Monday, January 31, 2005


Today FFXI expires phew I'm free for a month.
Congratulations Thomas on getting Commerce/Law!

Law is hardcore. HARDKORE my music/sci one was probably piss easy to get into or something.
Note to self to get the rest of the original Crow's Claw mp3s

I also want.


Vote in Tagboard or something.
I miss you more then Michael Bay missed the mark
When he made Pearl Harbor
I miss you more than that movie missed the point
And that’s an awful lot girl
And now, now you’ve gone away
And all I’m trying to say is
Pearl Harbor sucked, and I miss you

I need u like Ben Affleck needs acting school
He was terrible in that film
I need u like Cuba Gooding needed a bigger part
He’s way better than Ben Affleck
And now all I can think about is your smile
and that shitty movie too
Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you

Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
I guess Pearl Harbor sucked
Just a little bit more than I miss you

Sunday, January 30, 2005

!!! I really want the FF one. :( :(
Oh yeah just now me and William went out onto the balcony/veranda and sang in the direction of the park right outside, really loud...I think it was Phantom or something Then some guy apparently said "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU DID YOU HIT YOUR HEAD OR SOMETHING ARE YOU CRAZY"

Obviously some people don't have musical genius. :D

This is me being perplexed and befuzzled, after some lady in some shoe shop thought that William was taking photos to steal her bosses' designs or something. She even said "hey didn't you come before and take photos" to which I was kinda confused, surprised, offended and like "hahah you stupid lady I don't even live here and I wouldn't want to copy your shoe designs anyway, I have better things to do with my time"
Hello today was cool as usual :D

Okay, the mini-tower system we're planning to get has:

Intel Pentium 4 3.0 ghz, 1mb cache
1gb DDR400 ram
80gb hdd
geforce 4 128mb.
wireless lan



im so confused how can it be so cheap?!

its like...3ghz! I have 1gb of ram?!?!

i hope we get this it will be very very fast indeed, especially at a price tag like that O_O
Here in Taiwan, the arrival of rubbish trucks (which happens most days) is announced by really bad out-of-tune melodies. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

[Sonny] 021 1585 204 says:
[-=Blak=-] » -:- [64] [ ] says:
[Sonny] 021 1585 204 says:
[-=Blak=-] » -:- [64] [ ] says:
you were on duty?
[Sonny] 021 1585 204 says:
[-=Blak=-] » -:- [64] [ ] says:
oh, thats what you mean by case
[-=Blak=-] » -:- [64] [ ] says:
i thought you attacked another kid in the face again




Anyway today was fun, me and William are planning to buy a "shuttle pc", its really compacted from a tower PC and portable (well more portable than a freakin huge tower)...but apparently the smallest ones dont come with Gameports/15 pin plugs, so we went to one size up. It's an Asus case as well, very nice, it's very flash and will be fast but we deliberately didnt plan for a good video card...or one at all (just the onboard one) so that it can't play games. It's gonna go in our joint room and we'll probalby turn our room into a media centre. Gonna probably buy a 5.1 when we get back to nz and set it up properly

Also walked around quite a bit today, went to various locales like the "cool and fashionable upbeat teenage" place, and the 2-28 Peace Park which was renamed to remember some killing or something on the same date over some stuff. :(

ALSO we went through someone's old photos and :D :D :D hahah the time will reveal all

I just had home cooked gyu-don, it was SO NICE yum yum yum

I'm very happy right now. Very happy.
Was browsing the club list for Auckland Uni. My top five are:

Anti-Capitalist Alliance
Bridge Club
Crocheting & Knitting Club
Meat Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club


I might even start my own club and call it Siphon Money From AUSA Bank Account Club.
Sonny, my aunty sends her congratulations too :)

The coat I bought. $NT 400. or ist that NT$400. dunno.

In case anybody cared, that is/was my university timetable for Semester One 2005:

Everybody, it's all the rage to plan your free day to be Wednesday, so do that. We can all get together and have orgies I mean watch movies.

>.> (oh yeah the longer youtake to enroll, the more classes are gonna fill up and you get less option. i fully had so much choice yesterday. or was it day before...) Race against the machine!
The Day I Nearly Won Lotto

Yesterday at the behest of my grandpa, me and William were bought lotto tickets (because the prize pool had jackpotted ridiculously or something) anyway, we got to pick our own numbers and I almost won. By almost won, it means that out of the six numbers, five of them were one off and the last was two off.

:( So close. ^_^ But so far...

We also went shopping for clothing in an area that wholesales clothing - it was really nice. Went with my aunt and her friend and william, her friend is really cool and I met her last year and a couple of years back too. Anyway I bought a cheapish (they all said it was cheap but the prices here in Taiwan never let me think cheap) coat/jacket thingmie, it wasn't a trenchcoat like I was lookin for but it's still pretty kewl.

Yup. That's about all I can think of, at the moment. I'm having a great time. :D

Friday, January 28, 2005

This is the humungous drink I had today ;_; it was really nice though! Kinda like pearl milk tea, only minus pearl and with grass jelly in its place.

This is me at the shop where they sell some food, like the "salty? sour? tofu um soup thingy". I think it's tastier than it sounds or looks but William thinks otherwise.

