Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Oh I can't wait until the exams are over. I'm 100% screwed for my Photography exam, and 50% screwed for maths. Oh I hate exams.

Oh how I hate them.

It's the chance of failure. Nobody likes the PHAIL. And least of all nobody likes boring questions with only one chance and one correct answer. (Well, my photography exam is actually going to fail due to me being lazy)

Anyway, instead of studying (and therefore panicking like a crazy weasel), I went and did an arrangement for something. I can't show you. You can't even know what it is. It's that secret.

But I did it instead of studying, and it took me about 3-4 hours to do it.

Wahoo! I am not conscripted into Malaysian National Service. Hurrah, hurrah! No crappy army camp for me, no siree. (Can't say the same for William though, poor poor William).

Anyway I just came back from a Physics Exam. It sucks, because I actually semi-studied for this. And as is always the case, everything I didn't study for cropped up in the exam...stuff like creation of X-rays, gravitational potential, etc. I managed to bluff my way through about half of it...the rest is probably wrong, and probably most of my bluffed ones are wrong too.

It's funny though, that the thing I dreaded walking into the exam (the Design Question) I came out the most pleased with. But usually what happens is that I do bad at that bit, and horrible at everything else.

Well, it's over now. No sense in complaining.

Walking home from school, not really in a very good mood or anything because of the shoddy exam (they didn't even have a circular motion question...), this black car drove past and chucked a water balloon at me. Now why they did this I don't know. It was a really nice day (sunshine, blue skies, light cloud on the horizon), so what they were doing driving around throwing water balloons at poor exam students I have no idea. At least the people who threw an egg at me hit their target - this said water balloon just exploded on the pavement. If it had hit me, I probably would have thrown my shoe back at them. Don't those unemployed fucks have anything better to do? It's probably a good thing that they don't make a habit of throwing water balloons at people though, judging by the poor accuracy...and even if they did make a habit of it, they suck at it so it doesn't really matter.

People driving cars like that should crash. And burn. And die. And then get their limbs violated by naughty, naughty old men.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Here are a few reasons why I should never be left home alone.

1. My computer isn't working. Every time I try to turn it on, it turns on for like half a second then immediately runs out of power or something stupid like that. It's very annoying. I wish it would work so I could play Gunbound or something.

2. I really should study, but I can't seem to motivate myself to.

3. I end up being really bored. I watched some shitty Oprah ripoff (some bitchy woman on some show that is denoted by the letter "r"...as if to say "I'm so cool I don't even need a real name for this show". Everything was in pink as well which really hurt my eyes. The only good part of the show was the end. Oh and maybe that guy.

4. The PS2 has no good RPGS on it any more. I want Disgaea.

5. Due to all of the above (bad TV, lack of study, lack of PS2 RPGS, lack of computer), I end up inventing ways to entertain myself. I shoved clothes in the dryer and turned the dryer on.

That wasn't enough.

I then proceeded to do really crappy handstands, in a vain attempt to do some exercising which never really happens to me, and instead of balancing at the top of the handstand, I go over the balance point and land on my back...into the hard guitar case.

Yes, my back still hurts.

Yes, I still feel stupid.

Work, damn you computer.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

How do blind people know if they've got a five dollar note or a twenty dollar note?

Just wondering.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

I am so incredibly scared right now. Damn you Doom 3. I entered the game, walked about 10 steps and got a huge shock.

I quit.
Tee hee, I know laughing at this is probably really politically incorrect but, have you ever turned on Maori Tv during lunchtime?

It always says "We'll be back at 2.30!"

I guess that means they're all off to lunch or something.

Imagine if One did that.

(Today, me observing people around me also proved that intelligence of a group decreases the more people you put together in a smaller space. Those 10 or so Maori/Polynesian/PI people in the first electronic music studio were pretty stupid.)
Today was the Courses and Careers day at Auckland University. Actually, it just seemed like a glorified open day to me, but it's all good. I woke up at the incredible hour of 6.45 on a Saturday (I mean honestly, who the hell gets up that early on a Saturday? Nobody. Proof of that was that I was able to roll around on the road while waiting for the bus) - waking up and getting ready for 7.15, only to go over to the bus stop with Rikky (designated bus buddies) to find that it was actually scheduled to arrive at 7.42 or some stupid number like that.

