Sunday, January 25, 2004

Yesterday's Earnings: $47

Today's Earnings: $30

Total Earning: $207

Number of Red Packets: 24

Average Amount per Red Packet: $8.625

Average Number of Red Packets per day: 6

Average Amount earned per day: $51.75

Average amount earned per hour: $2.15625

Number of illegal pirated CDs that could be bought with total earned amount: 40+

OMG I LEAVE tOmorow morning packs packs packs!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Today's Earnings: $60
Random people we visited: about 6
People I actually knew well: 2

Yup. That's it.

Friday, January 23, 2004


Last night, there was a shitload of fireworks commemorating the Chinese New Year here...basically from 11.30-12.10 the air was filled with the smell and smoke of gunpowder and random flashes of light were seen in the horizon and fireworks closer by, sounding like a freaking battlefield - in other words, very loud (BANG BANG BANG). Man, some of the ones set off were really heavy duty (just as good as the government funded stuff in New Zealand). I wonder where all these fireworks came from since nobody sells them and fireworks are illegal. There was quite a lot...for something illegal. >.< There would probably have been more past 12.10 if it didn't start raining.

Today I went visiting peoples since it's Chinese New Year. I got like...lots of Red Packets with moneys inside them all! I got about $70 today. We visited, from the people I can remember:

My dad's mum's house.
My dad's sister's house.
My dad's other sister's house (my dad has 9 siblings o_O)
My dad's old classmate's house (also the first patient in my dad's clinic)
My sister's good friend
My sister's new Chinese teacher
Aunty Ong
Some random house with some woman from Guangdong, who gave me a Red Packet with a $5 note from Mainland China.

I think there were other people but I don't remember. Too many people. Garr. It was fun though, I went around in my new clothes and new free food. I feel kinda skank actually getting all this stuff for free, but I suppose...

I wrote down notes for the photos I took in Taiwan just then, I have to write notes for all the memoirs and souveniers from Taiwan too, but I'll probably do that when I go back to New Zealand. The holidays, I feel them coming to a close! Another year ahead then.


Hmm. One of my mum's friends who owns a game store (which we always get our games from) just came over - our first visitor. Which of course meant more eating. Chinese New Year has got to be a dieter's worst nightmare ^_^"

Monday, January 19, 2004

This song rocks: it's the theme song for Malaysian National Service.
Some interesting things: <-- (I fully did not believe this one but I checked, it's true.)

Friday, January 16, 2004


1x New glasses because I'm getting more and more blind by the moment (actually I can't really tell the difference using these new improved more degreeness pair and my old ones) - The glasses are silver-frameless with orange lens edge coating. ~$240.

1x New sunglasses because I lost my old pair and plus these ones are cool, orange tint, black partial cut-off frame. $155.

Lots of new clothing - nice shirts, black pants, the works. ~$140.

That's all. These glasses are weird, for some reason things are still kinda fuzzy. But then again I am sleepy and judgement impaired so...hmm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

EPISODE TWENTY FOUR: The end of an era, the start of another.

Dammit. I flew back yesterday to here (Malaysia) on a Fokker 50 (tee hee Fokker). It's so crazy, that a plane with such tiny propellers can fly so fast. I want to go back to Taiwan, I was having so much fun! But I think I've made my mum promise to let me go back early next year. I hope so. I hope so...well this means school is coming up soon which is a good and bad thing.

Good thing - 7th Form!

Bad thing - 7th Form!

Hmm breakfast time.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

He's out. That's like a new record.
Another ten minutes....
Hmm, my cousin has been in the toilet for over an hour. Hmm.


EPISODE TWENTY THREE: Sashimi, tempura, sushi, miso....

We wents to a Japanesey restaruants uncle ordered $2500 worth of food for the five people who went (me, him, my cousin, his mum and my grand-dad). Damn its expensive. Bloody good, but expensive. It's very scary that I ate $500 worth of food. Very scary indeedy (but there was a lot of it, I must say)

I have one day left, really. I don't want to go. I don't want to go!!! NO! NO!

Ahem. Also, I went looking for clothes today with my aunt and two of her friends, and I scored a strange-smelling leather jacket with furry bit ($250, which is quite a saving from the first one I spotted at $1250) and leather gloves ($100 a pair, comfy). I tried to buy stuff for my brothers but I don't know what they like.

