Wednesday, December 31, 2003

EPISODE SEVENTEEN: Another day, another glory.

More, more and, even more random things I did today:

1. Went past an abandoned theme park (I also did this yesterday but I forgot to mention it)
2. Are, uh, tofu...uh...I can't translate it to English. I ate stuff. That's the one. >.>
3. Went to see the Taipei International Young Power Drum and Dance Festival 2004 (or some other similarly complex and overwhelming name). There were three performances today. First was the Taipei drum group (I forgot their official name) - it rawked, what with a lion dance and all as well. Gotta love the AZN rhythm. Then there was the Japanese Taiko stuff, and that was awesome too, with 20 minutes of non-stop rythmic orgasms. Then, there was the Koreans. They took ages to set up but they were pretty unique. A la stomp, they used lead pipes and rubbish bins quite well too (maybe it's in the upbringing, who knows...) Yeah, it kicked ass.

I'm going to some place called Hua Lien in Taiwan the day after tomorrow, so no internet for about four days. Not that any of you care. It's reputed to have quite nice scenery so I'm bringing my camera and stuff along.

That's all for now. It's like, 12.43. That's like, late.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

EPISODE SIXTEEN: The New Adventures of New Taiwan.

Random things I did today in no particular order:

1. Went to some random mountains around Taipei.
2. Saw a goldfish farm. Took photos. Zoom lens not good enough so didn't get it as nice as I wanted.
3. Saw a Geothermal area. Mmm, just like New Zealand, smelling like crap and all.
4. Ate teppanyaki in Beitou, which I had been to before - the owner of the teppanyaki surprisingly enough goes to Kuching quite often. Made for good eatering conversationalism.
5. Went to a Night Market. Bought random necklaces. Discovered my Lord of the Rings cheapass replica's gold paint had faded. Now it looks silver. Maybe it's the air here. People here should tune their cars, the exhaust fumes are dirty as.
6. Bought two games for my sister. Looked for a really cheap as laptop. If you sit on a scooter for too long your butt really hurts, just like being raped by a guy I suppose (although it might not be too different with a woman, depending on what kind of woman you're talking about...)
7. Ate stuff.
8. Took photos of random things. Visited National parks all over the place.
9. Drivers here are really rude. So are some people who drive scooters. Instead of a nice "can you please move", people are too lazy to exercise their mouth muscles (I suppose they get tired, what with all the cock-sucking) and instead press the anti-user friendly horn once too often.

Also I thought of a nice band name. Anti-flaccid. I should run that by Brad, Tomo and John. Maybe they'll like it.

I'm tired. I don't remember what else I did today. I did too much. It's like, a doing marathon.

Monday, December 29, 2003

EPISODE FIFTEEN: 'Tis a busy place.

Apart from not having very good night's sleep (I don't handle noise at night well) but that's okay. Anyway today I did the following things, in no particular order:

1. Looked for Peach Beer. Couldn't find it. I did find Vodka Cruisers instead ($60 a pop) but decided against it.
2. Went to play badminton with my mum's brother's son (is that my cousin?) and his friends at NTU, National Taiwan University.
3. Went to Chang Kai Shek memorial park or summat. Damn it's a huge place. They had a military march exercise thingy going on as well, you know, with the military music and the random soldiers in uniform twirling rifles, a la FF7 if you still don't know what I'm talking about.
4.Wow, this keyboard is dirty. My fingers are black now. Damn.
5. Yes. That's it.
6. The last three probably don't really count as events per se.

Anyway I'm tired. But it's only 7.48...The sun sets at like 5.00 here, which is phenomenonally crazy for me. Still, I do like the night.

That's all. Bye bye.

Saturday, December 27, 2003


Well, uh, I do have net access. 10mbpsADSL! YAY! Pity its on a refurbished laptop. Thats okay, better than nothing. Taiwan roxxors I dont believe I'm here (well I do but it doesn't seem like I'm here...anyway)

Good news: I'm in Taiwan.
Bad news: I lost my wallet at the Kuala Lumpur airport.

The China Airline people are most likely working overtime turning over every chair the airport lookin for my blue and orange ripcurl wallet. It answers to the name of "Bobo".

Alright. That's it. I have to unpack stuff. Bye bye.

Friday, December 26, 2003

EPISODE FOURTEEN: Some say Mongrel. I say, uh...



Hmm. Anyway, I should be packing and shit, but I'm typing this. How silly of me. A few notes before I leave:

1. I'm going to Taiwan.
2. I'm going to Taiwan.
3. I went to this real awesome Christmas party yesterday.
4. There was free alcohol.
5. I had a vodka lime and some crazy tropical Malibu stuff.
6. The guy who mixed it was half French half Asian. Now that's cool.
7. I wish I was half French half Asian. How cool would that be?
8. That guy had a brother. He was quite agro.
9. Their parents owned the home.
10. I should really be packing.
11. Vodka lime is strong.
12. I think my dad drove me home drunk that night. o_O
13. I watched Return of the King. ITS A GOOD MOVIE!
14. I wonder what Return of the Kong would be like...
15. I got a cheapass Ring imitation for $10. Maybe I can sell it for profit.


Friday, December 12, 2003

EPISODE THIRTEEN: Grave of the Fireflies.

Well, I got here safely. I have just finished watching what has got to be one of the most moving and powerful pieces of anime I have seen...ever. (Albiet the pirated version I watched had some really crappy problems, must find a DVD of said Anime in question one day). The Anime? Grave of the Fireflies. It's so depressing...if you think your life is crap, you should see what Seita and his four year old sister went through. One of the very few animes that actually moved me enough to well move me.

I'm depressed now. I admire the strength of Seita and the story is superbly written.

Also I finished The Amber Spyglass. That was a great book too. Man, so much emotion. Just thought I'd head up somethin before I go to sleep. Grave of the Fireflies. Go look for it is better than Saving Private Ryan, that's for sure.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

EPISODE TWELVE: Airport, eh.

My mum went into some travel lounge thingy and managed to convince them to let me in even though I wasn't a member. They were going to charge her $25 dollars as well, the kniving biatchurz, for what was nothing more than a really old crap computer (which is a hunk of crap compared to this one which I am using downstairs, for free...) So I left.

What else...oh yeah, I went and ate at Genki Sushi. It's so cool, they have like sushi on something that seems akin to a miniature baggage claim know, the ones that go round and round - all you do is you pick the food you want and at the end they charge you all for it. It was good but expensive, cutting a nice dent into my $100 which I have to spend.

Before I left Auckland Airport (which is the airport I was in before this airport, Changi Airport, which is in Singapore), I went and bought the third book of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy just so that I could read something while waiting and stuff I suppose. I finished the other book I brought with me anyway, it was quite a random book.

Hmm what else...these seats are comfy. I am listening to really strange muzak, such as "On The Wings of Love" and some crapped up version of "Fur Elise". And I am very tired.

Hmm. Moral for today is the CIAS Airport Lounge here in Changi Airport blows. Don't go there. Why not play on the free SeXBOX instead?

Sunday, December 07, 2003

EPISODE ELEVEN: Baileys and milk do not mix.

I woke up. I was really bored. I thought, "HMM my brother made me some awesome drink with Baileys before". I decided to try it, mixin half baileys half milk together and drinkin it. Observations are as follows:

1. Milk is less dense than Baileys.

2. Lots of stirring will do nothing to mix the milk and baileys - it just globs up.

3. It tastes funny. Like milk, only alcoholic.

4. It clears your nose and warms you up.

5. I feel kinda funny now.

I suspect that milk and Baileys might be reacting within me as we speak and that some strange new undiscovered chemical is about to send me over the top and into the world of crazies where I have been known to visit occasionally. I did eat baked beans after that which made me feel much better. Food is a strange thing.

I am going overseas in, about, four days? I dont know I'm not good with numbers. That will be the extreme crapness of all crap since I am away from my normal computer (NOOOO) away from all my music (NOOOOO) and all my friends (meh.) I wouldn't mind if it was for a week or two, cause then I could snip up all these illegalities and pirated goods - but for a month, that's just a waste of time. At least I get to see Mr. Shiny Red Pearl drum-kit again - but I don't have a band to practise with! Shit happens I suppose.

Moral of the story kids: beware the potato.

EDIT: I have since gotten lots more logs of people in my ass. But they are, seriously, very disturbing. One log which will rename anonymous contained animal cruelty and sharp objects.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

EPISODE TEN: I have trapped two people in my ass already.

With the lovely promise of sexual favours, five potatoes and a sliced pineapple...I have done the impossible. TWICE! Take a look!

Case Study Number 1

My false alias being Hot_gay_guy.