So, we waited. And quite a few people got on at this one stop...the trip there was uneventful, listening to my iPod (mmm iPod) and trying to hear what Philip was trying to say over the mobile phone because everybody on the bus was talking and being inconsiderate (even Rikky you bastard, sitting right next to me. Angry! Or something.)...yeah, he (Philip) called because he tried to arrange it so that I could get to Academy, but it didn't seem likely.

Yeah. Anyway, first thing there, some lecture thing in the Engineering School about Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Extremely boring (well, the electrical one was a whole lot better than mechanical), but by not listening to the speaker I managed to admire the very brand spanking new-looking lecture theatre we were sitting in. I mean, it's so much better than a classroom. It's like, a theatre. It rocks. And the cool sound reflecting board things meant that the speaker didn't really have to shout his balls of either.

Next thing I went to I think was Optometry. That, was boring as hell. And to make matters worse, the lecture theatre that was held in was pretty poo. We went from state of the art to state of fart...crappy wooden strip, creaky pullout seats and no cool reflector sound things. The guy sounded really silly and all...and then I went to some Logic seminar (part of Philosophy I do believe) which was a very cool lecture. I got a handout at the end that basically sums up all that was in the lecture, some stuff to do with the laws of logic and all. I was even more impressed when about halfway through I realised that one of the speakers was blind and reading Braille. Tops, I tell you. Good on him.

It was at this point that I realised that following Rikky and Ju around wasn't going to help me any more, so in the words of Ju I became "a lone ranger". First, I went off to scout off the Computer Science laboratory, which looked all flash and new and stuff, there were some interesting looking games on display as well but I didn't dare touch them for fear of not being able to escape. There was also a long history walk-by read-thing thing, which I spent a good 15 minutes poring over.

While being lost trying to find the Computer Science lab, I found a cool Physics demonstration on how the distortion of a guitar works. The guy explaining it didn't do too flash a job but I used my own knowledge to fill in the gaps.

Oh yeah, just as I was about to leave the Computer Science building, this lady talked to me. She was very nice and enthusiastic. She passed me the "Computer Science undergraduate handbook" which is the best document that I recieved today (and it's a pity that the Music School didn't have one, an undergraduate handbook that is), and also another copy of the "university entrance criteria", free post-it notes and a free university pen.

I then moved away to look for the Clocktower after my discussion with Computer Science lady because she didn't seem to know the minimum entry requirement for having a BSc/BMus conjoint (even though I kinda did but just wanted to hear it from the horses mouth - not that she was a horse, but you know what I mean) - after finally locating the Clocktower, I entered the building and it looked really boring so I left. I couldn't be bothered, I guess I'll just have to get as high a mark as possible...which means effort, which means I get annoyed. Gah. Damn you exams, I think people should never be forced into exams. There should be people to observe you working and asking you questions, face to face instead of an exam paper that seems to mock you. When in real life are you not going to be able to use a graphical calculator? Consult a handbook with formulae, etc?

ANYWAY the Clocktower was a waste of my time. I then headed for lunch because it was 12.30ish and I was hungry. Found my way to the cafeteria (or what seems to be the cafeteria), where the Maidment Theatre was located and some AUSA Dj people had taken up shop. Nobody really seemed to take much notice of the AUSA people. I bought spicy wedges with salsa sauce, $3.80, I do believe. They were very nice. The woman at the cashier was friendly too.

I then headed off to the School of Music to catch the tour - met up with a few people from Macleans (I was walking around all lone-rangery before this), did the tour which really wasn't that interesting, and listened to some jazz music being created on the spot (including a jazz version of the National Anthem, very cool)...then I went lone ranger again because nobody seemed to want to visit the Electronic Music labs. Walked into one of them, it was full of dumbarse South Aucklanders, so I went into the other one with respectable people. Most people didn't seem too interested in the hardware and electronic music stuff in front of them so most of them left, and in the end it was just me and the student there. Talked a bit, gleamed a lot of useful information - I'm definitely going to try and do electronic music papers if I get the chance.

