Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May I introduce you to:


For some reason, some of the sound-effects don't work when I made it into an applet...o_O oh well. Just imagine the "aliens" going "uuuurr" when they get hit and a fire missile sound.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hurray, I passed test number 2? o_O 8/16

-__- At least my lab marks will notch my 150 grade up hopefully

I wasted an entire hour today becasue I left laptop in the car and had to get keys from william in city then bus back then tamaki then back to city etc etc there goes an hour -_-

at least i met rikkyon the bus and he was funny as usual.

and i sat next to a pirate with a contagious eye infection. (red?!)


these two randoms with a laptop sat down and i tried to help them with connecting to the network o_O but they use some intel thing and i got confused so they're off to helpdesk >.>

Sunday, May 29, 2005

[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
any ideas for a subtitle for this movement? i called the first one waltz...>.> justcause it was slow and mysterious and in 3/4
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
ok um
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
i have an idea but
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
i need to phrase it right
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
ok, so there r 2 characters
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
Chocolate Boy
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
Jackhammer Bob
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
and Jackhammer Bob is chasing Chocolate Boy
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
does chocolate boy die?
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
mmm i dunno, it depends on ur last movement
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
wait is this the last one?
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
there r 3 right?
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
nah this is the middile one i have to write one more
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
k k yea
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
i want to set the whole thing in
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
so the 2nd one is
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
Chaos at Wynn Hotel
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
u can hear like, them running through the casino and ppl dressed up weird
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
and coins flying around
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
and drunk ppl
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
and lots of colours
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
then u see this little round person, Chocolate Boy speeding through
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
and it's cool cos it's like camouflage
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
i.e. he fits in with all the other ppl there who r dressed up
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
lol. man you are so destined to be a director
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
I will call the second one Chaos.
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
hahah ok
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
you could write a little story and ill tag it on with my composer's notes >.>
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
lol ok
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
when is it due?
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
friday >.>
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
ohhh ok
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
nah im just kidding dont worry about it
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
i'll save this convo and if i finish the video early
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
but yeah, i quite like chocolate boy, he sounds tragic
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
ill save the convo and take drugs and try to write something as cool or something
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
like, one of those food characters
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
who die
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:

[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
distant relative of gingerbread man
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
probably gets melted or something in the end
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:
like in Terminator 2
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:

[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
I will write a really sad last one then
[-=Blak=-] » blakomen.blogspot.com -:- www.ffof.tk [64] LTE says:
lots of pedal...and a hairdryer sound, yes, how do i do that on piano...hmmmmm
neoslimd g - friedorange.blogspot.com says:

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mark Categories - Question 1

Comments: 1 (/1)
Private instance variables: 1 (/1)
Indentation: 2 (/2)
Local variables: 1 (/1)
Well chosen identifiers: 1 (/1)

toString() method: 4 (/6)
Accessor/Mutator methods: 10 (/10)
Changing styleIsIncluded: 2 (/2)
The getAsPercentage methods: 8 (/8)
Displaying the horizontal graph: 10 (/10)

Mark Categories - Question 2

Comments: 1 (/1)
No instance variables are used: 2 (/2)
Indentation: 1 (/1)
Use of methods: 2 (/2)
Well chosen identifiers: 2 (/2)

Obtaining user input: 2 (/2)
Format of output: 2 (/2)
Numbers for each day: 10 (/10)
Daily profit so far: 4 (/4)
Daily profit and takings: 4 (/4)
Program works with
changed constant values: 10 (/10)

Correctness (out of 82): 80 (/82)
Correctness (out of 20): 20 (/20)

Peer Reviewing
Peer reviewing: 5 (/5)


It is 11:56am.

Saw Bean man in the quad. He's the bomb.

The bFM man on the other hand is a tosser.

Some people just went away from the table I'm at. They are tossers. Because I say so.

Bean man is such a legend. Hurray for superheroes.

