Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lol so today my boss said I looked like Gok wan and sent this around in an email

lol and the other grad looks like keith urban


Monday, January 25, 2010

:( was in too much of a rush today and broke one of hte bits off of a glass table...pretty old glass table that. the break is pretty clean though so maybe someone can fix it...or could sell it on trademe to someone who wnats lots of glass?

who builds a glass table, anyway?!

I am mostly to blame but I would like to pass on some of that blame to:

1) people who build glass tables, they are just asking to be broken
2) my apartment for not having a parking space for me, which led to me parking in the driveway with my hazards on and wanting to get back to the car as quick as possible.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

just did another les mills class, Body Combat

much funner than body jam  cause you spend less time on beinglike omg what am i doing i dont know what a marenge is, and more time on  punch punch ahah slice tai chi jump kicks kick pumnch jab uppercut hoookkkkkk HAH!!!


big news:

Founda new apartment!!! yay!!!

big pluses:

  • full size kitchen
  • carpark
  • bedroom HAS A DOOR
  • building HAS A LIFT

ok :)  moving in around feb which is not really that smart cause its williams wedding arund then but


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Epic cleaning session in the bathroom today.

Seriously epic, I should have used protection so that my hands and feet don't tingle from the caustic products...but that's another story altogether!

Removed the mildew/mould from the ceiling/high walls of the bathroom; accomplished with an office chair, Easy Off BAM mould edition (it worked reallly good, spray was not as wide as i'd hoped though so it was a little annoying) and an old cloth. And balance (please do not attempt to do any sort of cleaning of walls while on an office chair, you are just asking for trouble.)

Removed all the....pink? stuff? from the shower. what the hell is that? I have no idea but it comes off easy enough with a wipe so away it goes

Removed all the...black stuff from the shower floor. This was a little weirder. Bleach did nothing, and a cream cleanser didn't either. I eventually stumbled upon the fact that I could scrape it off with my fingernails, and then tried to brush but it wouldnt come off. So I scraped off about half of it, and then for the rest of it I worked out that cream cleanser + brush while not perfect was good enough and heaps faster than...my fingernails....my suspicion is that the black stuff is really old adhesive/dried glue stuff from a shampoo bottle or something, it has the same sort of feel as when you are removing the old bits of sticker from the back of a book.

Bleached the toilet - still needs a pretty good clean though, esp. under the rim.

Floor still needs to be cleaned, as does the vanity and mirror and maybe some glass stuff for the shower door.

I put the floor mats into the washing machine, knowing full well I will not be around to hang them up to dry until tomorrow, possibly night, but to be honest if it shrinks or becomes useless I am not averse to throwing it away.

Why am I posting about what I just did, cleaning the bathroom? It's probably the fumes.

Big Day Out was AWESOME

Highlights -

Muse!!! awesome as always, great laser and light show, v. talented, obvious win
The Decemberists - most charismatic frontman performance i've come across in all BDO performances, very clean and polished sound

Lowlights -

Lily Allen. The lazy slut took a smoke break DURING her set.
Fat sweaty disgusting smelling guy standing next to you while muse is playing. you dont know whether to laugh or cry.


some things to take away for dinosaur club - could give Thomas (keys) a floor tom to play with; we could totally do muse-like random improv inter-song fillers

Monday, January 04, 2010

Why can't my goldfish play soccer too?


Friday, January 01, 2010

Oh yeah, year in review.

Everyone's crazy about lists right now - top ten, best of decade, etc etc. Instead of that, here are three cool pictures from December 30, 2009 off Flickr (by Mark Valentine, Jesse Estes and Natalie Kucken respectively, even though I have no idea who they are I figured I could at least attribute):  

Okay, I couldn't resist; here's some "best ofs":

Best ice-cream of 2009: Ferrero Rocher Gelato from the Gold Coast

Best TV show of 2009: Glee

Best lolcat of 2009

Bestest pal of 2009: Hmm whats his name again I think its Aaron did i spell that ryte!?

Best Dinosaur Club gig of 2009: Kings Arms, photo by Allan Xia

Best concert of 2009: Dream Theater

This decade has been very exciting and eventful etc etc etc bring on the next one (but please don't go so fast you make me feel so old)



Happy new year everyone!

Auckland City Council thought it best to wish me a prosperous new year and good wishes for 2010...by giving me a parking ticket.

Their "argue against your ticket" form is pretty retarded; mainly because it has the following layout:

Title: Mr
Date of birth: 5th September 1987
First name (in full): Henry
Last name: Chong

Surely it would make more sense to have the title with the first/last name?

Also, what is a ticketing officer doing scalping the streets for money at 10.25pm on new years eve?

I love the city council SO MUCH.