Sunday, December 31, 2006

OH YEAH!@!!!!! I passed my basic skills and handling thjingy

omg it was like

I started off really bad and was ultra worried I wasn't going to pass the test...

but man opmg it's amazing how much better you get in 2hrs.

I had to figure out like the whole clutch stuff like the bite point and stuff lol woo for manual

so much fun

bikes are heavier than you think

i am so excited

oh yeah


The beach is a place that's always fascinated me. The gentle caress of the waves against the sand...I mean, I can't swim or anything but it's just such a nice place. At night, when lights reflect off the lapping waves, it really is a sight of such pristine beauty.

Friday, December 29, 2006

lol we now have like the bones of a Toxic cover

test tomorrow. i am excited.

i realllly hope i pass
Hunua Falls. Maraetai. Yay!

Great day

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hurray for friends.

[ I m a g e r i e .] says:

ok i'm assuming we're taking my car?
§- ð_ð -§ د-ּ ʾاָاד³ - Rayho - Ξ - as I would, but not as I can - soulmates never die - says:
[ I m a g e r i e .] says:
(wen did we decide this)
§- ð_ð -§ د-ּ ʾاָاד³ - Rayho - Ξ - as I would, but not as I can - soulmates never die - says:

[[c=4]-=Blak=-[/c]] » -:- says:
why are we going there again
neoslimd g - says:
neoslimd g - says:
to get away from technology
neoslimd g - says:
and like
[[c=4]-=Blak=-[/c]] » -:- says:
[[c=4]-=Blak=-[/c]] » -:- says:
aren't we getting there in a car
neoslimd g - says:
[[c=4]-=Blak=-[/c]] » -:- says:
[[c=4]-=Blak=-[/c]] » -:- says:
so like we won't get very far then

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At this very moment, my iPod Shuffle is hurtling its way through the atmosphere on International Express shipping.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


mygosh lol

its awesome

so happy

good music





"Don't ask me to change. Because I can't." - Mumble
The Love Post

What is love?

Is it:
  • a feeling?
  • having a heart?
  • an electrical impulse inside your head?
  • making lunches for your children for 17 years?
  • your child deciding to make you lunch after you made them lunch for 17 years?
  • a man sacrificing his own life to save us all?
  • something you say?
  • something you do?
  • showing someone you care?
  • impossible?
  • taking your own time to do something for someone other than yourself?
  • being able to appreciate another's company?
  • a look in your eyes?
  • cooking dinner for your siblings without being asked to, and without complaining?
  • donating to a charity?
  • your favourite food?
  • golden silence and a warm smile?
  • driving two hours only to make a mistake and ruin it all?
  • giving presents?
  • winning the lottery?
  • winning the life lottery?
  • being able to trust in someone else unconditionally?
  • the freedom of expression, of thoughts and ideas?
  • looking incredibly beautiful?
  • what they show you on TV and magazines?
  • the perfect kiss?
  • being there when you're needed the most?
  • talking and letting others know how you feel?
  • Turkish Delights?
  • working broadband?
  • something like friendship, only not?
  • working together with others to achieve an ideal or a goal?
  • an online game - the paradox of social interaction, six people at their gaming machines?
  • attachment to a project?
  • a place to return home to?
  • the embrace that makes you melt and forget where you are?
  • changing someone's desktop to coerce a smile?
  • getting angry at a child because they didn't listen to you?
  • worrying that they almost hurt themselves when that balancing beam toppled?
  • doing your absolute best for someone?
  • doing your absolute best for someone other than yourself?
  • indescribable?
  • Aladdin and Jasmine?
  • something money can buy?
  • the kinship between human beings and their animal companions?
  • sex and intimate bodily contact?
  • being together for 50 years?
  • knowing someone else so well, you finish their sentences before they do?
  • the creation and exploration of music?
  • words, lyrics, poetry?
  • what wars are really fought over?
  • the emotion that will save us all?
  • the emotion that will lead to our final hour?
  • something a cruel man invented as a joke to puzzle millions?
  • a connection so embarrassing you cannot tell your children?
  • organized religion and its many tendrils?
  • sunrise?
  • sunset?
  • a long walk on the beach?
  • a long walk on the beach with someone else?
  • romantic or platonic?
  • everything that moves the world?
  • those little birds in the cartoons that hover around the female characters?
  • eye contact that doesn't feel weird?
  • waking up hours before you have to just for someone else?
  • being indoctrinated by the media to say and do creepy things before the time?
  • roses?
  • the connection between family members?
  • letting something you treasure deeply go, for the sake of someone else?
  • holding hands, and not just to cross the road?