Lunch at 1pm. Hope it will be good, or something. I am hungry.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have rediscovered the joy of FFXI (at the end of the month, fantastic)

I implemented scoring and a lifebar in my space invaders game

I had dinner.

Leonie seemed to like my second miniature. (approx 2 mins each, she says)

My black pen is totally awesome.

I only have two exams.

Holidays are coming!

Life is good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


work was okay

i came home and learnt Cockles and Mussles for the piano yay

had wendys for lunch today (damn you capitalism)

What did I tell you, Raymond? Commercialism. I win! (told you the next crackwhorum would be on that)

...on behalf of every man, looking out for every girl you are the.,..

I love that song

i just finished my lab prepsheet

gotta compose gotta compose

FFOF are playing again this saturday woop woop train machine

not sure if theres gonna be a practice on friday though o_O

since when did brad start reading blogs

dennis is workin on the video! yay! excitement! i hope its awesome.

john mayer is on repeat.

what did i have for dinner? leftover egg, and some luncheon meat, badly heated in a microwave, and some of the sickly sweet desserts william procured from valentines.

procure. thats a nice word.

i love these stream of consciousness posts

i love dream theater too.

Monday, May 23, 2005





the moment Anakin turns to the Dark side, the entire movie becomes the awesomest tragedy ever. EVER. Seriously.

AND THE FIGHTS WERE AWESOME ok you thought they had run out of gimmicks for lightsabers, well, they got one more up their sleeve...

and it was interesting seeing all the ships slowly become like the ones used in EP IV onwards (like the star destroyers, walkers, ATAT (or whatever), A wings, X wings, Y wings, I even spotted what looked like the millenium falcon


ewan mcGregor was really good (sonny says he redeemed himself and proved his "masterdom" by beating anakin) . Anakin wasn't an annoying poo in this one.



I want a Star Wars EP III poster now ;_;

So much better than I or II

(hey, thats like that wonderful song by everclear)

Sunday, May 22, 2005


okok i screwed up only three times, there was a great cover by the cello tutor (thanks Rachel :) ) etc etc

And then i met the people who will be semi-drowning william next sunday etc

and then um his wife said i look Korean


Why everybody think I look Korean/Japanese >.>

(they all look the same anyway) OOOH RACIAL SLUR

My ears are semi-ringing. It's more pain than ringing.

Anyway, recap:

Academy rehearsal, exited half-way through. It was good, I didn't screw up badly this time and pull a face and everybody laugh. Hmm.

Then I got there and etc and me and Tomo got there etc and well was really confused etc cause apparently we needed to bring our own hi-hat as well etc blah blah wank wank setup and then we played...

And it was awesome fun. I screwed up many times, sure, as expected (my excuse is it makes it more, ahem, real >.>) but this time I didn't drop my drum-sticks! It can only get better from here! It was really fun.

Anyway. Then after we played went to Botany for a bit where tomo and brad had an after-performance beer and we just wound down again, and then went back to subject our ears to more noise etc...most bands had at least one good thing going for them, Alex Freer's Moby Dick...-_- I hate it because it's good =P (jealousy!) How does he repeat the sticking thing arrrr (Dave will know what im talkin bout) um I enjoyed Lastimes (except not really the vocals they were...really forced sounding and un-natural and...i dunno not my bag), Neverscent was good (vocalist again was a bit out of tune but had lots of energy etc so it was good), 44th...I dunno. For some reason didn't think Nikita was singing very well this set, may have just been the micing.

tim steele you are a dick

sorry but it had to be said. is it THAT FUCKING HARD to copy ONE FUCKING PICTURE and put it up while we play? its a small thing but its a big thing at the same time. i know you were busy and all but -_- dude, you did a video for neverscent. disappointment in my digital voice apparent? i hope so

THANK YOU everybody who turned up to support us

um, yeah and then the last band was Sonic who were really really good and polished and professional. The most sad and disappointing thing was that the number of people, well, if you thought there weren't many to begin with, by the time Sonic was up (and they really should have been the highlight/main act for everybody who was planning to come anyway) there was pretty much a handful of people and most of the bands left over.