Session Start: Tue Dec 02 02:43:38 2003
Session Ident: greg
Session Ident: greg (~user@34CF14CC.84648B99.25071CA0.IP)
greg: hi are you a gay?
Hot_gay_guy: hi, yes
Hot_gay_guy: you?
greg: yeah... asl pls?
Hot_gay_guy: 18/m/England
Hot_gay_guy: got pictures? im really horny tonight
greg: well im 18, male, mexico...
greg: you have some pics?
Hot_gay_guy: no, sorry
Hot_gay_guy: you got any?
Hot_gay_guy: my cock is throbbing for some action
Hot_gay_guy: Can you please shove a potato up my ass?
* Hot_gay_guy passes greg a hot spud
greg: sory non?
Hot_gay_guy: um, you know what a potato is?
Hot_gay_guy: vegetable? you eat?
greg: yeah?
Hot_gay_guy: i would really like it if you could push one up into my asshole
Hot_gay_guy: please
Hot_gay_guy: hello baby are you there?
greg: what if lets take a scripted kind of sex... do you want it
Hot_gay_guy: i would really like if you can please insert potato into my anus
greg: okey here we go baby...
greg: now here it is
greg: uuuhhhmmm...
greg: so how does it feel baby?
Hot_gay_guy: Ooooh
Hot_gay_guy: thats good
Hot_gay_guy: oooh put it all the way in
greg: yeah uuuhhhnnnnmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: please last guy i was with he managed to fit five, can you fit more
greg: sure...
* Hot_gay_guy pass to you another potato
greg: uuuhhhmmm...
greg: uuuhhhmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: oooooh thats one all the way it
Hot_gay_guy: oooh thats good
Hot_gay_guy: please next one
Hot_gay_guy: quick I horny sex want tnow
greg: uuuhhhmmm...
greg: uuuhhhmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: oooooh
Hot_gay_guy: tell me what it looks like!
greg: great
Hot_gay_guy: explain muchas detail please
greg: now i want you to suck my dick baby
Hot_gay_guy: and then i give you good sucking
greg: its like a big kind of hole
greg: and i love it
Hot_gay_guy: okay
Hot_gay_guy: Now put the third potato in
Hot_gay_guy: describe detail a lot please tell me what happening as you push push
greg: yeah ooohhhh...
Hot_gay_guy: describe NOW
greg: the potato is getting inserted now
greg: and it blows your ass
greg: fully
Hot_gay_guy: OOOH
greg: got a big hole?
greg: yah
Hot_gay_guy: Yes its being split byt the spud
greg: ooohhhmmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: you have three more potatoes left
Hot_gay_guy: put them all the SAME TIME!
greg: ok lets enough for this... your asshole is now over loaded...
greg: why dont you suck my dick now?
Hot_gay_guy: Describe my asshole at the moment
Hot_gay_guy: what does it look lke
Hot_gay_guy: hello?
greg: a great island
Hot_gay_guy: describe the island
greg: i dont know
Hot_gay_guy: if you dont know then you'll have to put this pinapple slice sideways up my behind
Hot_gay_guy: after than then i will suck your dick
* Hot_gay_guy passes greg a pineapple slice
Hot_gay_guy: come on stick it up there with the rest of the potatoes
Hot_gay_guy: I will give you very hot sex i promise
Hot_gay_guy: just please for me just i want the feel of the spiky pinaple and the creamy potato in my ass
Hot_gay_guy: and then you can eat it
greg: why dont you start, giving fuck with me my cock is so very hard now
Hot_gay_guy: tell you what
Hot_gay_guy: you shove that pineapple slice up my ass and ill suck your cock
Hot_gay_guy: and while i suck your cock you eat the pineapple and potato salad.
greg: ok no thanks,...
Hot_gay_guy: please
Hot_gay_guy: I am very good oral sex give
greg: no thanks
* Hot_gay_guy slowly runs his hands over greg's cock
Hot_gay_guy: DO IT
greg: thats my honey...
Hot_gay_guy: ok now that im suckig your cock please shove that pineapple slice up my ass
greg: sureeeee...
greg: here we go...
greg: now i am shoving it... just like a big cock running off
greg: hhhmmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: oh thats good
greg: yeah now suck it
Hot_gay_guy: okay, you have to eat the pineapple and potato salad
greg: now i am eating it... uuhhhmmm... diliciuos
greg: hhhmmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: ooooh
Hot_gay_guy: My asshole is eating your face now.
Hot_gay_guy: You can't control it
Hot_gay_guy: My ass has just eaten your entire head.
greg: hhhmmmm...
greg: hhhmmmm...
greg: hhhmmmm...
Hot_gay_guy: You cannot talk
Hot_gay_guy: you can only eat the salad.
Hot_gay_guy: you are stuck in my ass with five potatoes and pineapple slices for ever
greg: hhhmmmm...
greg: hhhmmmm...
greg: hhhmmmm...
greg: shittttttt.....
Hot_gay_guy: You can't get out.
Hot_gay_guy: You are stuck forever
Hot_gay_guy: but at least i feed you
Hot_gay_guy: do you want some shit
greg: fuck you
Hot_gay_guy: Oh
Hot_gay_guy: sorry
Hot_gay_guy: I cant hear you
Hot_gay_guy: youre trapped in my ass
Hot_gay_guy: youll have to eat your way out through the starchy goodness
Hot_gay_guy: I'm going to go now. You think twice before you put potatoes up someones ass, mr mexican!
Session Close: Tue Dec 02 03:25:03 2003

Case study number 2 (the better one in my opinion)

My alias being SexyGurl69.

Session Start: Tue Dec 02 04:12:24 2003
Session Ident: sexyman23
Session Ident: sexyman23 (
sexyman23: hey want to chat
SexyGurl69: only if you'll shove potatoes up my ass
* sexyman23 grabs a ptoato
SexyGurl69: oooh yeah
SexyGurl69: go baby im waiting
* SexyGurl69 bends over
* sexyman23 starts shoving it in
SexyGurl69: Oooooh
SexyGurl69: Put it all the way in
* sexyman23 puts it asll in
SexyGurl69: I want you to fit five potatoes up there like the last guy i was with!
sexyman23: mmmmmm ok
* sexyman23 grabs potato 2, and shoves that in
SexyGurl69: OoOOOH
sexyman23: yeah baby, this is getting me hard
* sexyman23 grabs potato 3
SexyGurl69: OOOOOH
sexyman23: can't believe its all going in
SexyGurl69: are the potatoes green?! I love green potatoes!
sexyman23: they are
SexyGurl69: OOOOH
SexyGurl69: fit them all in! OOOOH
* SexyGurl69 moans in pleasure
SexyGurl69: you can do it, just like my 4 year old son!
* sexyman23 strokes his cock while doing this
sexyman23: here comes potato 4
SexyGurl69: OOOOOH
SexyGurl69: fit it all in!
sexyman23: its all in baby
SexyGurl69: And don't forget after the five potatoes the sliced pineapple!
* SexyGurl69 loves Sexyman's hard cock
sexyman23: number 5
SexyGurl69: Ooooh
SexyGurl69: Theres still plenty of room baby
sexyman23: how bout sucking my cock baby
SexyGurl69: Alright, keep the potatoes and sliced pineapple coming!
* sexyman23 shoves now the pineapple
* SexyGurl69 sensually sucks sexyman's cock
SexyGurl69: OOOh i can feel the ridges of the pineapple
SexyGurl69: OOOH
SexyGurl69: Oh baby thats good
sexyman23: mmmmmm yeash
SexyGurl69: can you please eat the potato and pineapple salad in my ass?
* SexyGurl69 ocntinues to suck his cock
sexyman23: ohhhhhhhh
SexyGurl69: eat the salad! oooooh
* sexyman23 goes to ur ass and starts eating it
SexyGurl69: OOOOH
sexyman23: mmmmmmmm delicious
SexyGurl69: oooh
sexyman23: that was good
SexyGurl69: All of a sudden, Sexygurl's huge ass envelopes Sexyman's face. He is stuck!
sexyman23: oh god
SexyGurl69: I have forced your head into my ass and trapped you there.
SexyGurl69: You cannot escape and you are stuck in my ass forever.
sexyman23: damn eh
SexyGurl69: Nobody can hear you - you must now eat your way out through the starchy goodness
sexyman23: lol
SexyGurl69: are you going to eat you way out through my all encompassing huge booty?
* sexyman23 starts eating
SexyGurl69: Oooh
SexyGurl69: are you getting fat as you eat this?
sexyman23: yeah
SexyGurl69: oooh how fat
sexyman23: pretty fat
sexyman23: lot of stuff in ur ass
SexyGurl69: Oooh
SexyGurl69: My ass is getting bigger as we speak. You're running out of air! youll have to breathe my farts.
sexyman23: LOL
* SexyGurl69 rips a fat one
sexyman23: this too much for me
SexyGurl69: sorry baby
SexyGurl69: you cant escape my ass
sexyman23: oh well
SexyGurl69: bye baby
Session Close: Tue Dec 02 04:29:42 2003

Moral of the story kids - don't put potatoes up someone's ass, they might just eat you. Stupidity attacks both gay and straight people.


Don't forget to tell me what screen name you would like your recording to be attributed to! Thanks!

I forgot, one more thing - join the "Blak Omen Is My Bitch" project! All you have to do is record yourself saying either "Blak Omen is my Bitch" or " I am blak omen's bitch" and send it to me via email ( or talk to me on MSN and send it there (

Every file counts! When I get enough, I'll start up a website with all the files on it for your listening pleasure.

Sorry about the loss of the names. Silly blogger picks them up as tags or something and deleted them. Hope you can still kind of read them.
EPISODE NINE: Horny and stupid is NOT a good combination.

Alright, me and my ANZ buddies being really bored just then went onto SexNet, a sex IRC server and posed as girls. The people there are so incredibly easy to fool. I learned many things there today, posing as SexyGurl69.

