Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Five? Six? I lose count.

This is the best Offspring song ever written. Yes. It is better than stupid "pretty fly for a white guy" or "original prankster". Those two are shit on the bottom of your shoe which Miss Hall gets angry at you on the inside when you traipse all over the music suite and leave your stains on the carpet and she cleans it up for you and you pretended not to notice but she cleaned it up anyway and next time you are supposed to clean it up yourself but clearly there wont be a next time since i dont go to macleans any more but still it is rather amusing imagining miss hall sitting there on the floor/carpet with her face scrunched up cause i left shit all over the hallways anyway where was i).

Look at me I'm fallin'
Off of a cliff now
I can still hear my mama yelling No No No
But the words mean nothing
Can't catch up to me now
And the view is so beautiful
All the way down

Well I was a little boy
Suckin' juice from a bottle
Believing my perceptions were oh so real
But I don't know nothing
Still knowing nothing
Was just enough for me to know the way I feel

This is life
What a fucked up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground if we choose
And I choose

Look at me I'm swollen
Like a banana fish now
I'm never gonna make it out of my hole
But I keep on laughing
Doesn't really matter
There's dozens of reasons for explaining my soul

Well I was a teenager
Suckin' booze with the Vatos
Discussing who was gonna live to be 21
They said they wouldn't make it
They didn't make it
We're all naked when the day is said and done

This is life
What a fucked up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground if we choose
And I choose

Don't know who made this all come true
But now while you're here
You just gotta do what you gotta do
Now if I wasn't such a weenie
Do you think you'd still love me
Pretending I'm an airplane on the living room floor
But like a lovely generator
You stand right by me
And if words were wisdom I'd be talking even more

So I keep on falling
As I'm looking back above me
Watching as my mama just becomes a little dot
Now I'm like De Niro
I'm amarillo
And I'll never know when I hit the ground

This is life
What a fucked up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground if we choose
And I choose
Yes, this is the fourth post of the day. I have mental diarrhea.

I am listening to SOAP - This is how we party.

Wow. How did I get permission to listen to this? Parents cry over GTA now, but they don't cry about lyrics like

"This is how we party
Foolin' with your body
C'mon everybody
Can't get enough of you."
I guess it isn't digital rape though. Yeah, actually, on the way to the Maritime Museum today where I caught a fish (or rather, a kid sat there and waited and I pulled it up incidentally, which nobody cares so I'll keep going) I had the most surreal listening experience, listening to a eight year old kid talking about GTA. "Its cool and then you go to the ammunition shop and buy guns and shoot people".

Ah well. At least all the little kids with have killer hunter instincts and like fuck everyone else over when they get the chance! AK! AK! BOOM HEADSHOT

I feel sorry for the people who play tetris, unless they end up working in a polystyrene factory. Imagine if your life was moulded by what media you absorbed. Like. I'd be a bard. I'd sing, and things would happen.

Hah hahahahah as if

stop talking about yourself


[Cobalt Chloride]

Apparently, this is used in the water indicators. On paper. It's blue. But then. if there is moisture, it turns red. There is a whole 0.2mol bottle of this stuff in our room. I remember when I first brought it home (for no other reason than it was shiny red I guess. and the thrill of stealing! the S in macleans is for Steal.) it was full. Now, it is 1/4 full. Where did 3/4 of 0.2molar cobalt chloride go? Hmm.

Well, that didn't work, you still talked about yourself.

But hey! Charlie Kaufphmahfahfan did it! And he's like, famouse and shit so, it must be ok.


Talk talk talk talk talkt lkatlkatlkatattlak talk
Today I was on call. I never got called. I turned up anyway. I get paid. Yay.


Just watched Adaptation. Yes, it is witty. I like the self-referentialisticmism, but I really, really don't like the stupid bizarre random car-crashes or deus ex machina or whatever you call it. I think there must have been a better way to kill off a character at least. But maybe it's like hey lets do car crashes oh ok.


Also, Napoleon Dynamite. It is funny, but it isn't witty funny, it's...weird funny. Napoleon is a tard, but he has great Wolverine hunting skills.
It hasn't just been me, yar? It's been ridiculously humid in my house (and other areas) for some time...it's crazy. Whipped out the fan last night cause it was too humid to sleep. And then I couldn't sleep cause the fan was whirring loudly, but at least it wasn't hot and flustery. So I left it on.