Hmm. I don't want to leave dammit! I will definitely come back next year on the 1st of February, I will. I've promised, I must. Let's hope my mum and dad will let me.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Points of interest for today:

1. Elevator Action

Remember that retro game where baddies would go up and down elevators and you had to kill them all? Well, that has nothing to do with this. Being really bored today waiting for guests to arrive so we could go to dinner, I decided to stand in the lift for this apartment, and wait for them in the lift. I met a lot of strange and interesting people, including:

A tall asian person (WOW.)
An old lady.
A servant.
Another random non-descript woman.
A guy who lived on the same floor as my mum's family.

That guy told me off for being on the lift because he said I was scaring people. I knew I was ugly but not THAT ugly. Anyway, it so happened that they were going to be late so I waited on a lift for half an hour for nothing. =P

2. Burn!

Today I so totally ate dinner with my cousin and my aunt's friend's kids. All pretty much around my age. It was crazy cause we went to some Japanese place and then cooked food on this hot plate thingy. Yeah...that's about it.

I don't want to leave! I don't want to leave! I plan to save up money for another trip back here for early next year, when the holidays actually do overlap and I can run around and stuff.

I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!oneshiftplusone.

Friday, January 09, 2004


I went shopping with my aunt to replace the wallet I lost today. I got a really TOTALLY AWESOME AND COOL AND EXPENSIVE (NT $280) replacement. Let me describe it for you:

It's black with grey stitching and patches of red, such as red velcro and a red tab which holds the keychain holder. There is a note compartment, a coin compartment, space for about six cards (more if you shove more than one card into one slot) and one photo or ID Card, and comes with a little strapcarry thing. The thing that sold it for me though, was the little tag on the front which proudly reads the following:

XL Zolo (r) (byA.R. Design Studio)

57% No Cencept
100% Sincerity
43% Good Sense
Attached Quality

I mean, how cool is that?!?! 43% of it was spontaneously created as if they didn't give a shit about the customer, and the rest of the wallet isn't made in good sense (the spontaneous parts are supposedly good sense). The quality is attached, so you can detach it and place it onto other items that may need quality, just don't lose the quality anywhere (say in a waiting lounge for an airport.) Isn't made in China great? At least they're honest (and 100% sincere while they're at it..)

Thursday, January 08, 2004


Only in Taiwan can you get really silly brand names and models. Examples:

KYMCO Spanker (A Motorcycle)
Is Coffee (A coffee shop...)
Wanko (Women's clothing brand)
Hung Tent (Guy's clothing brand)

There's also an abundance of horribly done English translations, which never cease to be amusing, but I suppose that is in the inherent nature of the chinese language. For example, key translated to Chinese and back into English could potentially turn into "want to die". Yeah.

Interesting side note, my mum plays the piano (well, played, she hasn't practiced since raising us bothersome kids) and learn it since she was really small. I learnt today that in this house I'm living in is the oldest Yamaha piano in public in Taiwan...and the same piano has been all over Taiwan. It's so crazy! It's so cool! It's so totally awesome and cool! I never knew this, but now I know. So many interesting stories.

In other news, McDonalds has taken it too far. What the hell is with this "I'm Loving It" shit? I mean, all over the world, the ads are all lame, stereotypical and have crap rap music. (you can't spell crap without rap). I want to see local stuff, not some white guy dancing on TV.

Yes. My cousin has come home. He comes home like way earlier nowadays, must be exams. I have also been downloading LOTS of music, including:

Symphony of Evangelion (Two CDs)
Cowboy Bebop OSTS (Five CDs)
Chobits (One CD)
Lots of random other stuff.

I still haven't been able to find an mp3 of Virtue by Jesse Cook though. That's a nice song. I've also utilised this HI SPEED INTERNETTAGE and grabbed some soundfonts to use back in New Zealand.

I don't want to leave Taiwan! If I didn't get that extension, then I wouldn't be here right now, I'd be on a plane. These days I'm going to miss.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

My cousin (?) has an exam today! It's a big one! It's a University one! It's like the "year end" one!

It's like! CRAZY! Thank god I'm on holiday. Note to self: I'm on holiday. relaxxxxx.
EPISODE TWENTY: A double edged sword.