1. People actually dont mind if I get wet over potatoes.

potatoes, i want someone to shove a big potato into my pussy
Will you please shove that spud all the way up into my pussy, and then cover it in white creamy sauce?
sure baby

hi sexy girl
i hon
are you looking for a partner sweety?
yeah baby
do you have a potato on you?
i want to feel a huge potato in my pussy
yes wanna see?
accept it honey
what is it hon
my pic
i am sending it to you
okay hon
do you have your pic sweety?
no sorry hon
send me your pic
can you describe me yourself baby? what do you look like?
deep blue eyes
shaved legs
d cup
a fat ass
mmm great
what do you wear now?
a toupee
do you like my cobra?
very much baby
its so sexy
what do you want to do with him sweety?
i want SEX
i am in my room now completely nude rubbing my cock
oooh thats good
do you have a potato on you?
* SexyGurl69 loooves potatoes
i want to just...uuhhh,,,feel that potato in my pussy
mmmm baby i want to fill you
oooh yes
sorry hon
potatoes drive me crazy
oh no
sorry hon i gotta go, im late for a meeting
bye babe
see you here tomorrow hon?
see you
send e-mail when you want me ok
sure hon
waiting for your e-mail sweety

[Feel free to email that guy lots of potatoes]

2. Some people never get turned off.

want to fuck?
No, cause i'm very old
my pussy is shrivelled up and you suck at sex anywya

3. Some people are incredibly stupid.

male sweety
n u
i cater for all
u female or male?
u a she male?
yes hon

4. I can pass off as being a Japanese girl called Candy.

wassup sexygurl?
my boyfriends boner
but he doesnt know
that his is only 3"
and i dont like it
lol too bad babe, you at his house?
yeah, hes gone to sleep
where ya from?
you and your bf japanese?
no, my boyfriend is from america
damn...too bad you didn't pick a bigger cock :( what do you look like?
18, female - blonde hair, deep blue eyes, shaved legs, d cup
im about to dump my boyfriend, he's really bad with sex
mmm nice big fuckable tits ;)
you got a pic of you?
no sorry hon
need to get some of those great tits! ;)
you can feel them if you want
I want to lay my long cock between them and fuck the head into your mouth ;)
oooh that sounds good
when you last get some real dick hon?
when i was 12
how old are ya now?
how big a cock you get fucked by back then
heh who's was that?
it was my brother's best friend
he was so sexy
fucked you good huh ;)
i was screaming all the way through
do you have a potato? im really horny
he fuck you up the ass too?
i was bleeding
and loving it
are you horny? im horny, can you please shove a potato up my pussy?
you up for a hot nasty slutty phonefuck?
only if you shove a potato up my pussy
lol sure ;) why yo ulike that?
cause its so warm and soft
my cock would feel better ;)
you bf get mad if you phoenfucked someone?
how about you shove a potato up my pussy and then your cock into my pussy?
no, my boyfriend sleeps liek a rock. hes right here beside me, and snoring so he wont hear my moaning
how loud are ya?
what's your #?
full number I gotta call, I'm in the usa.
oh okay
im not sure what the country code is but
ill be right back hon ill check
my mobile is 0401453264, i still have to find the number for here
so I'd just dial the country code adn that 040 number adn I'd get you huh :)
ill look up the country for you hon hold on
* Darkniss holds onto your big tits, squeezing and pinching them
do you know what the country code for australia is, baby?
+61 hon
call me
yea...what country are you in babe?
australia - my number is +61 04 01453264
ok ;) what's your name sexy
mmm you a hot big titted japanese slut Candy?
yes baby
calling now
what'cha doing now baby?
waiting for your call hon
call me
im really horny
good girl ;) calling now
cum on call me baby im waiting
im so horny, i want phone sex honey
didn't work first time trying again
okay hon
oh hon it rang once!
try again
are you ringing baby?
trying hon
it keeps cutting off hon
wait a bit, it takes a bit of time to connect to my phone
* SexyGurl69 slowly fingers her pussy in anticipation
ok hang on
* SexyGurl69 puts one finger up her pussy, withdraws and licks it slowly
whats wrong honey, why aren't you calling me? i want phone sex, my boyfriend is not good enough
got it baby
calling now ;)
lol poor bastard ;)
call and ask for candy, hon
lol who picked up baby?
it was my boyfriend
i tried to keep him away
lol why's he picking up your mobile?
he's gone back to sleep again
it was next to him on the dresser hon
ok pick it up and walk out of the room.
im outside baby
call me
go into the living room with it.
ok hon
im there, im waiting for your call
lol right if you're there why are you typing to me ;)
my laptop is portable, you didnt think i had a computer in my bed did you hon ;)
call me, im horny now
ok callin in a second.
thanks hon

Believe it or not, that guy actually did call the number. The number belonged to someone I knew online.

To sum up, tonight I learned that there are always stupid horny people somewhere in the world.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

EPISODE EIGHT: A matrix within a matrix.

"The Smith Neo battle was a lot cooler than DBZ fights. I mean, obviously it was similar, since they were fighting in the air and flying around and stuff. But I thought the fight looked really cool. It's not like they were shooting lasers or fireballs or shouting out the name of their technique or gathering energy for 15 hours."

Yes, it is well known that The Matrix is much better than DBZ. But I'm sick of the recent flood of people bagging The Matrix: Revolutions.

Okay, I admit, I didn't really like the ending. In fact I hated feels like they're planning another movie because they sure as hell didn't explain anything in an easily accessible way. But the rest was gorgeous. CGI may not be your bag but you've got to be impressed with where Neo punched Smith. You have to. Sure I would have enjoyed a movie with more substance but that was some high quality action stuff.

[On a sidenote, the Matrix comics on the official site are some good shit - take a on Google or somethin]

After watching Reloaded I thought the reason why Neo could control the Sentinels was because everyone was in a Matrix within a Matrix - so that everyone in Zion was actually also in the matrix because they are the 1% who wouldn't accept the system...but they are in the greater system.

But then after Revolutions, they didn't explain how Neo could. What does being the one really comprise of? How did Smith implant himself into Bane? If it was as easy as picking up the phone then why didn't any other Agent do it before? Wouldn't it be interesting if there was an alternate matrix where the machines had Smith and the humans were about to destroy the machines forever and it was up to Smith to defeat Neo who had gone crazy and slept with every woman he saw for years and years and therefore had his own army? They could have turned the tables - that would have been interesting.

Even though it was basically an action flick it was a good one. They actually built an gotta commend them on effort.

So stop bagging it, I'm sure you're allowed not to like it: just don't go overboard and tell everyone you see that it sucks dick. A simple "I (emphasis on the I that is in this case you) didn't like it" will be fine.

I'm looking forward to more of the Matrix getting the Animatrix and more Matrix Comics.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

EPISODE SEVEN: Exams are a very annoying thing.

Right. It has been established that exams are coming from the pits of hell and will eat all our souls one day. Have you ever wondered who was the smart guy who came up with the idea of testing like 12 years worth of knowledge in three hours? I'd like to meet that fucker and knock him out. Make him sit an exam or two. And fail it. Mufuha. I should really be studying for my exam on Monday...and also completing my Photography work and my seminar...but instead I'm rambling. Figures. Well at least I've done about two exams already out of about 10. Booya.

In other news, my Soundclick account is under review or something like that. ^^" I got some fresh hatemail too, take a look - a link in the link bar. Also, according to the very intelligent bar you see at the top of the page, monkey pics is a related search in accordance to this page. Bah.

I've finished the SNES RPG Bahamut Lagoon recently. A fantastic game, a throwback to FFT, FF6, Ogre Battle and Monster Rancher all in one. Fantastic piece of work - thank god people translated it even though it was never released outside of Japan.

Yes. I'm stuck on things to say, I'm procrastinating doing my Photography and Maths stuff.


Saturday, October 25, 2003

EPISODE SIX: Why chain letters should be burned and fucking ripped to virtual pieces and given to fat ladies in Ethiopia to roll around in.

Alright. First off you all know that me, I'm a poor guy. Ergo - I have a Hotmail account, as it's FREE!!! and also Microsoft owns my whole family so I have to use Microsoft products or else.

Right. Well I've had it for at least five years now. And I have a bad habit of not deleting old emails. So I have 40 pages of emails, 40 of those pages I do not need. My hotmail account nicely tells me that I "am almost out of space!" and recommends I delete some stuff. Of course, naturally, me being me the lazy fuck, I leave them there. I might need them one day, says the voice of "reason".

So, along come fucking chain letters. Since the newer ones nicely involve fucking 100kb pictures which is enough to overload my account (i mean, why the fuck can't they compress the shit down to like 1 kb anyway?), I lose access to my account and nobody can email me in until I delete the sodding thing.

There are many types of chain letters.

EXHIBIT A: The lovey cutesy picture chain letters.

This chain letter involves disgusting pictures of fat babies, cats that look like they're about to be eaten by a monkey and generally very sickening grotesque images. Not only do I not give a shit how "cute" they are but these are prime candidates to piss me off as:

1. They are useless.
2. They fucking take up like 1000294 kb in my account, 1000294 more than I need taken up.
3. They are useless.
4. Nobody gives a shit how cute they are.

So don't send me one of these or I'll eat your children, and your children's children.




I hate them, usually because they're never true. It's the ones that cry wolf that let the other ones down.


EXHIBIT C: The "official" ones.

WARNING IF YOU DO NOT SEND THIS EMAIL TO 1238957093128570918 people, we will delete the account because we can.

Yeah right, first of all, Mr...uh....Walter Patrick is NOT Resource manager for Hotmail. He won't delete my account and nobody else will. I mean, could you get any more desperate to want to send a stupid email all over the virtual world? You might as well just send one to everybody saying "LOOK HERE! I'm a STUPID ASSHAT!"



These usually ask you 100 questions, some which aren't questions (for example, the word Bra is NOT a question), some of which are questions but are stupid ones (example - Have you ever loved a rabid monkey shizzle before?). In an attempt to send their stupid questionnaire, they flood your inbox. Half of the questions you don't need to know the answers to, and the other half you should know the answers to if you were their friend.


In my opinion (which is generally the absolute truth), the only worth Chain letters are the chain letters which hassle chain letters. Of course there will come a day that I will add them to the list of FUCKING ANNOYING THINGS but for now they're amusing. The good ones though. I've been prone to make one or two and sending that to the creator of a chain letter.

Anyway that's my rant on chain letters. Long weekend! Yeah! Photography assignment over the long weekend! Not so yeah!

Okay I'm lazy now that's all I have to say. Goodnight.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

EPISODE FIVE: The end of an era, the start of another.