And then I got woken up at 6.45 for no apparent reason. (William said the battery was dead. or something. :\ Sure wasn't dead)

I'm pretty sure i found my portable hard disk. Richard has had it. I have no idea how long for. It has a whole lot of stuff on it, like, House of Wax, which I'm sure is fantastic. /sarcasm

Monday, January 30, 2006

I've lost my portable hard disk. ;_;

Watched Napoleon Dynamite today. Not too bad. Doesn't really...have a point...but...excusable for this movie, I guess.

Adaptation is sitting in my house.

Harry Potter awaits me at Highland Park.

Cryptic! Have a good one.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Episode two: the first girl you see is really annoying. I want to punch her in the face. So she bleeds.

[Thanks, TT >:) ]

Saturday, January 28, 2006

If you are wondering why there are fireworks being let off, it's because it's the Chinese New Year!

Year of the dog! Red would be pleased indeed (red is my dog. he is not red)
Well. I don't know how many of you actually bothered to download the random remixy thing I did, the other day (I don't blame you, esp. if you're on dialup.)

But the other entries for this week's thingy closed and all the entries are in - it's actually quite amazing how different some of them are :o I highly recommend you listen to Sleepy Emp - Through the Stars, at least. Brilliant ;_; >.> I'm not gonna win against that, but it was fun anyway :D

LINK: http://www.doulifee.com/prc/PrcSong/prc60/PRC60.rar

Or if you want individual songs:


Friday, January 27, 2006

I am feeling like utter crap today.

Wasn't feeling too flash yesterday, thought I could sleep it off and head to work today, but. No luck. Headache, throat, sneeze, urgh. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling. I had to call work too, I left a message but I still feel really bad :( I don't think I've ever called off sick before. Part of me imagines "hey you can still work" but rational over-ride says even if you do force yourself, it will be a utterly shit day and you might just infect all the kids as well.

I woke up at like, 5:30. For NO apparent reason. Here is what is happening in the world.

People elect terrorists. (Hamas ftw!)

Rah. Have a good day.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is how I spent my day off work today.

o Wake.
o FFXI: +3 levels in Alchemy. [Subnote - SMN x4 BRD BLM is a wicked easy setup]
o Eyetoy. Unlike the dismal E I attained for Monday (because I accidentally skipped everything) I got a A+ today. I actually finished the game before time was up for the Cardio one. og noez.
o REASON. I learn to use it bettar. This is the result.

[url=http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my?loc=4nu2h-Blak_Omen-Vitality_Principle.mp3]Click here to listen![/url]

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I think the most beautiful shot in Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is the one where they are in the boat and it's dusk, the coppery browns just look totally awesome.

Yes, today I got paid to play tag on ice skates at Paradice, watch Lemony Snickets for a second time, and play Singstar. Meanwhile, William and Sonny avoided being drenched in the rain with the poor 5-7 year olds who visited the zoo. Boy. That must have been fun...standing in the rain lookin for animals who aren't dumb enough to stand in the rain with them.

Have a good day!

Sunday, January 22, 2006




Eyetoy Kinetic. Very fun. Tiring, too. Who knew air offered such resistance...

Work. Tomorrow.


Life is empty.

Noodles for dinner.

Talk to me :\
Road Trip.

Now, I vaguely remember watching part of this (years ago, when I was a wee impressionable lad) up to the bit where they gotta jump the bridge (which was probably a good thing, all the nudity came after).

I thought it was a good movie. Tom Green cracks me up. He's serious. Yet...not. OR IS HE you can't really tell and then he does stupid things and tis' like "lol what".

Payoff at the end was good. Rikky ruined the twist. Favourite character has to be the random skinny white guy. Bahaha.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Dariah: "Hey! What are you doing there?"
Dariah: "Carmelo asked you? You mean he's still..."
Dariah: "Yes, I am the woman he seeks. Why did I leave him? Let's just say that the hands of his clock were about to break.
Dariah: "In those days, he would do anything to make me happy. Anything! He even sold the one thing that brought us together to buy me something that would make me more happy.
Dariah: "I'm not mad about that, it's just that...I felt that if I had stayed, he would have thrown away everything -- all that he cherished, all that he was-- just for me.
Dariah: "I feared he would throw away his future for the sake of our present. Eventually, his time would have come to a stop."
Dariah: "I told him that we were like the hands of a clock... That even if we parted, we would meet again."
Dariah: "But he wanted us to stay where both hands met...Even if that meant breaking the gears that kept us in mothin.
Dariah: "Try to stop time...and you'll only break the hands of the clock."
Dariah: "Tell him that as long as we live, we will meet again--as long as the hands of the clock are moving."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Today, Richard came home (wow!) and cooked me dinner (wow!).

