Wednesday, February 28, 2007


phew so relieved have to go picx it up

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

oh yeah forgot to mention used short loan for 1st time today cause the presc. txtbk for computer graphics is like, not sold anywhere (i looked both vol 1 and UBS both sold out) so i went into shortloan and ther'es like 3 copies lol yay

so yeah but the ulysses book from botany library set their thing off lol

but whatever lol

yay for saving money and having a txtbook which wasnt actually referred to yet lol
Okay, so I thought today was going to be a great day. Like, not a crappy end like yesterday.

Oh, no.

Okay so the rest of the day was great.

But let's start from the end.

I'm riding the bus home.

I step off the bus.

Fish for my keys...


I turn around forlornly, and the bus has already long departed.

My legs are far too sore to run after it. I have:

no university ID
no money
no library card




Computer Graphics 372 looks like it's going to be an interesting class. Lecturer is also german (like 372)!! omg. how itneresting lol maybe germany is the secret centre for this sort of tech. charming lectuer with charming accent GERMAN GErMAN

ok but like

372 is like the MASSIVE COMBINATION of all my papers lol

needs MATHS108 (vectors matrices differentiation)
needs COMPSCI101, 105, 220 (algorithms and analysis)
needs COMPSCI210 (C language)


and then 344 is like the other side, with the 230 JDBC stuff and WHOAMG i really should have paied much more attention last year cause we neeeed it lol

i think i saw joy on the bus.

i managed to get through 30 pages of ulysses by james joyuce. its supposed to be #1 novel in the world. its very hard to read i have to be concentrating. :s

=40 minute lapse==

Wallet retrieval mission: part 2

ok. so after being told that buses route back once they've done bucklands beach and stuff, i decided to wait @ the priestley drive busstop in the hopes that the bus will be the same one i rode

7:05 arrival. but unfortunatealy not the right bus (the bus i was on had the big orange lettering) but the nice bus driver informed me that buses on their way back from the bucklands beach route *never* go through priestley but go down buck;lands bch road instead. which makes sebnse. so he radioed the dude of the bus he thought i was on, and then let me down on the bucklands bch stop

wait like 20 seconds

bus arrives *tragedy* not the right driver or bus. told him this. he said its ok all driver clear their buses, call depot at 8pm.

so i will. i also sent them an email.

RARRRRRR panicmotion

Monday, February 26, 2007

So. First day of University.

Went okay, I guess.

Well, it started okay; 4pm onwards was really frigging crappy. John Elmsly is a nice person yay!! but like lol he kept talking

and didnt stop

3:50, lecture not over

3:55 still not over

4:00 starting to fidget tons
4:05 i'm vry sorry i *really have to go*


...not there.


ok. hey lets walk down to britomart and catch the train then maybe i can catch at least some of the lecture

oh lets not walk lets take that free city circuit that comes round

no, that's not it, that's the link bus

nope not this one either, but should be sson, because link buses are 10 minutes apart...

no...that's the next link bus...

.....another link bus...

FINALLY the stupid as City Circuit bus. (at this stage if i had decided to walk, I would already be at britomart)

ARGH delays on queen st.

arrr arrr ok trainstation

finally going

Glen Innes!.... it's 5:30

lecture has finished, I can see peopel getting into cars to go home.


long story short, i traded 5 minutes of politeness for one hour of my own personal loss and being very irritated. you would have thought I had already learnt this lesson from Choir in first year. but no. apparently i need to be taught it again. so from now on, i dont care if you're the fucking pope, if you're goign to talk past the 55 minute mark, it won't be to a full class cause i will be running my butt off to catch my next lecture which i find more important since you spent the entire hour telling me about oscillators and sine waves and stuff i already knew. i guess its nice

but i only wrote two definitions down in my book, Ring Modulator and LFO.

ok. so yeah. now i am one lecture bhind already. and its only the first day. i guess its only the first lecture so it's all adminny stuff but i missed out some RSI what the hell is RSI i'm going to have to look that up.

i donte even know if its RSI. thats how bad i dont know lol


ok. so yeah. then i go running. RUNNNN RUNRUNRUNRUN. Some simple facts about running:

1) I suck at it really bad. It's a fact.
2) Nikes are EXPENSIVE for a very good reason;
2a) they look cool
2b) they are comfortable
2c) my feet don't hurt at all. just, everything else....
3) no matter how much running gear and awesome shoes you buy, if you suck at running you suck at running lol

yay for holding other people back. :SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssss



hope your first days didnt end with trading 5 minutes for an hour of pain ok bye

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I forgot. Cause the cool thing to do atm:

8:00 - 8:30
8.30 - 9:00
9:00 - 9:30

9.30 - 10:00 COMPSCI375

10:00 - 10.30 LEC

10.30 - 11:00 TRANSIT

11:00 - 11.30

11.30 - 12:00

12:00 - 12.30 MUSIC310

12.30 - 1:00 TUT (EdeCR)

