Thursday, August 26, 2010

Really, visitors? Really? I don't get a lot of visitors, but is this *really* how random people I don't know come across this blog?

Touché, google...

In other news -

Thats right

I have a proper site now - it runs on - it feels more "mature" :)  (M for Mature)

I find more and more that I use this blog for random random ramblings; stuff that really is more suited for twitter and is not really much longer than 150 characters. So expect updates to become even more infrequent on here (such as they are), and instead move to twitter / my new shiny web presence

Some other dude took It's okay though, I grabbed

Anyway. That's that; I won't be closing this blog, cause it's like a time capsule almost. Trawl through old posts, I dare you. See the sort of drivel I used to (and probably still do) type out...

You don't understand where you are without knowing where you were!

Be bold be brave be amazing (lol only Arron will get this)

till next time, cats!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

As cute as it is to find pawprints on the door handle and a cat sitting inside my car, all this long molty cat hair has pretty much made my day into a sneezing incomprehensible blur....

Watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world - awesome movie! I'm pretty sure the target audience was me, except the ending kind of ruins the whole film so just leave five minutes before the end and it'll be allll goood

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ikea is awesome. As angry as I was over the Mykea delivery debacle (and I feel a little sorry for the dude who arrived to deliver the stuff, it was just one guy against the world it a rental van...)

once i started unpackin and putting together some of the stuff we'd ordered...its so awesome....the apartment smells like mdf, i love it


Friday, August 06, 2010

On the surface, Mykea seems like a good idea.

But in *practice*, it's been nothing short of a massive fail. So not only are they about two months late with the order, with very minimal updates about what exactly happened, but now they give me a call on the day they expect to do the delivery, insisting that they can only deliver it either today or tomorrow; when I'm extremely busy both days and nobody will be around to accept the delivery.

So in terms of customer service...they are getting a massive FAIL.

Don't buy anything from them. Tell everyone you know; cause it's more trouble than its worth. (Ikea just open a store already!)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

wow this is I can't actually put in words how to explain what or why or....

just watch and read the description...