;_; holy crap that took ages. I'm glad I have HALF of it done. -_-

(and so far, Wednesday is free day if I wag Choir :D)
Phew! I just came back from dinner at a fancy-ish kinda place not far from the apartment block my mum's side of the family lives in...;_; I am really full, ate way too much (hint: never take me to buffets you'll be losing money)...but it was real nice. They had these HUUUGE cups (William took a photo) and the food was good, hotplate stuff we ordered...but man I hadn't eaten so much in...well...ages. Most this year in one sitting probably -_-

Anyway. Today was very eventful, my uncle brought me to lots of places...a random mountaintop village shopping place thing, where I bought an ocarina - it was really foggy/misty/low cloud cover/you walk and its really cool and stuff...and also we went to Taiwan's Gold Museum...did you know Taiwan had gold?! I didn't. I didn't know it was on a fault line either :D I got to touch the world's largest gold block. 220kg. Worth a LOT of money. And heck, the 12.5 bar was hard to lift...;_;

Also something else i wanted to write was about Taiwan's traditional "chewing gum", the betel nut or supposedly has an energizing effect much like caffeine etc, originally used by natives of the area (like cocain in North America XD) and also, gives you mouth cancer over prolonged use and has a ridiculously strong staining power, red coloured. ANYWAY at the shops where they sell this chewing gum of sorts, the shops used to have "hot ladies" stand outside to entice potential customers...since they were stupid and didn't understand that placing three in a row was kinda dumb and competitive to a fault. Anyway. They placed these hot ladies and over time they dressed them less and less until eventually they might as well have been naked people with see-through clothing. Then the police stepped in and introduced regulations for these "betel nut girls". XD I saw a couple today. XD XD XD

Only in Taiwan do they advertise Chewing Gum with sex.

I was gonna write a lot more but then I got busy doing university planning stuff. -_- what a nightmare. stupid university.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hello. According to my watch, it is 7:34 pm. Of course, I have no idea what the ACTUAL time is because I have no idea where I am at the moment - somewhere, very high in the sky, travelling over water, probably. I think it's been four hours since I left Auckland...

I'm actually flying on a codeshare arrangement between Air New Zealand and Eva Air. Eva Air is a decidedly Taiwanese Airline Service - they have announcements in three languages - Taiwanese, Mandarin, and last but not least, Asian English. ^^ While we were going through turbulance, they called it "bumpy air". XD

Anyway, before I left the airport (Mrs Chang was really nice and we talked all the way to the airport and stuff I feel really debted cause it was really impromptu and people are busy things. I'm sure she had better things to do than to ferry me to the airport. Anyway.) I gave Sonny a call - Auckland Airport lets you make free local calls - and it turns out that he was home. Simon was at his house too or had just arrived, I couldn't really hear much over the airport busy din, but yeah. Congratulations to him, he went in to school to pick up his results and he got all As! Well done to you! I'm sorry if you didn't want that publicised, but I think it really deserves all the praise and mention. No way can I beat that result so you don't have any reason now to complain and go "OMGUALWAYS NO STUDY N GET BETR MRK THN ME OMG". :P Anyway just a question if you weren't going to Coromandel why couldn't you send me to airport, Sonny? Just wondering.

^^ I also bought a book. It's quite interesting, I was just randomly browsing the shevles, its a Sci Fi one, the first book of a series called "Consider Phlebas" by Ian M. Banks. I haven't actually read much of it though. I've been busy sleeping/eating airline food.

Speaking of airline food, this is the first meal I had:


Wholemeal Bread Bun


Squid Salad (Squid and Lettuce) (I didn't really like this, the seafoody taste was way too strong and made me feel queasy)


Short Grain Rice
Beef Stew

The Stew was really good...


Chocolate and raspberry slice


And also, they have ACTUAL metal knives with serrated edges! Yay! I'm glad they haven't gone the way of all the rest of the stupid idiots who just end up making their cutlery look stupid and inconveniencing people, etc. I mean, like the Frasian Jean-Yves (or whatever his name is) put it, you could easily just kill someone with a shoelace, so, they should screen for shoelaces too.

Speaking of shoelaces, I'm wearing my new shoes which I bought from Malaysia. They're quite comfortable actually, and they don't have laces for me to worry about. And plus, they're a different colour. I think my feet are sweating hardcore though ;_;

The airline hostesses have a really interesting uniform. They look kinda like Asian Milkmaids, with the overall kinda thing, only green. Not the Blue and White of Dutch Lady. Also, my tissue smelt like pepper from my meal cause it was packed right next to the pepper or something like that.


I am listening to Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. I really wish my laptop battery lasted for bazillions of years but, unfortunately, it's gonna run out before this flight reaches Taiwan. I'll have to find some otherway to entertain myself...won't be able to type stuff for y'all.

I'd just like to say hi to: William, Sonny, Rikky, Raymond, Helen, David, Brian and any others who regularly read my mental backwash.

Yup. That's about it, I think. I will probably play Civilisation III now, or attempt to write some music or something. I am glad for headphones and my mp3s to cover the sound of the stupid old man snoring behind me. Okay, he's not old, that would be slandering old people. -_- Okay, sure, I probably snore too but then I'm asleep and I could care less *shock shock*

..okay. Off now.

(that was the blog from the plane)


Ah. Taiwan : land of constant traffic noise, and people beeping their horns either cause they're assholes or they feel like it.

Ah, Taiwan: I bought an external drivebay today, and a 2.5" HDD. 40g. Will store all my mp3s on there. It will be lovely.