1:00 - 1.30

1.30 - 2:00

2:00 - 2.30 MUSIC216

2.30 - 3:00 LEC

3:00 - 3.30 COMPSCI372
3.30 - 4:00 LEC COMPSCI334 LEC LEC
4:00 - 4.30 TRANSIT
4.30 - 5:00 COMPSCI334

5:00 - 5.30 LEC

5:30 - 6;00

is to do that.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

:( should have phone with me at all times. lol maybe its cause like, im from a not *quite* the mobilephonecrazy generation. 1/2 1/2 omg :( i feel so bad lol


Starlight Symphony! Matt and Indira are...pretty good lol. and Tchaikovsky 1812 was *goooood* this year, the cannons actually managed to go off in time!!


-200000 points for NOT PLAYING STAR WARS PROPERLY. URGH. They didn't even play the opening, just straight into the boring theme URGH didnt do it right BASTARDS

apart from that it was enjoyable i guess

02/09 due next one

did my good karma deed of the day helped some dude in a wheelchair out of starmart



Friday, February 23, 2007

so since tomorrow is academy first practice

i had to like practice the songs at least once lol

not a good look for a leader yo

but meh

i took my cello out of its corner and it was dusty and crap lol

and now that i've practiced i think i have a blister on my pinky forming cause that's like the finger i use the least normally but lol its just meejarkijeroiaurwoaurwaiurwaRWAKJFADLJGKJGAELJKJGAGSJAOITATMERZHSBOW

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay. I understand the pros of txtspk and tlkin lyk ths





ello ello hw r yah guys????wot yas been up tah?? well im stephen and i live in gud old christchurch im leavin skewl at th end of th year and am moving tah auckland at th start of th year ae which wil b gud as cos chch is a fukin hole lol o yea im a pritty easy going guy ae hu loves musik and hangin out wit m8s and crs lol um if u wanna knw mre leve me a comment

catch u up

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dnt rele hav a preferrence ae nz music is pritty kul bt it dnt get enuff credit , hip hops ok i gues wen ur in th ryt mood and of course
nethng ae dnt rele hav a fav nt a fan of th mushie love movies tho lolz
im a swimma lolz its gud tyms ae
Scared Of
GOD lol bt nuffn rele otha than tht
Happiest When
im wit ma besties danielle and luke and lee nd sleepin getn drunk and wit family and all ma m8s
VODKA lol and beer gotta say ma favorite is stella

The Taking is nice book by Dean Koontzzzzzzz ok

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's really sad to say that when you search Blakomen on google, every single page that comes up is related to me. lolz

make believe make believe make believe make believe make believe make believe

uni soon

doint want to

its dumb

what a dumb

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Why does this weird old asian lady from that number keep calling our house?

She asked if it's the residence of *indecipherable*.

I said no.

She then proceeded to ask "who lives here"

That begs the question "why do you care?"

Obviously, she is the one who called this number. If it isn't *indecipherable*'s house, hang up and don't call again.

She's called 3x so far.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spend 80% Save 20%

I have 2 new tops and 1 new pair of straight cut black jeans with slight fade

one of the tshirt is long sleeve black stretchy looks comfy for winter
the other is my first pink shirt lol it has checkerzzzzz

watching movie on beach is like yay but screen TOO DARK DAMN U
Happy Chinese New Year.

My sister's pet hedgehog is dead. Apparently, it got suffocated by fruit lol. (too much of a good thing)

yay for red packets!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

D1 D2 G1 D2 G1 Eb2 D2 Bb1 D1 Bb1 C1 Bb1 C2 D2

My father arrives today.

Friday, February 16, 2007

lol 0800 junk run rox

its like

they like are awesome


moving all this conckrete


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

+ Watched Little Miss Sunshine. I don't normally do this, but A+. Brilliantly written and acted, touching, moving, and hilarious.
+ Burger Wisconsin!!!

-points MINUS points to the management of Village Highland Park who didnt let us eat our burgers in there SUXXXXX TO YOU BASTARDS in spite, I left rubbish around

so yeah, it would have been a tidier cinema if the stupid idiots weren't such nazis


Cool!! my sister found a porcupine its so cuteeeeeee yay!!! i will ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffoto in the morning its so cuuuuteeeee lol so cute sooo cute

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



omg you know what is gross



do NOT look it up

trust me you will thank me on this one DON'T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS
Today I was interviewed by David and Michael for the Borders job @ newmarket. yay. oits over iuts no longer in my hands so i can stop worrying and stufffgffffffffff

i was worried i didnt remember Dvvids name but its just kos he looks like marc loil ok

and like 20min yay longr than the dude after me so that means im cooler

but cheryl wins cause she was like 1hr lolzdog

then there are nice signs showing airport way we drive pick up william (oh so illegal)

stupid traffic warden who obviously dunno how to speak english dunno what he wanted to know ok bye
lol i had this weird dream where Gerard Way was in my bed and he poked my toes lol

