Sunday, November 09, 2003

EPISODE EIGHT: A matrix within a matrix.

"The Smith Neo battle was a lot cooler than DBZ fights. I mean, obviously it was similar, since they were fighting in the air and flying around and stuff. But I thought the fight looked really cool. It's not like they were shooting lasers or fireballs or shouting out the name of their technique or gathering energy for 15 hours."

Yes, it is well known that The Matrix is much better than DBZ. But I'm sick of the recent flood of people bagging The Matrix: Revolutions.

Okay, I admit, I didn't really like the ending. In fact I hated feels like they're planning another movie because they sure as hell didn't explain anything in an easily accessible way. But the rest was gorgeous. CGI may not be your bag but you've got to be impressed with where Neo punched Smith. You have to. Sure I would have enjoyed a movie with more substance but that was some high quality action stuff.

[On a sidenote, the Matrix comics on the official site are some good shit - take a on Google or somethin]

After watching Reloaded I thought the reason why Neo could control the Sentinels was because everyone was in a Matrix within a Matrix - so that everyone in Zion was actually also in the matrix because they are the 1% who wouldn't accept the system...but they are in the greater system.

But then after Revolutions, they didn't explain how Neo could. What does being the one really comprise of? How did Smith implant himself into Bane? If it was as easy as picking up the phone then why didn't any other Agent do it before? Wouldn't it be interesting if there was an alternate matrix where the machines had Smith and the humans were about to destroy the machines forever and it was up to Smith to defeat Neo who had gone crazy and slept with every woman he saw for years and years and therefore had his own army? They could have turned the tables - that would have been interesting.

Even though it was basically an action flick it was a good one. They actually built an gotta commend them on effort.

So stop bagging it, I'm sure you're allowed not to like it: just don't go overboard and tell everyone you see that it sucks dick. A simple "I (emphasis on the I that is in this case you) didn't like it" will be fine.

I'm looking forward to more of the Matrix getting the Animatrix and more Matrix Comics.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

EPISODE SEVEN: Exams are a very annoying thing.

Right. It has been established that exams are coming from the pits of hell and will eat all our souls one day. Have you ever wondered who was the smart guy who came up with the idea of testing like 12 years worth of knowledge in three hours? I'd like to meet that fucker and knock him out. Make him sit an exam or two. And fail it. Mufuha. I should really be studying for my exam on Monday...and also completing my Photography work and my seminar...but instead I'm rambling. Figures. Well at least I've done about two exams already out of about 10. Booya.

In other news, my Soundclick account is under review or something like that. ^^" I got some fresh hatemail too, take a look - a link in the link bar. Also, according to the very intelligent bar you see at the top of the page, monkey pics is a related search in accordance to this page. Bah.

I've finished the SNES RPG Bahamut Lagoon recently. A fantastic game, a throwback to FFT, FF6, Ogre Battle and Monster Rancher all in one. Fantastic piece of work - thank god people translated it even though it was never released outside of Japan.

Yes. I'm stuck on things to say, I'm procrastinating doing my Photography and Maths stuff.