Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Went to Derek Barwood this morning.

Apparently I don't really have to wear my plate any more (once in a while maybe to make sure) - but I have to leave my wires on to my late twenties.


Oh well. I don't mind, they don't really do much but sit there anyway.

"Hey, didn't you go to Macleans?!"

A lot of people went to Macleans. Why are you talking to me if you don't even know my name, random passer-by...


Oh man I'm so lost eh I don't know where to go eh where's my Chemistry Lecture?

I don't do Chemistry. And if I did, how would I know where it is? I'm just a stupid first year like you too.

It's there somewhere, I think.

Hahah I pointed in a random direction. Don't bother me again.

Oh okay thanks.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Bread is a good anime.

Bleach is a good anime.

I have been to Paul McDonald's house twice in the last two days.

We watched Super Size Me just then.

I do not like McDonalds any more. (I haven't liked them since I found blood on my lettuce in my Big Mac this one time.)

We were gonna stay over at Pauls but for some strange bizarre reason everybody left. I was kinda confused...I mean, I used my free rental from Stefan (thanks man!) to get out Grave of the Fireflies for them to watch but o_O apparently not.

Ready Steady Go is a good song.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This year's White Pages are red.

Go figure.


David please tell me we are watching a movie tomorrow night or I will be forced to become a hermit and attack random passersby.

Yes, passersby, that's how you spell/grammatize (grammatise?) it.

Sorry Raymond for scaring you today. It's just that it was funny and I had ten minutes to kill.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

CompSci 101 S1 C 2005

Assignment One Results for hcho085

These results are a summary of the marks given to you for Assignment One.
Specific comments on your assignment are available through the Peer
Assessment System.

Student Details
Login name: hcho085

Total mark: 30 (/30) very good!

Mark Categories

Question One
Comments: 1 (/1)
Indentation: 1 (/1)
ASCII Picture: 1 (/1)
Escape Code: 1 (/1)
Title: 1 (/1)

Question Two
Comments: 1 (/1)
Indentation: 1 (/1)
Formatting of Output: 2 (/2)
Test Case: 1 (/1)
Symbolic Constants: 2 (/2)
Variable Descriptions: 2 (/2)
Identifier Conventions: 1 (/1)

Question Three
Comments: 1 (/1)
Indentation: 2 (/2)
Formatting Output: 3 (/3)
Test Case f(49): 2 (/2)
Variable Descriptions: 1 (/1)
Identifier Conventions: 1 (/1)

Peer Reviewing
Peer reviewing: 5 (/5)



Ahem. But That's Computer Science which is the coolest subject I'm taking this year. I doubt my music ones/physics ones will produce such stellar results. Then again, this was a really easy assignment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I just sat next to the most annoying guy on the bus, ever. He was white, obnoxious, and most importantly, took up one and a half seats. That's just not on. On a good day, I take up 2/3rds of a seat. This was not a good day, I really needed one seat. Due to this guy sitting next to me, I got half a seat. Not nearly enough!

But all of this would be redundant if he wasn't so impatient and angry angsty angsty. At least 100 swear words, all of which I pretended not to hear through headphones and nice music, and gratituous use of the A word (yes, Asian o_O) Apparently some guy got off at the wrong stop or whatever, I wasn't really paying too much attention, I was trying to stop my neck from cementing in place, in that awkward position. I was trying really hard to read Craccum and ignore this angry white guy yelling at some poor (and probably stupid) confused Asian person.

The other annoying thing is, he shakes not just his leg (I know I have the annoying legshake habit) but his whole being shakes. Imagine being in half a bus seat right next to this guy and then the 1 and a halfer suddenly starts spasming. -_-


In good news THANKS HELEN

Okay bye !!

Monday, March 21, 2005

I really hate whoever invented glitter. I just saw some on my face, which was utterly utterly confusing. I didn't even touch anything remotely glittery today. It must have been some random glittery osmosis fashion working.