First decent meal I've had in like a week, what with my lack of motivation and/or cooking skills, and William being working and what have you. Cereal, as entertaining as it is, probably isn't good for you 24/7.

Today Steve (big boss at HRC) decided it would be a good idea to put me on "toilet duty" which entailed checking the toilets and canteen at regular intervals to check for the random audit people with the CPR dummy. He decided it would be a good idea, even though I am volunteering, and not getting paid. ;_; I wanted to say no, but I don't have a good reason (hey I'm lazy you should pay me for that is, unfortunately, not considered good) I don't even know CPR. But I do know that the new rules are 30 compressions 2 breaths, for all age groups including infants. Not that I would know what to do. If I was Steve I wouldn't put me in charge of "toilet duty". All I was going to do was go and get one of the leaders anyway, if I saw one of those random CPR dummies. A number is a number...here's wishing I paid more attention in P.E. Theory. I really enjoyed you know, getting changed into really short shorts, just to sit down in a classroom to listen to some tard in a South African accent mention Synovial Fluid over and over again (we get it. It's in your joints. Move on, please.)

I had a pie and a can of drink again, today. I think perhaps I should like. Prepare food in advance? ...nah that's too hard.

I should defrost some fresh bread (though the four slices left on the table don't look mouldy I do not trust them.)

A bus just went past.

Yes. I have not had a very nice last few days. I have no idea why. I am happy again. Well, not happy. Content. Neutral state.

Imagine a car. I am in neutral.

There, that wasn't too hard, was it?

Anyway. I think perhaps I shall stop blogging and instead just merely change my colour scheme once in a while, because that seemed to have generated more interest than anything else I have said in the last few days.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Thanks for scrolling. :)



  • It was a rather hot and oppressive day, and I had to wear a hat.
  • I am sneezing.
  • I only had a pie for lunch. A pie, and a can of Mirinda.
  • All the cool kids picked to be in Sonny's group.
  • The pool was humid and really ridiculous.
  • I didn't get paid.

Today I feel better. Go figure.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Am I okay?

I don't have a fucking clue.

Here is an attempt at something more mundane.


We went to Denny's for dinner. (Triad.) Was alright I guess, really overpriced though. Reminder to not order salads again.

And then, Rio. Pearl milk tea.

Dennis is really excited and anxious and nervous, I am happy for him (even though I may not look happy, it is just like there is a battle in my head whether I should display being sad or display being happy for Dennis and as much as the happy guy tried he couldn't beat down the sad guy)

Sonny is older.

Everything is so inconsequential. Maybe it is my excuse for being unrelational and detached..... What. The fuck.

I don't even understand myself any more. I can't wait for the day when the stupid arguments in my head actually manage to manifest themselves and then i get to argue with myself all day long, now that would be a fuckin treat.
Sonny: I am sorry to sit there on your birthday in your car and then be sad and mopey.

In fact.

I feel pretty sorry for being alive, at the moment.

INDOMINATABLE SELF WORTH! Do you have it? I'm afraid not. I can't even spell it right.

I'm just waiting for David to come along and preach his random "man i hate depressive people" crap. LIFE IS SO GREAT IM AMAZED.

I will be waiting. I don't want your fucking pity. I don't really know what I want. I'm just fucking typing for the sake of typing, now.

So much for mundane.


Of course, if you ask me, I'll give the pre-conditioned answer. I hope this doesn't "affect my work" or something.

Time to practice smiling for tomorrow, you don't want to let the council down.

Here is a poem.

i am reborn every morning
when i rise expecting
good things from the day
getting my dose of raw reality
as the day moves along
by nightfall i crawl into bed
remembering i have been through
this kind of thing before
the almighty identity crisis

every six or seven years
it comes without fail
i am uncomfortable feeling this frail
knowing i may change on the inside
or rearrange things on the outside
i should be used to it by now
my only consolation is in knowing
i will come out of it
stonger and more self-assured than beforehand

Here it is, in Japanese.

私は毎朝日が覚えていて私によってが万能な自己喪失の前にこの種類の事によってあった私がベッドに這う日暮れによって動くと同時に生まれ変わり私が立上が る未加工現実の私の線量を得る日からのよい事を期待する それが私確実に来る6 か7 年毎にこの弱い知識を私が内部で変えるかもしれないまたは外側の事を再配列するために私はそれに使用されるべきである不快な感じである今ごろはもう私の私 のconsolation しかそれから出るあらかじめより確信があったstonger そして知っていない

Here it is, in English again.