Exams. Gay.


And also I not School Prefect. Good and bad I suppose.

Why is Johnho not one? Who knows.

This must be a very boring post to read, let me spice it up a bit


There. Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

EPISODE FOUR: The return of Devilmatrix.

First off before we continue with the tale of the stalker, I must now DANCE AROUND IN CIRCLES AND CELEBRATE (huzzah) - why may you ask? Because the torture of ExXXams is over! Huzzah! Of course, depression will set back in once I start getting my marks back in....

And also, I actually had enough shit for two photography boards - I found this huge stack of prints in my journal I didn't know I had. I knew I must have done more in two weeks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME FOR LAST FRIDAY. Sonny forgot my birthday, refused to come over on my birthday and stayed home and *gasp* studied instead. But it's all good. Cause now he feels guilty but nobody lieks a stresses Sonny. Chill bro' chill.

Anyway, Devilmatrix Saga, part two.


Right. One day, when talking to said Devilmatrix, I didn't really feel like talking to him. So I said I didn't know who the fuck he was, which really confused him because *gasp* his friend and lecturer and awesome guy etc etc doesn't know who he is! I'm lazy now, read the logs and fill the pieces in yourself. Basically, I got a name which I'll check, and I had a lot of fun fucking with his head. Logs logs logs:

| Session Start: 09 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ...elieve it myself.. [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...tHings iN life tWICE iN oNe dAy ( |
[16:17:59] neO -- WORLD: sup
[16:18:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: hi, do i know you?
[16:18:37] neO -- WORLD: dunno; do u?
[16:18:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: i dont think so.
[16:19:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: any reason why you're on my contact list?
[16:19:27] neO -- WORLD: rr......
[16:19:41] neO -- WORLD: if u don't want to then that's fine
[16:19:45] neO -- WORLD: end of story
[16:20:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: dont want to what?
[16:22:15] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy is now Offline
[16:25:32] neO -- WORLD: something tragic happened............
[16:26:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, who are you?
[16:26:32] neO -- WORLD: unless ur not who i think u are
[16:26:34] neO -- WORLD: .......
[16:27:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't know who you think I am but I sure
don't think I know who you are.
[16:27:37] neO -- WORLD: i think you are henry
[16:28:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, yes I am. And I would know you how?
[16:28:57] neO -- WORLD: hey; i know wat ur trying to do me
[16:29:23] neO -- WORLD: sure; u have not a clue who i am cause i
didn't tell u
[16:29:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, I don't know who the fuck you are, so
either tell me or say hello to the rest of the people on my
block list.
[16:30:50] neO -- WORLD: i'm gian~haha
[16:31:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Gian? Do i know a Gian?
[16:31:10] neO -- WORLD: no
[16:31:18] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[16:31:41] neO -- WORLD: so if u want to tell that to steph. then
that's all right
[16:31:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Steph?
[16:32:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How do you know Steph? Which Steph are you
talking about?
[16:32:26] neO -- WORLD: stephanie
[16:32:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I know lots of Stephanies.
[16:32:35] neO -- WORLD: as in ; in the orchestra
[16:32:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Orchestra? Which one?
[16:32:53] neO -- WORLD: haha.....stephanie kuan
[16:33:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: From school?
[16:33:20] neO -- WORLD: u are really henry?
[16:33:39] neO -- WORLD: as in; the henry from the freakin' orchestra?
[16:33:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes, I'm Henry from the orchestra.
[16:34:06] neO -- WORLD: then who did i chat to over the last week or
[16:36:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't know, I haven't been online for about
two weeks because my computer wasn't working.
[16:38:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: So do I know you, other than you know me, you
go to Macleans, you know Steph and your name is Gian?
[16:38:47] neO -- WORLD: realli; do u have siblings
[16:39:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes, two.
[16:39:26] neO -- WORLD: so ur telling me that u haven't been online
for the past two weeks or so
[16:39:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No.
[16:40:11] neO -- WORLD: well; guess what; i THOUGHT i was talking to
YOU for the last two weeks
[16:40:17] neO -- WORLD: now ain't that interesting
[16:41:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, okay. You can't have been though.
[16:41:38] neO -- WORLD: why not
[16:41:53] neO -- WORLD: hhahahah
[16:42:03] neO -- WORLD: well; you know what i'm gonna do?
[16:42:16] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No.
[16:42:20] neO -- WORLD: i'm just gonna delete myself from your list;
is that ok?
[16:42:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, if you want.
[16:42:49] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Go right ahead.
[16:43:03] neO -- WORLD: just did
[16:43:38] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy has changed his/her name to neO -- WORLD RECORD: me
bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN oNe dAy; sorry tal. and
[16:43:41] * neO -- WORLD RECORD: me bLew gOod tHings iN life tWICE iN
oNe dAy; sorry tal. and Stephanie. is now Offline

The next day! (The goood part.)