If you use glitter at a party, think please. Think, where is that glitter gonna go? Are you gonna be able to get rid of ALL of it? (Chances are you have glitter in YOUR hair, right now). Or is it gonna end up on some poor guy's face? Like me? I really hate glitter. I really don't want it on my face. So please. Support life. Don't support glitter.

I am listening to the last movement of Peter Graham's Windows of the World. ITS STILL TOTALLY AWEOSME the Gotenburg Brass Band played it better but it's still awesome. The drum solo was better in the live version I heard.
Oh yeah. Did you know, that the green posts outside the General Library, are detachable?

Bet you didn't.
So, I was in the car, William was driving us to Tamaki etc...and I looked around, this was in like Tamaki or something really slummy-ish, and there was lots of tagging. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but when you tag something, you claim that that's your territory and whatnot, right? Like how dogs pee on posts, except that the council doesn't hate dogs? (oh wait, they do. Sorry.)

Well, why would you want to own a roadsign, or a portaloo?

Just wondering.

I made it to my lab on time today! YAY

Walked really reallyreally fast. -_-

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The phrase **** you, is 1% evil and 99% good. Try it yourself. o_O
I am really annoyed. The Black Mages are performing in USA. Why the hell does Square-Enix keep sending their concerts to the USA :( :(

Send one to New Zealand...;_; I wanna hear Mages liveeeee
I love daylight saving.

You go to bed unimaginably exhausted...

and you wake up with an extra hour! It's totally awesome. It's like, SURPRISE you just got more time!

(but this is actually an illusion because you lose an hour as well, some other time in the year. But, I like winning hours, makes me feel good)

In other news I think I'm slowly going blind.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I saw the blind student William was talking about the other day. This isn't the blind Maori woman with guide dog, this was another blind student. She had a really cool machiney thing which according to William is how she makes notes.

I can't help wondering. Is it rude to look at blind people? Like, I dunno. Is it better to avert your eyes? Or is it better to pay them interest? Or is this question completely redundant because they're blind and they can't tell if you're looking at them or not anyway?


There was also a guy who's deaf in one ear. He had a mental/verbal musical/compositional techniqist scrap with a guy in a pink shirt with a ring on his ring finger (surprise).

That is all.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patricks Day!
Leader's Meeting today.

Weren't too many people there today. (ahem sonny)

Anyway, to break it short, yeah, handed in my application for Holiday programme - ;_; I miss out on HRC Idol :( :( cause uni starts that day. ^^" That would have been fun.


Yeah, also, due to New Legislative Laws, Nicola who was working Wednesdays in my little overseas excursion to Malaysia and stuff, is no longer employable (because you have to be 16 or over) - thus, I got a job! (again. at the same place. same time. does that count as having it back? hmm.) I start Wednesday 30th March someone please remind me closer to the time :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Okay. I just checked my comments for my Assignment which people reviewing it under Peer Assessment System for Compsci101...;_; my head's gonna explode. They're all like this:

WEll done
Well structured
Very good


I mean, it could really just be a machine throwing out positive comments but whoa I wasn't expecting so much. It felt good, for a while! But then...I dunno. Don't let it get to my head, this was an easy Assignment, I believe. Maybe.

It's late. I'm sleepy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello. On Monday (which is when I planned to type this post, but things kinda...slip...) I missed an hour of my PHYSICS150 LAB, cause I missed the City-Tamaki bus...maybe because I didn't leave Choir early enough (early enough means early enough to catch the City-Tamaki bus - which is before I left on Monday, obviously. I left on time. Maybe on time is late to be early enough?)