Ah, Taiwan. Land of broadband internet!

Ah, Taiwan. Land of the strange fruit that slighly resembles a non-spiky, squishy durian, which tastes like bubble gum and doesn't smell like crap.

-_- admin withdrawal sucks
:D I'm still really happy. The lovely "For Students" bit in nDeva has popped up.

-_- In my happiness I forget that some people will not have gotten in. If I know you, and I felt that you deserved to get in...I'm really sorry.

Anyway. This morning woke up at 8 and its like yay im in taiwan and william is sitting there and william says dont take too long now so i wont and we went to eat "sour/salty tofu soup kinda thing..." was nice but william didnt like it


I need to ask william how to do the planning stuff later. need my laptop first. need converter for it first.
Programme: BMus/BSc Conjoint Plan 1: Composition/Major Plan 2: Computer Science/Major Term Admitted: 2005 First Semester Career: Formal Award ACCEPT/DECLINE

Programme: Bachelor of Engineering Plan 1: Engineering, General/Specialisation Plan 2 Term Admitted: 2005 First Semester Career:Formal Award ACCEPT/DECLINE

Programme: Bachelor of Science Plan 1: Computer Science/Major Plan 2 Term Admitted: 2005 First Semester Career:Formal Award ACCEPT/DECLINE




I DONT CARE THAT NICK GOT 90 whatefver in maths

I still care that sonny got straight As good on you


im gonna doulbe check again



I got screen for sars or something on the way through the airport, but whatever



(there was a blog i wrote on the plane but ill do that tomorrow i am borrowing williams computer to blog this)


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hello. I went to bed at 11 last night (which is really early compared to what I've been doing ;_;) and woke up at 8, but there was at least a good hour in between where I was trying really hard to sleep, but couldn't. I hate that. I blame that for my slight tiredness and headache, although I'm all good to go and stuff...yeah...something about biological clock or something. -_-

Anyway, it's 10:19 now, I packed clothing, and, everything else, should be ready! I'm excited, actually, now that I think about it. Who wouldn't be excited to go to Taiwan! So much shopping, cool relatives, and plus it's winter over there so I get lovely coldness yay.

Ahem. So, yup. I'm getting picked up at 1pm by Andy Chang's mum which is very nice of her. Wicky.

Goodbye New Zealand, thanks for the week, I'll be back for the year. :)

Monday, January 24, 2005

;_; woke up and played Battle for Middle Earth today. Seriously did not expect to spend 8 hours on it -_-


But it's good, very good! My favourite battle was the Helm's Deep one, although the scale of unit numbers isn't quite like the movie itself, it was still hella fun to play, and I was losing really badly until the reinforcements arrived :) just like the movie.

its great.

i dont know how im getting to airport tomorrow -_-
Rikky, hello.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, when we were walkin from Botany to The Hub, these stupid cunts in a crap car drove past and yelled out "what a bunch of queer-bos".

Okay. Degeneration of event:

1) I'm glad you have gaydar.
2) Queer-bo isn't even a word.
3) IF you're gonna insult someone, at least use an actual word so that you don't come off as stupid. Try faggot next time.
4) I hope you feel really cool now that you've rolled down your window, yelled at people you didn't know, and drove off. Really satisfying. I hope that one day, I too will do things to create such levels of satisfaction.

(in other words, go die kthnx)

I have to pack my bags tomorrow ;_; I might screw up -_-

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello. Today I went to Botany with Sonny (who drove me there in his uncle's car which had a huge cobweb on the right wing-mirror but I digress) and watched Finding Neverland at the new Berkeley Cinemas. The new cinemas are actually a lot better than I expected - the cinema exterior looks nothing really like a cinema, it's a lot more open...Tim works at the Circle lounge bar now...(after he got "laid off" from Foodtown..).,,.and the cinema itself, comfortable seating and a much larger screen than the highland park cinemas.

Cinema verdict: 8/10. Very nice. I dont know about pricing casue David who works there got me a free ticket in but they can certainly charge more than highland park ones...

---Finding Neverland

An absolutely stunning movie. Seriously. Johnny Depp...he's a legendary actor - completely in character, and such a different one from the last one I saw him portray (in Pirates of the Carribean)...and a very moving story. Seriously, once this hits DVD I'm getting a copy. The soundtrack is good too. The oldest kid reminds me of Jacob from the rec centre. The dialogue is well done, and I like things the director has done (eg the implementation of "neverland" and imaginary scenes) - flowed well. Closure at the end of movie was good, very touching.



ok I also after that had burger fuel WOOT burger fuel burgers = love they're really really really really good I had a peanut piston and it was nice. the peanut sauce reminded me of satay, there was actually beef you could was really nice. On the expensive side, but well worth the experience. I was quite hungry too and that really hit the spot.


afterwards me and sonny went to PAknsave. mostly I did he just cause he had to drive me home XD I bought cheese sauce packets and pasta snacks for my relatives in Taiwan, I recall how much they liked them from last time. :)


yay! ok going now bye (That song, you know, that one about Mr.'s a good one.)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

;_; ffxi die on me. first i get killed by 3 monsters taht say easy prey ;_; and then it dies on me ;_;

oh well.

tomorrow i get to go visit the NEW berkeley cinemas or something. that could maybe be fun. whenever you add NEW to anything, suddenly its appeal factor goes up and everybody wants to try it. (NEW - stab yourself plan)

>.> anyway im just annoyed at silly ffxi. richard replace his laptop graphic card. so now textures dont drop and he can play battle for middle earth without it hanging and stuff.

si good, si good.
Hello, my name is Roger - I am a dog who really likes long walks on the beach unless I get muddy paws which I have to rub all over my leash handler. I bark out of time sometimes, with the music I hear.


