Friday, April 30, 2004

I went to the Warehouse with my mummy just then. Two points:

1) I found a great oxymoron - 100% biodegradable plates that were fantastic for the environment, being made out of potatoes and all. The only drawback is that...they wrapped it in plastic.

2) I bought Phantom Planet - California, the single. Not for $5. Not for $2. Not for $1. Not for $0.50. But for $0.45.


Yeah. I'm quite happy now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My brother's birthday party today.


I am really tired, I slept in the afternoon though so maybe that will help. Maybe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

ALSO: Luke from NZ Idol - I just saw him on Flipside this afternoon. Goddamn he's so Maori it's not funny. Like...I'd imagine he would join that arsehole march down Harbour Bridge (note this is my opinion so feel free to debate). Um back to Luke, he has the whole "yous fellas are the great!" thing going on.

And the Harbour Bridge thing. If they're protesting about seabed and foreshore, WHY ON THE FUCKIN HARBOUR BRIDGE? LIKE, WAY TO FUCK UP THE TRAFFIC YOU CUNTS. No offense, I appreciate the fact they have a right to protest and all this other shit but why irritate the shit out of motorists? They are after all in a car and could easily just break all of yous legs.

We, (by "we" I mean "me and Rikky") "won" (by "won" I mean that we aren't sure whether we actually win or not) our heat in Batten Idol this morning in House Assembly.

Yeah, we're not sure if we win since we were the only ones doing it on that day...

And also we only learnt the song yesterday night and I must say I was quite impressed that I could remember the words given like 5 hours notice ^_^. Seemed to be well recieved by the crowd...and I got people clapping which is probably like, the only time in my whole 7th Form year I'll be able to do that.

Yup. Nothing else interesting of note, other than Richard is being all mopey and stuff or something, I don't know the details but I hear that he did crappy in a test or his sadness is test related. (As to what kind of test I have no idea but I doubt it's cricket.)

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Some random quotes from :

dphead> I think my cat is sick :(
phunqe> Why?
dphead> It's all twitchy and stuff...
phunqe> I'm sure it's just lagged.
phunqe> Check its fps.

@miz> nothing
@miz> :o

blade[fd]> i have this damn hole in my lips
stolenrims|fd> yeah, that's your mouth

* Nazgul thinks it's amusing when people are soooo anal retentive that they can't even pass up a single mistyped letter.
Rico||Sleep>: Anal-retentive is hyphenated...

Kosmo`> Why is it called PUBLIC hair if it's on a "private" part?
pakz> you moron! it's not PUBLIC, it's PUBIC
Kosmo`> uh... really!?!? HOLY SHIT!
pakz> what?
Kosmo`> hehe, now I see why my girlfriend laughed when I asked her "why don't you shave your public hair?"

[bytraper ] dammit where can I grab porn movies :(
[OpsuPup ] umm, try the internet
[OpsuPup ] i hear there's lots of porn on there
[Nemesite ] really?
[OpsuPup ] apparently
[Nemesite ] shit i would never have thought of that

Kennef> what was quetzequatl the patron god of?
tarvuz> umm
Wintermute> consonants?

inetd_> so many people at work are homophobic
inetd_> so i'm gonna ask random peoples "if you were on a bus full of gay guys, would you get off?"

DeathFist> hey, can u guys stop talking about racism and shit...its getting old...if you dont like it, then you dont have to own slaves, its as easy as that...

smadge1> Guinness World Records was one site that did consider exactly what they were hosting on the web, and made necessary changes. The record for "Most Individuals Killed In A Terrorist Attack" is 2823 people accord to one page on Guinness' site. Guinness has a feature were you can apply to "Break this record", and this option was placed on every page that contained a record.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I just beat my brother (William) at Chinese Chess just then, checkmating him with three pawns. He says it was a stalemate but I don't care, I still won. I couldn't stop thinkin of Dynasty Warriors while playing chess. -_-

In other news, songs I'm listening to at the moment:

Hoobastank - The Reason (where the singer is very obviously auto-tuned, which leads to dubiousness about his ability as a singer...but it's a nice song anyway)


I'm grabbin the soundtrack to Gitaroo Man, a fantastic Playstation 2 man. It's indescribable, you just have to play it to find out for yourself. Highly highly recommended.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thought: isn't it ironic that going through Auckland Airport, they confiscated my tasty and delicious yoghurt snacks because they had dairy products, while they let us bring through something worth about $10,000 without having to get taxed?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Note to self: America is a shitty country.