But the thing that annoys me is that I actually got there in time to see the buses leave. Okay, technically I was still standing around for quite a bit before the buses left. There were three buses, right...there they were. The two at the back were COMPLETELY packed, like you would not believe. There were fully like 10 people standing in that stair-case bit on both the two back buses. So, obviously I wouldn't fit on those buses. Now, there was a bus in front of that, had the Tamaki Campus sign up and all that...completely empty. For what reason, I will probably never find out. Anyway, I tried to get on that one, but the driver just yelled at me and gave me evil eyes and didn't open the doors. So...I stood at the sidewalk, outside the general library, looking forlornly at the three buses depart in a slow motion crawl...knowing that my ride to un-failure lay on them. I think I heard a sad violin play somewhere, but it was really quiet. Might have been from the Music Department. Did you know the Music Department was modelled after a grand piano? I DIDNT thanks Melody for telling me that today. Why is all of this in one paragraph? I don't know. Maybe this is why I got a C for AS English!

Paragraphed. Anyway, let me introduce you to my stereotypification of the Tamakicity Bus Drivers.

1) Punk-rock Chick
This bus driver is of middle age, has dyed red hair, a piercing of some sort.

2) Cool polynesian
This guy wears REALLY short shorts, sometimes has sunnies on, curly hair. Those shorts should be illegal. But he's nice.

3) Stupid slob maori
This guy made me late to Compsci101 because he drove really slowly, the waterfront way. And plus, he's a slob cause he was just wearing jandals and had food in front of him when the bus clearly says "NO EATING FOO"

(sidetrack: There is this one guy, who always eats on the bus. It's really funny. I have yet to see him not eat on the bus. Sorry for the digression. He also has white headphones. And spiked-ish hair. You know, the one everyone does, cause it's cool, and ten years back people will regard it like afros or something. Can you imagine how bad hair-dye must have been, back in the day? Hmm.)

4) Random fat white 70s guy
This guy is quite cool. He wears aviators and listens to Solid Gold. I have heard the following while on his bus:
Elton John - Empty Garden
That song about how "words are all I have to take your heart away"
Don Maclean - American Pie
and much more.

I'm sure there are more (eg mr DONT LET YOU ON BUS CAUSE HES MEAN man) but...I forget or they aren't interesting.




Albert Park is a really nice park.


I couldn't tell if Ms. Warner / Mrs. Thompson was laughing or crying when BFK was performing today. There was also this little kid, who was singing (okay by little I mean fresh 3rd form) Rikky thinks he's gay. I think he really should stop insinuating on 13 year olds (HAH TAKE THAT). He sang okay. Awesome tone. Tuning needed work. And then we performed after him and then drove off to Tamaki.

I doubt I will be in school again for a long while. Still need to buy a copy of Bill Bryson's Short History of Everything for Dr. H cause I know he'll love it.


I was kinda slightly annoyed earlier, but man, this White Melodies of Tactics's so relaxing.....^_^ I don't really care any more :)

(Call the bank if you want. I'm not sure what you'll do from there though. I can imagine a really angry you going "OI MY BROTHERS BEING A DICK BLAH BLAH PLEASE CANCEL THIS TRANSACTION". If you really want to embarrass yourself...go ahead. I mean, it's your choice if you want to be an immature prat. I'm sure you don't read this anyway, it eats valuable bandwidth. While you're at the bank, get them to link my eftpos card to my bank account o_O I should really do that one day. Maybe Thursday. Maybe.)

Oh yeah. Notice to everybody, please, if you want me to do something, don't implicate. Because I see through that implication and since I'm a bastard at heart, I'll deliberately not do it. Ask me directly. That way I can't weasel out of whatever you're asking me. And also, I may look unhappy but I will get over it after a while so don't worry.

Unless I don't like you.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Apparently, under Cecil, I am enrolled into OSAS.TAMAKI. It's some stupid overseas student Asian support or something o_O I never signed up for anything of that nature and they keep emailing me, which is really annoying.

Just thought I'd mention that. I'm not sneezing anymore which is a yay :)
6) John wasn't at practice today. :(
Why today is not as good as it could be:

1) My mum is going back to Malaysia which means now when I put dishes in the sink, they don't magically become washed.