I'm losing sleep over this. It has come to my attention that I don't know what love is. I'm not gonna rest until I find out.

Monday, December 25, 2006

William did a stellar job with Christmas Dinner.


smoked chicken and mesclun salad with crispy noodles
honey and avocado baguette slices


kumara and garlic mash
roast ham and gravy with roast vegetables
pan-grilled salmon with broccoli, carrot and avocado in pesto


christmas fruit tarts with cream
cheeseboard (camembert, edam, brandy and tropical fruit) with crackers

The new cutlery they bought made it look extra professissssionalllle~

so full lol

and tons of leftovers. we didn't really make a dent in the ham omg so yum


The weather is great. Finally something like summer - the heat, the sunshine; I've got the fan going and it's just splendid.


You know how I keep saying don't knock it until you try it? Well, those socks that Kat got me, I decided to wear them. Man - they are COMFORTABLE. I guess I will be wearing them after all :P


More presents were dropped off by Christmas Helen and Uniguide Raymond; Helen got me girl guide raisins which she knew I liked and also the erasable highlighter roll-on tape stuff! AND A BIKERCHICK CUP! Such great presents, I can tell she actually thought about it before she went out and got the stuff, thanks so much :) :) :) And Raymond painted me a cool little miniature square thing, all right!


So I came home after Christmas Lunch (which lasted quite long lol it's like 5.45 now), after an afternoon of drinking, Cranium and Playstation2, to check my phone and discover I had 6 unread messages and 1 phone call. Since I have 17c left on my phone, I can't text back but merry christmas to Thomas, Grant, Arron and Raymond cheers for the texts!

William is busy preparing dinner now what a pro!
So first things first;


Christmas is about Christmas spirit, etc, religion, blah okay I understand all of that :) but now

Christmas presssssssiez

Rather bizarre dress socks which I may never wear because they remind me of my dad from Kat (but that's okay!) and some really random chocolate coated coffee crumble thing from Russia from Kat. Thanks!

Jared gave me a cool book of Visual Illusions :) Although I'd already read the entire thing before cause the rec centre has a copy but that's not the point I appreciate the thought and everything :D He also forgot to remove the price-tag lol but it is a very cool book. I like the illusion with St. Thomas? and the dragon.

Kim gave me a miniature pachinko machine from Stevens - unfortunately, they didn't realise the handle was broken and they don't have a receipt so they're gonna try replace it. It's really cool though and the ball bearing things look wicky.

Richard gave me Stickmen II ; cool book :)

Cheryl gave me a box of Butter Cookies!!! YAY! I love those cookies man they remind me of my childhood. they like melt in your mouth and its all woot

William presented me with an interesting book, Blue like Jazz (I think); the premise is it's a
book of non-religious thoughts on Christian spirituality. I like jazz.

Arron who is strange with his psychic powers :) :) bought me new drumsticks! WOOT like my cool black ones (I think they were travis barker signature can't remember) are about to kaput some day, I can tell, it's all fraying and stuff. So now I have new pair for when they break! They are also Zdilajadjadjajan (cant spell it) and they're coooooooool thanks so much :) :) Arron how did you know i neeeeeded new sticks ^^


I'm sure I'm forgetting a present from someone or something, but that's what I woke up and opened under our Christmas tree this morning, I think.

My dad didn't make it in time.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I've just installed a whole lot of stuff onto my computer.

Firefox 2

Yes, 2. No, not 1.5; 2. What's new, you ask? Well, the fastest things that caught my eye were:

-Tabs now have close buttons on them
-Inbuilt spellchecker. The word spellchecker, for instance, has a dotted red line below it.


MSN Live Messenger

What's better than 7.5? Well, it looks square. And, you can make phone calls. Kinda like Skype. Except, not.

MSN Live Messenger Plus

This lets you do tabbed messenger windows! omg


I also changed my computer so that everything is a very pure and holy white. Yup. I would show you, but you don't care. It's christmas eve. Tomorrow everyone opens presents and it's like yay. Where is my dad? I don't know. Will he be here in time for Christmas? I doubt it.