I went out to dinner tonight. Mundane things first!

I met my mother's brother's father's sister's son's wife (i think), she lives in LA. She's like fourty something but looks like 30. And so did some lady at the place we were eating at (look really young, i mean). It's either that or my mum looks really old >.<

Yeah. Anyway, my uncles drank alcohol. Alcohol is a strange thing. It makes one person better, but one person a shitlot worse. The older one became totally awesome and cool (with memorable advice to me such as telling me to put "medical" in front of whatever I decide to study to please my dad =P) while the younger one became a huge dickhead.

I'm sorry, I know it's impolite, but I can't help it. It was okay, but after like his fourth bottle of beer it got like shit. He kept talking to me about some crap about everyone getting drunk after work and something about business, then he keeps telling me to eat stuff when I've already told him I'm full and keeps telling me that I'm bored. I mean, how the hell can he tell me I'm bored? What the hell? I wasn't bored. I was irritated that he kept making stupid comments, but I wasn't bored - the aunt from L.A. was very cool (and actually spoke decent English). And then when we get home somehow he brings up me losing my wallet again, like I need reminding that I lost all my fucking I.D. and tells me off for like the third time.


It's probably really mundane to everyone reading this but it really changed the way I looked at him. Suddenly not as fun to be with any more.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hmm, I really suck. My mum's brother found it.


Monday, January 05, 2004

Wow, I really rule at losing things. I just lost my mum's 8310.

Great. More scoldage.
EPISODE NINETEEN: Naked and wet, just the way I like it.

Hmm. A lot to say, since a lot has happened while I was at Hua Lien (there was a Netcafe there but I didn't have enough time to whip out a blog that would require the monster treatment you're about to receive). Anyway to help me out I wrote little one line or one word things while I was there at Hua Lien.

Magic Cable TV

Okay, it's crazy, I admit, a crazy cool. Even in a backcountry place in Hua Lien you get the magic of over 70 channels to vegetate to. It's impossibly cool and impossibly hard to choose a TV channel (then again I only watch AXN cause the other channels all mainly have chinese which is harder for me to listen to...thank goodness for C.S.I.)

90 years - pottery?

In Hua Lien I lived in my mother's brother's wife's father's friend's wife's mother's house. (That's a mouthful. Not that kind of mouthful, get your mind out of the gutter...) She's like 90 but sure doesn't act or look it. She makes mean pottery stuff, which rivals the works of probably 95% of the adults out there. You should be ashamed, 95% of adults, you really should be. Normally she lives by herself and she cooks cleans and feeds her two the age of 90. It's crazy, I tell you.

Naked and old

In Hua Lien I went to a hot spring for a nice relaxing soak. It would have been more relaxing if I wasn't totally naked and surrounded by old people...other than the invasion of privacy (which I think is pretty over-rated anyway), it was actually really relaxing and nice. All Japanesey feely too (I was told it's all the rage to get naked and sit in hot water there by my mother's brother's that my aunt?) And after the hot water, the gentle mountain breeze feels sooooo much better and my skin was like all smooth and stuff. Yeah. It was a very unique experience.

Japanese sleeps

At the house in Hua Lien I slept on a wooden floor with mattressess (is that how you spell it?) and pillows all Japanesey. It's too bad that after the first night out of three my sleep was ruined by two people who joined the gathering and their really loud snoring. One would start, then stop and be followed by the other. On the last night I couldn't take any more and instead of trying to sleep I got up and watched C.S.I. instead...I should really be sleeping rather than typing this but hey.)


The house was also stocked with a veritable wealth of culinary delights too. Homecooked chicken (always good) and my two favourites, fruit drops (Grave of the fireflies style! I'm keeping them as a memento) and liquer chocolates (comes in different flavours, like Scottish Whiskey, Russian Vodka, etc.) Then there was the hand-made mua-chee (like...kinda like...I can't describe it, its like paste that's sticky and has a filling...bleh.) and also some un-named sweet snack covered in your choice of things (I only got to try sesame seeds, but I heard peanut is good too)

You thought a pegleg was bad

At the hand-made mua-chee shop (which was run by my mother's brother's wife's father's brother's son's best friend or something like that...) I met a three legged dog and his kid. So cute the puppy was, and so damn cool was the three legged dog. I got photos with it, but unfortunately I can't get them online yet. I might one day. Maybe. It actually has four legs, the said dog, but one of them is permanently mangled but he uses it as a portable support. I fully respect that dog for being able to walk with three legs. It's amazing.