| Session Start: 09 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...≫『"Oi Henry, Sorry i forgot ur b'day』 ( |
| ...stephanie is not angry at me~~~ ( |
[23:44:47] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HELLO?
[23:44:55] neO -- step: yeah
[23:44:56] neO -- step: here
[23:45:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, hi Sonny and random person I dont know.
[23:45:01] neO -- step: trying to see if any one of us makes the
[23:45:07] neO -- step: lol
[23:45:11] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: URGH!
[23:45:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: tricksy
[23:45:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry?
[23:45:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yea?
[23:45:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: geez, long time no chat dude
[23:46:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: So is there a reason why I'm in here?
[23:47:05] neO -- step: to catch up
[23:47:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Catch up on?
[23:47:22] neO -- step: so you didn't actually talked to me for the
last 2 weeks
[23:47:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh no my internet has been busted for the
last 2 weeks.
[23:47:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: My isp fucked up (stupid asian company)
[23:48:03] neO -- step: THEN WHO THE HELL DID
[23:48:10] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How the fuck do I know?
[23:48:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea, i saw u online tho
[23:48:17] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't start yelling at me, fistmonkey.
[23:48:42] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: MSN does that all the time. Ever get people
pop up and then immediately go offline? Yeah. I promise you
I wasn't online for the last 2 weeks.
[23:48:51] neO -- step: well; SOMEONE was using UR address and said
[23:48:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: wow shit
[23:48:59] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i didn't know ttha
[23:49:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I could care less considering I dont know
[23:49:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i waz wondering why u weren't talking to me
[23:49:10] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ㅜ_ㅜ
[23:49:18] neO -- step: well; sonny wanna fill in?
[23:49:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: soz sonny i thought i told chu at school
[23:49:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: omg, i really didn't kno
[23:49:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: r u fucking serious
[23:49:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah.
[23:50:10] neO -- step: well; i thought YOU were chating to me; the
whole time; u even mentioned being stephanie's
[23:50:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OI henry
[23:50:27] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: seriously
[23:50:27] neO -- step: and the whole fucking leturture..
[23:50:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz
[23:50:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is REALLY werid
[23:50:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I'm Stephanie's friend. What about it?
[23:50:43] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ARGH
[23:50:56] neO -- step: well; THIS dude i WAS TALKING TO; said that
[23:51:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i thoguht it was henry
[23:51:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And I'm Helen Clarke.
[23:51:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i mean who else could it be?
[23:51:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Sure. I'll just sign my name on a couple of
[23:51:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ....r u fucking with us
[23:51:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I'm not.
[23:51:41] neO -- step: define, 'US'
[23:51:55] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: stop yelling, mofo.
[23:52:00] neO -- step: assumely; as in ass-u-and-me
[23:52:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz the whole time U (devil matrix)
[23:52:10] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: told me bout convos u had with henry
[23:52:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i just thoguht "hmm ok"
[23:52:17] neO -- step: YES
[23:52:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: (i believe Neo is looking for ----- don't
assume - you make an ass of you and me)
[23:52:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: If you're going to quote dude, get it right.
[23:52:36] neO -- step: i'm all confused now
[23:52:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: how do u think i am feeling right now
[23:53:10] neO -- step: well; the FAKE henry; told me A LOT OF
[23:53:16] neO -- step: ABOUT STEPHANIE
[23:53:23] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: There is no fake me.
[23:53:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm the one and only. Stop fucking with me.
[23:53:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: AND STOP YELLING.
[23:53:38] neO -- step: well; who the fuck was i talking to?
[23:53:47] neO -- step: NOT YELLING HERE
[23:53:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: For the last cunting time I don't fucking
[23:53:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: was it ur bro?
[23:54:01] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: is he playing trick?
[23:54:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No, my brothers can't use my MSN they dont
know my password.
[23:54:19] neO -- step: well; ain't that fucking special
[23:54:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok, see that's just FREAKY
[23:54:36] neO -- step: cause someone was calling me a fucking
obsessive and a stalker
[23:54:37] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz i SAW ur name popping up
[23:54:43] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "black omen signed in"
[23:54:44] neO -- step: EXACTLY
[23:54:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Nobody says things without reason.
[23:54:51] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And STOP FUCKING YELLING
[23:54:52] neO -- step: maybe; A GHOST
[23:55:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: if someone called you a fucking obsessive and
a stalker you probably did something to deserve it.
[23:55:03] neO -- step: sonny;
[23:55:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh
[23:55:23] neO -- step: sonny; am i a stalker?
[23:55:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u've explained
[23:55:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: that ur not
[23:55:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and i believe that ur not
[23:55:48] neO -- step: THANK YOU FOR THE 100TH TIMES
[23:55:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: sarcasm?
[23:56:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU STILL HAVEN'T FUCKING
[23:56:10] neO -- step: well; APPARANTLY someone was shitting all
three of us
[23:56:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: .......
[23:56:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: that's 100th time and Apparently.
[23:56:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is REALLY scary
[23:56:34] neO -- step: he fucking called me a BASTARD
[23:56:41] neO -- step: i'm so fucking gonna kill him
[23:56:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh no, a BASTARD
[23:56:44] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:45] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: oh no oh no
[23:56:47] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:48] neO -- step: kill
[23:56:50] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok..
[23:56:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is getting REALLY freaky
[23:57:00] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am jst stiitn gherer going
[23:57:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "fuck what the fuck?"
[23:57:05] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: :'( I was called a bastard! Oh no!
[23:57:07] neO -- step: hey; guys; i'm not making this shit up man
[23:57:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What shit up? I don't even fucking know you.
I don't even know why I'm listening to you.
[23:57:34] neO -- step: oh yeah; let me think;
[23:58:13] neO -- step: well; someone told me that wat friends are
for and all those lecturing shit
[23:58:19] neO -- step: and i believed in him
[23:58:25] neO -- step: *(*
[23:58:40] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Sure, whatever floats your boat but I still
don't care because you're a complete stranger.
[23:59:06] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: could n e one hack?
[23:59:15] neO -- step: no
[23:59:18] neO -- step: like duh
[23:59:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tons of people hack but I don't see why
anyone would hack my account.
[23:59:26] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I have like nothing of value.
[23:59:36] neO -- step: well; must be chris
[23:59:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i don't onw
[23:59:38] neO -- step: or raymond
[23:59:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Who the fuck is Chris?
[23:59:45] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but sumone must have done sumehit
[23:59:52] neO -- step: chris neil
[23:59:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: There are loads of Chrises.
[23:59:57] neO -- step: he added me in
[00:00:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...Chris Neels? As in the drama guy?
[00:00:05] neO -- step: yep
[00:00:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How the fuck do you know him?
[00:00:29] neO -- step: cause he added me in for no apparent reasons
[00:00:33] neO -- step: want his email?
[00:00:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No, I have it.
[00:00:45] neO -- step: ........
[00:00:55] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I wuldn't take anything from you right now
anyway. I dont even know who you are.
[00:01:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: sonny, why am I still here
[00:01:14] neO -- step: sonny!!!
[00:01:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: uh
[00:01:18] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i have NO idea
[00:01:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well
[00:01:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: what were u doig if U WEREN"T olnline
[00:01:36] neO -- step: this is fucking weird
[00:01:40] neO -- step: it's spooky
[00:01:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:01:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: now that i realise
[00:01:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm on my computer almost every day if it
counts. But I wasn't online.
[00:02:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u never talked to me
[00:02:02] neO -- step: then who?
[00:02:03] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: did u?
[00:02:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i dont' remember
[00:02:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I can't have. I haven't been online for the
last two weeks.
[00:02:18] neO -- step: ur bro?
[00:02:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea is william fucking withu s?
[00:02:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And Neo, I already fucking told you I haven't
been online for 2 weeks so I DONT know who I DONT know
anything I dont even know who you are.
[00:02:43] neO -- step: then who the hell was faking pretending to be
stephanie's friend?
[00:02:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I doubt it. I told you none of my brothers
know my password.
[00:03:00] neO -- step: well; that was news
[00:03:03] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u sure?
[00:03:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Positive. I change it every month.
[00:03:16] neO -- step: great; we have orchestra tomorrow
[00:03:20] neO -- step: don't turn up
[00:03:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No we don't.
[00:03:27] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:03:29] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HANG ON
[00:03:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: let me get tihs right
[00:03:40] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u
[00:03:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry hve'nt been online
[00:03:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I haven't.
[00:03:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: THAT"S WHY U HAVEN'T GIVEN ME NEW REMIXES!!
[00:04:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: >.>
[00:04:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah...
[00:04:12] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i waz wonderig why
[00:04:16] neO -- step: hey; u guys gonna tell steph?
[00:04:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tell steph what?
[00:04:22] neO -- step: cause she's gonna be freaked
[00:04:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: obviously
[00:04:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That some random guy I dont know is talking
to me?
[00:04:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry u have no idea what happened in the
last 2 weeks
[00:04:47] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I don't.
[00:05:01] neO -- step: hey; maybe we can call this a movie
[00:05:02] neO -- step: like;
[00:05:07] neO -- step: 'THE TWO WEEKS'
[00:05:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Or not.
[00:05:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How corny does that sound.
[00:05:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nah, two close to Two weeks notice
[00:05:24] neO -- step: it'll make a blockbuster movie
[00:05:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: LOL nice pun there Sonny. NOICE
[00:05:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I know what'd make a blockbuster movie - Neo
stops asking the same question again and again!
[00:06:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is scary beyond scary
[00:06:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: there might be a real stalker
[00:06:16] neO -- step: how about 'The Two Henry'
[00:06:18] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: to get U OFF STEPH
[00:06:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How about no? I'd be disgraced to have my
name in a shit moive.
[00:06:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ARGH
[00:06:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: all a plan
[00:06:39] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ALL A PLAN
[00:06:41] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: *movie
[00:06:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, Devilmatrix is on Steph?
[00:07:01] neO -- step: so suddenly i became the victim
[00:07:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'm missing a whole shitheap here.
[00:07:11] neO -- step: NOT
[00:07:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well, if whta u say is true
[00:07:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: then yes u missed a LOT
[00:07:32] neO -- step: sonny; i think i'm gonna pass out soon
[00:07:34] neO -- step: yeah
[00:07:37] neO -- step: i'll do that
[00:07:40] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:07:46] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: devil matrix
[00:07:55] neO -- step: yeah; i'm hanging on my ass
[00:08:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: do u think this is crap? is there actually a
[00:08:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: stalking steph
[00:08:15] neO -- step: r u actually refering to me?
[00:08:17] neO -- step: sonny?
[00:08:26] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You're hanging...on your ass?
[00:08:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What the fuck?
[00:08:30] neO -- step: lol
[00:08:33] neO -- step: pun
[00:08:44] neO -- step: look; henry
[00:08:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: this is gettig out of hand
[00:08:54] neO -- step: haven't u been hanging out with stephanie?
[00:09:10] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't "hang out" with Stephanie...she's in
[00:09:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And stop yelling.
[00:09:23] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's annoying to say the least.
[00:09:26] neO -- step: sonny....a little help here
[00:09:43] neO -- step: btw. don't turn up in orchestra.
[00:10:01] neO -- step: THE STALKER will be LAUGHING HIS/HER ASS OFF
[00:10:08] neO -- step: to avoid the shame
[00:10:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I'll go to orchestra whether I want to or
not. And I'm not going cause it's marking day, what sort of
dipshit goes on marking day...
[00:10:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Stop fucking yelling already.
[00:10:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ........hmm
[00:10:23] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u sure?
[00:10:24] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's not on?
[00:10:31] neO -- step: IT IS ON
[00:10:46] neO -- step: fine; be online at 4:00
[00:10:49] neO -- step: pm
[00:10:51] neO -- step: i'll tell u guys
[00:10:58] neO -- step: tomorrow
[00:11:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What the fuck?
[00:11:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Tell me what?
[00:11:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh?
[00:11:15] neO -- step: that the orchestra IS ON
[00:11:17] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That I now have a counterpart I dont know who
can hack my MSN?
[00:11:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What else?
[00:11:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rabid monkeys are now coming to Cambodia to
transfer livers to old unborn patients?
[00:11:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: since WHEN were u able to come online
[00:11:49] neO -- step: let me see....................sonny; kindly
fill the whole lot IN
[00:11:52] neO -- step: about me
[00:11:57] neO -- step: about steph
[00:12:03] neO -- step: about anything
[00:12:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's TOO long
[00:12:13] neO -- step: exactly
[00:12:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i'ts like a FUCKING long story
[00:12:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and U appaerntly miossed out
[00:12:36] neO -- step: ok; how about
[00:12:45] neO -- step: the weird henry
[00:12:52] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: "weird"
[00:13:04] neO -- step: btw. the weird henry changed ur msn nickname
[00:13:11] neO -- step: want me to say it
[00:13:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What?
[00:13:22] neO -- step: ok. here's one.
[00:13:45] neO -- step: 'i smell your fear; oh wait that's ur piss;
oh wait that's fear. forgive me'
[00:13:54] neO -- step: that's one of ur msn nickname
[00:14:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, no.
[00:14:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: My last MSN nickname according to my logs is
"I can't believe it's not butter!"
[00:14:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And all the other shit like Buraku Oman and
the bats and Yoshikawa
[00:14:36] neO -- step: well; sonny?
[00:14:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i don't erally remmeeer his
[00:14:50] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: old names
[00:14:51] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but
[00:14:53] neO -- step: u saw that nickname
[00:14:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: it's scarily enuf
[00:14:56] neO -- step: didn't u?
[00:15:00] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yes i guess
[00:15:02] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i DON"T REMMBER
[00:15:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ii dont' keep track of nick names
[00:15:10] neO -- step: who's FUCKING WITH uS?
[00:15:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: STOP FUCKING YELLING YOU PRICK.
[00:15:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How many times does it take to get through?
Not polite.
[00:15:28] neO -- step: i'm not fucking yelling
[00:15:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: well IF u were IN OUR SITUATION U"D AGREE
[00:15:35] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: to YELL
[00:15:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz it's FREAKY
[00:15:42] neO -- step: I"M FUCKING ANGRY
[00:15:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...CAPITAL LETTERS IS YELLING. Learn the
ethics of the internet.
[00:15:46] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: BEYOND FREAKY
[00:15:50] neO -- step: ;ljkfdsaljkd;safjdkls;fjdskla;jkfdwa
[00:15:54] neO -- step: get it?
[00:16:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Whoo hoo you're angry. Like I said I could
care less because I don't care for strangers.
[00:16:06] neO -- step: it's called; uncontrollable anger
[00:16:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Get anger management.
[00:16:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Shit.
[00:16:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: geez
[00:16:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: don't be like taht henry
[00:16:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he's not usualy like this
[00:16:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Better not be. Seems pretty obnoxious at the
[00:16:53] neO -- step: ><
[00:17:07] neO -- step: sorry henry
[00:17:16] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nah
[00:17:16] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Uh, okay.
[00:17:18] neO -- step: we're like; blaming on u
[00:17:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he's cool
[00:17:26] neO -- step: for no reasons
[00:17:30] neO -- step: well; yeah;
[00:17:33] neO -- step: one reason
[00:17:42] neO -- step: who's the stalker?
[00:17:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Who's stalking who?
[00:18:07] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea how's thw stalker
[00:18:12] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: would he be in orchetra
[00:18:13] neO -- step: see; this is a very bad stalker
[00:18:16] neO -- step: yes
[00:18:23] neO -- step: he told me he's in the orchestra
[00:18:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: A very bad stalker? Is there any other kind?
[00:18:27] neO -- step: like U; henry
[00:18:40] neO -- step: i can tell u that he's very sarcastic
[00:18:42] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I'm in the orchestra. So what?
[00:18:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: and sick right?
[00:18:56] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't give a toss about this imaginary
other stalker guy.
[00:19:19] neO -- step: and he knew wat pieces we're gonna play at
orchestra festiva!!!!1
[00:19:30] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: so he's in orchetra for sure
[00:19:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[00:19:34] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: who is he
[00:19:40] neO -- step: excuse me but did anyone say; 'imaginary'?
[00:19:49] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry did
[00:19:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes. Seeing is believing.
[00:20:01] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't give me your bullshit tales I'll
believe it when I see it.
[00:20:21] neO -- step: o.k
[00:20:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hang on
[00:20:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i have few susppicians
[00:20:32] neO -- step: this is BULLSHIT?????
[00:20:34] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: the fake henry might be
[00:20:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: thta' steven guy
[00:20:57] neO -- step: steven?
[00:21:01] neO -- step: wat the fuck
[00:21:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: u know
[00:21:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Wh is Steven.
[00:21:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: that guy
[00:21:14] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: second violin?
[00:21:25] neO -- step: doesn't ring a bell
[00:21:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: glasses
[00:21:37] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: hangs round iwth denise
[00:21:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: DENISE? is he denise?
[00:21:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i avhent' seen him online
[00:22:03] neO -- step: look; i'm going to go to sleep now; when are
u guys gonna be online?
[00:22:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am online most of the time
[00:22:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: so hang on
[00:22:16] neO -- step: my poor brain is suffering
[00:22:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HENRY is rELLY HENR right?
[00:22:23] neO -- step: trauma
[00:22:32] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: YES IM ME
[00:22:33] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: henry
[00:22:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: is henry
[00:22:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: good
[00:22:43] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I have black long hair
[00:22:44] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: glasses
[00:22:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Malaysian/Taiwanese
[00:22:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What else would you liek to know?
[00:23:00] * neO -- stephanie is not angry at me~~~ has changed
his/her name to neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon
[00:23:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The size of my pants? How much hair gel i
[00:23:27] neO -- i"m g: ok; so ur henry for sure
[00:23:47] neO -- i"m g: but u guys are gonna turn up tomorrow for the
rehearsal rite?
[00:23:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: I AM NOT
[00:23:55] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i hate orchetra
[00:24:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Don't know. It's boring, Wallace doesn't give
a shit about the cellos.
[00:24:19] neO -- i"m g: any of u are going to spoil the news to
[00:24:32] neO -- i"m g: cause i did complain to her about ur
[00:25:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The fuck?
[00:25:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: lets not tell fornow
[00:25:16] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i think she has enuf troubles alreayd
[00:25:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: dont' tell her
[00:25:23] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: she 's having pms heeh
[00:25:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Mmm, red wings.
[00:25:33] neO -- i"m g: mm............
[00:25:48] neO -- i"m g: it's definetly strange
[00:25:58] neO -- i"m g: and i have to make a conclusion
[00:26:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: yea me too
[00:26:05] neO -- i"m g: i am not making this whole thing up
[00:26:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i feel like a dumbass
[00:26:17] neO -- i"m g: i felt; betrayed
[00:26:26] neO -- i"m g: so sonny;
[00:26:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh okay. Sure. Right.
[00:26:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG sonny is it 26th Jan?
[00:26:41] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: no
[00:26:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: sorry
[00:26:45] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: ...
[00:26:49] neO -- i"m g: did u actually talk to henry for the last two
[00:26:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: 20 something. I swear.
[00:27:05] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: nope
[00:27:17] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: as far as i am concerned i thoght
[00:27:23] neO -- i"m g: i do know one thing though
[00:27:36] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i DIDn'T cuz recently i ghouth the real henry
wasn't talking to me
[00:27:54] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: cuz i thougth hed got pissedoff, sincei
forgot his b'dya
[00:28:07] neO -- i"m g: he doesn't like using ; 'u' and 'realli' ; he
prefers 'you' and really
[00:28:14] neO -- i"m g: and he uses ; 'mkay'
[00:28:17] neO -- i"m g: realli often
[00:29:03] neO -- i"m g: any ideas?
[00:29:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I hate people who use "u" and "realli" and
all the other lazy ass internet things. Unless used for
[00:29:28] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: whatever
[00:29:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I mean, "realli" and "really" are the same
number of letters and i and y are only a letter apart. Lazy
[00:29:47] neO -- i"m g: ..'he' said that too
[00:29:59] neO -- i"m g: WAT A COINCIDENCE
[00:30:08] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: HENRY R U FUCKING ROND?
[00:30:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rond?
[00:30:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Rond isn't a word.
[00:30:33] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And both of you stop yelling.
[00:30:35] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: round
[00:30:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's annoying.
[00:30:46] neO -- i"m g: ok; henry; YOU SWEAR UR NOT FUCKING WITH US?
[00:30:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No I'm not fucking round, told you, I ain't
been online for last two weeks, now get off my case!
[00:31:02] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Bloody hell.
[00:31:10] neO -- i"m g: well; prove it then
[00:31:19] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: YES
[00:31:20] neO -- i"m g: sonny; i need a little support here
[00:31:22] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: PROV IT
[00:31:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Prove what?
[00:31:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i want to knowwhether this is all a joke
[00:31:38] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: THAT U R REALLY HENRY HNERY
[00:31:38] neO -- i"m g: sick joke
[00:31:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That I'm really me?
[00:31:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Okay. what would only I know?
[00:32:09] neO -- i"m g: well; for one thing about ur nickname;
[00:32:13] neO -- i"m g: u uses flake
[00:32:17] neO -- i"m g: and guess wat
[00:32:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: What?
[00:32:25] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: what's falke?
[00:32:26] neO -- i"m g: 'he ' used it as WELL
[00:32:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Flake is a song.
[00:32:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: By Jack Johnson.
[00:32:50] neO -- i"m g: so the 'other' henry liked that song as
[00:32:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Look man, you're starting to piss me off. I'm
me and no-one fucking else is.
[00:32:57] neO -- i"m g: COINCIDENCE
[00:33:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I don't bleeding know.
[00:33:06] neO -- i"m g: YOU"VE ENTErED THE DANGER ZONE
[00:33:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: The next time you yell I'm leaving.
[00:33:13] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: ok
[00:33:15] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am confused
[00:33:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i'll ask a questoin
[00:33:24] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: only henry would kno
[00:33:27] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Go ahead.
[00:33:37] neO -- i"m g: sonny; henry; u guys aren't trying to do me
in rite?
[00:33:44] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: huh?
[00:33:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Do you in for what? Yelling and generally
being an asshole?
[00:33:52] neO -- i"m g: cause rite now; i'm confused
[00:33:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am not sure bout ne one right now
[00:33:55] neO -- i"m g: big time
[00:34:06] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: i am beginnnig to suspect u guys
[00:34:09] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: damn it
[00:34:26] neO -- i"m g: okkkk; sonny; i'm sure that u didn't do it
[00:34:41] neO -- i"m g: cause you were online when 'he' was online
[00:34:48] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: right
[00:34:50] neO -- i"m g: u ppl can't log in at the same time
[00:34:55] neO -- i"m g: rite/
[00:34:57] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OHOH, u COULD using hack
[00:35:04] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but no, no-one really would
[00:35:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Dude, you guys are stressing way too much.
What, the fuck.
[00:35:13] neO -- i"m g: some sick fucking bastard
[00:35:17] neO -- i"m g: better not be raymond
[00:35:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You leave Raymond alone.
[00:35:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Or you'll answer to me, asshole.
[00:35:31] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he hasn't talked that much
[00:35:53] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: but raymond OCULD be suspected cuz
[00:35:56] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: he got blocked
[00:35:58] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: OMG
[00:36:01] neO -- i"m g: well; HE did try to talk trash
[00:36:08] neO -- i"m g: u know wat/
[00:36:11] neO -- i"m g: i'm going now
[00:36:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Guess what Neo!
[00:36:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You just yelled.
[00:36:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!