Today, as for my name it is Roger, - I me must rub the person whom I handle my leash without the く ま, if the foot of the mud is not obtained, it is the dog which likes walking where really the beach is long. I cry from time of the music which I hear, occasionally.


Today, because of my name is that Roger, - my me without fail without frictional I of necessity the person who handles my leash? ? If, you cannot obtain the feet of the mud, it is the dog which likes the fact that you make walk to the place where really the beach is long. I shout from at the time of the music which I hear, the time the time.


Today, is my the Roger - without the friction I of necessity the person who handles me my leash something which has become so securely because of my name? ? If, it cannot obtain the feet of the mud, those where the fact which in the place where you really the beach are long is made in walking is liked are the dog. I empty time shout at the time of music and the time when I hear.


Today, as for me Roger - there is no necessity... frictional I me something which has become so securely because of my leash my name it is the person who is handled? ? If, that cannot obtain the feet of the mud, those are the dog in the place where the fact which by the fact that you walk at the really you can do the beach long place is liked. The scream of time of the sky at the time of I music and the time when I hear.

(and so on :D)
We have eaten so many microwave pies that the microwave just smells like microwaved microwave pies.

The air outside is nice and refreshing but this time I'm indoors letting it soak in through the open window (to my right if you cared)

I can smell my pie. It smells yum. Like curry. Cause it's a curry pie.

There was this one time I had a pie, it said Steak and Cheese BUT IT WAS MINCE

That was a very bad day. The same day, a bird flew over the house and pooped on it.

I am tired but I won't be tired soon. Okay! Waiting for blogger to load hurrah ok bye


You see, we get two local newspapers, the Howick and Pakuranga Times, and the Eastern Courier. The times is WAY better than the courier. The "eastern courier" has stooped to such lows that they report some crap about Otara (ahem, south) and the Pacific Events Centre (ahem, south). Just thought I'd mention that since the Eastern Courier is lying in a pile of newspapers to my left on a white plastic chair. This is one of the plastic chairs that William hasn't managed to break yet :P

Friday, January 21, 2005

I awake.

I awake. Will have breakfast soon. The milk I bought yesterday will shore come in handy, bro!

Anyway I've been searching for drivers for the webcam that came with the Dickshitelectronics PC I got years back so that I can use it. USE FOR WHAT you say well I say you know when you get a video camera and you point the feed at itself and it loops for infinity and stuff...

Yeah, I have a craving to see that. (Come on it's not like I have anything better to do at the moment :) )


First two drivers I found didn't work. Hopefully this one will! (It'd better, it's 7mb)

And oh William, Richard already has Battle for Middle Earth. XD

It is 2am. I am online, talking to people. (HA! TAKE THAT PARENTS HA! >.>)

I have written a very silly poem. It doesn't even make sense. It goes:

Condescending fish,
Ignorant ignorami
I watch as you shoot aplomb
towards cold: brrr
Most of the time, I
tell you that Arabia,
I know non.


Sorry I know it sucks. It's early in the morning.


And the funny thing is, it might be mid-day, and I might have just lied and changed the post date. Mwhah.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Today Sonny came over. Today I accomplished the following:

1) Sofas have been brought in now - the new ones are nice. The colour scheme works and they're really comfortable. I let Zhou Ma Ma and the random uncle who came to help take oranges from our trees. We don't eat them anyway, they just end up rotting on the floor.

2) Walked to Howick.

3) Withdrew $60

4) William, you owe me $20. I deposited it to your account.

5) I bought a prepaid card! Woot. My balance is now $20.03 o_O

6) Went to Foodtown (which has changed location!! I was shocked. Centrepoint (the Howick Rices Mall) has invaded to take over the old Foodtown location, and Foodtown moved to where the 3 Guys store used to be, next to the Buddhist Office's Old Location.

7) Bought: milk, juice, L & P (I missed L&P in Malaysia. I miss Rootbeer now.)

8) Went to Baker's Delight and bought a fruit loaf. Sonny bought a garlic cheese twist thing. That was lunch, it was nice.

9) Sonny started watching Azumanga Dai-oh. HOLY CRAP IT IS SO FUNNY XD XDXD XXD I forced myself to stop watching so I could concentrate on playing my game :P

10) That's about it.

Good day to you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A house with no sofas seems strangely empty. All of our current sofas have been moved outside by me and Zhou Ma Ma in anticipation for the sofas she are giving us (Which, visitors to the household will be pleased to know, are not yet warped and torn in fabric). I called her today and she came over and we were gonna try and bring the sofas over with the Chariot from her place but they wouldn't fit so she's gonna go hire a van tomorrow or something. Anyway. That will be fun.

I am drinking juice. For dinner, I had a can of baked beans (hey, the label says nature's super food. and plus, nobody's around to smell my farts anyway.)

