Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yesterday, my sister went to Rainbows End with a non-friend.

I have really nothing better to say. Um.


har·le·quin Audio pronunciation of "harlequin" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (härl-kwn, -kn)
  1. Harlequin A conventional buffoon of the commedia dell'arte, traditionally presented in a mask and parti-colored tights.
  2. A clown; a buffoon.

Having a pattern of brightly colored diamond shapes.

[Obsolete French, from Old French Herlequin, Hellequin, a demon, perhaps from Middle English *Herleking, from Old English Herla cyning, King Herla, a mythical figure identified with Woden.]

Monday, November 28, 2005

Today, two things happened.

1) I cut my hair. It is rather short now :) That means I don't have to even worry about it for like. Yonks. Yooooonks. My mum is annoyed that I went for a $10 haircut instead of a $7 one. The three dollars, I don't think is worth fighting over. Bahaha.

2) William tooks me for a drive. Or rather, I drove and he was sitting at the passenger side. Cause. He has his full for um two years now. So. Yeah. It was rather more exciting outside of a carpark. Carparks are boring, the cars don't move and it isn't exciting, etc. L plates - maybe they stand for loooosarrrrrr cause this guy like overtook me real hardcore. ;_; Also learned how to fill up the car. Our tank-release button is rather hidden.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

[header story: Santa Parade. Sonny was wearing a really furry green costume that enjoyed molting onto me. William, a big plastic blue sail.]


I think I should probably explain the "Free Drum Kit" business.

Well. I own a drum kit. If you know me well enough and have entered my house (our? their? hmm), you will realise that we have absolutely no room for it.

It is rather hard to be a drummer without a drum kit, is it not?

So, previously they were staying at Brad's house. They have been there for a while. But then, all of a sudden (or maybe it was boiling in the background like, um, 2 minute noodles), his parents got angry and I am not allowed to leave them there any more. [Subrant: It was rather abrupt. I would have liked even more notice to think about it.]

While Brad did mention "oh John's talking to his parents ill let you know how that goes", it seems like a band-aid treatment for cancer. There is no guarantee his parents will allow for a really annoying musical instrument to be carted into their life, and if there is, there is no guarantee they won't one day suddenly change their minds and ask for it to be removed, whereby I get dumped with the exact same problem.

I do realise I purchased it, and I really should have thought about it more before I forked out the cash. People berate the Africans for having lots of kids and not having any food to feed them. I am wondering, why I bought a drum kit when I obviously do not have room for it. It is like it has to live on a perpetual favour. ("Hey, can you please hold a drum kit in your house. ") [subtopic: Dennis puts it eloquently as "The mince pie wrapper that travels around the commons"] Thus, I have promptly concluded (With myself) that I really don't deserve to have a drum kit, and since there's no "Child Youth and Family" equivalent for drum kits, I am going to give it away - since no government agency's gonna run a smackdown on me.

Yes, that probably means no more FFOF for me.

But. We weren't doing that much anyway. And, we don't have a place to practice.

It feels like I am throwing in the towel. But. Maybe I am. I don't know. It's like...I'm not that good of a drummer anyway I'm sure they can find someone else.

Maybe I shouldn't make such a rash hasty decision. But. I kinda have. I should probably consult the other people (Thomas David John). But. I have not. I have heard nothing, but a text from Brad saying "hey my parents are angry move all the shit out" and then one more a couple of days later "move it out". No reason why. No motive.


I don't. I don't know. It is 12:18am. It is rather late.

So for the time being, Dennis has first dibs. If anybody else wants it, please join the queue, but I do not expect it to be long. Please. Think long and hard. Do you have angry neighbours? Do you have room? Do you really want it? How long do you expect the novelty to last? Have you considered that playing alone on a percussion instrument isn't as exciting as it really could be (ergo you probably want to have a reason for playing it other than for the sole purpose of playing it) Have you considered which room? Acoustics? Will your parents mind?

It feels like I am giving a kid up for adoption, but it's probably best for the kid, and the unprepared teenage parent.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Does anybody want a free drum kit?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Just came back from a very fun night out. I was playing FFXI at the time, and we were like hunting rare key items etc and I felt like a bitch leaving everyone at the time, but looking back...they'll get over it, and plus, wouldn't have traded that for this. Ergo. Ipsum dolum est (sorry, MS Publisher joke)

Went to Ken Yakitori bar with Sonny and Raymond, good food as usual, the Chicken thing... (karaage?) is yum. So are their yakitori sticks, the prawn....stunning. mmmmm and cabbage was cool as usual., I had some umeshi. :)

Then we went to the beach to talk. IT was rather cold but it was good.