But sonic was really nice and polished. I would have bought the EP but I didn't have $10 on me. What a talent, Ms. Hartnett-clark. Does Judo or whatever, taught Geography, AND sings well. and plays bass and guitar. crazy. But they were really good, they had a really good guitarist/backing vocalist too, and their drummer helped me out when i was setting up which was really nice of him and he lent me hi-hat because i didnt know i needed it etc

Oh yeah Raymond i think you left but yeah uh I brought a CD for you but forgot to give it to you :( So ill pass it to you some other time then


I am amped yet really tired. I've never played so fast before. ITs annoying, I played holiday WAAAAY too fast. And I would just like to take a moment to blame all my mistakes on the hi hat which was too high and i couldnt adjust. and also, the vocal mic was always too low, esp. for Sonic couldn't hear much of it (but it was good) yeah yeah


So, it was wicked fun. Would love to do more!!! (are you having a party do you want a live band hey hey talk to us)


The next thing coming up is...tomorrows Academy concert ;_; come if you want >.>

and uh also recording mainz at 2nd June Thursday, um, and I have assignments due and...arrrr


im tired bye

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I managed to burn pasta today.

Don't even ask how.

Actually, it would be quite hilarious but no.


i practiced my academy bit so i can play it now

take that you laughing peeps yo


Friday, May 20, 2005

Why I don't think Sonny should get a blog.

"david recommends I start a blog"

oh okay

"do you think I should do one"


"why not?"

okay, go ahead



If you don't know yourself...then why? ^_^ Do it only if you want to not if David asks you to. If David asked you to eat a rock and shit out diamonds, would you? (I would if I could...)

Hmm. Maybe not the best example.


Why do I blog? because:

it's a nice event to do when bored
it's like a shit outlet. a mental cesspool if you will
its nice to see at least someone will read this. sometime. so if i die, my life has made a digital ripple in the massive framework of the government conspiracy that is the internet.
;_; just went through all the photos and videos and stuff from last year when I was in Malaysia/.....;_; so many good memories...

And then I read the 2002 maccas 7th form yearbook and it seemed way more profesh than ours...but meh.

And I saw some guy stick the elven bitch from Warcraft as their picture.




I'm notdoing 100% as how it was sugestered but

IT fixeds and less laggy than it was be4 fo its al good bro





okay, my missiles were working fine but I was doing it wrong...(ie i was supposed to reuse elements in an array not that it makes sense to any of you)

So i had to redo my code

and now, it fully doesn't work.


arg hargh arhaghaghahghaghga

-_- i only hate it cause im getting it wrong...the missiles are randomly disappearing and...arrrrrrrr

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Midori + L&P is a nice mix. Tastes like Kickapoo Joy Juice. If you have no idea what that is, don't worry.

Of course, you'll never catch those Speight twats drinking anything remotely close.

(yarr manly manly gimme bitters please yarr hard life for me thanks)
My lab demonstrator for Physics 150 is pretty much the only good thing about Physics 150 for me (he will be reading this >.>)

Did you know: your recycling bin is made from recycled material?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Work today. It was good.

Tanya leaving :( (this is work supervisor that is like, the NZ women's racing champion. she has a MEAN car.) Apparetnly she found a better job (im not sure if you have to look very hard :P)

Um yeah. But work was interesting. A lot more managable than last week. They split the big kids and trhe little kids up with lé partizion, so I had to look after the big kids. etc. and it was good, too. Kinda. Like, there were only about 5 so it was very managable. Except that one kid found a flavoured condom on the road XD and threatened to use it on other kids. I don't think he really knew what he was talking about.

And then, I let them listen to Fist Full of Fives \o/ and they liked Only The Hopeful, and then I went somewhere (i think the kitchen to clean up orsoething) and they had moved on to a rather inappropriate Tenacious D song -_-

:( Don't fire me I stopped them like 100% fast.

But it was good.