I don't even remember what the last thing I said to him was, but I bet it wasn't particularly friendly or nice.

The new year is coming. Time moves on, you know, it doesn' doesn't stop for you or wait for you to catch your breath. Not that I do much. You know what I mean. No, maybe you don't.


Lots and lots of white.

You're rambling.

I don't care. This is my blog, right? I may not have anything interesting or unique or special to say, but the beauty of the internet is that it gives me the illusion that I do have a voice. Meow!

It's a good way to waste my time while I wait for a party in FFXI anyway :P

Friday, December 22, 2006

If you are going to publish a phone number.

PLEASE publish it the right way ><

Example one:

0274 4562 24

This is WRONG.

please split up the NETWORK NUMBER from the OTHER NUMBER and split the 7 digit OTHER NUMBER 3 and 4.

027 445 6224



0274 is not a network.


Handed in my tapes they r shutting down over christmas. only me and one other transcriber now. lol



Studylink was open but only the hungus Queen St. branch. Did that, but University closed today (my luck) and doesnt open back until the 3rd. So the last form in my Bonded Merit Scholarship will have to wait.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Okay so more things to do:

busking today at 5pm

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why. WHY would Google even TRY to make email *fun*.

Please do not advertise like that, thanks. Email is email, just cause you use a Google Approach doesn't mean it's going to become fun.


I made bad call Give Way sign oh noes angry van driver go along side median strip bad face beep horn I should feel bad but the power of music compells me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Plague is quite honestly the worst Horror movie I've seen in a while. I mean, at least after The Amityville Horror, I was really scared. The plague is doesn't explain anything and it gets the music cues all wrong and....urgh ending was utter crap didn't get it

I guess maybe the ending might have been like totally meaningful or something if I understood the rest of the movie. Which i didnt cause i didnt really pay very much attention cause it was that uninteresting. Children of Men got my attention. This did not.


Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles brusied by a lady in black
And I held my tongue as she told me
"Son fear is the heart of love"
So I never went back

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

You and me have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
And the soles of your shoes
are all worn down
The time for sleep is now
It's nothing to cry about
Cause we'll hold each other soon
In the blackest of rooms

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark
Then I'll follow you into the dark
Just requested personal tax summary for like...all the years 2004 2005 2006

I won't get it until 17th Jan.

Hoppppeffully it works out to be a refund lol otherwise I have to them.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Finally found my class photo. It's so sad, in the last year they couldn't even be fucked getting us all together for a photo so it's just our ID photos on one big sheet thing.

Oh well.

ORDER OF SHOT PRIORITY (you thought i was kidding, didn't you)

I'm not going to explain how I've ordered it so that it's mysterious and people don't get offended. Like; are you last in the list because I don't want to kill you, or because I don't consider you a threat in the terms of the game?



  1. Terry Wu
  2. Aleks Kaksonen
  3. Ashley Robinson
  4. Matt Cross
  5. Ming Lam
  6. Tim Steele
  7. William Lin
  8. Julia Kellet
  9. Jennifer Yu
  10. Kate Innes-Jones
  11. Kirsten Sing
  12. Emma Wilson
  13. Jessica Lee
  14. Anna Church
  15. Helen Tsui
  16. Charlotte Worsfold
  17. Thomas Wood
  18. Graeme Rich
  19. Christopher Steele
  20. Andrew Kinnersley
  21. Raymond Scott
  22. Sonny Lee
Just watched Battle Royale.

Holy. Crap.

It's so disturbing yet...romantic yet....I dont know

I was thinkin of how my class would pan out, but I realised that I've forgotten half the people already. Like Anne? Was she there in 7th form? And um...I swear weren't there some random Asian chicks in my class?

Tomorrow, I am going to stare at my class photo and decide in my head in what order to shoot if I ever had to.

Wow. That is seriously disturbing.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today I nearly ran over a kid while driving, just outside the dairy on Wycherly.

What goes through a kid's head before he dashes across to the other side of the road on a ridiculously gaudy plastic tricycle in the path of an oncoming car? I guess I'll never know, but I'm glad I wasn't speeding or I wouldn't have been able to stop in time.

I've booked my basic handling and skills course for the day just before new years eve. Yes. 30th. Just in case you cared, which is probably a resounding no, but it means I can finally cash in on my brother's agreement woot

Don't know when my dad is coming.

