Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, how's about the weather, eh?

Seriously seriously bad weather recently. I'm sick of it! Bring on summer! (Kind of missing Malaysia, sans humidity...)

So yeah. How is everyone?

Last Saturday (during the ridiculous storm), I ignored the news and everyone who I spoke to on the previous night, and rode my motorcycle to work. This was fine. I finished my shift at 2pm, and while driving straight towards the roundabout off Carbine Road in Sylvia Park, a Toyota at a give way sign decided that it would be a good idea to drive. Unfortunately, that meant she didn't actually give way, and crashed into me.

(simple terms, I was driving straight and a car at a give way decided to turn into me)

So, as a result, I was hit, and me and my motorcycle suffered the following injuries:

  • Damaged wheel alignment
  • Broken right indicator (yes, this is the one I had just replaced to get my WoF)
  • Broken rev counter bracket
  • Damage to brake fluid container
  • Damage to headlight housing
  • Damage to rear indicator housing
  • Damaged wing mirrors

  • Scratched visor
  • Grazed knees

(At least, that's what I can ascertain as of now)

The car suffered a dent in the left front fender.

What is it like to be hit by a car? Well, luckily I wear riding gear and it was at a "low" speed (about 30 km/h) The driver of the other car was pretty panicked (as you should be, if you are ever unfortunate enough to hit a motorcyclist) but I guess in the grand scheme of things I was pretty lucky. The wind was a bit ridiculous anyway, and the odds that I'd have a far more serious collision later in my ride home (ie. on the motorway) were pretty high.

The police and security staff at Sylvia Park were excellent. They were at the scene of the collision literally within a minute, and the policeman handling the incident was thorough and knowledgable. I'm still pretty annoyed that I was hit (because I was planning on doing a lot of things back in East Auckland, but after being hit I didn't feel like doing anything). And you know, I had my lights on driving straight, and she was at a give way - she just didn't see me.

So yeah. In a motorcycle/car collision, the biker will always lose. I'm glad I was wearing my jacket, because my upper body was hardly damaged at all, but my pants afforded little protection. The helmet was useful too - very glad that the big gash is on the visor and not on my face. Please look out for motorcyclists when you're driving around, everyone! I know sometimes we do reckless things, but not me; I was totally following the rules, and bam. There I go off my bike. I tried to reach my horn but there wasn't that much time to think, by the time I saw her car colliding into me, I was already on my way down.

She has full liability (raymond, does that mean she has to pay for repairs regardless or? Im still a bit confused about this, and third party/first party insurance, etc etc etc) and her insurance company has not contacted me yet. I will probably annoy her tomorrow.


In other news, I've applied for a graduate at Provoke (, after attending the Careers Fair today. Pretty useful, it was. It sounds like a great place to work and I'd love to get the job, but I'm still on the lookout...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Alright, alright. Seeing my University results is really not as interesting as anyone can reasonably imagine results to be. A? So what, it's like one paper without an exam, one paper with a multi-choice exam, and another one with about 20 different choices in the exam itself and a multi-choice section. Bleh!

How is everyone doing? Apartment just went through a property inspection, and I'm pretty sure it passed, judging by the letter they sent after that said that everything was generally tidy and clean. There's nothing like a property inspection to spur you into cleaning the shit out of your apartment pronto; before and after shots of the bathroom vanity would be quite impressive if I had them! The landlord/rental manager becomes like your substitute parents (clean your room, if only once every 6 months).

I have no internet. People keep emailing me, expecting me to reply within a day or two. Is the internet worth a 20 minute walk? Maybe - well in this case, it was because there's not enough money in the flat account to pay the power bill so I have to float $100 into it to keep it alive!

My dad bought me boxers! I think this is because of the photo of the hideously ripped red ones. My other silky pair (the black ones) are getting that way, with a hole developing on the back just waiting to erupt in a fury of thready goodness.

Baking is quite fun. Chocolate cookies and vanilla cake-lets. (I say cake-lets because they're meant to be cookies but they turned out sort of like scones...cakes...)

How is work? The minute they found out I was on holiday, BAM, where BAM is the sound of work hours piling in and compressing into the space where I had free time, but not any more. I suppose I need the money.