2) I have a blocked nose and puffy eyes and...I dunno, is it hayfever? o_O Who knows.

3) Our washing machine is emitting a strange choking sound, or at least it sounds like it's drowning. Haha, who would have figured, a washing machine drowning...

4) My mum's flight was delayed from like 11 till 7.30 pm or something stupid which ruins all their connecting flights blah blah blah so basically since the counter people are slow and crap and annoying we wasted a lot of time at the airport. At least we got a $8 food/beverage voucher. o_O

5) I am sneezing. This is lame sloppy kind, not the tidy oh yeah that felt good sneeze, no, this one requires cleaning up.
Hello. Just so that it doesnt happen again:


Thank you. So when I say "Simple Plan is crap", I really mean "I think Simple Plan is crap", because I'm a lazy arse and I cannot be bothered saying "I think" in front of everything.

Yeah the Asian chick was an exchange student from Japan. Don't ask me how I know, because I'm psychic. Mwahha.

Today had steamboat at Linda's house. It was nice. Amy's brother doesn't seem so idiotic when he isn't with his loser 4th form friends (:P don't tell him I said this Amy) Tee hee


And please don't flood the tagboard. If you've got something to say, do it in as little posts as possible so that it doesn't actually push out half the conversation before other people (like me) get to read it. It works on post counts, not on post size. So, you don't really need four posts for something like:

Hey, I like Simple Plan.

Why don't you like Simple Plan?

I think you should like Simple Plan.

I saw Simple Plan the other day.

Instead of wasting four posts, why not just waste one? THANKS

Friday, March 11, 2005

My mum has gone out. Her mobile keeps ringing. Do I pick it up, to save some irritated caller time, or do I leave it, to protect the privacy of her call? I never know. Damn moral dillemas...on one hand its an invasion of privacy, on the other you are wasting someone's time. Especially when you go to someone else's house to stay for an extended period of time, I don't know whether to pick up, or not. Hmm.

Anyway. My mum bought the piano! So now we have a piano. A lovely earthy brown Yamaha piano. A bit out of tune, especially lower register, but hey, a piano's a piano! Yay.

What happened today...basically, I'm really tired on Fridays because I have to wake up so early but today made up for making me wake up early by letting me listen to the Gothenburg Brass Band. Okay, fine, I'd never heard of them ever before, until today, but supposedly they are the best Brass Band in Sweden and won World Championships or whatever. And after listening to their performance of Peter Grahams' "Windows of the World"...I can see why. Totally, TOTALLY mindblowing. Didn't know brass instruments could do some of that stuff o_O Made up for some of the crap they were forced to play by some John Rimmer guy, who looks like Kim Jong Il. That Windows of the World thing was quite novel too, in its use of space...the players actually got up and walked around. It was totally awesome.

They were selling CDs afterwards, but none with that song on it which I totally totally loved. Wonder if they recorded it, the University. So it's not that I didn't want to buy a CD to support them, they're tototatally awesome, just that they didn't have what I wanted. :(

But they were awesome.

I am drinking Hey Song Sarsparilla, thinking of Taiwan, and oh yeah finally got that Black and White film printed yay! :) There's some nice shots on that film. Well, I think so anyway.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

COMPSCI 101 Lab. Interesting.

Here is the nerdiest thing I've seen all week:

Bahah. Sorry, Java.

Um, what happened today...on bus home there was Rainbow and Cheryl (hi) and Linda (Yao). Talked, bus ride became way shorter. (Side effect, didn't do CS worksheet) Came home. Played a bit of play I mean just travel to another area and wait for some guy to turn up and then I had to go because my mum came home and said "HEY LETS GO LOOK AT A PIANO" in a way that offered no compromise and so I went. It's a good piano, a Yamaha. I think we're getting it.



Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dammit. Farewell for Ms. Warner/ Mrs. Thompson....or Physics 150 Lecture....Farewell, or lecture, farewell, lecture...