On a bus to a National Park in Hua Lien, there was this kid and his brother...I'm guessing they were about 6 and 12, roughly. I played around with the kid (oi, out of the gutter) and gave him candy cause he made my day. His brother very politely thanked me and they got off the bus a long time before I did. I so fully respect the bond between the two. R - e - s - p - e - c - t. I hope my candy goes to good use, they looked like they needed it more than I did, and maybe they will change the world. Or maybe they'll end up on the dole, who knows.

Seven star lake

I went to one of the beaches in the Hua Lien area as well. Taiwan has really awesome beaches! None of that pussy mundane sandy shit. It was hard core rocks and all and the waves were awesome and the water an awesome shade of blue. I want to go back there again...I did take away four rocks with me as a souvenier. And also have photos, but not available photos.


Yeah. I think that's it. Shit I spent like half an hour typing that. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I also bought S2 works which is like...ALL the Neon Genesis Evangelion music. It's so awesome. It's so awesome. My cousin (?) bought it for me and wouldn't let me pay him back so I suppose its a gift. I'm burning him a copy of all 7 cds because he doesn't have a copy...and plus he did pay for it. Or something.


I'm sleepy. Bye bye.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: Sarsvivor, The Global Outbreak.

You know that feeling you get when you look out the window, and something just isn't quite right? Like, a certain leaf on a certain tree bugs you, or the air has a hint of danger about it? Well, this has nothing to do with that. "This" is the result of craziness and hype and hysteria and some other things put in between. "this" is SARS, the so called epidemic that is supposedly on the resurgance.

There are all these banners all over the place with the word SARS on it. Me being Chinese illiterate, I can only assume they are about how to prevent SARS and some other crap. When I landed at the airport some sleazy looking nurse handed me a leaflet that taught me "how to keep out SARS" with helpful suggestions like "take a shower" and "record your temperature over ten days". These freaky people with temperature measurers are everywhere...if you want to enter a bank, you gotta get this thing pointed at your head and if your internal temperature is 1 degree above normal, don't expect to get in. Same goes for supermarkets, government buildings, monuments, if it's remotely popular or important, expect a temperature privacy invasion.

Yeah. That's my rant. It's quite annoying to always get your temperature checked. I'm going to a place called "Hua Lien" which supposedly has nice scenery tomorrow and I come back in a few says. I...think I've said that already. Hmm. Also, today I went to a Migrating Bird Park (but didn't see any birds) and went to try to watch a sunset, but that was ruined because of the petrochemical smog and crap in the air.

The New Year is comin. While my mum's brother's son (is that my cousin?) is out having fun with friends, I'm sitting here in front of a screen hitting buttons. Such is life. But I guess I don't mind, really. It's kind of relaxing. Ah! New Years Resolutions! Let me bullshit some up right now, which I probably won't follow.

1. Study really hard for 7th Form.
2. Get a girlfriend.
3. Be so totally awesome and cool that people will shatter into ice cubes if they can't handle the cool.
4. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

I don't think any of those are actually attainable, but isn't that the point of a resolution, to set a stupid goal which you realise you wouldn't get in a year anyway? I think so. Taiwan is so cool. I want to come here more often. I might study here, but that depends on what they offer. Maybe. I don't know.


I went to this crazy as templeshrinething today as well. They have all these Asian deities/gods which you pray to if you want certain things. Like, there's one for study, one for strength, one for health, one for love, one for name it there's probably one for it. It's crazy too cause people burn incense for each one they pray to, and the average person prays to most of them (about 15?). That gives that person 15 incense sticks to light. Imagine about 200 people burning that amount of incense...and the incense that comes's not pretty. My eyes hurt so bad after walkin through the main hallway thingmie.

Another funny thing is that people who want to add lights to counterbalance their bad foretold horoscope thingmies (that is, good luck their bad luck) do it through the temple/shrine thing...but there are so many people who do it, they get numbers and wait for their numbers, like a bank...and they have security guards, like a bank. You have to wonder how much money they make from that. Yeah.

Fireworks are going off now. New Year is in about 2 1/2 hours.