Then, I set out to try to get home - couldn't find the bus stop which I had arrived on, so I ended up taking one of the "free university buses" to Howick and stopping outside the movies at Highland Park and walking home from there.

All in all it was a good day. I had fun trying to navigate around myself...though I did feel like a tosser at times. I got a free pen (which is always helpful), information I needed and...yeah. For some reason I didn't mention the computer science lecture above, but I did go to it. It was alright, I suppose. There was an interesting RoboCup Rescue video thing at the end but they stopped it before it finished.

Yeah. I'm actually really looking forward to University now - I wasn't really, until today. The lecture halls look exciting. And who cares if I don't make friends. I can always talk to the pigeons in the cafe.

Friday, August 27, 2004

My left arm is hurting less now. By tomorrow it should be fine.

Doom 3 is very, very scary. Very pretty, very scary.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I am a A Amethyst Dragon!

Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Amethyst Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Amethyst Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural to the Amethyst Dragon as breathe from it's body....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
The Amethyst Dragon makes its home in the deep caverns of the earth, often in mountainous regions. They spend much time in hibernation as one of their favorite things to do is to sleep.'
Formed from translucent amethyst, it is an awe inspiring sight to see one in it's true form. Light passes through the dragon's body creating a deep purple glow. It's scales will magnify the light rays into bright lavender beams to highlight this effect.'
Amethyst dragons spend most of their time homebound but do occasionally feel the need to take a sojourn to a far destination. These dragons love books and will often pick their destination from one of the many stories and histories they may have read. Amethyst dragons are very solitary in nature, but do keep a distant watch on the world around them. They tend to be highly intelligent, and often amuse themselves in human form by building gadgets and toys. Amethyst dragons are very learned creatures.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Amethyst, Deep Places, and Magic

The All Blacks came to our school today. And I didn't go and watch. -_- Stupid me. I thought it was just some lame-o team from out of school so I didn't wag but went to class nicely instead. Oh, stupid me.

Well maybe it wasn't the All Blacks but that Joe Rokothoko guy (however you spell it) was at our school and I missed out on seeing him in person meh I'll get over it soon. Libby was on TV. Tee hee.

My left arm hurts. Stupid delayed meningitis reaction - I suppose at least the arm was still good enough to drum with yesterday afternoon. That I am thankful for.

I did my music homework! Yay! I feel less slackerish. I gonna pull though, exams are like next week and I'm panicking yet not and I'm really worried. You can't tell but I'm typing this faster just because I'm worried. I don't know how much I need done for Photography. I hope not a lot more than I have now. Oh crap. Oh, crap.

Maths I'm screwed.

Oh shit I have a test last period tomorrow. Oh shit.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My left arm is sore. Today most of the Year 13 student body was 1/3 immunized from Meningitis (I say 1/3 because this is shot 1 out of 3, and also it actually only covers one strain of meningitis)...it really wasn't that bad, the actual injection itself. The nurses went quite quickly but they had every reason and right to because the jab isn't too painful or anything. It's just that the condition of your arm deteriorates ever so slowly. Immediately after the injection I felt fine...but then slowly over the course of the day the upper arm started to die. At least I can still type relatively fine.

After the injection they kept us in the drama room which they turned into a makeshift holding room...and there was this really agro lady (she had a really funny accent, I think it was very South African but I might be wrong) and when I walked in she was in the middle of yelling about how down in South Auckland where the decile 0 schools are the students are much better behaved and threatened to bring the principal down here. The nurse sitting down on a table attending to my details and forms was just giving me a look that said "don't worry, she's a fuck-up". I smiled back knowingly.

The timing of the arm-deteriorating puncture couldn't have been worse, because after school today we were supposed to be recording (by we I mean Fist Full of Fives) and it wasn't easy drumming with a dead arm. (I'll talk more about after school later)

Anyway, the morning went pretty averagely. House Assembly, the challenge being seeing who could stuff the most squares of toilet paper in their mouth. Absolutely pointless and mind-bogglingly stupid, but entertaining. (Hey, that sounds like some people I know) Period 5 was recording a piano piece for SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), all by myself...aww, lil Henry's all grown up now.