I still haven't got any real cash on me yet...gotta go to the bank and get out $60 - $20 for William to deposit into his bank account (he'll give some back to me or so he says), $20 for mobile prepay credit (I have 3 cents on my phone remaining. It's quite scary), and $20 for emergency cash.

On the stereo is Yellowcard. They kinda sound exactly the same song to song but this is what the other half of my reward from the Talent Quest at school last year was supposed to be. I like this a lot more than William Hung and Stylus put together, I can tell you that.

Anyway. That is all that is happening so far. I am still panicky about University, and also I have no idea how I'm getting to the airport. I don't exactly wanna call in another favour from Sonny's parents since they've already done so much ;_;

I am sitting outside while typing this. The strange weather predicting device that is unfortunately broken is spinning to my left in the light breeze which is really refreshing, and much like free air-conditioning.

Wireless internet is love magnified.

That is all for now.
"Physicists are an atom's way of thinking about themselves.

Sonny, you left both your Readers Digest and Short Guide to the History of EVerything (or at least I think that's the title, I could be wrong) somehow at my house. I will return them once I finish reading the book >.> Seriously, Rikky was right. This guy is stunning. I think I may buy a copy to give to someone I know. It is a very good book...and it really ties in with all the physics/sciencey stuff I did in Macleans too, without the sleep-inducing factor of Chemical Lal.

Anyway. It's good.

Richard has been home so often, that the shower window has cobwebs from lack of opening. Seriously, that quite surprised me. I called the university cause they're silly and think my admission category is NCEA. it isn't its CIE you foos. Some receoption lady forwarded me to some admissions officer, and she/he was unavailable so I made love to the answer machine instead. The machine, however, couldn't answer anything apart from "when can I leave a message" (response: after the beep) and "what should I say" (response: name, adress, contact phone number)

Hah. Take that.


They'd better call soon. I will be extremely gutted like an entire fish factory if I don't get in.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

NSN: 101106817


The following are the results for your externally assessed standards sat in 2004
Music - Level 3
Result Credit Value
90529 Demonstrate developed aural skills through competent transcription and notation of music A 2
90530 Demonstrate an understanding of harmonic and tonal procedures in a range of music N


sorry. lame copy and paste. basically I "didn't achieve" (they mean fail) half my exam at the end of last year. But the good news is apparently that brings my GPA up (because thye dont put "not achieved" subjects on your result statement)...and I still "passed" overall. I woulda "passed" overall anyway even if I completely wagged those exams. But I gave it a shot. ...;_; uni better let me in.

i dont want my cie results im so owrririreiedd

I am typing this in an airport. My laptop says 3:04 hours remaining battery time. It is now 9:40am. My flight is at 6:55pm. Hmm.

Brunei Airport has signs saying "free wireless internet access!" I have no idea how to get it to work.

Yesterday I spent roughly a day in Sabah. I was very tired so I slept at the hotel most the time but the scenery and waterfront was splendid. The hotel was really good too, four star which is more than enough stars for me. Breakfast was good, the complimentary drink I got upon arrival was very well made and other stuff like that. :)

I will be in NZ tomorrow, although whether you read this today (or yesterday) or tomorrow (or today) depends on if I figure out this wireless internet connection thing.



(and it seems really fast tooooooo

note to self: the network is APPLounge-01 or something

unfortunately blogger does not seem to want to log in oh well 40k/s is good enough for me :D


Hello I am in New Zealand now. Brunei got very boring very quickly after my laptop ran out of power. I managed to walk around the satellite-styled airport 33 times before I boarded. I pretty much wasted a day there ;_;

But still. When I got here in NZ it was like 12:00 in the afternoon, and Sonny's parents had been waiting since 5:00am cause my parents told Sonny that was when I was arriving ;_; So that was poo...especially since the plane got delayed leaving Brunei as well cause of poo transit passengers (not me, of course, I had hours to get ready -_-) and a "minor electrical fault".

And then I can't go home because:

1) Sonny's parents were nice and decided to give Richard my house keys

2) unfortunately Richard is as reliable as something completely unreliable, so when I arrive home, nobody is there. I end up going to Sonnys, calling Richard on his cell, texting him, calling home (home was engaged cause he's been downloading shit non-stop for ages, according to Sonny's parents who can never call in), then I called my dad who gave me Monica's house and mobile and I called both and none of them answered. So I went to Sonny's family reunion instead (or part of it anyway), feeling very awkward etc but it was nice, nice dinner, etc. for hours. And then finally Monica calls the house I was at (sonny's grandparents house) and then Richard seems surprised that I don't have keys and doesn't seem to notice that HES NOT HOME. something about having dinner, and then wanting to watch some movie. Ahem.


That was a very long point number two. Basically, I got locked out of the house because somebody is not doing what they should be doing (ahem study)

And also I dont think Sonny's parents knew how, uh, reliable Richard is.


I am sleepy. I don't know when this will post because I don't know if the internet is working.


Phew. Another day...I woke up, cleaned out some of the absolutely disgusting rotting food in our fridge which Richard has obviously overlooked...fixed up the network again so that I can connect to the internet wirelessly...

Yup. I still dont have my house keys I forgot to ask for them -_-

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hello. My last night in Kuching for a while. Tomorrow I go to some crazy Hotel in Sabah to stop over for a day before heading back towards Auckland.

My dad keeps asking about University. I don't know. I'm not sure I want to know.

