Thursday, March 20, 2008

!@$* lol        the media is a pile of poo

Yesterday, they ran a news story on nightline on EASTER.

They were like, Easter is coming up. Easter is about resurrection etc etcc etc

now dont get me wrong, im not lambasting easter (that would be intolerance etc) but...


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Had my first assignment today, an in-class assignment (like a mini test, really...) for physics 140. oh. so. easy

done in like 15 minutes lol and i redid the entire thing just to make sure i didnt make any dumb mistakes like i did in the practice one on monday, and yeah im pretty confident on full marks

unlike the panicky first years who were sitting behind me going "omg whats a XNOR gate" (which was ironically in the test and really not that hard)

yay for easy papers! its good to ummmmmmm learn? maybe?     lol.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

lol I'm such a whore - bought everyone on "Friends for Sale" on Facebook. Ok, well, not everyone, but I own about like...10 people...and I'm in a bidding war for Jenny Zhao....yes....Sandie whoever you are, SHE IS MINEEEE MIOIIEEEIEIEONE

and Helen is mine too :3


LOL ok I was at work yesterday right, and this dude farted in my face lol

he was standing on one of those wheelie things to reach the upper shelves, and i was behind him doing some RPL (pulling books from shelves to be returned to distributor), and i turned round and he pulled the longest fart ever...needless to say it was a challenge not to throw up




this CRAZY as customer sent David (our GM) the most bizarre email in the world lol....basically it's supposed to be a complaint about the 10c bag charge, but the lady obviously has a couple of screws loose in her head, so its sort of like this long prose-poem thing which nobody can take seriously XD

she calls us peasants, and herself the "soon to be heir of King David"

lol! people....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Woo im going to tutor someone with Compsci 111 hopefully! :D