It's late. I'm tired. I have nothing to say at the moment, really, other than life is pretty breezy. Love the holidays but they are comin to a close soon. Can't wait to leave school.


Monday, April 19, 2004

I have a really bad headache which is either from sleeping too little or too much (damn you balance!) but today I thought about..stuff. Here's a little snippet of what goes on in my mind.

STEP ONE: Exposition

Man, now Grace has a blog...and Rikky has a blog...and...all these other people have a blog. Did I start that all? I think I started a trend! But I wouldn't have a blog if my brother didn't have one. And I'm sure he got it from somewhere...and so forth. NOW if what Christianity says is right, then we are all descendant from Adam and Eve - which makes me white.

So it's Adam and Eve's fault that my brother made a blog which made me make a blog which resulted in me starting a trend.

But Adam and Eve were made by God.

So it's God's fault.


LINK TO A GREAT QUOTE FROM A GREAT VIDEOGAME (i know what you're thinking, video game, har har)-

"Don't blame me, blame yourself, or God."

How true.

Isn't it so easy just to blame someone else?

I blame that on God.

See, the reason why that quote works so well is because well, if you do believe there is a God, then it's his/her/it's fault. If you don't, then it's yours. It's not my fault, ever.

Hurrah! Now I no longer feel guilty about kinda making my brother slightly late this morning to work.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Band practice today! Finally! Hurrah.

Well, apart from the fact that I still suck and I blame John (the singer) not being there and the high hat (which refuses to return to its original state after my foot has been lifted), it was good. Especially good after Thomas' neighbour started complaining...

And then his neighbour called the sound police people cause he's a dick like that (according to Thomas and his sister.)

And then this sound guy came up to his house.

Then he was all like "I received a sound complaint"

And we were all like "oh really"

And then he was like, "play something with the door closed".

So I did.

Then he laughed because it wasn't really all that loud and most definitely legal.

So to cut a long story short, our band is so hardout that we got a noise complaint. We're badasses we are.


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Few notes:

My mum is still shitty about the extra $10 we spent. ($8 for a tape, $1 each for apricot sauce and barbeque sauce on the two pizzas respectively)

I am sick. But I am still working. Hmm.

Richard and my mum had a fight two nights ago at 2:20 am cause he wanted the car keys to drive to his girlfriend's house but my mum didn't let him for obvious safety and legal reasons (he's on his restricted. 2.20 am is quite a bit past 10.00 pm). While fighting they woke me up, tired and angry, which didn't really help me as I had work the next day.

Yesterday my mum wouldn't leave the Rec Centre where I worked until I got a jumper from the Richard that works at the rec centre (this Richard is not my brother).

No band practice yet. -_-

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

ALSO my mum is in a shitty mood because we spent $10 more on pizza than we should have.
Couple of notes, just for now:

1. I believe I am being chased by a praying was in my hair the other day when I was in front of the computer (which confuses the shit out of me, how the hell does a praying mantis end up in a house with all windows and doors closed anyway??) and this morning on the way to work there was one on the car window...

2. Work! I'm getting paid! It's not too bad! Today was alright, other than I had quite a big headache and flu thing.

3. Lots of new people at work. Notable additions:

- Annoying girl(s) who keep following me.
- Male twins (?) who like "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" from The Darkness.
- An extremely shy girl who does absolutely nothing.
- Some nine year old kid who looks exactly like Shawn Ashmore would if he was 9. Maybe.
- All these volunteers I know from school (yes you Sunny yes you.)

XD Anyway. Gunbound is down. I have a blocked yet running nose (dont ask how it works, it just does), I've heard no word from the band and I have a headache.

Oh well.

[Edit: If you dont' know who Shawn Ashmore is, think Iceman in Xmen or Xmen 2. Linky link:]

Sunday, April 11, 2004

-_- Maybe that was a bit harsh. I'm sorry.