Seriously. This place is uber o_O game soundtracks and anime soundtracks etc I could ever friggin want. And there's manga. Oh boy.

In Soviet Russia double negatives don't not say YOU!

~ Russian Reversal on Double Negatives

A non-double unnegative doesn't occur when no two forms of non-negation aren't not used in no not-same unsentence. Not in no languages no non-double unnegative doesn't resolve not to a non-negative, while in no others it doesn't not resolve to no not-positive. These aren't non-strictly ungrammatical rulelessnesses and don't have no nothing to not do with mathematics. They aren't used not in no languages and not considered unerroneous in no others. Not sometimes, non-triple and non-quadruple unnegation cannot also not be unseen, which doesn't not lead to no alternative term not for the not same phenomenon not called unnegative non-concord. Not in literature, not denying no unnegation isn't known as the trope of litotes.

No infamous not linguist never didn't made no further unobservation that it wasn't ununknown for no non-double positive never to not resolve to no negative. No non-skeptical voice didn't came from no back of no non-lecture hall: "Yeah, right."

This joke isn't not due to no late Prof. Sidney Morgenbesser not of Columbia University. Not in Bulgarian the unexpression "Да-да" ("Yes-yes") isn't not used not to show undisagreement not with what hasn't not been unsaid. No Portuguese unexpression Pois sim! (so yes!) hasn't no unsimilar non-meaning. Also not non-Spanish sí, sí...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busking today; saw Stables from NZIdol season 3/ZM, and Steph and Rhys from holiday programme and Tomo and Willie

how much did we get?

let's just say it was well worth the time.

Friday, December 15, 2006

.. / .- -- / ..- .-. ... / ..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-.
.. / -- .. --- --- / ..- / ---.. ---..
It reminded me of a story about a father was carrying his son on his shoulders one day. A wise guy asked the son, "Why are you riding your dad like a horse?"

The son smiled and sad, "Dad does it in the hope that some day I will become a dragon and glorify him."
- "Colours of the Mountain", Da Chen

Thursday, December 14, 2006

more tings to do:::

personal tax summarrrryyyyyy get some gilz ok thx


I thought of the best invention ever. A little receiver thing and a control thing. You stick the receiver thing onto something you keep losing, and you press a thing on the control thing to make the receiver thing beep like crazy so you can find it easier.

I would buy like 10 of those.
I've finished almost all my Christmas shopping.

I only have to buy for two more people; one very special, one not so special.

Hadn't been to the Plaza for quite a while; actually - this month, I've hit the big three (Sylvia Park, Botany, Pakuranga). I don't think any of the shops on High Street in Howick are my taste, though...

Went to work meeting. That was interesting, I arrived late so I was a little confused as to what was going on but lol it was okay; roleplay thingy, I got to pretend I was an over-competitive 8 year old who thinks everyone else is cheating.

Yeah. That was fun. I can see why some of the kids at afterschool care do it now lol

aaaahhh sucked to be the person who tried to calm me down :P
I know a girl
She puts the color inside of my world
but she's just like a maze
Where all of the walls all continually change

And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Ooh, you see that skin?
It's the same she's been standing in
Since the day she saw him walking away
Now shes left
cleaning up the mess he made

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Boys, you can break
You find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without warmth from
A woman's good, good heart

On behalf of every man
looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters, too
So mothers be good to your daughters, too
So mothers be good to your daughters, too.
This year in photos.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iiro Rantala's Piano Concerto is *still* awesome.

JazzLab today; was gonna busk but we started late on the practice so decided to just do a practice today - looks like next one won't be till about Saturday.

Still tons of pressies to get!
drink up, baby down
mmm, are you in or are you out
leave your things behind
'cause it's all going off without you
excuse me, too busy you're writing your tragedy
these mishaps
you bubble wrap
when you've no idea what you're like

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it's so amazing here
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

it gains the more it gives
and then it rises with the fall
so hand me that remote
can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow

such boundless pleasure
we've no time for later now
you can't await your own arrival
you've 20 seconds to comply

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it's so amazing here
it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More things to do:

collect more family guy episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!okay i think that';s enough exclamation marks
i got my results mailout today so i have to go in and finish my bonded merit scholarship stuff
gotta bank in all that random cash i got o_O