Just came back from Japanese Buffet thingie. It's awesome as usual. This time they got us to sign some stuff.

It was good.

I have to sleep, its a morning flight tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Me in Taxi on way to Singapore.
Hello. Big Singapore writeup (which will probably end up Not As Big because I'll lose motivation half-way through or something.)

Day One

Went to Kuching Airport, travelled to Sinai Airport which is in Johor Bahru, which is West Malaysia territory (westside, yo) - picked up by Taxi, and drove into Singapore. T'was the first time I entered a country through a land route, and it seemed a heck of a lot faster than an airport...probably because you don't have to wait for stupid baggage handling people to throw your stuff onto the slow-spinning carousel...anyway. First impressions of Singapore were great - I hadn't been there in years, and I didn't remember much of it. Singapore is a very very clean country. Seriously. Ridiculously clean. The minute we drove in, it was litter anywhere, and the roads weren't crap like they were before the border, within Malaysian land. Anyway. We got dropped off at the Copthorne Orchid, the hotel we were going to stay in and let me say, it is an incredible hotel, with incredibly cool auto-opening doors. We were basically waited hand on foot whenever needed - check-in was fast and easy, the porter was very helpful and everybody was so friendly. In fact, all of Singapore is friendly...more examples to come in the days ahead. The hotel room is groovy and nice. I have photos and videos from the trip but the camera is charging. Anyway, for the first day we took the complimentary coach to Orchard Road (kind of the Queen Street equivalent) and explored the area...t'was huge. Lots of shopping malls and shops and just lots of stuff. I ended up buying some portable speakers I really didn't need.

Singapore infrastructure is built upwards, and downwards too, overpasses and underpasses etc. At night, we went to a food court for dinner and the most bizzare thing happened. We were just minding our own business, I was eating my Thai dinner set (which wasn't very good compared to everything else I had...the bastards wouldn't let me change my drink from Coke to something else...) and Sonny was having Korean food cause he misses it (ye pore olde Sonny). Sonny offered to let me try some and I voiced my concerns about losing tastebuds from spice, when the woman we were sitting down next to said, out of the blue, "It shouldn't be too spicy, it's just chilli paste." We were both (without voicing it) going "wtf" - here we are, eating dinner minding our own business, and the person next to us comments on chilli paste. A friendly gesture I guess but maybe I'm too cynical. Dunno. Anyway, I said "oh ok" and we continued eating...then Sonny put his rice into his spicy soup thing and the same woman said that he shouldn't have done that. (On the inside, I am laughing because Sonny is Korean and more knowledgable in the art of eating Korean food than you, strange lady)...Sonny kept his cool and was polite and stuff. Over and over random talking occurred...and it turns out that this woman is a tour-guide leader/Esplanade helper and she told us how to get to places etc. So it turned from "rude comment about eating" to "helpful tour guide lady". At this stage it hadn't turned to "strange stalkerish behaviour" yet...I did make the mistake of giving her our room number at the hotel though ;_; Anyway. We said thank you, and retired to the coach pickup point and went back to the hotel, armed with information on how to...basically get to where we want.

At like 11pm when we were both sleeping, she calls the room ;_; with good intentions I guess, telling us about a concert she forgot to mention. And then after saying thanks for the info etc I hang up, and try to get to sleep again. About 10 minutes later, another call. ;_;

Day Two

The plan was to go to Chinatown, then move on to Sentosa (Singapore's most famous tourist attraction, an island resort. Wait, isn't Singapore an island? Hmm.) Chinatown was actually populated with Chinese people (go figure) and the streets had a distinct Chinese flavour to them, having a predominantly red colour scheme (red is a lucky colour in Asian cultures, I think) Sonny bought some things for his cousin sisters and I just looked around and stuff.

Then, to Sentosa! We took the MRT to HarbourFront station (Harbour Front is the "suburb" that is closest to Sentosa) and walked around to find the Cable Car station to Sentosa. Cable Cars are kind of freaky...the only thing between you and a really, really long drop are two cables and a couple of spinning wheels. Comforting. But it gave a great view and was relatively fast I guess. Sentosa itself, was great! The beaches looked SO NICE I am really gonna go back there in the future sometime. So sandy, palm trees, nice view, aaaaaahhh (reminded me of something out of Costa de Sol (ahem ahem sorry for that)) and there was a cool Bird Show with smart Macaus or something...and a huge Merlion sculpture. We also visited the Underwater World which was pretty much like Kelly Tarltons, I think...and then, Dolphin Lagoon, where there were pink dolphins doing stuff like leaps and swimming. >.> It could have been better with an announcer/MC that didn't suck, and if there weren't arseholes who enjoyed standing up at inopportune moments so that we couldn't see. Fuckers.

Anyway. Then, we went to the Musical, I remember I went to this last time I was in Singapore, but that was about it. IT WAS SO COOL IT WAS SO COOL there was fountains...and lasers....and big fire jets! Totally wicked. The fire was real too - you could actually feel the heatwave.

Then we got the cable car back, and went back to the hotel. I'm not sure if we had Ed's Fish this time or not. (Ed's Fish turned out to be our favourite food stall in the food court where we found Strange Tourguide Lady - fast fish, that tasted great and the meals were cheap compared to everything else.)