And then we went back and Sonny got compulsory breath tested :P This time it was fine (last time we were rather worried cause he was on restricted and past curfew but this time no ^_^)

ok thats about it


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Class Number Subject Catalog Number Section Grade Official Grade Basis Pre-2006 Points Points Taken
30233 COMPSCI 105 0001 A+ Graded 2 17.14
Principles of Computer Science Lecture Regular Academic Session
31053 MATHS 108 0004 A Graded 2 17.14
General Mathematics 1 Lecture Regular Academic Session
34017 MUSIC 102B 0001 A- Graded 1 8.57
Harmony and Counterpoint Lecture Regular Academic Session
37778 MUSIC 103B 0004 A Graded 1 8.57
Musical Skills and Perception Lecture Regular Academic Session
34006 MUSIC 110B 0001 A Graded 1 8.57
Composition Lecture Regular Academic Session
34145 MUSIC 144 0001 A Graded 2 17.14
Turning-points in Westrn Music Lecture Regular Academic Session

Okay, here is where I go: WTF.

A- for Harmony and Counterpoint?! I was reaching for a C+. That exam was craptastic. How did I get an A in MUS144?!

I should go into uni and apply for my exam scripts back, and stuff.

WTF lol I wasn't expecting so many As.

-_- It's nice but. Gar.
Finished Chuck Palahntuk's Lullaby.

Stunning read, even better than Diary I say. Lovely plot twists. Great ideas.


Mass media! Woo!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today I got 2 extra hours of work. Yay!

I also scored a lift home. Yay!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First Examination Results in.

Maths 108 (yes, Stochastic Matrices, Markov Processes, Partial Derivatives, Hessian Matrices)


woop. hope the rest of my grades are just as good :\

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stream of consciousness post again.

These are arather fun to type though they do not make sense to the reader. At all.

I am tired.

Eyes. Closing.

Still typing even though vision is black. Hello. Black.

Dark. I cannot see. Lift your eyelids! Open your eyez. Z. The Z is for power, like in Dragonball Z. Those are some powerful balls.

William bought Civilization IV.

It seems cool. I don't know though.

It is Richard's birthday today.

He turns 21.


I was supposed to mow the lawn today.

We are leaving at 5:30

IT is 5:00

I cannot possibly mow the entire lawn in 1/2 hour so I guess it'll have to wait until I either get back, or *gasp* tomorrow.


here is some hidden text nobody will find.




Let us read the next book. JENNIFER MYSPACE FOUND IT

Hello! How are you today?

- good just a hint of insanity and sarcasm

Oh ok fantastic

- yeah

So. What is the point of having a square inside a circle?

-sometimes the shapes are aesthetically pleasing

Do you remmeber Auckland University's open day?

- ya it was crap

OK just checking

Friday, November 18, 2005

My sister is watching Emma.

It sounds like a stupid movie.

Harriet, I can only declare, Mr. Knightley, is the last man on earth who would intentionally etc etc stupid accents stupid old victorian accents lame plot i hate it


Lol. sorry.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Watched The Transporter 2.

It is pretty good for an action film. Very nice fight sequences.



Apart from that it was enjoyable. The main transporter guy has a cool accent.

I met one of Sonny's Architecture Friends today. It is funny, because that spells SAF and he is from South Africa.

That is my insightful comment.

Today, is the 17th of November.

I check my letterbox, and I find a CD, dated on the 16th of November.

In it, is Codename: Lychee. Or, "Bob's Bean Pod". Apparently, a bean pod is a hat. But, I must say I haven't seen orange beans, like, ever. Like.

[Subrant: I hate how sometimes I use the word like as a filler space, like um , um. And uh, and um like.]

I do not know how Dennis pieced together something so cool.

I must say though, there is a typo at running time 30s.

Maybe it is artsy and deliberate.

I like the piano music. I didn't enjoy the random keyboard sounds but that could just be my aversion to General MIDI chipset sounds, in general.

Do I look sad at the end? I am not sure.

I was totally not sad that day.

Acting is weird. I do not like watching myself.

It is like. Hmm. Is that me. Hello.

"It is like in the world, you can't see form, you can only see shadow - shadows of yourself around you, shadows of others upon others, shadows of things that have come before, foreshadowing of what has yet to come, shadows shadows shadows"

It was cool how he added effects and filters to the narrative in the third section.

I think the strongest one is the third section.

The "car crash" in the second section is pretty cool :)

Funny back-story: I was standing in the middle of the road. It was rather dangerous. There were cars oncoming. They were probably like "damn kids of today no respect for their elders blah fishpot"

Sprite. Did I mention incoherency (is that a word (subtopic)) as an inherited disease?



It was fun Dennis. You are finally finished :)

It was very fun. A++ would trade again, let me know if you need me for anything :) (: :) (:

Here are some mirrors of a smile.

:) (: :) (: :) now they kind of look like cookies

Form. Image. Art. Art is stupid. I hate art. How can someone put a toilet in a museum and call it art. Maybe I am jealous. It takes no effort to do that. Negative effort. On a scale of 1290124 to 24891275981275091287501298571298, about somewhere in the lower end.

Incoherent again.

Tired? No.

Work? Yes.

I have seen Chicken Run about five times now. I have never actually finished the entire movie.

I have seen a demonstration of popping corn being popped.

Leaders meeting. Tomorrow.

No, today.

In about, an hour.

Shower? [Yes, please.]