But in all seriousness, it was pretty hard trying to remember all the recording gear stuff (phantom power off! All sliders + levels to zero before power on! Mastering track!) but I think I did pretty well. I'm listening to the recording now as we speak. Even though there was actually a lot of background noise when it was recorded (someone else playing the piano just in a room down the hallway, and some drumming from somewhere in the music suite) Yeah. So I'm really proud of the recording. I'm going to steal it. And put it on my computer. And dress it up and call it Frank (no, not really) I'll pass it to Jen tomorrow, hope she finds it good.

Anyway. After school, Andre was there to help us record ourselves. It was very good although it was hard to get the momentum going (a lot of "time wasted" I suppose, but then again it wasn't really wasted, just...not really recording) and I had quite a lot of difficulty drumming with a bum arm. Still, recording is more important than pain. We did quite a lot of songs actually but it isn't finished yet, I've still got to do a bit of a voice overdub, and then Andre has to master it and get it onto a final CD so that John can have it and send it off to that Stu guy who wanted it. And then we can mass produce the CDs and sell them as a fundraiser and buy new equipment! HURRAH!

Okay, maybe it won't get that far. Rikky supposedly was on the radio today. I forgot to listen to him though...-_- I KNEW there was something I forgot. So maybe those ZM guys are serious about this wanting to play our original on the radio thing. I mean, I don't particularly like ZM but radio exposure is radio exposure.

Miss Hall was in a good mood today. I was really scared..I just never know what to expect, so I end up trying to be as courteous as I can. Maybe that's her tactic. Maybe I should always be courteous. To everybody. Here, have a court. Yeah...but we were quite late in leaving. She said she had washing to do.

When I got home, the washing machine was running. Hah!

My arm still hurts. I'm off to update the band website now.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Just got back from school. I learnt a lot more about recording today...I've got most of it down, I just need more practice at it. Me and Andre (mostly Andre I think) got the mean yelling at though, me for being late, and Andre for making a smart comment. I suppose we deserve the yelling at, although it doesn't put anyone in a good mood. I still feel really gutted. It's like that one time when I threw an eraser at a sixth former in my A Level Maths class with the intention of returning it to the person, but then Mr. Barrett yelled at me, really really hardcore. I'm scared.

Imagine me cowering under my desk. I don't want disapproval...please don't hate me.


Anyway, yeah, so I'm in a moderate mood - minus from the yelling from Miss Hall, plus for learning more on recording. Also, plus for getting Andre's help for tomorrow. Although I wonder whether Miss Hall will have forgiven or be in a good mood tomorrow. One can only hope.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Had a "band meeting" today. Didn't really get too much done, more like a "finally pass me all the photos" time, so after the meeting I spent all the time until now (10.52 pm) resizing, and trying to update the website. Stupid Freewebs doesn't let people have more than 50 files so I've moved servers in an attempt to keep everything good. I'm annoyed at two things, the extreme crapness of our internet ISP, and the fact that I have to pay money for everything. If only I could pay in other ways. Or maybe that's not such a good idea after all...

I'm worried about recording for the band on Tuesday. How am I supposed to drum and record at the same time? More importantly, how well will I do with recording? I'm quite worried. Andre didn't really teach me everything. I have absolutely no idea how to move stuff from the hardware desk onto a CD.

Here's hoping it's all good. I feel sorry for Amy and Sarah Jayne who I'm testing my recording skills out with.

Had dinner with Cheryl, Katherine, William, and their parents. Uncle Tommy and Auntie Claudia (did I get the names right?) seemed to be very nice people, thanks for the companionship ^_^ Kat tell your dad he's cool. Cool like a cucumber left in the fridge for too long.

Also, a long lost friend back from my primary school days in Malaysia got in touch with me today. Apparently he got my email through my dad and I'm quite embarrassed because I don't remember much of my friends back in Primary school. The only thing I remember is drinking nectar from red flowers, while waiting for my dad to pick me up with the Pajero, with its smooth leather interior that smelt of a strange combination of wax and dead cow. Anyway, yeah. I recognised his face though when he linked me to a site which had my old class (I think) on it.