Day Three

This plan for today was Mustafa Centre/Little India, Sim Lim, then Singapore Zoo/Night Safari. Took the MRT there...Mustafa to describe it? Take a supermarket...give it three stories...and make it HUMUNGOUS and open 24 hours. It was huge. seriously, we got lost inside it many times. There was everything on sale imaginable - I found the portable speakers I bought for cheaper here (and immediately got annoyed at myself ;_;), bags, socks, spices, groceries, sofas, whatever - seriously, there was tons of stuff). Then we went to Sim Lim ( we didn't actually really walk through Little India but it seemed really boring and not as cool as Chinatown. Except that unlike Little India here in Kuching, it really IS populated by Indians. Kuching's one has Chinese people still.) Sim Lim was an electronics centre - very big first we went into the Sim Lim Tower which was boring and my mistake, filled with base electronic components like leds and wires etc. Not the consumer end. We moved on to Sim Lim Square, which was very big - proof was the people who stand at the end of escalators and progressively try to hand you leaflets and shit. Sonny bought his Bluetooh thingmie here.

From Sim Lim, we took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio and took the bus to the zoo. The bus is nowhere near as cool as the MRT (MRT = magnetic rail train or something) but it did its job fine and we arrived at the zoo safely. We got into the zoo...and then it rained which sucked. Singapore Zoo is so much better than Auckland zoo. White tiger, polar bears, leopards, gazelles, monkeys etc they were all here. They had TONS of kangaroos too, for some bizarre reason. I hadn't really observed Kangaroos properly. Maybe these ones were mutants or something but they looked kinda small...and reminded me of rats on drugs/springs. And also, there was a walk-through rainforest trail, where this really cute monkey fully just walked up to the railing next to me and sat there for ages. It was so cute. Except if you tried hard enough you could probably find it revolting. Anyway. The day zoo was cool...but it was rainy and poo and Sonny's shoes suck (and he couldn't buy new ones because apparently nobody sells size 46/10 shoes in Malaysia/Singapore...45 is okay, just not 46. Also, a lot of people tell Sonny he is very tall. It is funny.) We ended up hiding out in the KFC outside the two zoos where we had a light meal (for the days of our trip we ate more during breakfast and had light dinners to save money out of lunch. I ended up having money left over anyway but still, it was more economical) and learned the names of the counter people. I got Ryan Oh to change my 2 dollar note to two one dollar coins for the bus, cause buses like exact change. By like, I mean need. By need, I mean if you don't pay exact change the bus fairy comes and gives you hereditary baldness or something. ANYWAY. The night zoo was extremely kewl - the atmosphere was awesome, cause it was night and there was low lighting and it looked really cool. And there were really cool night jungle noises that could be really freaky if you were all alone...trapped there...anyway. The noise even seemed to make chords at times. Very evil dissonant ones. It was very cool.

We saw a fishing cat. They are cool and cute. They sit there, waiting at the waters edge...and we saw one catch a fish. It was very, very fast. Swipe, then fish=dead. Also, we watched the Creatures of the Night show which was very nice and entertaining. At the end however, tons of people left the pieces of paper and maps (that they placed down on the seats wet from rain during the daytime to prevent their arse from being any more disgusting than it already is) behind and we were nice and helped the cleany guy out.

Then we went home. There was an incredible run at the end of the journey back to the hotel...which wouldn't have happened if:

- We didn't go the wrong way from the MRT, which made us
- Miss a train and lose about 7 minutes
- and then head out the wrong exit at the Orchard Road stop near where the coach stop was
- which meant that we had to wait for two poo crossing traffic lights.

But all four happened. We ended up running like crazy after the traffic lights, and we made it onto the Coach Bus at was scheduled to leave for the hotel at 10:00. The most annoying thing was that at 10:03, it was still pretty much stuck at the stop, and some indian people just waltzed up to the coach and the coach driver let them on. ;_;

Day Four

Happy birthday sonny. Today's plan was the Esplanade + surrounding area.

First off we stopped at the City Hall MRT station, and saw St. Andrews Cathedral. Nice white structure. Didn't go in because it was Sunday and full of service people etc. Then, we went to Funan, another "it-mall" place. It wasn't terribly interesting actually...more of the same old oooh look IT stuff. To Sonny's pleasure the Bluetooth thingmies were more expensive here (then again this area is a more upmarkety area). Then we went and explored some shops in the area, I bought the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack...(which is incredible and I am listening to it right now)...then we headed off to the Esplanade. The Esplanade is like the Art Centre of Singapore, the design of the buildings were pretty funkay. Went inside, there was a really awesome Arts Library...with Practice Room, CD library, scores, magazines, wahtever. It was very cool. Then we went to the concert hall to listen to a free, uh, Harp Concert. The group harp playing wasn't terribly good since they didn't manage to ever play completely in time (and the long decay time of the hall + natural sound of the harp just emphasised their out of time-ness) But! The little nine year old kid who came third in some Harp Competition in Japan played a REALLY AEWSOME jazzy harp song. It rocked. That was worth waiting through the rest of the crap (especially the singing. Urgh.) The concert hall itself was a pretty nice structure. Didn't look at all like the exterior (which the locals call the Durian cause it's spiky. Luckily, doesn't smell nearly as offending) Then we walked around and stuff...went to see the Merlion at Merlion park...saw the City Hall, the old parliament house that now contained some Artwork and old movie posters...etc Then we went back to the main Esplanade area for an outdoor concert which was free. Not a very large one, mind you, but it was free. A local band called Tiramisu was playing..they were good. The lead singer was really funny and crazy. By crazy I mean he moves like crazy while not singing. It's really bizzare. But even more bizzare was the old man who stood up and started dancing during one of their songs. It was ridiculously funny...Sonny videoed it on his camera. XD

So the show was over...(strange tourguide lady was there too but I don't really wanna mention her cause you'll all think she's a stalker but we did go to this concert after she told us about it so >.>) anyway we went back to Orchard Road and got some stuff for a mini party back in the hotel room. Got him a little mini blueberry cake (which was delicious. but not at all secret. -_-), he got drinks, I got food (eds fish, yum) and he got the side dish (Japanese Tempura). It was good food. Sonny does not like Beer.