Music 103A Lecture was the stupidest thing I'd done all week. Yes, even the Physics Lab where I went around covering tables with shedded skin...basically, I think I got streamed into the retard class and as a result we spent an hour singing rubbish. -_-

But otherwise, it's been a good day. Met some new(ish) people, some whom I'll probably never see again but hey it's all good. Also forgot to mention yesterday there was a big blind Maori woman in our lecture (as a student, presumably) and she had a cool black guide dog.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh yeah, I watched Artificial Intelligence on TV2 yesterday (which meant I woke up late which meant lateness this morning therefore Steven Spielberg is to blame for making me late to school today)

I'd forgotten how awesome it was. I really like it. Tons. There's just this weird creepy atmosphere that is so pervasive and stuff. Yeah, anyway, just thought I'd mention I like the movie. And also, I've been looking for the soundtrack to it for a while...anyone got it, please lend it to me ^^
Was *barely* in time for first lecture this morning...William *just* caught the bus into the City from Tamaki...o_O it's amazing what the difference in traffic is, if you're just 5 or so minutes slower in leaving the house than you usually are. o_O

XD Had Music 103 Keyboard Lab Assessment. I really suck ^^" Couldn't play the easiest one I guess I'm starting from the start, which sucks, because that means I can't get more than 80% or something stupid. But, meh.

Had first Physics Lab. DUMBEST LAB EVER, basically spent two hours measuring the width of a table with a cubit (the distance from your fingertip to elbow) and a mini-cubit (distance from first to second knuckle). Imagine measuring a decent sized table with your knuckles...five times...and tell me you don't find it stupid. :P At least there are cool people in the lab stream I'm in, some guy called...uh...Daniel? Some chick called Julia...I dunno. I'll remember next week maybe o_O

Saw Raymond walk past while I was on the Tamaki bus today. Also saw Simon Janko David and someone else. Obviously I didn't destroy a bus window in an insatiable urge to say hi, or anything. Raymond you look dodgy and rapist like with your crazy curly hair and facial hair. Just a thought. ^^

Currently listening to "Lovers' Walk" by "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra". Great song.

Bought some iced-tea from Tamaki Munchy-Mart today. Quite nice.

Someone wanna go to cinemas this Saturday? Maybe watch Constantine or something?

I really like the keyboard of me and William's shared computer, it's great. Good response and feels good and looks good too. In fact, new computer is wickedly legendary, I wouldn't be surprised if someone came along and went "whoa that's a wicked legend".


Sunday, March 06, 2005

(p.s. Henry and Sonny, can you make your own top 10 songs of the past 15 years as well, please??????) - Raymond


I really hate requests like this...^^"

There's so much good music I cannot possibly make a TOP 10. But I can mention ten songs, right now, which I'm really enjoying at the moment.

Not in any particular order. I can never pick favourites. Please, don't even try to make me pick, or I'll pick your eyes out with my fingernails.

[Artist/Band - Album - Track Title]

Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack - Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer
Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy II - The Rebel Army Theme
Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters - Mary
Coil - Guitaroo Man OST - The Legendary Theme
The Black Mages - The Black Mages II: The Skies Above - Matoya's Cave
The Guy Who Wrote It, I Can't Remember His Name - The Incredibles Soundtrack - The Incredits
Shiro Sagesu (?) - Neon Genesis Evangelion S2 Works - Thanatos
Akayo Taira - Radio DC - A Lullaby
F.Y.I - I dont know the album - Lydia (I really have no idea why this is on the list.)
Fist Full of Fives - Fisting (maybe) - Why Monkey Why (simply cause I wrote it)
Jun Senoue - Radio DC - After The Adventure..
Yutaka Minobe - Radio DC - Theme From Phantasy Star III

That's my list, at the moment. Yes, I know, I put twelve. Bite me. Really, I love them all equally, I think they're all fantastic and you should all listen to all of them. Oh yeah, and Sega Piano Nocture, that's good listening right there. I hate picking favourites, it's easier to name songs I hate.