I spent two hours this morning stealing songs from the TV. Hurrah!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Richard is a dickhead
Ichard is a dickhead c
Chard is a dickhead Ri
Hard is a dickhead Ric
Ard is a dickhead Rich
Rd is a dickhead Richa
D is a dickhead Richar

Is a dickhead Richard
S a dickhead Richard i

A dickhead Richard is

Dickhead Richard is a
Ickhead Richard is a d
Ckhead Richard is a di
Khead Richard is a dic
Head Richard is a dick
Ead Richard is a dick h
Ad Richard is a dick he
D Richard is a dick hea


Had to be said. You fake phony person you. You just said you'd help my mum tomorrow so that you can run away in the car again. Bastard. You absolute shitface. Can't believe I'm related to you.

AND when you do eventually read this, save me the bother from blocking you from my tagboard and don't bother typing - I don't give a crap what you say, I think we've all given you way too many chances.

Friday, April 09, 2004



But come, let us force upon 2000 students a religion. Smart move, Macleans College. Way to promote religious choice. Anyway, that was yesterdays news, the forced sermon. (Damn I hate those.)

Today is...EASTER! Which means...bunnies and chocolate.

I've always wondered. Why bunnies? Is it because animals that mate constantly and poo all over the place and are a huge pest in New Zealand are great reflections on people who follow the Christian faith? ...maybe. Chocolate - something that tastes so sweet but rots your teeth, makes you fat and melts in the sun?

Hmm. That's all I wanted to say.

AND ALSO "The Amazing and Death Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman" by Paul Zindel is a great book. This is the third time I've read it, after "acquiring" it during intermediate years. Each time I read it I pick up something different. Looking back it is quite funny when I read it in Form 1 and I was all Make love to yourself? Wet dream?

Tee hee.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hmm.. that didnt display properly.

OH well.
The Adventures Of SexNet Part Two:

I just recieved this hilarious chat log.


twohotchixnz is one of my mates. No, he is not a chick.