Yup. Hrm. I'm tired. But I don't want to be. Damn you sleep, damn you having to go to school. The school better not bitch about my mourning fabric or else.

Friday, August 20, 2004

My fingers still say FFOF (or FOFF depending on which way you're reading them). Anyway, came back from Physics tuition a while ago. Forgot to bring money for payment. Hope I don't forget next time.

Anyway, in Physics I was thinking about relativity (while being taught nuclear physics). If you want to be thinner and lighter, don't run. Running increases your mass and length faster than if you were sitting on a couch in the same conditions.

I am on an exciting high. My fingers still say "FFOF" (yes, on both hands). I am still really really tired from playing, which is strange because...well, let me explain the story and you'll see.

Today was the final day of the Prefects Talent Quest (which was on the whole, sub-par in terms of arrangement and flow, as in, for the perfomers themselves). Let me expand on the stuff in the brackets - in other words, it's been fun performing and stuff but the organization behind it should have been a lot better...such as having proper amounts of microphones etc. I suppose some of them were uncontrollable circumstances but still. Slightly annoyed. Most annoying thing was that today we (FFOF) didn't get to play for fifteen minutes which we had planned to but we coped.

We still won anyway. (The Band section)

Thanks to all our fans (I LOVE ALL THOSE SIGNS YOU ROCK).

Sam Forde's band was actually very funny.


Hrm. Yeah.

Final note: I hate those stupid baby new arrival photo things in newspapers. Nobody really gives a flying toss (or maybe I'm just extrapolating my point of view onto society). And even less nobody cares how heavy a baby is. It's crazy it is. People ask, "HOW HEAVY WAS HE/SHE" as though it's the most important thing about the baby. Get over it, it's a baby, if it's alive that's the most important thing, not how many damn kilograms it is.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

I just came back from school. "SCHOOL!?!" you proclaim - "but it's 9.30!" Oh yes. But I only got there at 7.30. The deal? I went in for some school open day thingmie for the music department, something for all the little Year 8 kiddies. Of course, it was very boring but I got some work done on my music arrangement which is good. Only one person in the entire time I was there even bothered to talk to me: most walked by, following the prefects like a flock of confused sheep, staring through the window occasionally to watch me click away on my mouse.

This is further proof of my theory that:

Intelligence = Area/Amount of People in a given space

All those people in one narrow corridor seemed pretty stupid to me.

School, thus, is quite a stupid place.

The world however, is only moderately stupid.


Come watch. I'd love your support. Really.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Performed today.



Sad, isn't it...

Well hopefully bands will be better.

I'm going to try a few experiments before I leave school:

1. Walk around the whole day, using just one eye.
2. Walk around the whole day with the Nazi March step.

If anyone has any suggestions and would like me to carry them out, suggest away!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

An eye for an eye leaves the world blind.

True that.

FFOF played in Batten House Assembly this morning. It was fun, yes.

Going off soon to practice for Talent Quest singing tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2004


1) iPod

It's so wickedly cool. I've spent so much time playing with it...one of the greatest toys I've had the priviledge of owning. I wish I had a Firewire cable though cause slow transfers are kind of a pain in the ass. But it's all worth it (slow internet has conditioned a patient streak in me anyway).

2) Chamber Orchestra

We got Silver. Huge congratulations, I'm very surprised that we did, to be honest. I wasn't expecting it. Good work guys!

3) Talent Quest

I think I'm set for both Singing and Band categories. Thankfully I finally found the costume for Singing. Wahoo. Thanks, you know who you are. :)


Read parts of William's Psychology textbook. Kinda interesting. My favourite is what it mentions on the affect of groups on people.

The more people you put together the stupider everybody gets. Try it. It's mob mentality. And it applies in real life! I'll give you an example.

Form Time: Kinda stupid.
House Assembly: Stupid.
School Assembly: Extremely stupid.

See, it works. An argument, thus, to be a loner and not go to parties and do stupid things. But then again maybe stupid isn't such a bad thing.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Today's expenditures.