And there was a condom (found by the same kid -_-) on the roof too. I mean, the roof? Must have been uncomfortable...
Damien Rice. What a legend. Seriously.

Ironically, the best thing is that he doesn't sing perfectly in tune.

FFXI to XBOX 360.

It's weird. I haven't had the time to play lately.

That sucks.


But compsci is really fun to program etc. Yes, yes yes.
Zachary Garred from Foreign Exchange which is a really budget poo looking TV show on TV one in the "Zone" time-frame at 4:00pm looks like a cross between David Feisst and Michael Murphy.

That is all.

How is my Compsci Assignment going? Good. I have aliens now, and they move, and if they touch the spaceship you lose. OK awesome.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Here I am, at University.

Here I am, wasting my free quota.

Here I am, at University wasting my free quota because, well, I forgot to transfer my compsci assignment to my laptop to work on while I am on my two hour break.

Here I am, at University wasting my free quota because, well, I forgot to transfer my compsci assignment to my laptop to work on while I am on my two hour break, and instead I am sitting here not entirely sure what to do. My music composition is at home too.

Maybe I should look up like, syncing folders or something like that.

SPYBOT! Found some spyware on my laptop. Death to spyware. I hate it.

As much as I hate the Crimson Hands, and that's quite a bit.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Currently: Working on my Compsci Assignment even though I really should be doing my Physics one.


Stupid Academy people. Why you only laugh at me when I make a mistake. You bastards ;_; it's not like I like making mistakes. If you want to laugh, well, then, you can play the solo, you can be the leader, I honestly didn't/don't want it. Bastards, I say! -_-


My compsci assignment is coming along well. I have done the title page, and made a moving spaceship! Hurrah.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Went from like, REALLY REALLY sad to REALLY QUITE HAPPY in the space of an hour today. Meh.

Today, I met:

+ Random Korean friend (who studies Korean) of
+ Grace and, for the first time in like a year or something, I ate
+ McDonalds (actually the last time was in Taiwan but I like Taiwan)
+ There was a REALLY bum chip in my fries, like, totally oil-soaked and burnt to death,
+ Which I fed to the seagulls. Me and Grace discovered that
+ There was a PSYCHO murderer seagull who was like,
+ Dominating the crap out of all the other seagulls, going into agressor mode
+ Where it looked like it had no neck, and went around
+ Pecking the shit out of all the other seagulls.

+ It was funny and sad at the same time.


Space invaders! Phew this is gonna be a toughie. I've got the title page done...

Band practice (at like, 10 at night o_O) Went alright. No John but...meh.

Congratulations to John who came 2nd in Cock and Bull Idol and scored himself a $500 microphone! (Now I can say HEY I KNOW THAT GUY HE SINGS IN OUR BAND >.>)


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just watched Campbell Live. Not a bad show I thought.

Except for the last bit. (The show was on NZ Music Month tonight).

The last bit showed me this kiddie band of 11-12 year olds who got through to the Auckland Central finals.

I hate them. They suck.

I mean, I hate them because we got beaten by Crimson Hands last year...but I also hate them because, well, they were crap. Seriously. They all looked like they wanted to die, the "backing vocalists" looked stupid and hardly sang anything and shared one microphone...it just...argh. Annoys me that something of that standard can get through to the finals ;_;

Damn kids!


First day of work this hols too. OMG. They were not very good today...no, sir. They got the smackdown from Nicola (who replaced Mark as my supervisor) and got like time-out and stuff. And then there was a miniature game of roeshambo...and then there was crying...and...argh.


But it's still good to be back, regardless :)
Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

This is an awesome song. (The band name is also awesome, but that's a separate topic...how did they get away with it >.>) If you don't know it, you do. Trust me. You just don't know it by name.

...throw back a bottle of beer...

I am currently eating a "scottish roll". I don't even know why it's called that. Doesn't taste remotely Scottish (not that I'm a Scottish food connosieur)...and the only thing that separates it from a dinner roll is that the top is dusted with flour...