I am born change every morning day having remembered, with me when it moves omnipotence before the identity crisis due to the sundown when I who am depended especially of this type crawl to the bed simultaneously and perhaps me stand that you expect that is good from the day when the unprocessed actual my dose which rises is obtained me 6 it comes securely 7 years me changes this weak knowledge in inside, this time when it is the unpleasant feeling or I should use for that in order re-to arrange the thing outside already only my my consolation, then it comes out, from beforehand Stonger which has conviction and you have not known

Here it is, in Dutch.

Ik ben geboren verandering elke ochtenddag heeft herinnerd, zich met me wanneer het omnipotence vóór de identiteitscrisis toe te schrijven aan sundown beweegt wanneer I die am vooral van dit type afhing gelijktijdig aan het bed kruipt en misschien me tribune die u dat verwacht van de dag goed ben wanneer onverwerkte daadwerkelijk mijn dosis die toeneemt me 6 wordt verkregen het veilig 7 jaar me veranderingen deze zwakke kennis in binnen, dit keer komt wanneer het het onplezierige gevoel is of ik voor dat in orde zou moeten gebruiken re- om de dingsbuitenkant te schikken reeds slechts mijn mijn consolation, dan uit komt het, uit vooraf Stonger die overtuiging heeft en u niet knownconsolation hebben?????????????????????stonger?????????

Here it is in French.

Me né le changement chaque jour de matin le a ai été rappelé, avec moi quand le omnipotence avant la crise d'identité imputer à sundown bouge quand de I ce am a surtout dépendu simultanément de ce type au lit rampe et peut-être me la tribune qui vous cela attend bien du jour suis quand onverwerkte effectivement ma dose qui augmente moi 6 est obtenue les 7 ans sûr me les changements cette connaissance faible au sein, ceci la fois rentre quand c'est le sentiment désagréable ou me pour ce dans l'ordre devrait utiliser le re - pour arranger l'extérieur de chose déjà seulement mon mon consolation, alors de lui, Stonger sortent d'avance qui n'a pas la persuasion et vous knownconsolation hebben?????????????????????stonger ???????stonger ??????

Here it is in Greek.

Που γεννιέται me η αλλαγή μια ένας ημέρα του πρωινού τον έχει έχει θυμηθεί, με με πότε η παντοδυναμία πριν την κρίση της ταυτότητας να αποδώσει στο sundown κινείται πότε του ιού αυτός ο am έχει εξαρτηθεί ειδικά ταυτόχρονα αυτού του τύπου στο κρεβάτι σέρνεται και ίσως me η πλατφόρμα που αυτό σας αναμένει καλά της ημέρας είναι πότε onverwerkte πράγματι δόση μου που με αυξάνει 6 αποκτιέται τα 7 έτη βέβαιος me οι αλλαγές αυτή η αδύνατη γνώση στην κεντροθέτηση, αυτό η φορά επιστρέφει πότε είναι το δυσάρεστο συναίσθημα ή για αυτός ο μέσα στη διαταγή θα με πρέπει να χρησιμοποιήσει re - να τακτοποιήσει το εξωτερικό του πράγματος ήδη μόνο η παρηγοριά μου μου, τότε του, Stonger βγαίνει ρκτε εφφεθτηβεμεντ μα δοσε quη αuγμεντε μοη 6 εστ οψτενuε λες 7 ανς σ4uρ με λες θχανγεμεντς θεττε θονναησσανθε φαηψλε αu σεην, θεθη λα φοης ρεντρε quανδ θ' εστ λε σεντημεντ δ3εσαγρ3εαψλε οu με ποuρ θε δανς λ' ορδρε δεβραητ uτηλησερ λε ρε - ποuρ αρρανγερ λ' εξτ3ερηεuρ δε θχοσε δ3ει2α σεuλεμεντ μον μον θονσολατηον, αλορς δε λuη, Στονγερ σορτεντ δ' αβανθε quη ν' α πας λα περσuασηον ετ βοuς κνοωνθονσολατηον hebben?????????????????????stonger ???????stonger ???

Here it is in English.