My bike failed its WoF, due to the broken indicator cap. No biggie though, $11 to replace, which I'm going to get done on Wednesday. The rest of the things I got planned to do on the bike aren't cheap though (first service, wheel replacement, blah blah blah) - and I walked all the way to Uni only to forget my little Raboplus dongle-pass thing, so I don't have the money yet.

Pay day is Thursday. *&!@.

There's nothing like flatting to make you feel adult. You know? Like, wow. I have my own place. I pay bills. I am so super responsible. And there's nothing like flatting with another person to make you realise you're a right cunt (but Dennis covered that already). And when you chocolate gets on the floor and it gets smeared onto the carpet by a vacuum cleaner, somehow, just somehow, it isn't as funny as if you did it back at home.

I finished reading jPod recently (by Douglas Coupland). It's kind of...fourth-wall-destroying. I am not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, it's incredibly accurate and of-the-times, but I can't help thinking that in a hundred years nobody will understand his cultural references and technological spew. Before jPod, I read Middlesex (by Jeffery Euginedes), which was very good. A cross-generational tale of family and adventure and a coming of age story that is truly unique. And some of the random pages in jPod are too gimmicky. I want a book, not a collection of symbols!

Paperclippers, I haven't really been on a regular basis. There's always heaps of excuses (can you fault me? I work on Sunday, there is no direct route from Sylvia Park to Meadowlands by public transport, you guys start before I finish work, blah blah blah) but not enough apologies. Here's my apology, I'm sorry I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like (and as I should) with family and friends. Although growing up doesn't mean growing apart, it certainly seems like it.

There's only one semester left, until I'm thrust into the world of post-graduates. No more procrastinating, the land of 9-5mondayfriday4weekspaidleave awaits. What sort of job??! Where's a fucking Sorting Hat when you need one?!

David is right about customer service though. I am totally stage 2/3. I can be really good, or a right lazy dick. I think the secret to getting what you want is asking nicely. Everyone's always "if you dont ask you dont get", but they forget to mention "if you ask like a dickhead the odds are you're going to get subpar". I feel really superior at work for some reason. I really shouldn't. I've been there too long, too many of the original "sort team" have left. I should cut the new employees a break, but it's hard for me to look beyond things that the old ones knew! I guess it's not their fault if they don't get the training though.

GTA IV is brilliance. When I first saw it, I didn't think it was great, graphically - but the sheer scope of the city is incredible, the amount of minute detail....and it's eerily beautiful from above in a helicopter. Even if you are trying to fly under all the bridges in the city....

The story is great. Alright, okay, so whats up with the bondage at the start? I don't know. Just ignore it, because the next 20 hours past it are gold. Characters that aren't flat, situations that don't seem ridiculous or farfetched, and a solid level of difficulty that won't having you bored, but won't have you flinging the controller against the wall after your 10th try at a mission.

I haven't worked out how to pay homeless people, or sleep with prostitutes. And the truth is, I don't really want to. What I really want to know is does Niko ever find what he's looking for? Can he keep Roman afloat in the cesspool of crime and bad relations?

Will Little Jacob be my friend for the entire game?!

Am I finally rasta enough to be gwan I and I, bloodclot?!

Okay. So I don't have much to say, apart from:

- enjoy the last week of the intersemester holidays if you are being given them
- sorry I haven't been as accessible as I should have been, but thems the breaks

Your missions for this week:

Eat at least one meal which you know is damn unhealthy, but you really want to have. (eg McDonalds. DO IT.)
Make a list of five words which you think need to appear more often in everyday conversation!

Okay. I'll stop now.

There you go Helen, there's what's happening with me.
2008 First Semester
BMBS MUSIC 184 Styles and Techniques in Pass A 15.00
BMBS MUSIC 244 Music from Modernism to the Pass A- 15.00
Present 1
BMBS PHYSICS 140 Digital Fundamentals Pass A+ 15.00
BMBS STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics Pass A+ 15.00

lol my best semester in terms of results. yeah yeah they;re all first year papers lol but nyaaaaaaa

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Indicator cap - $11
WOF- $40
Better front tyre - $75
First service- $160
the wet patch you get from riding in the rain - priceless


Sunday, July 06, 2008