1. Crappy plastic cowboy hat that's really quite small and probably won't fit on my head properly - $2
2. A book from Whitcoulls, Michael Chricton's "Prey" - $2
3. A 40GB ipod kit and car kit - $999.97

Mwahha. There goes half my bank account. I was extremely bored and I thought hey, let's go buy something I really want.

So I bought it.

I have a headache. I still can't find the clothing I was supposed to find today though.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Interesting things:

While in a teahouse on Queen Street yesterday during the KBB Music Festival where Thomas lost his "Pearl Milk Tea" virginity, William (not my brother, the other one) came across a comic book. Those Japanese, they're so crazy. The comic is about prisoner naked swordfighting lesbian sisters, fighting humaniod machines.

Also, according to my mums for a while now ants have been nesting in our stereo (the really really old one that still works pretty okay I suppose) - and she cleaned it out today. Supposedly there were all these eggs and crap too. Damn ants.

Chosen a song for the Talent Quest final now.

I need to go to Botany to find some stuff.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My birthday this year lies on a Sunday. I could have a party, but my house is kinda small. I dunno...hrm.

Interpretations of my dream so far:

Rikky: The dream means that you should drink more juice. Coz that way your
defying society- society in your dream being the man with glasses, and juice
being the thing you like doing. Oh yeah.
david: wow, [henry], i
thought ppl neva died in their dreams. my advice is dont go drinking juice in
henry: yeah, i was quite thirsty.
An Chia: and you were
An Chia: oh and i think the red chair symbolises blood
An Chia:
maybe henry was scared of being raped lol kidding...nah...maybe ur scared of

Yeah. Interesting keep them coming! I'm also now on the delivering end of an event quite like the one between Ming and me last year over English CIE results. (Ming got an A while I only got a C, and we studied together with the exact same notes...) ...I feel Sonny 's pain. Yes, yes. But you all leave him alone for now y'hear. Don't go hassling him, give him space.


Anyway I'm tired. Good night to all.
Hello there. I am not in a particularly good mood, and I can't really pin-point a reason. I suppose that's how life is, I suppose.

1. I discovered something today that FUCKS ME OFF to no avail (in a bad way). People who eat with their mouth open and can't seem to eat with their mouth closed. People have noses for a reason, if you're forced to use your mouth for something other than breathing at least have the courtesy to not fill the room with squelches. I'm not one who enjoys the sounds of masticating. So please, if you ever eat around me, don't chew like some kind of crazed crusher machine. It's actually not the mouth open I mind so much but the annoying chewychewy noises. Fuck.

2. The word FUCK pisses me off. It just makes me so angry. I don't know why.

3. Band practice was scheduled for today. I shoulda known it wouldn't have worked because John did a no-show, me and Dave got kicked out before Tomo could arrive and Dave had to do some Media studies and Economics stuff anyway. So basically I wasted an hour and a half after school.

4. I got my exam results back. I'm angry at myself. I got a "NO RESULT" for Chemistry. I'm not sure if I'm angry at the result, or angry that I don't really care about the result. Well, I do, but indirectly. It's only what my mum will say. Whatever, it's too late now. My Physics mark was alright though, I got a B. Woozah. From D to B, and without a teacher in between.

5. I'm angry. I don't know why.

6. FUCK.

I will probably look back on this post and think how immature and childish it is, but hey, gimme a break. I'm only sixteen.

(My mummy did buy me a cake for my birthday though, thanks mum. Maybe I'll actually have a party this year, if it doesn't clash with exams. I would check but my bag is just so far away from here, I can't be arsed going to fish out the timetable.)

Monday, August 09, 2004

I learnt something interesting in physics today. You see, I'd noticed that for all my life (that I can remember, anyway), I saw clearly defined blue and red edges to most things. (For example, right now the left edge of my monitor is blue, while the right edge has a red tinge). Well, the answer to this is because of my glasses. Yes, that's right. You see, the different wavelengths of visible light refract/diffract different amounts through my glasses. As a result, chromatic aberration occurs and that's what those silly edges I see are.