Me nj le changement chaque jour de matin le a ai jtj rappelj, avec moi quand le omnipotence avant la crise d'identitj imputer y'! sundown bouge quand de i ce am a surtout djpendu simultanjment de ce type au lit rampe et peut-ktre me la tribune qui vous cela attend bien du jour suis quand onverwerkte effectivement ma dose qui augmente moi 6 est obtenue les 7 ans sy!r les changements cette connaissance faible au sein, ceci la fois rentre quand c'est le sentiment djsagrjable ou me pour ce dans l'ordre devrait utiliser le re - pour arranger l'extjrieur de chose djjy'! seulement mon mon consolation, alors de lui, Stonger sortent d'avance qui n'a pas la persuasion et vous knownconsolation hebben?????????????????????stonger???????stonger???

Here it is in Korean.

나 nj 러 창엄언tchaquej오으r d어 맏인 러 아이jtjrappelj,avec모이 q으안d 러 옴닙XX얹어avantlacrised'identitjimputery'! rampe이 일몰bougequandd어i세륨에 의하여 암surtoutdj번d으 심을단j먼t d어 저 유형 금 점화했다등등 나가latribunequivouscelabiend으 j오으rsuisquandonverwerkteeffectivementma복용량quiaugmentemoi6 미국 동부표준시obtenueles7 응답sy!rleschangementscetteconnaissancefaible금sein을 참석하는peut-ktre,cecilafoisrentrequand나가 세륨dansl'ordredevraitutiliserle을다시 따르는c'est러 선딤언tdjsagrjableou- 편곡자l'extjrieurd어을 선택했다djjy'따르십시요! seulement몬 몬 위로, 알오rs d어 르이,Stongersortentd'avancequin'a우선권la설득등등vousknownconsolationhebben?????????????????????stonger???????stonger???


Me nj the change each day of morning A have jtj rappelj and with me when omnipotence before the crisis identitj to charge y'! The sundown moves when of I this amndt simultanjment has especially djpendu this gold the nj the window Um a tchaquej five U R D U first will Be and the child jtjrappelj and with feed Q U inside D the it will come and nip it will snap off to could, the avantlacrised' identitjimputery'! The crawls by the bougequandd U I three loom which it will drive cancer surtoutdj time D U of only it will seedling the J that shedding of blood gold distant T D U it ignited etc to go out, the latribunequivouscelabiend U J five U rsuisquandonverwerkteeffectivementma proportioning quiaugmentemoi6 American Eastern standard time obtenueles7 answer back sy! Rleschangementscetteconnaissancefaible The the can -ktre which await gold centre, the it is which follows cecilafoisrentrequand going out three looms dansl' ordredevraitutiliserle again the the line tim the djjy' which selects a tdjsagrjableou- side music sleeping the extjrieurd U follow! Does The only drives and the comfort which drives, egg five rs D U read, Stongersortentd' avancequin' have priority persuading etc vousknownconsolationhebben? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? stonger? ? ? ? ? ? ? stonger? ? ? type with the bed crawls and can -ktre me to it platform which you that waits day well am when onverwerkte indeed my amount which increases to me 6 is obtained the 7 years sy! R the changes this weak knowledge within and this the time returns when it is the feeling djsagrjable or me for it in the order should use Re - to arrange the extjrior of thing djjy'! only do my my consolation and then of him and Stonger leave in advance which does not have persuasion and you knownconsolation hebben? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? stonger? ? ? ? ? ? ? stonger? ?


HAVE A NICE DAY (tm) (hubbards is gonna fuck me over)

I don't think I've created enough digital diarrhea *quite* yet.

1) I am sorry, Kay Kay. I am sure you are a nice person and I do not mean to "eviscerate you in the digital domain". Maybe you really do speak like that. (What, a retard? [Dude, this is an apology you shit] {oh, sorry} [much better] )



Music is great. Music can boost your party's statuses (fuck you get in the real world)

Um. Music is great. Music can boost your pa... [hahah you realise that doesn't work cause you typed it out? Why'd you leave it in? MAN WHAT THE HELL THIS IS LIKE STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS YOU'RE RUINING IT

nom, you did





My thoughts upon:


I think a world without time would be both good and bad.

Bad, for the people who sell clocks, and then have to go home, after a whole day of like, non-clock-sellering and then their wife beats them (HAH lets not be sexist women can be abusive too) and their kid shits all over their favourite shoes and then their dog runs away from home, their grandparent disowns them and oh yeah their house collapses. Clocks are not very good for these people.

Good, for the people who are trying to sell hourglasses [hey man, aren't they like a subclass of clock?]