I love that word. Dusted. Sounds awesome.

I go to 1st After School Care work for this year in about 50 mins.


In Compsci 101, our final assignment is going to be awesome. We have to program an arcade game which:

Was created by some Japanese guy who Paul Denny (totally new awesome dashing etc lecturer (way better than old woman Adrianna I reckon, though he does talk like, really loud for some bizarre reason :P) cannot pronounce the name of). (man, multiple layers of brackets are awesome).

When first released in Japan, caused a nationwide riot, cause the game was so popular young gangs would rob local grocery stores just for money to play the game, and juvenile crime increased dramatically.

It also caused a massive coin shortage which was only fixed when the government quadrupled the production of the Yen.


If you haven't figured out what the game is (CANT YOU GUESS FROM THE CLUES >.>)...

It's Space Invaders. WOOP

Monday, May 09, 2005

There are THREE white people in Physics 150, by the way.

One is the lecturer, one is someone who I reckon is a "mature student" (and y'all know what I think about that) and the other one is the guy who used to take the Tamaki Bus and also does compsci but now comes to the PHY 150 lecture in leather + a bike helmet...so I assume he's got a motorcycle.

Three. Just, three. Heck, my lab, three people. All Asian.

Maybe the white people got smart and realised that Physics was boring as hell and left it to everyone else. (except those three)
Apparently, some guy in PHY150 last year forgot to bring their calculator and just did everything but the actual numerical calculations....and came out with 89%. o-O


I hate PHY 150. Why is it even a recommended paper for Compsci anyway? Nothing really pertaining to compsci...so far, electric fields, magnetic fields, and relativity o_O

And plus there are annoying Mainland Chinese people who talk really loudly about mundane things behind you. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay hundreds of dollars (or my parents) to listen to some twat talk about NEC.


This is costing me my free internet quota money. Oh well.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Birthday Min-hee!

Print. Distribute. Come.
I got woken up this morning by William who was composing a song about waking people up.

Ah, the irony.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

There is this one guy with a UoA upi of twat023


I wonder if there's fuck012, cunt031 and shit012

If you are very bored, here is something you should do and film and send to me:

1. Purchase Detergent.
2. Attain state of Diarrhea.
3. Take a massive dump in a very often used public toilet.
4. Empty Detergent into toilet after dump.
5. Flush.
6. Run.

Alternatively, take a pic of you in a FFOF T-shirt. With enough I can take over the world!
My Band cover? I would enjoy.

Have fun, everybody who is going to the MACCAS ball.

Congratulations Sonny for scoring 2 invites to 2 balls this year AFTER you leave school.

And if you are attending the Maccas ball don't forget to do the following:

Get your money's worth by:
Using the toilets at least 3 times.
Eating a LOT of food.
Stealing something. (I stole a card last year. Mwahaha.)
It's not rape if you get them to say yes.


The observant will notice that it is by now WAY TOO LATE for anyone to read this list.

Thank you, observers.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Who are you? Why did you send me the We Rock club newsletter?

--Bus ride home---

6 rides left.

Um, sat next to Rikky. Like, walked out of Lecture and BAM 52 bus is there. Since the Stagecoach ones are on strike, there were like double the amount of people on the bus...and considering how many there are normally...phew. That's a lot.

Spent the second half of the ride having a pseudo-staring contest with some random white kid from some school which has a green uniform. I won.

(if you play a game against someone and they dont know the parameters do you win?)

if(e.getSource() == helloButton){

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh, and John has FOUR copies of Paradise City. It's incredible...
compsci test back


But argh I so could have gotten 100%. Two multichoice questions wrong - 3% each so thats where I lost marks. ARGH. And it wasn't the hard multichoice either, they were the basic fundamental ones...like seeing that int a = 5 / 0 will compile, but will cause a run time error (duh...(for those who don't understand, try to divide by zero sometime))...and that 2 % 5 = 2. Argh.