[18:01] hi there
[18:01] hi
[18:01] asl plz.
[18:01] 18/f/nz
[18:02] 23,m,US
[18:02] u got a picture?
[18:02] nah
[18:02] ic.
[18:02] what are you into?
[18:02] want to have some fun?:)
[18:03] u there?
[18:04] yes
[18:04] so what are you into?
[18:05] sex
[18:05] what do you like?
[18:05] feeling horny?
[18:06] yes i am horny
[18:06] what's yur name?
[18:07] * node is horny and wants to fuck.
[18:07] jamie
[18:08] * node wonders what jamie is wearing
[18:08] not much
[18:08] why are you slow?
[18:08] busy?
[18:09] i am touching myself
[18:09] oh i c
[18:09] masturbating?:)
[18:09] yes
[18:09] let me suck your pussy.
[18:09] if you want
[18:10] you like to swallow?
[18:10] yes
[18:10] I live beans
[18:10] *like
[18:11] * node comes closer to jamie and starts rubbing his hard cock against her tighs
[18:11] Do you know what four bean salad is
[18:11] * node holds her waist and plays her tits sucking on her lips
[18:11] no
[18:11] can you do me a favour
[18:12] yeah
[18:12] Take off my panties
[18:12] sure:)
[18:12] Do it~
[18:12] Quick there's not much time!
[18:13] * node slides his hands into your panties and touches your pussy
[18:13] * node takes off jamie's panties
[18:13] * node and starts rubbing jamie's pussy hard,oh baby you are so wet!
[18:13] listen to me
[18:13] let's fuck,i want to fuck your pussy
[18:13] i want you to put something into my pussy
[18:14] like what?
[18:14] how about my cock?
[18:14] no no no
[18:14] there's time for that later
[18:14] ok
[18:14] right now we need to make four bean salad!~
[18:14] open this can of baked beans and put it in
[18:14] tip it in
[18:14] put it all in!
[18:14] ok
[18:15] put in the baked beans
[18:15] * node opens a can of baked beans and starts to take it out of the can
[18:15] * node stretches your legs wide and starts putting baked beans into your pussy
[18:15] ooooooh yeah i like that
[18:16] puts more and more
[18:16] packs your pussy with beans
[18:16] ok thanks
[18:16] now
[18:16] we need to put in some more beans
[18:16] what do you make coffee with?
[18:17] coffee beans1
[18:17] they go into me next
[18:17] load them in
[18:17] pack it tight
[18:17] what do you want me to put?
[18:17] more beans?
[18:17] coffee beans
[18:17] this is four bean salad!
[18:17] ok
[18:17] got it:)
[18:17] put them in!
[18:18] * node takes coffee beans and packs your pussy with beans
[18:18] ooooh yeah
[18:18] harder harder!
[18:19] * node I feel horny and start to cum as I pack your pussy with beans
[18:19] what's next?
[18:19] Well
[18:19] that's half the beans now
[18:19] next up we need some more beans
[18:19] i am craving frozen green beans
[18:19] puts all the beans into your pussy and presses it with his cock
[18:19] load them in
[18:20] so what's next?
[18:20] frozen green beans!
[18:20] load them in
[18:20] i'm not full yet
[18:20] ok
[18:20] * node takes frozen green beans and loads her pussy with frozen green beans
[18:21] ahhhh that feels so good
[18:21] * node packs her pussy harder and harder
[18:21] harder harder!
[18:22] packs your pussy harder and harder,deeper
[18:22] good work!
[18:22] what's last?
[18:22] this is the greatest bean of all
[18:22] quicker baby:)
[18:22] i want to fuck!
[18:23] i want you to fly to england
[18:23] fly there
[18:23] do it
[18:23] and get
[18:23] get what?
[18:23] get rowan atkinson
[18:23] he is the bean
[18:23] the bean of them all
[18:24] ok
[18:24] as you wish
[18:24] * node flies to england and gets rowan atkinson
[18:24] ok ok
[18:24] now you know what to do
[18:24] in he goes
[18:24] rowan atkinson must disappear inside me
[18:25] * node slides rowan atkinson into your pussy hard and deep
[18:25] deep inside your pussy
[18:26] what's next?
[18:26] what does every four bean salad need!
[18:26] salad dressed
[18:26] dressing
[18:26] fetch me sum salad dressing
[18:26] ok
[18:26] what dressing do you want?
[18:27] you need to fly to italy
[18:27] and get me african dressing!
[18:27] how about if I fetch it with my cum?
[18:27] :)
[18:27] how about no
[18:27] you've got it.
[18:28] get me some dressing
[18:28] now
[18:28] before the bea..
[18:28] shit quick
[18:28] the beans are falling out!
[18:28] Quickly!
[18:28] gets some dressing and fetches jamies pussy with it
[18:28] already fetched with african dressin!
[18:29] now what?
[18:29] mix it with a spoon
[18:29] mix it now
[18:29] spoon my pussy
[18:29] before the dressing soaks in
[18:29] mixes the salad with a spoon
[18:30] * node spoons your full of salad pussy
[18:30] ahhh that feels good
[18:30] keep going
[18:30] its not mixed good!
[18:30] * node mixes harder and deeper
[18:31] ooooooooooh yeah
[18:32] so?
[18:32] so what
[18:32] are we going to fuck at all?:)
[18:33] not yet
[18:33] we need to make dessert
[18:33] lol no way!
[18:33] yes we do
[18:33] i want you to suck my cock:)
[18:33] please
[18:33] for me
[18:33] can u do it?
[18:34] can u suck mine first
[18:34] u go first
[18:34] please
[18:34] i want to cumm into your mouth
[18:34] suck my cock first
[18:35] hello
[18:35] i'm jerking
[18:35] u r a jerk
[18:36] you wont make me desser
[18:36] t
[18:39] r u gonna make me dessert or shud i find someone who will
[18:39] No such nick/channel

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Hypocritical/stupid/annoying people.

Let's start with hypocritical.