[nah clock is a subclass of time-piece, so is hourglass]

[oh ok gotcha]

Our neighbours have never once said hi to me.

Then again, I haven't exactly ever said hi to them.


Henry: "Hi there!"
Neighbour: *awkward reaction, stutters slightly* "um h..hi"
Henry: "I see you haven't mowed your lawn in ages! Would you like me to mow your lawn for you?"
Henry: "I am sorry, I fail to see how my race has anything to do with my plant growth control abilities.
Neighbour: "Wow. I realise you are completely and utterly right. I apologise, please, do mow my lawn."
Henry: "Excellent, smithers. Cookies and tea after?"
Neighbour: "Why not, jolly chap!"


Henry walks up the driveway.
Neighbour gets the mail.


Henry whips out a katana, and cuts his neighbour out, cause they never said hi to him. It is all over the herald. The poor weapons shop down Queen Street suffers again from protesters smelling like almonds and other weird nuts (ie Macadamias) refusing to stop their "smell protest", in which they give non-manly smells to a manly store - who wants to buy a weapon of mass destruction that smells like strawberries? The effect just isn't there.


Henry sits in front of his computer (hahah i am talking in third person) and then types the following:


Henry sits in front of his computer (hahah i am talking in third person) and then types the following:


Henry sits in front of his computer (hahah i am talking in third person) and then types the following:



Sorry. I will refrain.

Lightbulbs. These notoriously fiendish animals have been known to strike down a fully grown Gerbil in ONE FELL SWOOP.




Hey, do you you remember you back in High School

yea it seems so long ago


so long ago

like, when ash tried one of the random vegetarian buns that mum gave you for lunch?


man, it was sad, he didnt like it so he threw it in the bin





ok i will try, no promises



turquoise (the colour of stale excrement. sounds like a perfect way to describe this post!)

Okay. Monitors.

Monitors are like the speedometers of your internet surfing machine. With it you can tell how fast you are heading towards Porn, or Information town.

All roads lead to porn. No, seriously.

www.whitehouse.com OH SNAP (please do not visit, seriously, i wouldn't want that on my conscience now would i)

www.shitcity.com (now this one, I recommend you visit. in case you feel like throwing up.)


It is the whole bad/viral advertising ORANGE thing. Like, you know how word of mouth (i dont see any other way words can be created (roflcopter you retard what are you doing now [typing[ergo QED bitch ] ] __ can totally destroy the reputation of a product

Do you thikn you are making this up? Yes.

Conversations with yourself?

Hey man, they are rather insightful and if not, they are a peeerrrrfect way to waste some time/

Oh alright then.

You, vs me. Let's play a game of Paper Scissors Rock. Please, don't scroll down until you have finalised your Throw.


prepare your next move


prepare your next move


Ahahah. ahha.
Aha. ha. ha. ......................................................................

I think I ran out of bullshit to spew

self loathing, self pity! hurrah!


constant battle no1

What will happen next episode?

fuck man grow up this ain't no cartoon or TV show

oh ok





maybe he does

maybe she does

maybe my dog does

I thikn that is enough for today. Have a good day. Sorry to have wasted your time.

pYou're not sorry]

pyeah you're right im not sorry at all

I'm sure that nobody cares, but:

1) Reversal of colour scheme. Why?

1a) White is too happy.
1b) Black makes more sense, you know, considering:
1c) I am supposed to be a negro sign.

2) You will notice the old "blog_flame" image has been replaced by Suicide Bomber Barbie. Please invent some significant reasoning for this, other than "the background for the blog_flame image was white and I was too lazy to change it". Good examples are:

2a) The insertion of a female toy makes ironic justice.
2b) It is a symbol of commercialism's eventual self destruction.
2c) Barbie is much better than some random Photoshop crap you made up years ago.

3) How are you? I am fine. Today, instead of walking to the library and getting some books out like I had planned yesterday, I sat down and died a little on the inside. What a bother. Perhaps I shall walk there now...

4) What the hell am I using numbers for.

5) Thanks, Simon.

6) Eh, the weather outside is pretty good. I feel like taking a shower.
SUBPOINT (go ahead)


7) I just checked the library times for Monday, and, they are closed now. But tomorrow! I can go after work/volunteering...

8) I think volunteering will be very lame. I am extremely cynical and I will eat you, because my name is Tarurawr.

9) The last one was a FFXI in joke.