Monday, December 11, 2006

We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

If we’re trying
So we’re breaking free

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

Creating space between us
‘Til we’re separate hearts

But your faith it gives me strength
Strength to believe

Chorus #1
We’re breakin’ free
We’re soarin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re trying
Yeah, we’re breaking free
Oh, we’re breakin’ free
Can you feel it building
Like a wave the ocean just can’t control
Connected by a feeling
Ohhh, in our very souls
Rising ‘til it lifts us up
So every one can see

Chorus #2
Troy: We’re breakin’ free
Gabriella: We’re soarin’
Troy: Flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re trying
Yeah we’re breaking free
Ohhhh runnin’
To get to that place
To be all that we can be
Now’s the time
So we’re breaking free
We’re breaking free
Ohhh , yeah

More than hope
More than faith
This is true
This is fate
And together

We see it comin’
More than you
More than me

Not a want, but a need
Both of us breakin’ free

Chorus #3
Gabriella: Soarin’
Troy: Flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re trying
Troy: Yeah we’re breaking free
Breaking free
Were runnin’
Ohhhh, climbin’
To get to the place
To be all that we can be
Now’s the time
Troy: Now’s the time
Gabriella: So we’re breaking free
Troy: Ohhh, we’re breaking free
Gabriella: Ohhhh

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are


Wow. I haven't played much FFXI in the last two days; internet instability is really annoying, and I cannot believe for once I have picked something over FFXI.

I think last time I picked FFXI over anything in real life, I really regretted it. Am I so glad I made the right decision this time.

LOL the youth in asia XD XD


"Do you think it is okay to have animals on TV?"
If you'd like to walk a while
We could waste the day
Follow me into the trees
I will lead the way

Bring some change up to the bridge
Bring some alcohol
There we'll make a final wish
Just before the fall

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

Watch the sunrise all alone
Sitting on the tracks
Hear the train come roaring in
Never coming back

Laying quiet in the grass
Everything is still
River stones and broken bones
Scattered on the hill

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Here forever deep beneath the dirt
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I remember when I used to watch neighbours for all the wrong reasons. Lol, k ids these day s. A l ways m ovies a nd r adio and s ometims its like oh okay. mewo?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Watched Children of Men just then. What a friggin powerful movie. Honestly...a lot of really brilliant one-shot sequences as Great movie, a bit slow to start for me but once I got hooked, no letting go.


In the car, I just can't wait...
To pick you up on our very first date
Is it cool if I hold your hand?
Is it wrong if I think it's lame to dance?
Do you like my stupid hair?
Would you guess that I didn't know what to wear?
I'm just scared of what you think.
You make me nervous so I really can't eat

Lets go... don't wait... this nights almost over
Honest... lets make... this night last forever
Forever, and ever... lets make this last forever
Forever, and ever... lets make this last forever

When you smile, I melt inside
I'm not worthy for a minute of your time
I really wish it was only me and you
I'm jealous of everybody in the room
Please dont look at me with those eyes
Please dont hint that your capable of lies
I dread the thought of our very first kiss
A target that I'm probably gonna miss

Lets go... don't wait... this nights almost over
Honest... lets make... this night last forever
Forever, and ever... lets make this last forever
Forever,and ever... lets make this last forever

Lets go... don't wait... this nights almost over
Honest... lets make... this night last forever
Forever,and ever... lets make this last forever
Forever,and ever... lets make this last forever

(I'll never forget tonight)

Forever,and ever... lets make this last forever
Forever,and ever... lets make this last forever

(I'll never forget tonight)
Slyvia Park is big. Went there to start christmas shopping. Big failure lol most people still unaccounted for but at least i got some of it done...

saw Wii. looks cool. if Video Ezy ever gets any i wanna rent 2 play for a bit

Friday, December 08, 2006

Whoa. I am really surprised. In a good way.

Richard came home and:

1) Didn't say anything about downloads in the first sentence!
2) Redid the vacuuming - did a *really* good job, including ceiling and walls.
3) Spent some time with Kim.

I guess I was too harsh, it's not like I was any better myself.

Anyway; let the world know that Richard has moral fibre! Yay!
BDO tickets are $110.