| Session Start: 10 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...≫『"Oi Henry, Sorry i forgot ur b'day』 ( |
| neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon ( |
[00:36:20] neO -- i"m g: i've had enough
[00:36:20] ≪☆ⓢⓞⓝⓝⓨ☆≫『"O: oh ok
[00:36:24] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!

| Session Start: 10 September 2003 |
| Participants: |
| could be God!" [Yoshikawa] ( |
| neO -- i"m gOnna kIll thAt perSon ( |
[00:36:42] neO -- i"m g: watever
[00:36:47] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Fuck off!
[00:37:00] neO -- i"m g: fuck off wat
[00:37:08] neO -- i"m g: not accusing u or anything
[00:37:09] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Goodbye!
[00:37:10] neO -- i"m g: geez
[00:38:15] neO -- i"m g: uh.........sorry man
[00:38:15] neO -- i"m g: just a little jumpy
[00:38:16] neO -- i"m g: for sonny and me
[00:38:28] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You yelled. Lost your chance. Stop talking to
[00:38:44] neO -- i"m g: i did not yell; ok;
[00:38:56] neO -- i"m g: well; excuse me for being curious; but sonny
yelled as well!
[00:39:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah, I know him. I don't know you. Way to be
prejudice, sure, you call that line, but just watch as your
words fall on deaf ears.
[00:40:12] neO -- i"m g: ok
[00:40:14] neO -- i"m g: not you ok?
[00:40:17] neO -- i"m g: satisfied?
[00:40:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Stop talking to me.
[00:40:54] neO -- i"m g: one more thing; sonny and me are worried
because of the stalker; .....and steph.
[00:40:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Bye!
[00:41:41] neO -- i"m g: bye

Yeah. Hope you enjoyed my KRAZY LOG. For the last part, I closed my window about five times. He kept talkin to me. Some people can't take a hint.