10) Ahahahah self-loathing and self-pity! Hurray! Let's have a party, you guys.

11) Below where I am entering this is the following text:
"Post and Comment Options. Keyboard shortcuts: press Ctrl with : B = bold, I = Italic, S = Publish, D = Draft, X = Insert X-Factor."

I was lying on the last one.

Hey man, What happened to the Numbers?

Why is Numbers in capitals?

(oooh lets make things seem more than they really are. GRANDIOSE! Grandiose.)


Here is my opinion on the following:


While one may find Chairs slightly erotic, one must deduce that the primary function of chairs is to support the nether regions of a humanoid form. Chairs have obviously not been constructed with tailed animals in mind, though with the way Dog-Clothing has been progressing, a seatery for a canine may not be so far off indeed.


Windows are rather nice, because they give people a false sense of closure, captivity and control. It's kind of like "hey there's glass there nothing can go in or out" but man, you guys are so deluded. I talked to one once and he told me that the regularly lets high moving projectiles and other assorted dangers through, so watch out. Never look out. Never look in.



The problem with using cubs (and cups, though this is a highly controversial subject) at restaurants is you never know whether the waiter(ess) (lets not be sexist, women can do menial jobs too) washed their hands between the time period of utilising sanitary locales (ie toilets, hairdressing, what have you) and the displaying of your cutlery and other assorted eating utensils. What is to prevent them from spitting in your cup and passing it off as a high-fashion high class edible goo?

okay, now you are just typing for the sake of typing


I hate you, you're always there in the background being a little shit

youre the one who ruins it for me

no way man, it's self inflicted


shut up, stop using big words


fine, be that way.


Do you think the state of the world can be theorized with a simple, everyday object?


The world is a ladder. People go up and down it all the time, but sometimes the ladder falls over and fucks everyone over. Case in point, the dinosaurs. They were totally screwed.


The world is a sponge cake. It's full of holes, but yet it's really sweet. But if you have too much of the world, your teeth start to hurt and then you get put on a diet and then you get really annoyed. The world is not cheap, either.

EXAMPL THREE (Yes, I delibrately missed out thre e's.)

The world is a car. It may seem like you can control where you are going, but you are still following the road. Illusion of choice! HOLY COW ITS THE MATRIX unplug unplug free yourself

I wonder if you have been enlightened.

I wonder if I am just rambling on.

I wonder if I am calling out. (Batman help me please thanks)

I wonder if I am seeking attention.

I wonder.



Have a good day.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Today, I went for a drive.

I hate other cars on the road.
"You cannot understand life and its mysteries as long as you try to grasp it. Indeed, you cannot grasp it just as you cannot walk off with a river in a bucket. If you try to capture running water in a bucket, it is clear that you do not understand it and that you will always be disappointed, for in the bucket the water does not run. To 'have' running water you must let go of it and let it run."

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why I hate Friendster / Why the world is doomed: (points of note bolded)

Kay Kay G

Female, 19, Single

About Me:
oh, hard to describe myself, i prefer someone to describe
ummm, my frds said i'm cute?! haha , don't know why said that!!
i think i like be with my friends everyday, outgoing?! However, i'm shy when i first meet ppl, hard to find topics to chat ga .... rite r, another thing should be mentioned, that's ---->i like dancing and sing k very much, haha , went 2 skul balls this year,and didn't wanna go if i was dancing, just took a few minutes rest. All my friends said: 2 high la u,horrible bo!! i sing k more than 5 times( each time more than 3 hrs)in one week~~~~ one day sing more than7 hrs with different frds~!
sometimes can't help laughing,haha,wanna b richest ,haha
anyways, if u are my friend, u will know what kind of person i am!!!
haha .....love all of my friends ,ikikikikikikikiki!!!!!!
rite r , my msn : k_kisslovekiki@msn.com
yeahhhh, keep in touch , my friends

Kay Kay G's Testimonials

waii kiki~~hehe,,,happy to know someone tht has da same name as me* and i like ur english name too la,,quite special~~
anyway,,always see u around b4 but didn't get to know u,,now finally know jor~da 1st day know u already seems like know jor u for agess gum~keeke~
standing next to u....make me feel so short..-_-|| haha,,but anyway la,,u going back to hk right? hope to see u in hk la~if u hv contact,,just drop it to me laa~~

hey! my FoodSci siu C mui~~~ u r such a sweet gal ah....i always wantd 2 knw u....so nice 2 finally get 2 knw u :3 gd luck 4 ur exams la~~~