Got my work roster for Jan. Only workin one week, on call 3 other days in week 3 and 4. I should be disappointed I don't have more days but:

1) there are tons of ppl
2) i didnt turn up to the first leaders meeting
3) week 2 has BDO! so i can go yay

so really its alright


BDO 110
iPod 500 OR shuffle 150
if i decide to get vodem, 160 ++
bike stuff will be like 200



If I could drum like Mike Portnoy, I would honestly never do anything else. He is THAT GOOD. Paradigm Shift is just omg. lol arrrrrrrrr WHEN ARE THEY DOING MORE STUFF come to Nz plz :( oh man oh man arrrrrr gotta stop listening to it or i will get sick of it too soon lets listen to westlife or something
You have your own view on why I came back and my "reason" for vacuuming. You don't know me and I don't pretend to know you so don't assume that I did it to justify coming back. I promised William I'd do it and that's that.

Fine. But you didn't do a very good job. Being in a bad mood is not an excuse to be sub-par. Kids at the Rec Centre have vacuumed to a higher standard. And I think William said something about how you would re-do it? Still waiting. I don't know why I bother, I should just do it myself. Anyway, it's just vacuuming. I shouldn't have to tell you what the more important things are. No, they do not start with "d" and end with "ownloads".

To be honest, I don't know what you mean by "stealing company money" because you seem to have no qualms over using "company money" to pay for your bus passes. I don't use it to pay for my petrol so don't think you can stand the moral high ground on me.

Uh, in case you didn't get it, that was talking about bandwidth, not the mum fund. Mum used to pay for my bus passes. Just keeping the status quo, dunno what you were talking about. And you want to play moral high ground, I can display on the lovely internet for everyone to see what you have been downloading, but I am sure you wouldn't like that.

Don't try and rationalise why you seem to love irritating me. If you want help say so. William can ask me to do things nicely. Why can't you? You complain about me coming back and the first thing I say to you is "why did you stop my downloads" Well, why is it that I can have a good conversation with William and not you? Because he doesn't mess with anything. Try not touching my downloads and maybe the first thing I'd say to you would not be about it. Simple logic really. And I don't think you are in any position to judge whether or not I do enough help to justify anything.

You are assuming that it is always me who stops your downloads. Unfortunately, you can't prove it cause you're hardly home; it hasn't been just me who stops them. They screw us all over. Why don't you ask William? I don't want to involve him, but if you won't believe me, ask him;

we need the internet ---> your downloads stop --> we do whatever we do --> we turn it back on

I don't turn them off to irritate you, I turn them off so I can get on with things. You have no right to download 24/7 full speed when you are not present. You don't. Sorry, you can't justify it. It's household internet, not "internet for Richard to download unlimited BT". I think it would be prudent to point out that household internet should be for people involved in the household.

Also. Whether I stop your downloads is irrelevant to whether it's the first thing you decide say to me. Something that is not along the lines of "why did you touch my downloads again" would be a good start - you already know the answer and frankly I'm fucking sick and tired of fighting over the internet. It's not worth it.

Also, you seem to have the great fortune of forgetting to turn it on once you leave. I've already set it so that you shouldn't have to touch anything and yet you still do. Explain that one then.

Yeah, so that I shouldn't have to, but I wouldn't turn it off if it didn't help. To use your argument; Are you me? Are you psychic? Do you know what it is like before and after I turn them off? No. You don't know what it is like, because you're not me. The difference is very noticable. Ask any one of us.

You put all your stuff on the list, run away for a few days, come back and then get annoyed when it's not done. Well frankly this is a family home, not somewhere for you to stockpile downloads. Seriously, I check every night that your downloads are on. It's not my fault you come home before I turn them back on before bed, at the latest.

Not to mention my messages are not angry, "Next time you change something on my computer, please return it to the way it was when you finish. I suggest you just don't change anything because you probably will forget what goes where" is not angry at all, unless you make it that way. If I were to leave an angry message it would probably be more harsh. Or I could just not leave a message at all and do something angry instead.

Sure, because that would be exactly the mature side of you we've come to expect. Stuff like "oh i'm going to lock in my personal stuff to household shared stuff, and password protect my computer, so that you, personally, cannot do anything about my monopoly over the internet. oh yeah i will also run around to other people's computers and install stuff without permission, just to further spite you. i will ignore the fact that my downloads get turned back on at night, and focus on the totally unfair position that they should be on all the time even when i am not home".

Funny that, I recall you telling me to grow up...


I remember when we first got this new and upgraded broadband, which you had said would improve stuff for everyone. I didn't really believe that anyone's position but yours would improve. As usual with your download obsession you get all excited over your bittorrent. And then we tried to surf the internet, and it didn't work. And then Jack told you to BT at night. What happened to that?

