Thursday, September 18, 2008

lol got my test mark for Music182 back



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So my bike. Strange noises? Yes.
Steve from the AUSMC (Auckland University Scooter and Motorcycle Club) used his excellent detective/mechanical skills to determine that unlike what everyone online thought, the problem wasn't with the chain at all (although it was very dirty and dry), but with the wheel bearings. It was actually quite bad, and making the wheel skew (where it's aligned properly, but it's not...if that makes sense). So yeah, I took it over to CycleTreads (i think thats what its called) on the north shore today and got it fixed up for $75, + chain cleaner and lube for 40 (but that should last me forever) there goes 110 dollars lol
but yeah, no more noise! yes!!! and also, it rides better again.
I'm still waiting on Lumley to get back to me with something so i can get my replacement helmet and gloves.and im still waiting for ifocus (please never buy anything from their midcity store) to get back to me about my external hard disk.and i still have to move my PR to my new passport (yes i know its been a year shush)
but...yeah. just thought id tell everyone that my bike is fixed again! YUZZZ

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

How is everyone? Hope you are all enjoying your mid semester breaks!

A lot has happened and I haven't really had the time to blog (oh noes)

My motorcycle has been repaired. They replaced a whole lot of stuff that I wasn't expecting them to, such as the exhaust, and the handlebars, tee hee. And also, they tuned the engine and it's strangely heaps more powerful and responsive...and it sounds heaps awesomer :D (by they, I mean Mt. Eden motorcycles, whom I thoroughly recommend over Haldanes at this point in time). There was a minor hiccup in that when I got it back, the right indicator light wasn't working but I just brought it back and they fixed it up no worries.

My computer died and then got fixed again. My Dell laptop, how fickle you has a lovely habit of just dying. But for some reason it finally decided to let me load Windows from CD and I was able to run Vista's random Startup Recovery program, and now it works again. Almost lost all my music, which would have been a massive pain in the ~!$*~!%$. As a side note to computer/tech issues, I also brought back the external hard disk i bought from iFocus Midcity due to the fact that it's still under the 1 year warranty, and it stopped working. The dude promised me I would get a call yesterday. And I didn't. So I went in today. And he looked surprised. And I totally don't understand a word that he's saying. And lastly, I recommend you never buy anything from iFocus Midcity, just because it seems like an afterthought in that it's not really a shop, but this one dude who can sell you some stuff if you ask for it and then yeah, non-existent customer service, although maybe i'm just being bitchy because I work at Borders and i expect good service.

I finally called Foodtown and asked for my real onecard. You should see my "temporary" onecard, with its frayed edges and general unkempt demeanor. The lady insisted that one was sent to me, but I never got it. She says one reason I may not have is because I didn't provide a street number. which I did. Although to be fair, a lot of people get really confused when I tell them it's 79-81 Wellesley St. What is that, anyway? I guess I could average it and say 80, and maybe the posties would guess right.

I am going to be 21 tomorrow. Holy crap. I am totally getting so old. But I don't really feel it. It will be good to go away for the weekend, especially if the weather stays as nice as it is at the moment, with the light breezes and warm sun. It was definitely fun getting back on my motorbike and riding it around (and yes, admittedly, I seem to have a knack for getting lost between my apartment and the corner of Boston and Mt Eden Rd...)....but yeah. I guess I should have a party, or something, but I really can't be bothered. The only reason people hold parties is to collect presents anyway, and let's face it, I'm far too poor to throw a party, with my dismal account balance of $40.

Okay, fine, I have savings, but I already have to pay IRD $600. Apparently, I don't pay enough tax. I agree with the Student Loan repayments (which is a result of me not putting in the correct tax code...), but I pay *heaps* of tax. Although, apparently, I earned $21,000 last year. Where did it all go? I have no idea.

Half a semester to go!!! Still no word back from The Testing Consultancy after i had to reschedule due to sickness. Man, I'm totally going to have to get my hair cut again lol. I had it nice and short and Spykey~~~

This post has been rather selfish, in that it's been all about me.

But then again, what else am I going to put on my blog?!

Have a good break everyone, post again in maybe a month. =D (eat lots of fruit and veges, regular exercise, relax)