Haha^^~ first time to write u a testi ~ u are a kind girl, although we haven't met each other for a long time, but u are a friendly girl~ and I heard that u sing quite well too wor!! I must sing K with u after my psych exam!! MUST!! hahahah!! Nice to meet u ^o^~

hohoho cant believe u still remember the sing k ...damn... anyway i hasnt been to sch for ages haha right. lets hang out after exams kkk .have fun

Hey Kay Kay,

how r u doing? yeah long time no see, u must be busy with ur exams. thnx for ur testimonial it was so sweet of u. yeah i know u since 7th form from ur stats class. just to let u know that u r a pretty, sweet and cleaver girl. thnx for being a so nice friend. once more good luck for ur exams!!!!! if i have time i will teach u French, lol.

Take care,

You are so much of a friend, that I will decided to be lazy lor, and type it as frd ok lo kikikiki ur lol.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Do you think the entire human condition can be captured in a photograph?! (Dude that's freaking retarded, what the hell is the human condition anyway? Silence, you. )

Anyway. I googled "Really stupid pictures" today. And this is what came up.

I love the world when it's stupid, inane (yes inane not insane inane it's actually a word go look it up) and ridiculous.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thank you.

And I hope everything goes well.
Just returned from a nice New Year's Eve gathering at Raymond's house. ...I don't think I went to one last year...but - some things just don't ever change.

Great shout out to his parents for the great feed :)


I don't think any of the years ever are really truly substantially different. Okay, so this year there was a war in Iraq or something (or was that last year?) Wars happen every year. Idiots get elected to parliament every year. Every year, people are born, people die, the world seems pretty eternal compared to people. Why shouldn't you feel inconsequential and lost and pretty useless?

You are alive. You can do stuff. Have you seen dead people? They are not particularly interesting. You have good friends. People come and go, some things don't change (Milk...is still $3.00 across the road.) Petrol prices sky-rocket. People get angry that de-facto couples and homosexuals get rights. People fight over shellfish and other assorted marine life. Someone turns 18. Bars get healthier. Stupid songs get radio play, case in point, Crazy Frog. Exams suck, you win some, you lose some.

You fight. You argue, you brawl, you trade hate and words and then slowly, awkwardly, repent and forgive. It takes a lot. But it happens. Rifts are created, divides are carved, wounds are healed, people you meet have motives : good, bad, neutral. The more you break, the greater you bond. Work. You work, for money. You don't get paid nearly enough, or you get paid a lot for something easy. Your boss is a bastard, or he just seems that way. Who knows?

The bus ride is STILL over an hour long. Ticket prices rise. So does the minimum wage. Your brother becomes a bartender. Your other one is getting better. You play online games. It occupies you. But sometimes...you just want the real world.

The real world. It sits out there, moving the leaves on the trees, growing the lawn - you mow it occasionally now.

You learn. You learn a lot of things, programming languages, matrices, how to trick people into thinking you are good at Paper, Scissors, Rock - you learn who you can trust and who you can't, who you can depend on and who won't back down. You learn what to say, and sometimes when to not speak. You learn a rough bus timetable off by heart. You figure out the quad is really a square. You still haven't been into the General Library except for the basement.

University. You walk past people and never say hi. Everyone runs around to do their own thing.

Do you feel lost?

Sometimes. But, you meet new people. Whether you actually do anything, you realise, is up to you. Saying hi, is still pretty awkward.

You start to drive, even though on the inside it seems like you are clashing with your lifelong ambition to ride a two-wheeled mechanical device. You learn how to turn. You know how the accelerator works now (it's pretty fickle).

You buy a mobile. It's pretty cool, and pricey. Your iPod has been collecting dust. Music. You love it, still. Taste comes and goes, melodies are eternal.

Movies. You pay, and sometimes, you don't. Futuristic cyber robots, plays based on the plight of children who are too mature - people who like to abuse love for sex, one that involves a rude guy at a restaurant. You forget to watch the one with the guy in the black cape who likes nocturnal flying things.

Apparently, people can pick your ideology without truly ever sitting down and talking to you.

Dreams? There was this one that involved a toaster...


Fears? I am still not really a fan of worms.

Idiots still drive cars. You were involved in some guy's attempt to scare you. Bravely, you didn't flinch. Your hate level for everybody and everything rises. You talk. It lowers.

You realise this all sounds really stupid.

You stop, you go to sleep, and when you wake up:

It's the next year.

Have a good one.