So I could have gotten 100%. But I'm happy with 94. Highest was 98.5%. Not sure how you get that..

[ Minimum mark: 9
Lower Quartile: 50
Median: 71
Upper Quartile: 83.5
Maximum: 98.5]


Someone from Student Life tried to convert me today. XD

Don't buy Aquashot Apple. It tastes like water, only with a medicinal apple aftertaste. Medicinal. MEDICINAL!!!

okthnx Leonie liked the start of my first piano miniature for Assignment 2 for 110. OK BYE

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

La Porchetta. Nice pizza. Bit on pricy side but man those are nice. And it's cool watching them make it. Like watching animals have sex in cages (okay, only to a minimal extent).

Choir concert! Went okay. There was like, hardly anybody there. Kind of feel sorry for Karen Grylls cause she works hard etc but meh.

Now that I've got all my mp3s off the iPod...I will have to sort them. o_O Gargantuan task, combined with the horribly unorganized mp3s I took from Brad who took from John...ack.

Learnt how to move songs from my iPod onto PC, and not the other way around. Thus, the resurrection of my old hard disc from my previously-defunct-but-now-repaired-but-not-present-anyway computer is not required (not that Richard was going to do it anyway.)

HAHAHAH woop woop thank you. It's good to have a backup...and also now I can like, reformat my iPod cause it's been playing up and stuff.
Just had the mintest lunch:

Perfectly cooked maraconi elbows that were just the right toughness and texture smothered in a creamy cheese sauce, served with al-dente carrots and onion with a lightly crumbed Fish Fillet with lemon dressing.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tagboards down at time of post.

Winston Peters is full of bullshit. I hate him. I hate him, so much. "Uncovering dark and secret pasts of ministers"? Shouldn't he like, do his job or something instead of ripping up crap on other people, or even worse saying things like " I HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION I WONT GIVE IT TO YOU" like he did on Closeup last night? I mean, come on you twat, you're no better because you actually know and you aren't telling.

But if you like Winston Peters...meh.


Car cinema = laptop + plug into car speakers!

Choir rehearsal = lame!

Requiem, et lux aeterna

blah blah

-- student rush tickets are $5 I think, if you bring your ID card tomorrow if you want to see me sing in a concert o-O at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, sometime. I think 7? Not sure. Dennis, why are you going? And next time if you are wanting to go to a School of Music concert let me know I can usually try to get tickets either for free or at discount. \o/

Monday, May 02, 2005

I am growing to like Holiday.

I am growing to like Fist Full of Fives so much. It is just way too much fun. I hope the fun never dies.

HOLY CRAP it moved from Holiday to Boulevard of Broken Dreams, WHILE ON SHUFFLE. How totally bizarre/freaky.

In the toilet, there is a magazine. It is called M2. It stands for Men's Monthly. It is a pile of shit.

I have a suspicion that by Men's Monthly, they are referring to "blood and bullshit coming out of their pussies for you to read and get annoyed at".

Read? Well, that's the premise of a magazine, isn't it? OH SNAP you got served this "magazine" is AT LEAST 60% advertising, if not actual ads then "advertorials" which are just so much worse because at a glance they appear to be informative and you know, everything an article should be but then SNAP you realise some old dick in some big office chair paid some poor bum to praise his products. Too many p's in that last phrase.

And I mean, come on. There was an ad for a shirt for like, $450?!? What the HELL is wrong with you people. It just looked like a normal shirt...like...$20 from the Warehouse or something. Get your finger out of your massive collective arses, stop giving people a reason to charge so much (because you, the dumbshit gullible/metrosexual cunt actually buys this crap)

Seriously. What has some of the world come to. I hate "magazines" like that, almost as much as I hate that Nivea "face care" ad, "for men".

Firstly, caring about your face is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE ISSUE to whether you have a penis or not. It's true!

Secondly, the ad has one of the most annoying voices ever, but to make it worse it's an annoying voice, voicing annoyances. What do I mean?