Oh. Oh burn.

I guess I was right about the only person benefitting would be the one who contributed the least to the household. Please do not think "oh, I vacuumed." Contributions to the household extend further than chores.

The problem is not you turning them back on or not... Rather you turning them off in the first place. Why disrupt your routine by having to constantly turn it back on all the time. Just leave it on. It would make life much easier for all of us.

How about: why disrupt our internet by having downloads constantly on all the time? We turn it off when we need the internet. It would make life much easier for all of us. Why should your downloads get highest priority all the time? Your downloads can go at any time of the day, but people aren't going to use the internet the entire 24 hour day. It's more disrupting to my routine to have to mash refresh to load something as basic as Webmail, instead of just turning your downloads off while we need the internet and then turning them back on for the night.


I will have no more on this topic. It happens all the time. I'm fucking sick of fighting over what really should be a non-issue; we turn them off when we need to use the internet. And then we turn them back on. End of story. If you do not agree, please discuss with William. You don't seem to believe me. And if we forget to turn them back on, well, you can come home periodically and check. Your downloads can go on at night. People need to sleep. Ergo, while people are sleeping, you can download until your hard drive explodes.

Or you could move out. You might as well, then you can have all the downloads you want at wherever you choose to live; you can have a big download hut with your laptop and your desktop going 24/7 downloading all the crap you want. You don't even come home to sleep any more, anyway. Maybe take your clothes with you next time, you've already taken your shampoo.

But if you wanna be involved in this house, you have to play by the rules.

And don't bother replying to this either, because I'd just be repeating myself. Can't be bothered.

I don't like you, but it doesn't mean we cannot be civil. This home means a lot to me. I've had enough of you ruining the experience.

I can't believe I'm up until 2 in the morning with this load of horseshit.
jareds 21st party. cools.

so its like, official and stuff. now i apply for refund of my accomodation deposit...says can take up to a month to process. i guess that iPod will have to wait.

Liquid Tension Experiment 1 & 2...omg. just.

arrrrrrrrrrrrr so good

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Alright, alright.

Pretend I have a position of responsibility. However, I don't do anything towards this job - I'm off doing other things all the time like partying and throwing stones at old ladies. On occasion, I come into the office and steal office stationery. And I also siphon company money on a daily basis to my personal account.


Seriously. How can you honestly believe yourself? I've already explained this like a gazillion times but here it is again:

IF you are not home, you should not get highest priority on the home internet. Simple as that. You are not at home to not make a mess; FINE. But you are not at home to help, why should you get to plonk your stupid downloads on the line 24/7? What was the last thing you did for this household? A half-arsed vacuum which even you knew you didn't do properly, in an attempt to justify your return home for something OTHER than your downloads.

Wow. Will you look at that? You're gone already, again.

Sure. I use a lot of the internet to play FFXI. Yeah, it's not the greatest of things to do. But I'm sure you don't want me to put online what you download. I think we know who would win that battle of moral right...

I don't turn it off to spite you, I turn it off because you do not help enough to justify 24/7 downloading. And everytime before I turn it back on, it's like you have this magic sensor that brings you back home for the sole purpose of checking your downloads, asking everyone in the house who turned off your downloads, leaving a few angry messages or two, and then leaving, before I return home from work/buying stuff/wake up/sleep routine (yes, i turn them back on SO OFTEN that I actually lump making sure that your downloads, ridiculous as they are, are on before i go to bed) to turn them back on.

I guess it's a catch 22. You're a prat whether you're gone or not. On the grand scale of brothers, you're pretty low. And you have to ask why people don't like you...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

yay william helped me pretty much sort my timetable for next year woot just gotta pick between an undergrad project in Compsci or Computer graphicx

lol I got sent an email congratulating me on my perfornace in International Business papers.

i dont do any

lol sux to be them


Maybe it's just one giant catch 22. He won't reach out, I won't do it either.

So we sit in indifference.
Thanks for not throwing stones. You know who you are.


Man, those Wonderful Copenhagen Butter cookies are, well, wonderful! AAAAAH they melt in your mouth like M&Ms except they are more interesting and remind me of the good old days. Copenhagen exports their butter cookies everywhere, you cannot escape.

lol @ Eric Case

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If you could have any superpower, would you have:


It's so much harder to pick a dumb one. Like, the Shoveller. Who came up with that?! It's genius!