First off - today was the school cross country (the last one I'll ever do! yay! I would in all honesty never run 6 kms for fun. What kind of person makes it their hobby? -_-) and I really suck at running being flatfooted and unfit and short and all. Well, I'm walking as fast as my wasted feet will let me and every fucking teacher I pass says something along the same lines - "RUN FASTER YOU AREN'T TRYING BLAR BLAR BLAR". It's not like I like being last or anything (not that I actually care) but I was trying. My feet still hurt while I'm typing this, I had to hobble home. And most of the teachers who said that were just standing around and haven't run 3 kms straight yet. I mean, for the teachers who did run good on them (and they didn't put us down anyway) and their encouragement was a lot better than rubbish like "YOU'RE NOT TRYING YOU SLACKERS".

Hypocriticalism and annoyance - stupid teachers that aren't even trying to run. Lazy fucks.

Stupid: Alright. On the way home with my hurt feet and all, I got to the school crossing and some scunge old bitch teacher came up to me and went "OI YOU'RE NOT GOING HOME UNLESS YOU'RE WEARING SHOES!". I should have questioned that statement but I was too tired to really care, so I just went back and sat around with Rikky for a bit. Then someone suggested that I just put my shoes on, walk past her, then take them off.

So I did.

I mean, I don't understand. My feet already hurt. I don't want to shove them into shoes you stupid old lady. I'm not degrading the school image or anything. I'm wearing the right uniform - I was in full P.E. gear, which doesn't have SCHOOL RUNNING SHOES LAST TIME I FREAKING CHECKED. In fact, I'm going to look at the school uniform webpage thing to see if somehow mistakenly everybody didn't know there were school running shoes. (According to Mr. Venter there were school running socks as the start of the race he said anyone who wasn't wearing school socks - which really was everybody - would not be allowed to run. We ran anyway, the teachers enjoy watching pain.)

The school policy on P.E. uniform:

" Physical Education Uniform
All students are to wear the new royal blue shorts and polo shirts in house colours. After enrolment and placement in a house, Year 9 students and new students can purchase polo shirts in house colours. "

No mention of shoes.

Even in the photo provided (link -, none of them are wearing shoes. Except for the guy in the tracksuit but common sense dictates that shoes would (if so) only be compulsory for people wearing tracksuits. And I was just in normal non-loser P.E. gear.

So even if that dumb old lady's concern was me not wearing uniform correctly, she was being extremely stupid. If she was trying to protect my feet, it wasn't any of her business and really, my feet don't like my shoes at the moment.

Stupid - stupid teachers ask stupid things of you. Dumb fucks.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

There's a huge religious conversation/discussion right behind me. Bah it's confusing. More on that later.

Anyway, I woke up extra extra early this morning (6:30! ITS CRAZY) for no reason. I was supposed to help carry stuff for Dala in the Intercultural Club (which, may I add, I am not in.) but...there was nothing for me to carry. And then I went to do a soundcheck for the backing music for my idol performance which took me all of 5 minutes. When I did that, it was 7.30. I waited at school for an hour, doing nothing.


I was a guest judge for Batten Idol today, it's weird sitting up the front. But I got to kinda rip into people. I could have been a lot meaner but when you think about it, this isn't just some fake construct on TV - these are real people. As fun as it would have been to say they were utter crap (which they were pretty much, except John), I didn't. Save their face. I was going to be singing today but I didn't because:

1. I'd be against John.
2. I didn't have my costume.
3. I was guest judge.
4. Matt forgot I was doing it this week.

I didn't really do much at school today to be honest. First two periods I did work and then I kinda just sat around. It was real cold too - it hailed right outside the physics classroom while we were in it and the Intercultural Club people were setting up in the amphitheatre- so they got wet. =P (and I was supposed to be helping them then ^_^)

Yeah. Anyway, my mum and my brother are busy conversing about their separate religions...while the other brother happily isn't home even though my mum painstakingly cooked dinner for him and the bastard never tells anyone when he isn't coming home.

Hmm yeah...I haven't blogged for a while. Oh well, I'm sure nobody's missing my inner thoughts.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

You know what's a good song? D12 and Eminem - My Band. Fantastique song.

Also, my mum came back this morning, even though my dad said she was coming next week. Strange. -_- But she brought with her lots of revision books! I'm serious now. I have a test tomorrow. I have a test tomorrow. Physics. Must. Study.