From the ad: "You've got oily skin. So you can't get the girl. But with Nivea you can control it and you will suddenly be able to sex all these chicks and everything just because you bought our white sticky cream."

Okay, the first part was right. Anyway, this stupid ad makes all these shitty assumptions:

1. That "having oily skin" stops you from getting a girl. I'm sorry, but having a layer of oil on your skin is actually healthy? Touch old people. They're cold and dry. Guess what? No oil. Not that I don't like old people or think old people can't get chicks because when you're old, you've either already scored, or you were never meant to.
2. That you want to "get the girl". What the fuck? It's not some prize at a sideshow where you throw shit at coconuts to win something. And if your prize is a ditzy shithead who is only dating you because "your skin is not oily", then, well, good luck.
3. That you actually want to get girls in the first place. Fucking thinly-veiled sex-sell. (subrant: fucking palmolive/pantene ads with naked women. We get the point. you paid women to be naked. good for you.)

Anyway. I hate that ad, I hate M2 and the sorry ass excuse for a magazine it is, and most of all:

I hate the people who believe in that shit and dance around like fucks and cream up their face and go "oh no I want to use my special floral shower gel tonight" and then perm their hair and then go and get a manicure and squeal when they get their shoes in mud.


ok thanks. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. I don't mind metros. I just hate stupid people.
There is a job for an "Effluent Lab Technician" on SJS. XD

Reasons why you should watch "The Butterfly Effect":

It has child porn.
It has people being stabbed in the groin.
It has exploding mailboxes, and dying babies.
It has self-strangulation.
It has attempted suicide, but failure due to lack of ability.

There's something in it for everybody!

Winston Peters is a dick. On Closeup today, he withheld information, and kept saying things like "NZ has an obligation to the west". I'm sorry, but what? You have an obligation to a compass direction? You realise the world is round, don't you, asshole?


Uncle Tommy drove me home - thanks!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Two more things:

1. Did you know at the start of Spybreak by Propellerheads, there is actually beatboxing? Everybody only hears the radio edit. If you have no idea what song I'm talking about, it's the Matrix one, the one that everybody knows. Also, the bassline in the bridge for Only The Hopeful is really really related to the bassline in Spybreak (unintentionally, may have been done subconsciously) - it's the reverse of it, like in that Export Gold ad a few years ago where they ripped off the Matrix and people threw cans of Export Gold and they froze like Neo freezes bullets in mid air and there was the empty white rooms, etc.

2. On TradeMe there is a girl, selling a kiss. Is TradeMe the new way to prostitute yourself...considering it's legal and all in this country isn't it...or...I dunno. Food for thought. Hit me with your shit.
The Butterfly Effect: What a stunning movie.

Seriously. It just ties together so cohesively, (I think I was watching the director's cut) and the ending is perfect - none of this contrived-for-bimbo-blonde-audience...there's a lot of substance in that film.

The actors were stunning. The mini-kid maincharacter impressed me the most, when he's "possessed" as the guy in the future going back in time (makes more sense when you watch the movie). Fantastic stuff. (I'm probably only impressed because he says "fuckbag" like, five times).

So, time travel eh? Butterfly effect, eh? Chaos Theory, eh?

Unpredictability of outcome based on slight change in initial conditions?

Maybe the world we live in is the only one that exists for a reason?

I mean, if you could go back in time, would you eventually end up in a world where you couldn't?

Are these questions dumb?

Has a nice soundtrack. Stunning movie. I will go buy the DVD sometime. The Director's Cut version. I like the directors. Watched the movie with the audio-commentary on as well. (what is it with two writer/director teams making good movies, the last one I enjoyed was Shaun of the Dead which was also by two people)...

Amazing soundtrack.

Thank you Charlotte for lending it to me!
;_; john whyd you have to call me now i feel bad :( it wasnt that i actually prefer one over the other, it was more i accepted the first come first server offerer. my word is my word?

Anyway. secret window is a good movie i thought. the twist isnt terribly original, but the execution was pretty good.