Now I know two things:

1. Why that happens.
2. They're not supposed to happen.

All the more reason for awesome LAZER EYE SUGERY later on in life.

In other news, my mum is doing kung fu and it looks really silly. Tee hee.
Last night I had a really strange and scary dream.

I was drinking a cup of juice (blackcurrant and apple if you had to know), and I was happily drinking cup after cup, until this really scary guy wearing sunglasses walked into the room I was in (I was sitting on a red chair) and told me if I drank another cup of juice, he'd kill me.

That scared me for a while. But then I drank another cup.

And then when I'd finished the cup and relished how nice it was, I looked up and there was this guy. With a gun pointed at me. I turned, jumped to dodge but it was too late, I was hit in the side and I lay on the floor bleeding and dying.

It sucked.

But I remember I died happy because I tasted the juice.


What does the dream mean?! Someone, tell me!

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Yesterday was Closing night of the production. It's sad. That's the last school production I'll be involved in. (Then again I could do that for the rest of my life, OH NO ITS SAD THERE GO MY SKIN CELLS but for the sake of sanity I probably won't) I got Toblerone (one of the best chocolates, mmmm) courtesy of Miss Hall. Thanks!

And then afterwards was the production cast party. Even though they'd ordered pizza for everyone, because the orchestra was busy packing away the equipment by the time we got to even consider taking a bite of food, all the pizza was gone. Bastards. But it didn't matter because Tomo then gave me (and other people) a lift to Rebecca's After Cast Party. It was great fun, yes. Jack Hargreaves is hilarious when he's off his face. Before the party I got egged though...by some random bitch from a car that was driving past while I was standing at a street corner waiting to get into the house...

Yeah, it was great fun. Indeed.


The damn Mormons are back again.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

My mobile phone needs defragging. O_O
Okay, story for today.


I was sitting at home, on my computer right, chatting away as usual, when I heard an unfamiliar knock on the door. (It's funny how you can kinda make a random guess whether you know the person at the door or not just by the force of the knock, the pitch and volume of the knock itself, etc.)

I opened the door, not particularly happy since it's a Saturday morning and I hadn't taken a shower or anything and I probably looked semi-stoned. Turns out that it was two Jehovah Witnesses at the doorstep - one was a silly looking Asian lady who didn't do much through the whole encounter other than nod her head, while the other one was the one who did the talking and attempted conversion. Owen and Abigail I do believe (random sidenote: Abigail? What sort of name is that? That's like calling a guy Thom. What do you want him to be, beaten up at school?)

Anyway apparently they'd come on the premise that William was home and they wanted to talk to him but...William and my mum had gone to Botany for some retail therapy, which left me all home alone and completely unprepared and slightly annoyed at this random intrusion. Since William wasn't home they told me that they'd come back tomorrow morning (which if I'm lucky I won't be around) and they gave me some random magazines to give to him. I thought that was the end of my troubles, that I could safely now end the conversation and go back to being a loner at home. It seems that I didn't have a bad enough look on my face (maybe if I was half naked they would have left earlier), because they didn't just go away. They deviously manipulated their way into changing the subject from "is William home" to "how are you I'm going to talk to you about some Jehovah stuff"...first it started off with "are you William's brother", then they got my name...and then they got my school subjects...and then he started talking about Physics and suddenly WHAM there it is, the opening for the religious conversion attempt.

The guy whipped out some bible (I must say though, I did nothing to dissuade him) and talked about some stuff about black holes and some stars and some passage in the bible that says something along the lines of "there are many stars and God knows where they all are and energy and stuff". Now, here was the crucial point. I could have gone "MY WORD THATS SO TRUE I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY BELIEVE YOU NOW"...but unfortunately I'm just not built that way.

His leaving question was, "Where did the energy [to make the stars] come from?" Obviously he implied that Jehovah God must have made it and based that on the fact that it was written in The Bible. And here is the crucial point that stops me in even contemplating in believing in any religion that has a Holy Book/Record/Transcript. He was reading from a Bible. But...everybody says it's at least 2000 years old. Let me make a very simple analogy for you.

