Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today, Borders wins.

First of all, a customer phones in and wants to return his book from Whitcoulls and come in to buy a copy from Borders, a specialer bigger hard back version.

Secondly, a lady comes in with a piece of paper from PaperPlus's computerised store search (try it by the way, its pretty good, much more user-friendly than our system imho) and wants to find it from us, cause PaperPlus doesn't have it.s

by the way.

Eat Pray Love. I said it was a good book, didn't I?

Well, now that OPRAH says it's a good book, it just starts flying off the shelves...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go on youtube and look up Derren Brown

apparently it's NLP

lol. that's why so many people want NLP books @ borders...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

omg i do believe, there is free internet at our apartment.

oh. oh yeah.


<3 call plus lol.

i really hope it's free.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Got the keys today and moved most of my stuff over to the apartment; still have to move clothes and other miscellany (like half of a computer desk, lol) but yeah. It's begun! Moving! Exciting and tiring. Exhausted.

I wanna go to paperclip this sunday but dont know if i can make it lolllll even though i promised helennnnnnnnnnn gerarararrrrr

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield is excellent. It's like a cross between The Blair Witch Project, and The Host. Thoroughly recommended (though don't eat too much beforehand, you'll probably get motion sickness)
We did have a stirfry for dinner.

This morning was cereal for me, fruit (1x apple -_- EAT MORE FOR B'fast!!!) for Arron, then lunch we had Ham sandwiches again, and we're gonna have leftovers tonight from the stirfry! Yeah, we totally have enough food lol.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Someone from Breastscreening called today:

"Hi is Su Ling home"


"its Wilma calling from Breastscreen can I just confirm the address"

"She's actually dead, so she probably won't need it..."

"oh... i'm sorry"

"its ok!"

I guess I should have had more tact, but it was pretty darkly funny.


[$100 week, Day no.2]


We had scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast with a bit of tomato sauce on the side.

5x eggs = $1.00
1/2 pkt sausages = $2.50

Total cost per person: $1.75


Kaiser Rolls and Ham.

4x Kaiser Rolls = $1.50
Ham = $1.00
Lettuce = $0.85

Total cost per person: $1.68


Planning to have a stirfry with rice for dinner.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

So, just did the shopping at Pak 'n Save in Sylvia Park. Realistically, in the city when we're at the apartment, we won't have the luxury of getting everything in one fell swoop like this, and it'll probably be from the Foodtown on Quay St...but I digress. (Can always take small things to and from work, anyway.) Here's the final list of things that we ended up buying:

All the meals for the week have been planned out (although to be fair, tonight is Paperclip and Arron is having dinner with his family so some of the planning is not really useful; but basically we know what we're having for the next week. At about $80, all of the required items had been covered, I then backtracked through the supermarket and picked up stuff that would either be useful (ie oyster sauce) or things that were unnecessary (but still nice to have).
So today's plan was:
Morning: Cereal/milk/toast/fruit
(none of which we had because we hadn't gone to buy anything...
Lunch: Ham sandwiches with lettuce
(which we didn't eat because Arron had to go to work before we finished shopping and I'm at home now eating leftovers from a stirfry...)
Dinner: Pasta with mince
(which probably only I will have, because Arron has dinner with his family. I have no money to go to dinner for with Paperclip.)
But yeah. Heaps of food, for $100. I think we'll make it. Even if like the other stuff runs out, we can live on potatoes and eggs. :D
The $100 food budget challenge.

$100. Two people. One week.

Can we do it? It starts today!

More details as we continue.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is it wrong that my life is being held together by Windows Calendar? I've marked everything I'm doing for the next week on it, and if it were to disappear...

Damns you Bill's Gaetz!
Big Day Out.

Not too bad, not as good as last year just because of the lineup, but:

+ BATTLES. Oh man. It's just so cool to watch them play it live; their drummer is insane...


+ OPERATOR PLEASE. Very high energy and the drummer again, that kid is awesome lol.


+ KATE NASH. Very cute and very down to earth I thought. Crazy on the piano :P Probably the only person who can get away with just mashing on the piano and not having people go "wtf"


+ BJORK. It would have been awesome if I could see the stage better but yeah. Lavish set, great voice and LASERS


+ LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. Although I only knew one of the songs (the daft punk one), they were surprisingly good, very dancable (although at this stage I was extremely tired)


I did not watch Rage against the Machine. Rage against the Machine fans, as a generalization, are assholes. Would it have been worth it to fight against all the wankers to get a view? No. About as useful as people pushing forward when there's OBVIOUSLY no room.