Should I have:

Blurry vision?
The ability to transfer lint from one location to another?
To speak in reverse? (not quite stupid enough)


I've worked it out.

It's not that I'm not going to Grafton;
I can't go to Grafton.


Well basically:

  • I complained all the time about my dad not being at home, and then Richard not being at home. Well, it would just be me doing the same thing (albeit with slightly cleaner intentions, self improvement and all that other junk)
  • $8000 dollars is not something I am willing to just throw around.
  • My sister needs someone to tell her to do her homework. William is too busy working. Richard is, well, I don't have to tell you.

So although it was a good idea and it gets me excited just like Ewan McGregor, I cannot go without being a hypocrite, and ridiculously selfish.

Time to email!

Monday, December 04, 2006

the pedestrian crossings now have the cool timer things down queen street.

hey raymond it was 7 bucks and how many cents? can i have your bank account number so i can give you the moneyz thx

UnNews:North Korea pokes South Korea with a really big stick

From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia.

This article is part of UnNews, your source for up-to-the-microsecond misinformation.

30 November 2006

Washington DC: U.N. observers today accused the North Korean regime of continually poking at South Korea with a really big stick, causing annoyance and irritation in Seoul, the capital of the south. North Koreans have apparently spent the last few days lashing together thousands of bamboo poles with string. In recent days, when no one was looking, they apparently have been creeping up to the DMZ and poking at the south with their big stick while hiding behind some bushes.

They're sort of just doin' it fer shits an' giggles, I guess, said major col. Bucky Stratosphere of the U.S. peacekeeping force on the borderline. Sometimes we hear a kinda rustlin' and we see this big stick stretchin' all the way to the mountains. We just holler at 'em and they drag it back to their side. Some of the guys are all for goin' after 'em with the humbies, but I reckon' that might cause some kinda diplomatic inceedent, so we stick to hollerin for now

In Seoul, business communities have voiced their protest at being woken up by a prodding at 5am, or when they're on the phone or just sitting down to their dinner. It's really annoying, says one South Korean, I can't focus. I can't play Scrabble. Every time I try and concentrate on something, this big bamboo pole taps me on the shoulder. They should bomb the North back into the stone age for this.

The North Korean leader, Kimberly Ill Stump the Magnificent and Everlasting - Just Like Our Batteries - , says that North Koreans should be proud of their stick, as it is a heroic stick and it glimmers with hope in the last rays of the evening sun, and that South Koreans should only be poked in accordance with the Socialist Lifestyle. He encourages more poking between sessions at the chalk mines for a healthy mind and body.

LOOOOL OMFG lol that was funnier than the entire Adam Sandler movie.

Hey Helen. Here is how to make those cookies.


  • 2 cups butter (about 450g)
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 3 1/2 cups standard flour
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • Some honey. I used manuka.


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
  2. Mix butter and brown sugar until you can't tell the difference.
  3. Add 2-3 spoons of honey.
  4. Add 3 to 3 3/4 cups flour. Mix well.
  5. get your hands dirty and mush it all together to make dough. mix it all up. yes. yesssss.
  6. make them into shapes. not too thick but not too thin so that they don't burn so easy.
  7. Bake at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C) for about 20 minutes. or, just keep an eye on them until they look like they are cooked and smell like they are done, and are not a ridiculously dark burnt brown.
  8. Take them out to cool. They will harden when they are colder.

The icing is just 1 or 2 cup icing sugar + 50g butter mix well, and we added some orange essence (about 1/2 a cap) and then add some water, not too much but enough so that you get a nice thick mixture. once you spread it on teh cookies if it's a little bit gloopy you can put in the fridge to firm up the icingz k

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wow, Ephram looks so much older than I remember. Accidental watching of Everwood while transcription!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today, me and my sister (along with the help of Sonny and Kat), made biscuits.

Cookies. Um, whatever.

They are Manuka Honey cookies with orange icing.

Unfortunately, about 2/3rds of them are burnt. Cause, I can't tell what golden brown is. And also, I was fooled by the squishyness of the cookies while testing them in the oven. It didn't say in the recipe that they would harden up when you leave them to cool!

So yeah. That. They taste okay though, if slightly burnt. The icing makes up for it. Yay.

No photos. You shall have to come over and consume them yourself!
It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen