Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chace left the Rec Centre :o

She now (apparently) works at a bank.

Turn-over rate at the rec centre, eh...


Stephanie filled in today. What can I say? She is very nice. (dont start, Raymond) 7th form @ Howick College. Looking to do Sport and Recreation @ AUT next year. Today at After School care it was techincally two assistants lol just me and her. All the kids were like wth d00d wherz the leadr and then I smacked them in the face and they shut up.
Yes, it is true. I am toasting super-soft bread.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh yeha! 97.4% on my CS210 midterm. Woot.

Monday, August 28, 2006



Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today was great weather. Spring is coming. It may even already be here. I used to enjoy winter, but...I don't know. Something changed, I guess. I like the summertimes now.

Brian (Linda's cousin) last night here tonight; he won't be coming back for a while cause he has high school or something along those lines. Linda's family + Paul and Amy etc + Andrew we went for a great dinner.


I remember when I was younger, I had an irrational toilet fear. I think it was the fault of a vivid dream where there was a toilet with a furry blue seat covering that threatened to eat me up. I can also trace my vilification of touch back to Intermediate, to one spoken line.


Memory; it's not a movie, or a sequence of snapshots - it's like a couple of hazy silhouettes which you read however you like.

And I read them this way!

Well, they're your memories so nobody can say you were wrong.

Unless they were there.

But they weren't.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh my gosh. Last day of uni. so .


Composition class was cancelled and we only had a workshop, with one piece from the acclaimed Old Annoying German Lady (Oagl.) Oagl was bizarre and enthusiastic, and putting her in the same room as Chris whatever is probably not the best of ideas; nevertheless I'm being biased and her piece was alright. Theatrics were kinda half-half in my opinion - not enough to be worth it, but the vocal part was pretty good (maybe it was just due to performer). I only knew what the piece was about because I was in her tutorial when she wrote it last semester. Was it last semester? I don't know. I'm glad I'm not in Oagl's tutorial this semester.

Ran into Dennis. He is recording! Woot! Apparently Raymond and his fly honey were mackin it out outside Munchy mart, but i wasn't able to find them. I went into munchy mart to buy some milk...but they only had two very dodgy looking bottles left, so I left too.


I. Want. to. Go . Home.



Paper documents, envelopes, and drawing pens

Standard metric paper sizes use the square root of two and related numbers (√√√2, √√2, √2, 2, or 2√2) as factors between neighbor dimensions (Lichtenberg series, ISO 216). The √2 factor also appears between the standard pen thicknesses for technical drawings (0.13, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.50, 0.70, 1.00, 1.40, and 2.00 mm). This way, the right pen size is available to continue a drawing that has been magnified to a different standard paper size.

In computer graphics, widths and heights of raster images are preferred to be multiples of 16, as many compression algorithms (JPEG, MPEG) divide images into square blocks of that size.

The French army engineer Col. Charles Renard proposed in the 1870s a set of preferred numbers for use with the metric system. His system was adopted in 1952 as international standard ISO 3. Renard's system of preferred numbers divides the interval from 1 to 10 into 5, 10, 20, or 40 steps. The factor between two consecutive numbers in a Renard series is constant (before rounding), namely the 5th, 10th, 20th, or 40th root of 10 (1.58, 1.26, 1.12, and 1.06, respectively), which leads to a geometric sequence. This way, the maximum relative error is minimized if an arbitrary number is replaced by the nearest Renard number multiplied by the appropriate power of 10.

The most basic R5 series consists of these five rounded numbers:

  R5: 1.00        1.60        2.50        4.00        6.30

Example: If our design constraints tell us that the two screws in our gadget can be spaced anywhere between 32 mm and 55 mm apart, we make it 40 mm, because 4 is in the R5 series of preferred numbers.

Example: If you want to produce a set of nails with lengths between roughly 15 and 300 mm, then the application of the R5 series would lead to a product repertoire of 16 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 63 mm, 100 mm, 160 mm, and 250 mm long nails.

Yes. People actually defined this as an ISO (number 3, if you want to know.)

There are also other ISOs, some of which are:

216 - Paper size
657- Hot-rolled steel sections
838- standard for punching filing holes into paper
2171 - Cereals and milled cereal products – Determination of total ash
3103 - Method of brewing tea for the purpose of sensory tests
3864 - Safety labels
5218 - Representation of human sexes

and my favourite

10664- Hexalobular internal driving feature for bolts and screws – Torx screw head


Practice tonight. Maybe I'll tell them.

that's not the point

Yeah, you're right. Happy holidays, everyone!
Does God have internet access? Hmm. Does he read blogs? >.> Does he have an email address? Does his computer get lots of spyware, and do people try to sell him things like moisturizer/viagra?

In the pursuit of human knowledge, when we turn a question into an answer, even more questions explode from the reaction

Question ---> Answer -----> Questions x2 ---> answers x2 ---> Questions x4


chain reaction

So. Where's the end? Or is it not the destination, but the journey?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life is one giant up-down cycle.

Step outside of your comfort zone.

Went again today! It was better than last time, though I still didn't say much. Life...

It's brilliant, isn't it?

Well; I guess it is, though I haven't felt anything else, either - nobody's come back to tell me what death is like, so you never know, it could be better.

Fair enough.
m'gosh lol

Alright, I thought I had a test tonight, but I looked at the course page again and it says 21st September.


lol i was totally psyched to study for the next couple of hours and stuff but I guess I'm not going to!


oh yeah

ooooh yeah

oh. oh yeah.

I woulda totally failed algorithmics and search algorithms anyway.

so now I just need to find a drummer (webmail is down can't ask Eve for Ben's email), and I guess practice sometime for my restricted test.

oh man

its moving fast ;_;

but it's stopped for you...

Since there's no test, there's no excuse not to go to number 2. :) maybe ill stay longer this time. but probably's not like it's particularly enthralling or anything sitting there everyone else knows each other and blah

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I do rather like the keyboards @ the info commons. They're really clicky, but have more give than my home keyboard (or well, the keyboard attached to the media computer)

Just finished CS210 midsemester test. Remember when I was yelling about how I hate C and the assignment?

I pretty much had to reproduce it in the space of one hour. NOT FUN. I'm hopin for an A, but a B+ or a B looks more likely :(

Here's to my slipping GPA.
Lol CS is such a nerdy faculty

The server for Stage 2 students is called Chaos (
The server for Stage 4 students is called Hydra


test in like 1 1/2 hr


food? yes please

but hnmmmmmmmmmOK
Just came back from my driving lesson from a qualified AA instructor.

Man. That guy was really nice and really helpful :o so wise in the art of driving

He said I should be ok for the test: just need to watch-

that i'm looking for spaces, not cars, when i'm trying to turn/merge etc (so I don't lose opportunities)
slower at giveways to save eventual time by not having to full-brake (my excuse is that i wasnt used to the car but that's not good enough)
hugging corner while turning more, esp. left

He says "driving should be boring; if you put the instructor to sleep, you're doing a good job" and then proceeded to tell me how one driving test dude did actually fall asleep lol and wound up @ Bombay hills

William saved me from the unmarked giveway to the right one, but I didn't get the unmarked crossroads one; there's this one in dannemora that was apparently an unmarked but people kept screwing up so they made it controlled intersection.

Also he taught me a simple algorithm (tee hee, algorithm) for parallel parking; come along-side 1st car, fullbreak left, turn until 45degree, straighten if have to (though its only been like 20 mins and i already forget if this step is redundant or not), then fullbreak right until parallel then stop. Advantage of being in perfect position to get out once you need to leave spot (you came in that way so you know you can leave that way)

He had these little model car things that were really helpful lol

and you know when you're parked at the side of the road...and you look in your mirror (rear) and forward, and you look in the wing mirror to your right, do you know why you're looking? It's not to check your blindspot, cause odds that a car is stationary there in the middle of the road is like, zero. It's to look for driveways. And u-turning cars.

Totally worth the $55.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006






My lecture finished - I dashed out the door and pretty much sprinted full-tilt from MLT1 to the S5 bus stop on Symonds St. So. Tiring.

I'm really unfit lol

yeah whose fault is that huh


But yeah it was really weird, sprinting full tilt then going to 30mins of sedentary seating...when I had to walk from end bus-stop to my house it was brain had disconnected from my legs or something. Walking in bizarre lines...and stuff.


So I have an aunt? Or something? In Canada. (My mum would know the exact relation)

Anyway, she is totally awesome. Every year without fail, she sends me and my brothers birthday cards...of course, the messages are all written in Chinese so I could never understand them (needed my mum to translate) but it's just...such a fuzzy thought. I have talked to her once; she called Malaysia while we were over there before mid-semester break. It's really touching that I get a card every year.

There is one sitting right in front of me now, unopened.

I have been meaning to send her a letter back; I just...haven't.

My gosh. I'm a dick.
Drifting though the atmosphere
And up into space
Leave behind the moon he's sitting
In his special place

Some flutterbies they enter and they
Play around in my soul
And once again part of me
Fills up to be whole

Da da day
Just flying in my airplane.

Peaceful colours everywhere
Purples and deep blues
Feeling so at home here oh
As if up here i grew

It's so beautiful up here now,
Oh I think I might just stay
All alone and by myself
So free and far away

Da da day
I'm with my aeroplane

I can see heaven
Heaven down below
I look at heaven
And an angel who I know
I can see heaven
Heaven down below

Da da day
I'm with my aeroplane

Just happy to be me again.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Craccum is great this week. Nearly every cartoon had me laughing. Surviving Uni has also been on a winning streak. BEST PERRY BIBLE ONE THIS YEAR ROFL that one is great

Alright. Not much else to say; saw Sonny and Jenny on the bus home. blah blah volume space blah architecture blah dreamtime :P
Btw. The fat gangster kid, was born in 1976. Yes, that makes him like 30ish.
Just watched Waiting.

Sur.e, the characters are one dimensionaly. for the most pa.rt, and I can. see how a lot of it can be consider.e.d crude;

but my. gosh I foun.d it :o

Great inter-character rel.ationships, just...I d.on't know why it was s.o funny! But it was.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Haircut today. Snisnors, snippy snippysnap. My hair's still of moderate length, but it's way thinner. I'm not really that happy with the back upon second thought (I think it's too long) but, whatever lol I don't care its just dead cells.

Also what else did I do today....woke up...played a bit of FFXI, william made lunch yum yay grilled sammies, went to cut hair

Already said it!

And then went to AA to book my driving test. They were all pretty full up until 22nd August. Which is funny. Cause that's two days away. No way am I taking the test BEFORE the driving lesson with an instructor I booked.


So I booked it on the 4th of September.

Yes. That is the day before my birthday (I wasn't sure if the wager would count if it was 5th Sept. the actual day, so)

Hopefully, I pass XD

William toox me out for a mocktest today. I failed like five times, mostly due to speeding (ouch) and not slow enough approaching give-way (double ouch) Reversing round corner is tricky.

Ambiguous unmarked give way issue

---. ----
....| |

But I guess I think I can pass. I hope I pass. It's like 88 bucks.

Dude thats such a lucky asian number! All right!

I really really really wanna pass lol

It'll be FREAKIN SWEET if I do. So I'd better. Yes.


So I spent a lot of yesterday browsing through old posts, and I find that the quality of what I write has diminished greatly. I'm not as coherent or witty any more.

My paragraphs are not quite as long.

Have I said it all? Is there nothing left to say? Or maybe I'm just


Friday, August 18, 2006


You're not sure whether you're heading towards or away from something or someone...

an ideal...a concept...

The only thing you know is, you're drifting.

I am reminded of Ephram's Change soliloquy from Everwood or whatever. I think I shall dig it up, read it, and turn all introspective.

Oooh, big words. Introspective.

Oh crap. Here it comes again. Totally unwanted, here comes the feeling that I'm being eaten from the inside.

At least I don't need to punch stuff...


Everyone's busy. I'm busy too, dammit. WHAT THE HELL.


No dude, stop.

Alright, alright. I'll run backwards and find all the hidden references in all of my posts this year. That will be fun.

Don't mess with their heads...

I'm not! You're the one doing it.

Lol aren't we a freakin picture of normalcy
Lol! Okay. I'm like listening to all the old stuff I made, and I came across "Five Potatoes"


I hope none of you ever hear it XD it's very rude

But it has a funny backstory to it. Perhaps I shall tell you, if you ask me.
Joe Hisaishi is totally awesome. He like recycles themes. Yes.

I have nothing interesting or pertinent to say, and yet I type anwyay.


im not pickin on her because she's a mature student, but because she really IS goddamn annoying, she asks the dumbest questions and urgh rughrughruhguhg

She needs to ask annoying unimportant questions at times OTHER than lectures. I stress unimportant.

Hmm. Hate is a strong word. Highly dislike?

sssss ________
0-0 <>
Urgh I hate payphones. It ate my 0.50c coin, and then it returned my 0.20cs.

I got really annoyed that the minimum amount was 70c and it wouldn't take the new 20s (but took the new 50 and never gave it back)

So I chucked in $2.

Made call. (called work about wednesday, probably swapping to do monday instead)

Cost 70c. Remaining credit, $1.30.

No change given.


It would have probably been cheaper with my mobile (but URGH i hate mobiles, they don't have side tone anymore (this is where you can hear what you sound like on the other end through your speaker (so the speaker plays what your own microphone gets)) and its just urgh urgh


and I only have 0.50c left on my phone anyway

my god how did i get so poor.

need to check my bank balances. can i affordddddddd another top up so soooooonnnnn

i haven't exactly been light on the texting recently, anyway.



WHY IS IT AT 6.30?!

GRRRRRR now I have to rerganize work and shit!

ARGH lol I can't believe I haven't noticed until now.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Days are getting longer - as I walked down K road this week, it was still light.

Booked a driving lesson with the AA guy. Brian, I think his name is. It is not that relevant.

We shall call him, Instructorguy.

Unfortunately his entire monday was booked. I don't have a clue why I didn't ask for Tuesday, his weekend was totally booked, so I took 7am Wednesday (yes, 7am. ouch.)


who knows

she's japaneasy

Lol. Utada Exodus lol.

What else, what else...driving lessons are cheaper in the south island than they are up here. $40 in Southland, $55 is what it'll set me back today. 'Course, i took it out of the mum-fund (cause my mum woulda paid for em lol she's the one who *really* wants me to get my license) so I guess it's not really setting me back.

I went today milestone! lol felt like a twenty-ninth wheel for a while but it was funny as lol i don't believe them XD

You know those posters, about that International Student fees thing?

You know the photo of those people?

Here's a secret: they're not international students XD

Phones are like dicks. When you get bored you play with them


Come on man, show us your style!

Okay. But seriously. Phones are like dicks. Everyone has one.

Hope for you is diminishing...

Sorry. But phones are like dicks. They give you cancer.

Maori Queen dead :(

And also, this shouldn't be funny but I think it is. 1.5 million people are evacuated as Typhoon Saomai makes landfall in Zhejiang. More than 200 people in eastern China are reported dead.

Saomai is Like. Lol.

I just picutre this giant saomai running into China.




It's too bad it actually means Morning Star in Vietnamese or whatever.
My headphones have died.

They've lasted me quite a while, too...I don't remember exactly when I got them but it must have been at least two years, now.

Yeah, quite a while ago...

Well I guess died isn't the right term, since they're still semi-functional. They've undergone the same process of slow destruction as William's old Sony ones (same model) - first, my left headphone (is that the singular term?) stopped working, and now the right one's gone kaput too. If I twist the wires randomly, sometimes the left one comes alive, sometimes they both do; at the moment I've only got the right one working.

Listening to Psappha by Xenakis. It's so crazy lol. Random percussive kinda thing.

This morning I finally called that 0800 number to get those random AA guys to get their regional guy to contact me for driver training (yay!)

I'm quasi-excited. I wonder if I've left it too late, or if I can actually get my license before my birthday ;_; But the lady on the 0800 number took my contact details and said the guy will call later tonight.

Oh man. That means I have to be at home, doesn't it. Oh...


Lucky I gave them my mobile.

Was gonna try go again tonight lol.

You should, you know.

Says you, Lan.

What else....

I exercised my AUSA right to vote today. It was actually quite funny, I only voted for one thing (craccum editor) - the rest of the people got no boxes (although I was tempted to put No Confidence in IAO).

Matty for the win - can't go wrong with the hater's guide. Sounds like a lot more fun than Marie-Taylor or wahtever. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that she wants to make it more intellecual or whatever, but whenever I read craccum I always read those articles last, as a final resort so I'm just voting for what I enjoy.

I got given a chupa chup (cola flavoured) for voting.



Don't you find computers amazing? Like...I just...I can't get my head around it. It's just wires and voltage but they do all sorts of things, just off the basic principle of true/false.

You know those massive thick cords and lines running around in the motherboard and stuff? There's a technical name for those. Buses.

I woke up in a panic. I dreamt of a mistake I could have not accounted for in my C assignment.

I checked it. It was okay.

C. It haunts me. :(

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SWEET. ONE ASSIGNMENT TO GO, and it's not due till next week!


I WEATHERED THE STORM oh yeah C, take that

*->decrHandleUsage DIE C DIE HAHAHAH



Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Okay, today I missed my bus again. Had to wait an extra 45 mins for the next one this time (ouch) - was too enthralled in my assignment WHICH WE GOT AN EXTENSION FOR AND THE LECTURER IS JUST SPOONFEEDING THE ANSWERS ON THE FORUMS NOW LOL

But I guess I met a nice bus driver, and a good one after the transfer.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Okay today, actually, I was outside the Archi-bus stop (upper? symonds, not the school of music one) and saw the 52 was due in 11mins, the 4:40 one. So I was like "hey lets walk down to the lowerbus stop"

Bad idea.

I watched the bus run past, and I looked at it with as bemused and dejected a face I could muster.

BUT this turned out to be like a good thing because:

I went into the music library, and my favourite librarian (easy on the eyes) was there >:)
Got on the same bus as Amy, Cheryl and strangely enough Richard
Katamari Damacy MUSIC IS TOTALLY WICKED up there with Guitaroo Man (yes!!!)

The last one has nothing to do with anything. But I don't care.

Where else are you going to find a song that uses animal noises for the melody?!

Some things in life will never make sense.

How did Cheryl get from Half-moon bay to Priestley Drive faster than the bus? She got off at Half-Moon bay, and flagged the bus to pick up her wallet on priestley drive cause she left it on the bus.

Oh, so confusing.

Okay, this next C assignment is like...urgh (C, the programming language) 220's programming was so much easier, this one is like...urgh.


I don't even know where to start for the next bit. I guess at least I have 20% of my marks done.
Whoa. Just-in-time week, hey. Like, this week, pretty much every paper I'm doing this semester has its first assignment due.

As usual you procrastinated.

But! I actually managed to work hard enough at the last minute to finish everything off, so far. Now just have one and a half more to do for this week! And no all-nighters (closest was 2am, and that was on a Saturday, so..)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

On a less sordid note, now in my possession is Brink of Time: Chrono Trigger arrange album by Yasunori Mitsuda, and also I ripped from Naxos (ooh bad illegal ><) Demetrios' Phantom Phantasy. Both are wickedly legend: Brink of Time puts a ethnic/world music and jazzy twist on songs from CT, and Phantom Phantasy is a jazzed up rendition of Phantom of the Opera songs! Both are totally wicked :D

Richard you truly are a compleat ass.

Urgh he like bitched to my dad, and actually managed to get my dad to cry over breakfast cereal. My god. It's not even fucking stellar cereal either, not Hubbards or anything, it's goddamn cocoa pops, Basics brand. I'm really scared, cause I share some genetic material with this dimwitted idiot. He told my dad that "he was worried about me eating a balanced diet" (you're great man, you should be a fucking political spinster) which was why he wanted me to mix it with weetbix.


1) It's really not that much healthier.
2) I know why you really want me to mix, so that it lasts longer or whatever so that you don't have to go buy some more or anything cause I'm such a fucking burden, yeah? If you're so fucking hardcore, just go live somewhere else -_-

You know what? I don't care if it lasts longer or not. You're not the one who's eating, I am, so why the fuck are you forcing decisions on me, giganto-prick? I can't believe you actually managed to complain to dad and get him to cry over this. You are a massive shit-cake.
I hate Richard.

Like seriously, wtf? How the hell can William be so much better in *every single way* than Richard? I wake up this morning and I go to grab some food to eat and he's like "oh no those cocoa pops are not for you" WELL FUCK YOU TOO THEN you bitch why dont you just hide them away in your room like you used to do with soft drinks? I'm gonna fuckin crush up all those cocoa pops into powder, you cunt.

They're just cocoa pops.

That's not the point! It's the fact that he's being such a shit about it. I don't care if you think I should mix them with weetbix; you're not the one who's going to eat it are you? Why are you being such a FUCKING WANKER OVER BREAKFAST CEREALS?

I wish you'd died instead.

Friday, August 11, 2006

PLAY! pleasecome to auckland where i can see plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplpzlzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz
Memory is the great betrayer.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all...

Don't ask, don't tell.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Iceland, the sole NATO member that does not have its own military force (the Icelandic Defense force being the US Miliatary contingent permanently stationed in Iceland), joined on the condition that they would not be expected to establish one.
The unbearable lightness of being.
Milestone failure.

Well, I got there. I found the place. And then a wave of panic, 180 turn, and I was on my way back home.

Fear. It's irrational. I like to think I'm rational. But I guess I'm not.


Collector's Syndrome

I think I've been like, deliberately collecting milestones as of late. This is BAD. I should not be actively running around collecting for the sake of collecting. I think this is why I am hooked on FFXI. There's no shortage of things to collect. I'd probably never finish. I know that. Why don't I stop?

Cause I'm not rational.
(okay, so as usual I'm procrastinating again)

BUT! Man! Found the awesomest thing on Naxos whatever; a Jazz-rewrite of Phantom of the Opera!! It's called Phantom Phantasy or something...and it rocks lol

okay im still procrastinating

to go or not to go



what did you say

that wasn't relevant, you're like, melding thought-trains

Oh oops

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door No. 2?" Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?
Man, it's like milestone after milestone, dominos...stacked...blocks.......

A sparrow at Domino-Day this (or was it last?) year knocked down like 200,000 dominos and the organisers of the event hired some guy to catch it.

The guy sucked, so he shot the sparrow.

I'm sure you can find some deep and meaningful insight to that!

Yes, I'm sure we could Lan, but how is that relevant?

I don't know. Are you relevant?

You know, the usual practice in the packaging of gum is to place prime numbers of palletes/strips/whatever. Like, 7.

Why is this? So that you can't share or distribute evenly with one pack alone.

So if someone had a pack of gum...and wanted to share evenly with his/her friends; unless there were 7 people there, he/she is stuffed.

The gum distribution is not going to be fair.

Now, if gum is love...
I am marking CS101.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I feel very used, right at this moment.

Which life to pick? Hmm.

Value is different, depending on who is looking.


A few words:

Transpire proliferate obstruction intrusion platonic condescending parametric cumulative boisterous extradite melancholy courteous shimmering woeful idiomatic erstwhile laceration siphon secretion egrerian

Thank you.
I think in life there is only one true motivation; passion - and within it, there are two main types.

Firstly, there is what I think of as "staged passion"; people who fall under the sway of it tend to be vocal and proclaim such things like "WOW THAT JAMIE FOXX MOVIE IS COOL" after viewing the spectacular explosions, they then go and collect things for a while, and become miniature temporary experts on whatever they choose to chase in that moment.

Kind of like a sparkler - white hot in the middle with lots of arcs of light and hands, but rather juvenile and short lived.

Then, there is the silent passion. This is something which you do not even need to explain, because that's besides the point. These are more important. Because I say so. Fire of the soul or whatever.

What do you really want to do?

Ambitions. Dreams. These are the silent passions.

The strawberry milk, however, was not one.

---segue (here's a new word for you, sonny)

Eternal life. Is that the reward?

I don't know if it's because I'm weird or I'm biased-

probably both

but it doesn't seem like such a great thing. I think life is intoxicating its own right, but surely if you had it forever you would eventually get sick of it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being suicidal right at this moment - everyone's gonna die eventually so I might as well do with what I've got; but my point is, eternal life?

Isn't that like, zombies?

Maybe death isn't as bad as everyone thinks (or everyone seems to make me think). After all, nobody's hated it enough to cross to the other side.


Not these, either. -Lan

You don't give answers, do you friend?
Just questions that don't ever end
Why God? Why today?
I'm all through here, on my way
There's nothing left here that I'll miss
Why send me now a night like this?
Who is the girl in this rusty bed?
Why am I back in a filthy room?
Why is her voice ringing in my head?
Why am I high on her cheap perfume?
Hey look I mean you no offense
But why does nothing here make sense?
Why God? Show your hand
Why can't one guy understand?
I've been with girls who knew much more
I never felt confused before
Why me? What's your plan?
I can't help her, no one can
I liked my mem'ries as they were
But now I'll leave rememb'ring her

My gosh. I took up like three connections trying to figure out how to use it (turns out it does not like firefox) but lol now that it works MAN. WICKED.

Monday, August 07, 2006

These are Dream Theater lyrics. -Lan

This is so hard for me
To find the words to say
My thoughts are standing still

Captive inside of me
All emotions start to hide
And nothing's getting through

Watch me
I'm losing
All my instincts
Falling into darkness

Tear down these walls for me
Stop me from going under
You are the only one who knows
I'm holding back

It's not too late for me
To keep from sinking further
I'm trying to find my way out
Tear down these walls for me now

So much uncertainty
I don't like this feeling
I'm sinking like a stone

Each time I try to speak
There's a voice I'm hearing
And it changes everything

Watch me
Crawl from
The wreckage
Of my silence

Tear down these walls for me
Stop me from going under
You are the only one who knows
I'm holding back

It's not too late for me
To keep from sinking further
I'm trying to find my way out
Tear down these walls

Every time you choose to turn away
Is it worth the price you pay
Is there someone who will wait for you
One more time
One more time

Watch me
I'm losing
All my instincts
Falling into darkness

Tear down these walls for me
Stop me from going under
You are the only one who knows
I'm holding back

It's not too late for me
To keep from sinking further
I'm trying to find my way out
Tear down these walls for me now

Tear down these walls for me
It's not too late for me
Tear down these walls for me
I'm about 2/3rds through Milan Kundera's Immortality. Some sections I find rather tedious but I'm being lured onwards by the possibility of even more literary gems that are embedded within. (in English: some bits suck but its worth reading to get the good ones)

If you're not afraid of real prepostorous philosophies and shit, read it.


Dream Theater. Oh man. They are good. dynamic!
DATE MOVIE: Lol. What the heck? Not very cohesive, more like some mini-parodies sketched together. Some of it is really hilarious (some deliberate some probably not), and there were some things that just fell really flat (like the end of the LoTR bit).

C+ (the plus is for the great line: "What a coincidence. I like pie."


End of Kill Bill 2: Lol. Everytime I think of Quentin Tarantino, I picture his face from the Special Features of Sin City and it gives me waves of revulsion. So that's like. Bias.

It's not fair to judge by appearance.

But I do it anyway, Lan. Let me finish.


Anyway. EVEN WITH this horrendous face in my head, the end of Kill Bill 2 was okay. I'm pretty sure I laughed at really improper places, but it was just kinda funny how it was serious yet not so serious. It probably didn't help that Date Movie which I watched prior ripped it off. But. Hey.



Sunday, August 06, 2006

He didn't write this, either.

Yes, they were beautiful. They were also identical. This is what everyone would look like if Hitler had won the war, I thought. The Hitler Youth vibe was very strong: Short hair, smooth shaves, good tans, many blondes. Maybe there was more mincing than goose-stepping, but it’s all the same shit. Did we really defeat fascism just to recreate the damned thing at the outlet mall?

Actually, no. We probably defeated fascism because we didn’t like those hideous brown tunics that the Volksgrenadiers insisted on wearing. Anyone who dons an outfit like that deserves a swift bayonet to the kidneys.
It's funny how certain things remind you of other things.

Like plastic bags for me.

It's the rustling noise.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Okay, so I totally threw away $10.

So my replacement Credit Card came today (yay ffxi!!)

Took them a week.

But. Then Jack (richards friend) found my old card at our front door?!

So really...


Number Three.

lol what was that about

I don't have a clue.

Can be summed up by a big ?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

BTW sonny there is a really good book i think you'd enjoy, its called um Immortality by...someone I dunno, some Czechslovjaskljkvjain or whatever, but yeah ive read part1 of it and i think you'd find it very itneretsting ok bye
Yes. I got home and cooked my own dinner.

Oven cooking skill rises 0.2 points.

And my sweeteggs meal is wicked now. I totally burnt the garlic though I have to figure out what's up with that. They seriously turned black the instant they hit the pan.


Gwendoline Yeo is Xiao-Mei in Desperate Housewives. She is also the voice actor for Paine from FFX-2 and KH II.

Christopher Lee (Saruman) is a step-cousin of Ian Fleming.

The voice actor for Mickey Mouse is married to the voice actor for Minnie Mouse.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The peculiar origins of Kingdom Hearts came about when the producer, Shinji Hashimoto, met a Disney executive in an elevator. Square and the Japanese wing of Disney worked out of the same Tokyo office.



its seriously

so good


Beats/on par with Final Fantasy. My gosh. Music. Character. Story. EVERYTHING.

Arrrrr credit card lost / cancel / number change / ffxi wants to recharge / number wrong / ffxi angry / ffxi cancel :(

This would be a good time for you to do work.

But I won't.

The producers soundtrack = gold :D

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another good day.

Meeting new people is not my strong point. I am glad he was a good conversationalist.


Yes. I did purchase a ticket for the Macleans production. It starts at 7.30pm. I am sitting at home. It is now 7.43pm.

No, I am not going.

We understand it's not rational.

But I'm tired and frankly, I am not really in the mood to walk out of my room let alone to Macleans. I blame University and COMPSCI220

Even though it isn't fair or balanced or right to do so.

No, but so?


Currently reading Brothers by Ted van Lieshout. Written in German. Translated to English. This is one of my favourite books. Combines humour and emotion in a nice little interlocking weave of words; coincidentally also has propaganda and new year as its major themes too.

If you can find it, I recommend it. Well, actually, I don't. Don't find it. And if you do, don't pick it up. You might just work out what my story is.