Yeah. So that's the end of Devilmatrix RETURNS! I thought I knew who it was but, eh, no. But at least I have a name now...

Sunday, August 31, 2003

EPISODE THREE: Why Exams Suck Dick

1. They are very stressful. I mean, with rarely any re-sit opportunities you get like one shot. And they don't observe what you do in class and somehow they can test a whole year's of learning in three or so hours. Bastards.

2. They are boring. All you do is sit in the same place and write things on paper. I mean at least in class you can talk to people and doodle occassionally.

3. I have my birthday during exams. Bungholio.

Yeah. Anyway, I haven't started studying for English and the exam is tomorrow but I don't care, I'd fail anyway. Stupid exams.

This morning I woke up at 8.00. I'm fucked, I never wake at 8.00 on a Sunday. I'm sleepy. Bizatch. Instead of studying like I should have today, I did two remixes....^^"

Oh well. Shit happens, hits the fan and splatters all over the room so you can smell it 24/7.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

EPISODE TWO: Fuck The Alphabetical Order

Mkay, background info - our school. In competition. Gets placing but dunno which. Perform in "showcase concert". Then they read out the awards.

Bronze Awards are not important.

Silver Awards:

Saint Cuthberts. Epsom Girls. Macleans College.

See, the thing is one would think that they would put M before S, so after I heard St. Cuths I was like OMG YOU NOT SERIOUS WE WIN A GOLD? And then teh silly MC guy sez Epsom Girls. I mean, it's nice and all you ignored the WHOLE five letter word - what's with that? English is such a stupid language.

So a big fux j00 for the alphabetical order.

The judges comments were alright, the cello section for Chamber Orchestra got bad things about intonation though - not good for me considering I'm section leader. >.< But I blame Michelle. Cause I can. =P

-End Case-

Tomorrow I get to wake up really early and help some Bhuddist thing! HURRAH! I'd so like to do that even though exams are on Monday and I haven't even STARTED studying, and it's eating into my valuable study time and photography ass_ignment time!

Mofo to religion but props to chivalry and community service.
Hello and welcome to REALITY INTERNET (tm) - I am your fucking host, Henry. And everybody knows how stupid reality TV is - take it the next step and you've got gargantuan stupid. So if you're reading this, consider yourself either very stupid or interested in what happens to me in REALITY (tm).


EPISODE ONE: The Scooby Doo Gang

Well, the background information is that Stephanie, who shall remain surnameless for privacy and security reasons, was being stalked by a random person.

Article 1: The valentines sent by said person.

There is an email address on it. Stephanie goes and adds it. Uh-oh.
The guy says some pretty weird things, wants to ask "personal questions, hehe" and writes really strange poems.

Stephanie is at a loss. What to do? Call in - the fucking Scooby Doo Gang! Sonny --> Scooby. Raymond --> Shaggy. Me --> Fred. Stephanie --> Daphne. And we made Willie Velma but he didn't do anything, really.

Hunt for the stalker commences - sonny and raymond have a headstart, source a few clues - has exams soon, blah blah blah I'm getting sick of typing this shit (that's the reality) so I'll just cut it short and say I worked out who it was (or at least 98.5% sure) and now Steph knows too.

To find out who the stalker was I came up with the idea to counterstalk. But it didn't work.

I'll leave with some interesting excerpts from my talking with said stalker:

| Session Start: 28 August 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ...l question? Hehehe. [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ... you'll die today'- James Bryon ( |
[19:49:05] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG! You're ONLINE!
[19:49:10] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: hello!
[19:50:23] 'Dream as if: wat
[19:50:36] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: oh dont be so callous to your admirer!
[19:50:39] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: do you know I am? I LOVE YOU!
[19:50:51] 'Dream as if: shut up henry
[19:51:06] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG are you serious? How can you tell me to
shut up when I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY BABIES?!?!
[19:51:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I look at you in Orchestra all the time and
my heart melts when I see through your glasses into your
deep black ocean of eyes.
[19:51:47] 'Dream as if: hahaah watever
[19:52:00] 'Dream as if: ur a friend of sonny
[19:52:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah but I don't LOVE him like I LOVE you
[19:52:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I wrote a poem about you this morning
[19:52:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: "My dearest Saviour"
[19:53:17] 'Dream as if: that i'll talk about in orc...wat a laugh
[19:53:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Everytime I look at you my heart skips a
And I think of you like a dog on heat.
I want to bone you from behind, you're so smart,
And I love you even though you look like a fart.

Save me from the end of the world! Save me!
When I look at you I get nervous and almost have to pee;
Know that I love you forever and a day,
And I know deep down that you too are gay.
[19:53:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I hope you like it!
[19:54:21] 'Dream as if: very much
[19:54:21] 'Dream as if: haha
[19:54:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Ah, I can just imagine your smile now
[19:54:37] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's soo sweeeet
[19:55:00] 'Dream as if: just to let u know; i'm not andy......he's a
fucking geek with a crew cut
[19:55:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: oh sure.
[19:55:13] 'Dream as if: and. dream on
[19:55:20] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You're SOOO selfish!
[19:55:30] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: All you think about is you you you. What
about MY feelings for you?
[19:55:32] 'Dream as if: :P
[19:55:40] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Do you know how many times I wet myself at
night thinking of you?
[19:55:48] 'Dream as if: haha
[19:55:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: How many Roman fucking Catholics I'd
motherfucking rape for you?
[19:55:54] 'Dream as if: humerous
[19:56:03] 'Dream as if: roman catholics?
[19:56:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG! You are stupid! You spelt it wrong!
[19:56:19] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's humourous or humorous depending on
whether you prefer BRITISH or AMERICAN.
[19:56:29] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: But I know you have American english.
[19:56:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And I love it!
[19:56:37] 'Dream as if: so
[19:57:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Why are you so callous to me? Can't you at
least share my enthusiasm for you?
[19:57:36] 'Dream as if: interesting
[19:57:39] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG can I ask you a personal question?
[19:57:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: how big is your penis? is it like bigger than
the 2.5 cm I heard?
[19:57:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Cause I like a guy with a small penis! That's
why I LOOOOVE you.
[19:58:08] 'Dream as if: hahahahh
[19:58:48] 'Dream as if: ur fucking weird
[19:59:02] 'Dream as if: u know chris?
[19:59:08] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Chris?
[19:59:14] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: There are a lot of Chrises.
[19:59:28] 'Dream as if: chris neil
[19:59:40] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh yes, he's not as sexy as you.
[20:00:03] 'Dream as if: he's the dude who plays the basson rite/
[20:00:34] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: No you stupid cunt (I love stupid people they
make me horny). The only guy who plays the bassoon is
Johnathan Martin.
[20:00:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Hehe can I ask you a personal question?
[20:00:53] 'Dream as if: ha
[20:00:56] 'Dream as if: no
[20:00:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Do you have asshairs? Or are you an immature
[20:01:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Cause I like little boys and you're in that
[20:02:09] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You know what I mean by little...tee hee
[20:03:00] 'Dream as if: maybe ur the one that's fucking
immature...haah laughable...sonny made fun of me on the bus
and believe me; i heard everything
[20:03:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Hee Hee
[20:03:09] 'Dream as if: now it's time for u to piss off
[20:03:15] The following message could not be delivered to all
recipients: Hee Hee
[20:03:39] * 'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die
today'- James Bryon is now Offline

| Session Start: 29 August 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ... to KILL ME OMG NO! [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...thinG; CauSe uR eYes sAy iT all ( |
[18:07:36] giA~U doN't : very funny
[18:07:38] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:08:11] giA~U doN't : ur such a freak'in shit
[18:08:15] giA~U doN't : ur are ay
[18:08:52] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAy
iT all is now Offline
[18:19:54] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAy
iT all is now Online
[18:20:13] giA~U doN't : ur full of shit
[18:20:43] giA~U doN't : henry
[18:20:44] giA~U doN't : ur fucking mad
[18:21:15] giA~U doN't : ur such a sissy
[18:21:26] giA~U doN't : mm.....maybe ur jealous
[18:21:29] giA~U doN't : u shit
[18:22:06] giA~U doN't : and maybe u should fuck ur self cause u ain't
worth it
[18:22:21] giA~U doN't : ya little fuck
[18:23:28] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAy
iT all is now Offline
[18:31:02] * :[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[ »OMGIM SO SCARED DEVILSHITFACE wants to
KILL ME OMG NO! [Yoshikawa] has changed his/her name to
:[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[ »Nice talking to yourself there
Devilmatrix. Fun, was it? [Yoshikawa]

| Session Start: 29 August 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ...atrix. Fun, was it? [Yoshikawa] ( |
| ...thinG; CauSe uR eYes sAy iT all ( |
[18:47:41] giA~U doN't : but u wouldn't dare to talk to me do ya?
[18:47:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: bring it.
[18:47:52] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I was away.
[18:47:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And really, I still am.
[18:48:06] giA~U doN't : well;
[18:48:09] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG IM SO SCARED OF A PUSSY STALKER OH NO
[18:48:17] giA~U doN't : stalker?
[18:48:24] giA~U doN't : talking to ur self
[18:48:40] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Do you not see me mocking you? Hah. Blind.
[18:48:48] giA~U doN't : alwayz
[18:48:52] giA~U doN't : ur as blind as a baty
[18:49:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Well if you don't mind I'm going now. Keep
talking, it'll make an entertaining read when I come back.
[18:49:01] giA~U doN't : why mock?
[18:49:09] giA~U doN't : yes
[18:49:21] giA~U doN't : why are u away when ur not
[18:50:07] giA~U doN't : haah; ur a real mocker; talk about funny
that's not funny
[18:50:46] giA~U doN't : u must be realli annoyed and curious that i
would send a valintines to stephanie
[18:52:01] giA~U doN't : but hey; unless u like to mock someone or u
have a thing for stephanie i suggest u should think before
u type
[18:59:22] giA~U doN't : ur away and online; wat does that tell u?
[18:59:24] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:24] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:24] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:24] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:25] giA~U doN't : haah
[18:59:26] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:26] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:26] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:26] giA~U doN't : haha
[18:59:26] giA~U doN't : haha
[19:00:34] giA~U doN't : u know; u should get to know me before u make
stupid comments
[19:00:45] giA~U doN't : reallly
[19:01:24] * 'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die
today'- James Bryon has changed his/her name to giA~U doN't
haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys iT all
[19:01:30] giA~U doN't : so i'll just be around; ya
[19:01:44] giA~U doN't : haha yea; and good luck for tomorrow
[19:01:48] giA~U doN't : not that u need it
[19:04:08] giA~U doN't : and guess who's online rite now
[19:05:26] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys
iT all is now Offline
[19:27:11] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys
iT all is now Online
[19:27:24] giA~U doN't : u ther or wat
[19:27:58] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys
iT all is now Offline
[19:33:11] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys
iT all is now Online
[19:33:55] * giA~U doN't haVe to tEll Me anYthinG; CauSe uR eYes sAys
iT all is now Offline
[20:42:55] * A Retarderd Zip is now Online
[20:43:01] * A Retarderd Zip is now Offline
[21:44:41] * I am Online is now Online
[21:44:53] * I am Online is now Offline

| Session Start: 29 August 2003 |
| Participants: |
| ...atrix. Fun, was it? [Yoshikawa] ( |
| I am Online ( |
[23:34:05] I am Online: hey bitch; wassup
[23:34:18] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: OMG HI!
[23:35:20] I am Online: +o(
[23:36:23] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: (boobies)
[23:36:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: (finger
[23:36:46] I am Online: haha
[23:40:23] I am Online: ur amazingly talented
[23:40:35] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Why thanks. Unlike some people I know.
[23:40:47] I am Online: oh rite
[23:44:02] I am Online: some ppl?
[23:44:16] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yes. I'm talking to one AS WE SPEAK.
[23:44:25] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Seriously.
[23:44:41] I am Online: and who's that person
[23:44:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh, I think you already know this person.
[23:45:04] I am Online: like; WHOM
[23:45:17] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: like; WHY DONT YOU USE YOUR STALKERSKILLS AND
[23:45:39] I am Online: watttttt
[23:45:46] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: That's not a word.
[23:45:56] I am Online: yea; i NOTICED
[23:46:03] I am Online: she's not talking to me
[23:46:04] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: It's not even a neologism, as nobody can hold
a "t" sound for that long.
[23:46:04] I am Online: haha
[23:46:18] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: She? There are over 3 billion women in the
[23:47:22] I am Online: including gays? hahahaha
[23:47:34] I am Online: stephanie is talking to u?
[23:47:38] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Heh heh.
[23:48:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You know that deep down you're gay and this
Stephanie thing is just a cover for you. EMBRACE THE LIFE
[23:48:15] I am Online: oh realli
[23:48:33] I am Online: embrace life?
[23:48:37] I am Online: ur talking shit
[23:48:51] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: *BZZT*
[23:48:57] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: realli isn't a word.
[23:49:09] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And neither is "ur", unless you are referring
to the ancient city...
[23:49:44] I am Online: watever
[23:50:50] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: BZZT
[23:50:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: that isn't a word either!
[23:51:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Man, you're on a fucking stupid dipshit (tm)
roll today.
[23:51:07] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Or tonight, to be PC.
[23:51:19] I am Online: so
[23:51:27] I am Online: i don't give a shit
[23:51:51] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Just thought you know maybe if you weren't a
stupid stalker you'd have better chances. Mano e mano, this
shit ain't getting you anywhere.
[23:52:05] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And just as long as you remain a stalker, the
collective us will be after your ass.
[23:52:22] I am Online: define stalker
[23:52:34] I am Online: seriously
[23:52:48] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Perhaps stalker isn't the right word for about...freakishly obsessive?
[23:52:54] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Yeah. You'd give stalkers a bad name.
[23:53:05] I am Online: haha rite
[23:53:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: *BZZT* rite is not a word.
[23:53:13] I am Online: obsessive
[23:53:19] I am Online: not
[23:53:26] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Unless you are referring to a "rite of
passage" which is wrong in the defined context.
[23:53:39] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: And dude, you're more obsessive than people
who rent 6 porn tapes a day. Maybe you're both.
[23:54:06] I am Online: u might take urself for granted someday if u
can't shut ur hole
[23:54:12] I am Online: dude!
[23:54:22] * :[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[ »Nice talking to yourself there
Devilmatrix. Fun, was it? [Yoshikawa] has changed his/her
name to :[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[ »Hey look, it's a's a
plane, NO! It's an asteroid coming to kill us all AH HELP
ME AH. [Yoshikawa]
[23:54:34] I am Online: you are the most pathatic dude i ever known
[23:54:46] I am Online: maybe you lack social interacting skills
[23:54:50] I am Online: too bad
[23:54:55] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: "you are the most pathatic dude i ever known"
--- If only YOU knew the irony of that statement.
[23:55:22] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You're just afraid to show yourself, you
[23:56:12] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh look at me! Look at me! I can predict the
end of the world AND find an obsessive inspiration in
someone! Don't you realise you're freaking her out, you
[23:58:03] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I knew it! Nothing to say. Well, stew in your
own pathetic juices for a bit.
[23:58:45] I am Online: there's nothing to say to a complete idiotic
[23:58:51] I am Online: there's no point
[23:59:11] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You keep thinking that, you keep thinking
that, while I lead my life and you stay in your bubble.
[00:00:04] I am Online: u have the whole thing screwed and hey; u just
keep talking shit and i'll laugh the whole way
[00:00:15] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Vice versa buddy, vice versa.
[00:00:59] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Oh wait, is "vice versa" too hard a word for
you to comprehend? You gonna cry now? You gonna go to your
inspiration and go "BOO HOO HE'S BEING A MEANY"? You gonna
kill me?
[00:01:13] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: You wouldn't want to go to jail now would
you? Heh heh.
[00:01:25] I am Online: haah no
[00:01:57] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: I hope I'm ripping you up on the inside,
[00:02:20] I am Online: haah sorry to disappoint u.
[00:02:31] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: :P I can wait.
[00:02:41] I am Online: oh yea; and good luck tomorrow
[00:03:21] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Luck from you? Ironic and I don't think I'll
accept tainted shit, thanks.
[00:03:31] I am Online: ok
[00:04:31] * :[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[ »Hey look, it's a's a plane,
NO! It's an asteroid coming to kill us all AH HELP ME AH.
[Yoshikawa] has changed his/her name to :[[-=ブラク_オマン=-]:[
»Hey look, it's a's a plane, NO! It's an asteroid
coming to kill us all AH HELP ME AH.¬_¬ [Yoshikawa]
[00:09:53] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: gIA --- deTeCTivE dAPhE** scOoBy dOO whERe r
U?? says:
he says he's soo pissed off at u
[00:10:00] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Heh heh heh :D
[00:11:03] I am Online: she's on da phone u idiot
[00:11:18] :[[-=ブラク_オマン: Heh heh sure.

From here it gets really mushy and stuff - I find out the identity of said stalker - and also, he goes all repentant and stuff. So:


...See how boring/interesting this is, depending on whether you like information from complete strangers or not?

I went after school at 3.00 to try and do some stuff on my Photography Assignment. I stayed there till 5.25. I have nothing to show for it - I did two test strips but they went to the bin. Exams next week. Mofo.

The one good consolation is no parents, which means I am allowed to stay up insanely late and suffer the consequences.

Tomorrow is the Finale Concert thing for our School Senior Orchestra n' Chamber Orchestra. I'm in it.

On Thursday me, Raymond, Sonny and Willie busked outside Auckland Town Hall. We got all of $5....for about 1/2 an hour's playing. Bastards, I saw half of the people walk past with wallets. I calculated it out and O Sole Mio was worth $1, Pachabel's Canon was worth $1, Enter Sandman was worth $2 and the Holberg suite was not worth anything.

Anyway it's 1:40, I'm tired, I have shit to do tomorrow morning so g'nite.

If anyone I know in REALITY (tm) is reading this, hello. And goodbye, at the same time - hgeololdobye.