Ever heard of the game "Chinese Whispers"? Yes. Well, imagine having to remember not just one sentence, but a lot of books. Now, instead of going around in a circle once, go around the circle for 2000 years. And involve a lot of people.

How accurate is the final thing going to be? How much of it is truth, how much of it is fake? Who knows?

I'm sorry if I'm indirectly offending anyone, these are just my views. Feel free to counter them. Start an argument, I like arguments. They're very engaging. That's why I don't like the bible. I don't like people reading from the bible because to me it's like reading a pack of unknown lies.

I must say though, that big black Jehovah witness guy called Owen (not the random Asian lady) was really quite clever and perceptive. He'd make a good salesman. A very cunning linguist.

And there ends my interesting story for the day.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Cookies are way too tasty for their own good. If they weren't so crisp yet fluffy yet slurry and magic to the tastebuds I bet you the population of cookies would be a lot higher than it is today. Yes, I am eating cookies right now. Fruit and Nut ones, if you were wondering. I am 4/10 of the way through out of my 10 pack.

Mmm, cookies.
If the world was 1000 people:

Gender: 520 women, 480 men
Location: 584 Asians, 124 Africans, 84 Latin Americans, 95 Europeans, 55 Russians, 52 North Americans, 4 Australians, 2 New Zealanders
Language: 165 speak Mandarin Chinese, 86 English, 83 Hindi, 64 Spanish, 58 Russian, 37 Arabic
Religion: 329 Christians, 178 Moslems, 167 non-religious, 132 Hindus, 62 Buddhists, 45 atheists, 3 Jews, 86 other
Age: 330 are children, 60 are over 65
Births: 28 new babies are born each year
Mortality: 10 people die each year (3 from lack of food, 1 from cancer, 2 are babies)
Money: 200 persons control 75% of the wealth, 200 others receive only 2% of the wealth
Education: 335 adults are illiterate, 9 have graduated from college, 200 can not read at all
Miscellaneous: 5 are soldiers, 7 are teachers, 1 is a doctor, 3 are war refugees, half of the women have access to contraceptives, 70 own cars, 100 are gay

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Today was an interesting day. Mufti day, wore the Totally Cool and Awesome Band T-Shirt (tm), didn't do much for the whole day, really...what I did do:

1. First period, Art Photography. Did some prints, kinda panicking because four boards are due to be completed...by the end of the term. That's not a lot of time, at all...

2. Second period, Music. Did some crazy harmonic analysis. I'm still quite slow and horrible at it, and I'm still attributing my crapness at music theory in general to me not doing music since 4th Form.

Miss Hall had a megaphone. She seemed to enjoy having it way too much. I must remember to buy one for her for the end of the year. Don't tell her. Or maybe you should, maybe she won't believe you.

The rest of my school day (until 2:00) I spent learning how to use the school's extremely expensive mixer board thingmie (which is, exceedingly cool) and trying to get FFOF to get some recording done but then being let down in a major, major way by J-Bo, you letter down you. Oh well.

Then after school there was the first day at work. I'm slightly worried that I haven't signed any contracts or filled in any timesheets or anything, so...meh. Hopefully they'll remember that I'm actually working there and remember to pay me. Watching little kids sing is really funny. If you're reading this Sonny, ask Claudia to sing for you some time.

Then, there was production which I was rushed to straight from work (I was still late though, indirectly due to the rain)...and it was okay this night. Less screwups. The lion dance is still in my opinion the weakest link in the entire show although Katherine take heart you do a great job, I'm complaining about the lion itself and how it doesn't really do anything and just...I don't know. It doesn't impress me. Maybe it's because I'm not white and I don't squeal in delight just because it's a sheer novelty Asian thing.


I'm tired.

Very much so.

And if anyone knows the name of that song that plays in the Caltex ad, the one with the little kid in the Elvis suit who goes "one day, I might want to marry you, so right now I'm going to be real nice, to your mum", PLEASE TELL ME.


Sunday, August 01, 2004

I was gonna write a big long post about how if someone doesn't speak your language, speaking it loudly and slower seems to help them.

But then I didn't.