Santa Parade? Apparently so, not this weekend but the one after.

Academy Concert Practice? Lacking. Composition? Lacking.

Strings. I do like strings. They are rather useful.


Well, no use in worrying then.

The sky outside is blue.

It rained for like, two minutes before and we all rushed outside to like, like, like [Subrant: Here I go again.] take in the clothing and stuff.

Now, it is sunny. With stromcrouds bruing on the horizon.


None of this is making any sense.


Maybe it is art. I hate art.

Logic! Let us all be logical super-robots, sit at Countdown and count prices until we fall down in exhaustion - time is money, so obviously we are spending a lot trying to save three cents over budget oatmeal and toilet paper made from recycled toilet paper from Papua New Guinea shipped over on the backs of slaves and tortured bears.

Please free the tortured bears, that way people will stop making ads about it that make annoying pop-up and banner ads somewhere on some sites on some internet.

Is there more than one?

Can you imagine.

Some people can't. It is rather sad.

Maybe I am one of them.

Incoherent! Incoherent!

I wear my watch on my right hand. I am right handed. I am such a rebel. Please, rebel. HEY WE ARE ALL REBELS REBEELLIOIZUZ TEENAGERS PLEASE SCREW THE SYSTEM

I am too lazy, and, or, bored. There were two many commas. Grammatical.




I think I will watch the movie again.

Finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Diary" today.

Holy crap.


Brilliant. Just like Fight Club. Brilliant twist.


I cannot describe it in words. It is a great book. Go read it now. I don't even want to try describing it, because justice wouldn't be done.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Watched Doom today. Okay movie, I was expecting a lot worse but it was okay. Like, an action flick. Yeah. There was a funny first-person-view-like-in-the-actual-game bit which I found hilarious but. Yeah.

It wasnt that scary :\ The game is scarier.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It is a very sad state when you wake up at 1.30pm.

I think I should get some earlier nights. Three consecutive post-midnight days are not good for you. There is some medical reason too. Something about the production of melatonin or something. My dad would know, he knows a lot.

Someone is trying to break into our house. I hear the knocks on the windows. The objects fall to the floor, the clunk of intruders pushing against our glass sliding door. It is quite disturbing.

It may be our neighbours' cats. Sure they are annoying but I wouldn't cut off their whiskers or poison them.

I should really start on the Academy of Strings composition. I am, however, very lazy.

It is now 11:51pm. The prospect of an "early night" died about four hours ago.

My mum is making "keropok" with "acar-acar". Basically, think of a giant version of those cassava vege-chips, with a pickled lime and vegetable...pickle sauce thing.

I am reading some stuff by Chuck something. The same guy who wrote Fight Club. I am reading "Diary". It is rather morbid.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Jen came back from the South Island.

Still the same rebel/artsy type.

Nothing has changed in this year :
I am still a bastard. (Well. my parents were married but in another way)

Walking up Julia's driveway at 3 in the morning, the weirdest thing happened. I was just walking and I swear the world suddenly turned black and white with massive contrast. The piece of paper someone (I can't remember who) was holding was pure white...there was no moon or light source out. So it was just like all the white objects going up/down that driveway were glowing of their own accord...

Saturday, November 12, 2005
Cranium Turbo

veary cool

Friday, November 11, 2005

My mum makes sense. It is annoying :\ She compared the Music part of my conjoint to her Flower-arrangement course she did *quite* a while back...basically when she first started there was always a triangle that she had to arrange flowers too, etc and there were all these stupid rules and then at the end it was just freestyle flower-arrangement (bahha I can just imagine all these old ladies being all hip and cool and freestyle...) anyway yeah it's kinda like the music part of my conjoint. It's a stupid rule. I don't really liek it at the moment.

Mainly because I have an exam in about two hours.

I hate exams. They are not a very good way of testing your knowledge I do not think.

Like Computer Science. They don't even let you use a computer in the exam. >.> It's computer science dammit

I am probably saying this only because I still have exams. Once they are done for the year (in four freakin hours!!!!!!!) I can ignore it for a very very very long time, hurrah.


Back to not studying. :\

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My mum and sister are here for a month :D

(means we eat actual food >.> ask dennis he would know)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My mum and sister are here now.

I have one more exam left on Friday.

I do not like Harmony and Counterpoint.

I have been wanting to drop the music part of my conjoint for a while now.

My parents are paying.

They say no.

I guess I will press on :\

Thursday, November 03, 2005



took slingshot a while ;_;

exam was okay they managed to ask about stuff
i didnt know about

like madrigals

even thogh they are in FFXI that doesnt help me in the slightest

damn you william byrd

but broadband


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I got paid today, to watch this surprisingly good film. Movie. Uh, whatever. Yeah. It was very enjoyable, simply because it didn't take itself too seriously, the characterisation of everyone was hilarious and/or cool, and yeah. I can't explain why I liked it. It looked really good too, nice um rich colours blah blah. But yeah. I liked it. XD Probably because it doesn't take itself seriously, and stuff.