Day Five

Nothing much happened this day. I bought a whole lot of other music cds cause my mum said "whatever money you dont spend you have to return" so I decided I like music. Hard Rock cafe is nowhere near interesting (well not the one in Singapore anyway). It sucked. I was thoroughly disappointed. etc. Random person on the street gave us directions to Borders. Singapore people are too friendly. I took along the remaining beer can from last night and placed it on posts at pedestrian crossings...nobody picked up the beer while we watched. We got bored of it and when we returned to the crossing an hour later it was gone. But while we watch, it was honest.

Anyway. I'm lazy now, not much else happened or so I say. I may post photos sometime. Maybe. Videos, maybe. Bye.

Also, Singapore has trains. Auckland really needs trains as cool as Singapore. Auckland you suck in train-ness.

Hello. I am back from Singapore. The trip was awesome. I will write up something in the future, sometime.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hello. I am going to Singapore.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Watched The Phantom of the Opera today. Very good, go and watch it. I was very sleepy though so I think I would have liked it better under different circumstances.

I leave to Singapore tomorrow morning, I believe, and won't be around for five days. Goodbye!
I have wondered the following:

- Why do people in fast food restaurants yell out orders? I mean, it's not like they're very far away from the people making the food o_O

...I had a lot more I wondered about but I forgot completely about it. Yes. I recently discovered my laptop has an infra-red port! So I am shoving mp3s onto Sonny's mobile. >.>

Monday, January 03, 2005

oh yeah, my new ticketing plan is to travel back to NZ on the 15th, arriving on the 17th. Which gives me more time in NZ than I originally thought I had.

Last night there was a HUGE thunderstorm, it was crazy...the airconditioner shorted out or something o_O

Even though the flash and the sound were good 6-9 seconds apart, you could still feel the air move and stuff. T'was crazy...kinda scary but kinda cool too. David you woulda been pleased. :)
How to be an asshole:

- Hate the following groups completely:
o Japanese
o Muslims
o Americans
o Communists

- Be hypocritical...want the Muslims to modernise, but praise the excellence of the traditional Chinese customs or some shit like that.

- Be unable to pronounce words such as:
o Yacht
o Blue
o Throat
o Favourite

- Assume you are ALWAYS correct.

- Be able to mass produce fake statistics and cite them with great certainty (maybe the deal is that the more you bullshit the more likely at least a bit of your bullshit turns to gold) - I mean, who knew that there were 17.5% Bidayuh or whatever in Malaysia...


How to be my dad: do all of the above.


Respect and all, but sometimes it's just like oh damn.

This is proof that I actually have short hair now, and that I have a sister.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Okay. I was gonna blog a lot but then now that it comes to it I forgot most of what I was thinking about - figures. ^^"

1. Visited a crocodile farm today. Sonny took videos with his funky new cellphone, Sony Ericsson K700i. Tres good phone.

2. Sonny went to buy shoes. His feet are too big (or the shoes, too small?) I ended up getting a pair. My mum says "you need shoes! YOU GO TO UNI NEXT YEAR!!!" and I'm like oh okay. But how can you be so sure I'm getting into uni ;_;

3. I remember the incident now, at KL airport a couple weeks back. Being extremely bored, everybody was waiting in the boarding room for the plane back to Kuching, right...and we were sitting there, like everyone else. There was about 10 minutes left to boarding, and I was feeling very bored. So i asked William sonny richard etc "hey do you think if i start queueing up now, everybody will follow me?" and since I had nothing better to do, we all went together. And can you believe it, I made the entire population of that room start queueing up! XD It was a hilarious sight...I couldn't stop laughing...we stood there for about five minutes. Tee hee. Stupid Asian people fearing bad seats, or something.

3a. I now remember that when we were on the plane, some asshole tried to "reserve" a seat. I took the piss out of him for the entire journey, reserving my air sickness bag and cup of juice, among other things.

4. Back into chronological (kinda) order...yesterday went to the Frasians again for new years. it was good. met random people, some guy called Nick from Australia who I will most likely never ever see again...Fabian reminds me of Maian...if only I had a photo. I COULD SHOW YOU food was nice there was karaoke which was fun I think, my mum dancing which was funny, fireworks, was good. Didn't feel as awkward as during Christmas.

5. It rained quite heavily today. Rain rain rain rain rain. I actually quite like rain, it's nice and refreshing or something. I would dance naked in the rain, really, if the sight wouldn't be counted as a weapon of mass destruction. >.>

Anyway, hapy ney yers once again, for this comiung year good luck to you etc. :D