 20s still being immature twats. Mostly.

Features such difficult tasks and "games" such as the "Rumour Mill" where you write down a question for someone else. ooooh

It sucks. -_-

Damn Americanising of High School and the stereotypes.
My mummy bought me back a watch from Australia as a sort of 7th Form Congrats You Dont Need To Go To School Any More Cause School Is Shitty present which was really nice of her. Who cares if it's branded Speedo. No, really. It's the thought that counts. And plus it tells the time.

And also hopefully it won't break like the myriad of watches I've wasted over the years. I have a habit of breaking watches, both actively (the one I threw on the ground on the upstairs commons which I feel really stupid about now) and inactively (the many which just fall apart when I sit there)


My mummy went to Australia and now shes in deep poo poo with my dad cause he didnt let her go

or something

creap im sneezing like crazy




...I must spread the word.

It is a fantastittytastic movie...honestly.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Today was fun as well! Went to watch a movie "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" (funny, not up there with Dodgeball but still pretty hilarious!) and it was good. Had BK afterwards, and wanted White Castle instead. My BBQ double cheeseburger sucked...all mangled and squished.

Sonny was supposed to come over afterwards but something happened and he didn't seem too happy so I didn't want to press the matter. ;_;

So instead Simon, David and Janko did! After watching them waste dollar after dollar at the arcade machine at Timeout at the movies on Guitar Freaks I figured I should at least invite them to play Guitar Freaks at my place. I had a lot of fun...I think they did too but you'd have to ask them. I also introduced them to the magic that is Gitaroo Man.


Tomorrow is...Sunday. Exam is Thursday.


it was great, guy fawkes - what a perfect way to end the last day of school. Me and lots of other people went down to Bucklands Beach and set off a $100 box of fireworks, it was awesome. So fucking awesome.

Then we went to Janko's house and crashed there for the night and me David and Julia pissed off Simon with Black Magic, and a whole lot of other stuff...I'm really tired but it was such an awesome end to the school year.


spoon is an awesome game. mao is strange and highly entertaining with new people. (like me). cheat was fun.

I suck at basketball but it was all good.


(good time)

It's the end of an era, the start of another. The end, beginning, whatever. WHATEVER


Friday, November 05, 2004



oh yeah did I mention


(some say its the end some say its the beginning but I say fuck it we're all still living)


anyway got my leavers jersey, finished my photography, AWESOME lovely lovely AWSEOMS.


I think it be fitting for y'all to listen to "SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER"

Thursday, November 04, 2004

phew fnished my photography

ok not really but i have tmorrow morning to do it yay

im tired

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

ARR I have until TOMOOROW AFTORECHSOL to finish my Art Photography exam prepatory work...;_; arr arr ARRRRRR

GYAR Yaggra...


on the last day I really wanna give all my teachers over the years presents but I can't afford it. a list however of all the cool teachers would be appropriate, in no particular order:

Mrs. McDougall
Miss Hall
Ms. Warner
Mr. Beard
Dr. Holborow

How much chocolate is that...o_O (edit: i cut out a lot of teacher's names. then i realised that if i kept going i would end up with nobody. so these are the elite five or some such...)

Hrm. Maybe I could buy it after school tomorrow or something...


;_; ;_; i just want to sleep for a long long time (no im not suicidal dont worry)

In other words, America is currently being silly by voting Bush. Who would vote Bush?! WHO WOULD VOTE BUSH?! ...actually, I dont know anything about John Kerry...so...hrm....

In fact I don't care who runs America as long as America doesn't run the world. Get the fuck off. I am annoyed that Susan Wood calls it the most important/powerful job in the world. No, sorry. Susan Wood you're just a lousy replacement for the highly annoying Paul Holmes. Except that you blink a lot more which is even more irritable.

At least the show isn't PAUL HOLMES (with Susan Wood) anymore.

Today at lunchtime me and Ellen were EXTREMELY NAUGHTY and walked right out of school (Ellen was actually already on Study leave but I was wagging MATHS oooh OOOOH) to Mobil Corner where I paid for chippies and drink. Then we sat at the stairway outside the artroom, the main walkway to the crossing outside the Art Block and ate our chips. Also we hid a whole lot of lollies in preparation for our Art exam. Hurray for lollies! I also *gasp* walked on a lot of grass and my hair *gasp* touched my collar.

Rikky's right. You have more fun when you break more rules. But then the fun catches up to you as things like "jail" and "life sentence"....

I never said that.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today was 7th form final assembly. Some random presentation thing at the start was thee demise of Batten's one since it ate up so much damn time...FFOF played. Played well, too. It's goods.

I got EXCELLENCE!!! fir me composition portifolia in NCEA. Woohoo