Like even last year, Tool, wasn't as pushy or dick-like. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Went into the city to look at apartments today. Saw three - originally had about six planned but, first one didn't respond at the gates (so couldn't get into the place; I hear Zest is really small and poo anyway), but yeah; really hard to pick because they are all good with different flaws.

First one was a small cosy $250 a week apartment on Nelson St; pluses are it's really private, has a (rather small) balcony and lots of light and room - minuses are that it's a very small space.

Second one was on Mount St, originally $280 but said it's negotiable and I think we're getting it for $260 - it's fully furnished and bigger than the Nelson St one, but the only problem with it is that it gets no natural sunlight. It has a balcony, that looks opposite to the building that was constructed next door. Lol. So yeah. It's fully furnished also unlike the Nelson St one, bed TV whiteware the works, so pretty much that one is ready to move in as it is...and it's ultra close to university.

And the last one we looked at was one on Wellesley St, a non-negotiable $270 p/w - this one was easily the largest one, although the door to the room was a bit busted, it comes with an air-conditioning unit. The problem with this one is the price, which doesn't seem like *that* much more but considering it's also unfurnished (with some whiteware incl. and miscellaneous items) it's still...yeah

We've decided to apply for the Mount St. one - if that fails we can always go for the Wellesley St one, which has only just started showing. It was basically a toss-up between the cheapest (but furthest and smallest), the closest (but no natural light) and a good allrounder (but most expensive).



Monday, January 14, 2008

>:( the courtyard one has been taken!!!

!@$*!@*$ garrrr and i really liked it.

well, i liked the idea of it, didnt actually see the apartment. still looking at another one tomorrow (lol it'll be the samae one we tried to get to before the new year and went there and she didnt turn up and coldn't get a hold of her)


i am so calling other places now

Friday, January 11, 2008

After five hours of wrangling, both last night (until 3am) and this morning, I've finally stopped my computer from BSOD'ing.
I only noticed after I ran some Windows Update stuff - which didn't agree with Vista, apparently, and started it in a BSOD loop (crash, restart, crash, restart)
But I managed to glean enough information to make an educated guess that there was something wrong with the driver for the HDD - reinstalling it seemed to have worked (well, at first the whole pc wouldn't even get up to the Vista loading screen, citing "no hard disk" found, but it's found it now I guess)
So yeah. Windows is updated now. And not crashing. And I think it's not doing that random "stalling" thing anymore.

Sideeffect; I've managed to destroy MediaDirect. Then again, considering I didn't even know it existed until today, it's really unimportant...all it does is let you run your PC without loading windows to play music and just loads another OS so why would you bother? Just go into Windows instead...
but yeah. That partition is taking about...13gb and it's hidden. One day I'll reclaim it (that requires work though and frankly my laptop is running fine now and I still have like 160gb free...dont wanna screw it up again...)
So yeah. Vista impressions? I say wait a couple more years. It's nice and pretty and stuff but lol that was a pain

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Amber Spyglass...not bad. Too many scenes of "oh look a pretty fantasy world" though; totally know they're on a ship don't need to show it sailing into the horizon for 5 minutes three times in 20 minutes.

I am Legend is pretty good. Arron says 28 days later is better which would be true if they were both just horror but i am legend has other things going for it as wellllll more soppy teary stuff; the book however sounds reallly cool as well, not so clean cut morally.

FINALLY viewing an apartment next tuesday, seems like a really goood one

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Real estate agents are so !@&@$! hard to track this particular one now told me to call her on Friday (yesterday) when I called her on Monday to arrange a time to view on Saturday (today) - and I've been trying to get through to her all day yesterday and up until now and all I can get is an answering machine...also left a message yesterday but haven't gotten anything yet...

Not going so well, this apartment crap....


At Borders at the moment, we've got 20% off all crime and thriller books. So I'm at info, and a guy comes over;

Guy: Hey, is there anything off Self Help books?

Me: No sorry, there's only a discount on romance and crime books.

Guy: You should be encouraging self help, not encouraging crime.

I lol'd in my head.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I served Rodney Hide the other day. He was buying a book.

That is all.