Monday, February 12, 2007 this guy is full of gold

bahaha im also runnin through perry bible but some of those a bit rude lol but still funnny as


Sunday, February 11, 2007

omg lol ok you know how sonny has the awesome cover of Brooke Fraser lol

guess what showed up on youtube recently


and while you're there, look at the related links of the other covers LOL

LOL @ the one which is 54 seconds long, cause her memory card could only fit 50 seconds and she didnt know it stopped lol
14 seconds is my fastest time for beginner minesweeper.

i sux lol

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I got woken up at 10:00 am this morning by my sister handing me a phone with a lady called...Pauline? on the phone. She had a very strong accent, I couldn't quite place it. Welsh? English? Whatever it was it was strong like absinthe. Anyway.

Why she called is probably what you want to know.

Well, I got invited back for a second interview for the Borders job. All right!

They also informed me they would be calling the references. I hope they call the ones on the application form first, and not my CV, since my CV has Philip who I never technically worked for, and Miss Rowbotham, which it's been years and y'know teachers, they get new people all the time and I doubt I'll be remembered.

But I told both anyway to be ready for the eventuality.

Alright. So yay, I guess I beat some people with a callback.

Anyway. Filling out that employee form, I had to use my University email again. I mean, how professional is Not very. is only marginally better. is better, but it sounds like a random collection of letters and words. Which I guess is partially true (about the numbers)

So I tried to get my own version of (yes, Arron has that. What a pro. I should have thought of it when gmail just started out, but I didn't bother...) is taken. is taken. is taken. is taken. is taken. is taken. is taken. is mine.

The l looks like a divider. But it isn't. Fancy that.


I'm nervous. I hope I get the job.

(what to wear what t odo what to bring what what what what what I was in too sleepy a state to ask such questions arrrrr lol i'll bring a pen at least)

Friday, February 09, 2007

So yeah, just came back from the Borders Job Fair. Yay for selling books lol

i think it went ok i hope i get hyred

I also got like an email about CS101 demonstrating...but I think I won't do that if I get the borders job. borders job yay borders job i can't have too many jobbies lolz yay for yay im excited

they said they'd call me tomorrow that would be SO SWEETS



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sufjan stevens is very guten

shepherds/cottage pie yay

dont know how to make the filling stix together but lol can't go wrong withe mince topped with taters and cheeez

interview job fair thin tomorrow ;s Im sO NverUS


hgope everyon is doin goodf k by

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rear view mirrors, driving alone at night.
The clothespegs floating like apparitions, hanging off the washing line like small demons.
The darkened laundry, haunting in the offsight.


YAY for IRD refund cheques! ALL. RIGHT.

The Devil Wears Prada: Nice movie SO HAPPY omgorsh meryl streep is kool

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Groove in the Park is noffuin compared to BDO

which is reflected in the ticket pricer eally

so much marijuana even with pooooliuce all over the place?!

same sort of mmmmPPSSTT music i guess i dunno i was too tired to dance and stuff maybe if i was more excited it would have been better

but the weather was good and it was laxxin.

yay for haircut
not yay for not hair cut ;_;

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The new deck is pretty much almost complete. It looks pretty good. I jumped around it this morning to try and break it, and it didn't, so....then again it was pretty expensive. Hefty buy. Yay for money. The big rubbish skip is still outside our house. So convenient. 9.14am. What. Bye.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I still can't get over how half-new my laptop is. From the top it is brand new and shiny and the lid moves with such a magnificent and impressive weight, but then lol I open it and there's the sticker my left hand has worn down with two years of sweat and typing...

Last day of holiday programme work today YAY real cruisy got paid to fill water bombs and eat sausages and dip my feet in a swimming pool


OLDBOY. A very solid A movie. MAybe even A+ but i dunno. great twists, the lead dude is funny and crazy as hell, and its jsut the sort of movie that compells you to watch it. I don't think there was really a slow moment in the film and if there was, well, it was well made up for by the rest of it.

and the corridor fight scene - enough said.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today was a hyperproductive day;

-Sorted Student Loan
-Sorted Bonded Merit Scholarship
-Finished Justice League Heroes


instead of shellin out at LEAST 1000 dollars for a anywhere useful laptop, i paid 120 to get it fixxered. A replacement LCD screen cost $80, and labour cost $40. They also cleaned out my laptop and cleared the air filter (the dude showed me the dust inside, it was pretty mungus) so it shouldn't overheat any more fingers crossed yay for ASUS

parking in city is very expensive :(

working tomorrow
saturday mowing lawn and thne finding out more about squash memberzhip

and damn i need sneekers :( :( money money

need to do student allowance sometime too
and fill out that borders app and think about stuff and redo my CV