Here are a couple:

Snoop Dogg (or whoever) - Drop It Like It's Hot (I abhor this song)
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (because the BASTARDS STOLE IT from The Who)

There are more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dr. Phil is a big, giant, maplestory. No, not a large online game but a large expletive. -_- I hate him.

Anyway, don't ask how that came about because that would involve a very long and tedious story I do not have the tenacity to verbosify.

What happened today? Slept in (yeah, surprisingly, 9am wake-up is considered sleeping in \o/), Academy...yeah, I'm cello section leader ;_;

Made a lot less mistakes than last rehearsal. Sounds so much better at rehearsal than at home, I think it's cause the acoustics in our room are very harsh and unforviging. That is my excuse. (The little acoustic elves hate me in our house)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Today: interesting. Woke up REALLY early (like, 5:45 ;_;) blah blah university blah blah

Music Composition...already have an assignment -_-

I'm actually really sleepy so I'm just gonna say hi and stuff. Yeah. Hi. I feel bad if I came all this way to the "create post" page and not say anything. I could have pressed back and this would all have never had happened but, I didn't.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day Four:

Since tutorials/things other than lectures havent started, I finished today at 11am. \o/ Bus home was (as usual) late...if I knew for certain it woulda been late I would have checked where I was streamed for the music 103 (listening to music and being all good at listening or whatever) but...I didn't.

Yeah, that's about it. I also ate a MEAN sandwich but I'm sure nobody cares.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dear Henry,

Thank you for taking DELNA. Here are the results of your screening assessment.

24 / 27

Speed Reading
73 / 73
So today I got to sleep in (still woke up at like 9.30 anyway) and...went into the city, just for Choir Practice -_- Yeah. Half hour to tamaki, half hour on tamaki bus, then on the way back the same thing. So, two hours, for one hour of choir. I don't think I'll be going again. I might email the guy say I'm busy on Wednesdays or something.

Choir was...interesting. I know i've said this before, but it's so weird that I have to mention it again, they made me Bass II. There's this one note which I can *just* hit at the end of the first section/movement...hmm. Yeah. And the vocal warmups this guy got us to do were just bizarre...

Oh yeah, signed up at SJS (thats where the job description I posted up a while back came from). Might see them tomorrow for a referral or something. I need money -_-

The bus from City to Tamaki was PACKED. And mostly with people who wanted to drive home (including me. -_-)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


(sell your soul)
Day two of Orientation Week.

Apparently, all that orientation going on still isn't getting into me. While I did manage to find my way to the MLT1 Lecture Room in the Science Building, I didn't manage to find Student Job Search and sign up there...instead, I found Shadows and me not being 18 = me not entering...missed the School of Music tour I signed up for cause the COMPSCI101 Lecture finished pretty much on 11, and I was supposed to be at the school of music five minutes before then. Meh.

The COMPSCI lecture was pretty okay. Saw three people I knew (infinite number higher than people I know in PHYSICS150), notably Matt Meffin. Must remember to steal homework from him *evil grin*

And all these clubs! Holy crap. Some weirdos trying to fence...this big boat in the middle of nowhere...gah. Go away clubs I don't want to join you. Some guy asked me if I was ready for the "30 second challenge". *ahem* No.

Apart from that, that's all I did today. Two lectures...found where me and William's joint locker is, did a bit of COMPSCI101 homework (yeah they gave out homework on the first lecture....;_; then again our lecturer tried to teach us how to juggle too so...)...yeah

And now I'm home.

The last three "paragraphs" start with the letter "a".

I was reading the COMPSCI Course Handbook on the bus (well, half the journey, the other half I was pseudo-sleeping). It's still confusing but I reckon if I just keep reading it or put it next to my head that information will slowly siphon into my brain. Maybe.